Mercedes SLS Gran Turismo 5 Screenshots

September 27th, 2009 by Jordan Greer

gran turismo 5 mercedes sls amg screenshot

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  1. Sep. 28, 5:16pm
  2. Sep. 28, 5:15pm

    I found a website shown on youtube with the sls being introduced into gt5. Thought I would add it. If its already in here then I’m sorry.

  3. Sep. 28, 10:30am

    Would they stop using this car! It’s uglier than the last SLR, and that one actually looked good. This looks the exact same as I saw it in it’s rendered version in Road and Track mag (AND I still say it looks like a d*ck on wheels from the back).
    Too bad GT won’t relese on December, and I already finished my Christmas list too, lol! If it’s released March in Japan, expect it to release December everywhere else. The same happened with Final Fantasy and Patapon, they got release in Japan first, then like 8 months later everywhere else.

  4. Sep. 28, 8:22am
    Sam__ NY

    what an ugly car. should have used the Ferrari Italia 458.

  5. Sep. 28, 1:07am


    sure gtr has 62 ppl on track, but the graphics are crap.

  6. Sep. 28, 1:05am
    Bank Alexander

    Back on topic:

    Pictures look beautiful.
    And it’s awesome knowing a racing game will look very close to those screenshots ^_^
    Even if it’s not in that exact detail. It’s probably Photomode or frozen Replay. But definitely not CG or anything hardcore lol.

  7. Sep. 28, 12:08am

    Google translate:

    todabia not stopped laughing for the failure of forza. (the car can not turn over) 
     when my eyes see this is so cool … so perfect so absolutely incredible! 

     always be a GT-FAN FOREVER! 
     I give a sh*t damage provided they are mechanical and credible. I do not care cosmetic. I do not care about any previous release and did not care now. 


  8. Sep. 28, 12:02am


    Yeah 60 cars per track, grow up mate. It’s people like you who have unrealistic expectations and will never be happy with what you get.

    Remember that all the GT’s till GT5:P had only 6 cars per track, so 20 is more than welcome, displayed in these stunning HD graphics as well.

  9. Sep. 27, 11:25pm

    please. europe and american friend translate this ! spa to ingl

    todabia no termino de reir por la falla del forza.( el auto que no puede voltearse )
    cuando mis ojos ven esto … es tan genial tan perfecto tan absolutamente INCREIBLE !!

    siempre sere un GT-FAN SIEMPRE !!
    me importa una mierda los daños con tal k sean mecanicos y creibles . lo cosmetico no me importa . no me importo en ninguna entrega anterior y no me importara ahora .


  10. Sep. 27, 11:15pm


    60 cars per track…. LOL.

    Good luck with keeping the 1080p and 60fps with 60 cars in the race.

    16-20 per race will do just fine thanks.

  11. Sep. 27, 10:06pm

    just look amazing_/

  12. Sep. 27, 9:12pm

    whe hope that gt5 comming in march because its the first offcial date in japan so i believe ther will be a seconf delay like gt4 so dont expect march i think they release gt5 december 2010 compleet finished product

  13. Sep. 27, 9:01pm

    I really think they did a great job on the car..but I’m tired of screenshots and youtube videos. Its a shame..all this wont be reality until March 2010 or whenever.

  14. Sep. 27, 8:38pm

    What,s your ps3 acount name, so i can look you up. Mines is xanavie. 2:40 in the morning here. I,m going to bed now. Saluud to al you gt5 race fans out there.

  15. Sep. 27, 8:35pm

    Is it just me or do amazing pictured like that just make waiting for the game even more frustrating. It’s all very well PD keep showing us things like this but all we want is the game itself. Thank god for supercar challenge to make the waiting a little less painful :)

  16. Sep. 27, 8:31pm

    @Wolgib07. I don,t think so for sure. the maximun speed that ps3 does at 1080p is 400/420kph.

  17. Sep. 27, 8:27pm

    No i,m talking about @jc. He sez that about you. And i now i now that already.

  18. Sep. 27, 8:14pm

    i’ve used gt4 with g25 and it’s good but the physics aren’t as good as prologue.. so good if you wanna rally or race le mans cars…
    i’ll probably end up buying a pspgo before gt5 comes out to wet my appetite you get a free download of gt mobile until october 10th..
    then just as people have bought those for xmas they’ll release gt5 on dec 1st or 4th to make more money out of us…they said Q4 which starts december till march 2010

  19. Sep. 27, 8:07pm

    Are you talking about my English? If you do, I can tell you that English is my third language.

  20. Sep. 27, 8:04pm

    I don’t understand why won’t they put mosler mt900 gtr xx with 860 kg, 2000 hp, 650 kph, 2,0sec 0-100, 4,7sec 0-200, 9,0sec 0-300 and 17 sec 0-400.
    No veyrons, no koenigseggs, no ssc, nothing can beat it.

  21. Sep. 27, 8:03pm

    Ownly the 60gig play ps2 games. And not so fluid

  22. Sep. 27, 7:59pm

    you can play gt4 on ps3

  23. Sep. 27, 7:57pm

    this stupid busted english thread is going nowehere, time to get back on track, the renders look amazing, now i guess we get to wait until god knows when to actually drive it. At this point I’m not even thinking about GT5 im trying to decide on either buying a used ps2 and getting gt4 back or getting a used psp and getting gt mobile.

  24. Sep. 27, 7:38pm

    @gooner sems
    And did you note some weirdly long loading times.
    They didn’t do much of a improvment between forza 2 and forza 3.

  25. Sep. 27, 7:35pm
    gooner sems

    here is somehting to chear you up all forza 3 players who played the demo say it is rubbish forza is brilliant but they made one mistake trying to compare themselves to the greatest racing title ever

  26. Sep. 27, 7:34pm

    I am changing my self to PC.
    Oh yea, so why gran turismo don’t go their games for PC, cos I think that Sony pays them a lot money for that.
    Also why they don’t put a car which goes up to 650 kph.
    See this pic

  27. Sep. 27, 7:29pm

    We all have different tastes.

  28. Sep. 27, 7:28pm

    Ofcourse pc is more powerfull. You can spend up to thousends of dollars on a pc. The most powerful pc grafics card is 8500 dollars worth. You can hook 3 of those on 1 motherbourd. An that just the grafics card.

  29. Sep. 27, 7:25pm

    Well it’s not my car, it’s of my father,but I am going to be 18 in 6 mounth and I drove it several times. What exculi means ?

  30. Sep. 27, 7:22pm

    Beautiful car, way prettier than ugly Ferrari 458, and much cooler than any Lamborghini!!

  31. Sep. 27, 7:22pm

    Or because of FPS.
    So you want to say that PC is more powerfull than PS3.

  32. Sep. 27, 7:22pm

    What yes you exculi own that car.

  33. Sep. 27, 7:20pm

    Mercedes SLS has a really weird shape.
    It looks like a 2007 concept of muira.

  34. Sep. 27, 7:20pm

    In the pit i agree with you, it should all be done by youre self. Like windscreen wipers, turning the car on, even the licht signals. But the number of cars can,t be done. Not by the Measuring Force of the ps3. Maybe ps4.

  35. Sep. 27, 7:15pm

    GULLWINGS DOORS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  36. Sep. 27, 7:14pm

    Yes, yes. I told you already.
    325 kph=top speed

  37. Sep. 27, 7:14pm

    Nope its not on gt5p tv. To bad i get never enough, af those ful hd movies. Pleasend for the eye :)

  38. Sep. 27, 7:13pm

    Lets talk about gt 5.
    It defenetly needs to improve the number of cars per track. Not 16. Something like 60 or more. Like in a PC sim called GTR2 where you can race against 61 drivers (not including you) and everything is like real. Trainings, Clasifications, etc… You can do whatever you want while you are going to your pit. And also flag rules like: black, red, yellow, blue, etc… Also turning lights on whenever you want.
    This features would give you a real racing experience.

  39. Sep. 27, 7:07pm

    Ow yeah, i talk in kph. 0-100

  40. Sep. 27, 7:06pm

    @Wolgib07 are you telling me you own that car. Because you say my car.

  41. Sep. 27, 7:04pm

    personally i like the Astin martin one-77,is the most beautiful car i’ve ever seen. My favorite car is the nissan Skyline (R34) GT-R V-Spec II Nür. Its the correct way to spell it!

  42. Sep. 27, 7:02pm

    Wow. That’s pretty incredible. No jaggies in sight, and a gorgeous car to look at. Couldn’t like it more. And since I’m gonna have GTPSP to keep me occupied, I’m not gonna mind waiting till March to use it.

  43. Sep. 27, 7:00pm

    I know.And I am talking about that my car is damn fast (0-60=3.6sec top speed=199mph)
    Faster than sls amg and faster (top speed) Ferrari 458

  44. Sep. 27, 6:58pm

    I’m guessing this is the ‘photo mode’ then, with the track all motion-blurred; very WipeoutHD like.

  45. Sep. 27, 6:56pm
    Bram Turismo

    Call me a nitpicker, but at the very least PD could’ve worked with the horrible jagged edges of the reflected background upon the bodywork of the red SLS in image #1026 (6th picture of this bunch). Image 1034 is an absolute stunner, and perfect in every way!


  46. Sep. 27, 6:52pm

    @Wolgib07 i,m talking about the grafics.

  47. Sep. 27, 6:50pm

    Those are beautiful,jaw dropping pics tbh

  48. Sep. 27, 6:50pm

    I,m gona chek if i can see this in gt5p tv store. Maybe another announcement!!!!!!!

  49. Sep. 27, 6:49pm

    I got my own a Lamborghini LP-560/4 and I think it looks cooler.

  50. Sep. 27, 6:46pm

    I now that the 458 italia looks good, but this, are you for real?

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