Best Buy’s GT5 Demo: Gameplay Video Collection

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  1. dearlybeloved

    @mancubus… have you ever thought to yourself…’am i cutting my nose off to spite my face?” for god’s sake, your opinions are just bordering on the nonsensical. The game has not even gone gold yet are yet you are making ridiculous comments/criticisms.

    You say that you will buy it one day so it seems to me that you are just here for the sake of being here. TBH, why don’t you come back when you think the game has met your standards because by that time no-one will have remembered you. well I for one at least will have forgotten you but I will remember how much of a whinger your are as I bring my baby home and enjoy her. Oh and BTW, do you have a better version running around at home?!

    Peace out.

  2. Mancubus

    WTF? The SLR on the Nürburgring… the damage looks just so ridiculously bad. I reeeeeally hope this is far from final. The grill just bends totally wrong and then pops into a new position after the crash.

    I don’t exactly like the damage of Forza III with all the scratches over the car after a roll and no real deformation, but this looks just plain bad.

    I will buy it day one and I just want to drive my favourite cars on the Nürburgring. I don’t intend to crash a lot, but if it happens and it looks like this, I will rather turn it off…

  3. Mancubus

    Wargh! The dust in the rally looks so bad. Well, it looks good in some camera angles, but most of the time it looks strange. More like water sprinkling up. And the dust is disappearing way too early. It’s something even Codemasters doesn’t get right, but I had hopes PD would make a better job. So far it’s just disappointing.

    And why ist the dust coming from the wheels even during a jump? That looks really silly. :(

  4. Mancubus

    Why is it only 8 cars now? It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a video of GT 5 with more than 8 cars on the track. Should I be worried?

  5. F.G.

    There is constructive criticism and then there is whinging for the sake of whinging. All games are open to criticism, but there comes a point where it becomes idiotic. One poster implied that KY/PD didn’t know how glass shatters, because of the lack of it in the videos. Hmmmm, let’s see. Is the lack of glass shattering because A) PD don’t know how glass shatters or B) because they couldn’t implement it into the game. Anyone who thinks the answer is A is a monumental retard. So yes, there are lots of retards posting here.

  6. CeeJay

    1:45 of the 4th video. It’s scaring me that this track disappearing glitch seems to be happening quite a bit in some videos I’ve seen. If that glitch is in the full game it’s gonna really be a major bummer.. :(

  7. Bernd

    ferhound and frappy – Are you trying to test people’s reactions with your comments ? Well, off to Tsukuba then, until you become all dizzy in your heads :-P

    1. Mr Frappy

      Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s not like it’s a major technical achievement in racing games anymore, and it’s not like it’s an amazing track to drive on. Sure it’s OK, but there are far better tracks in GT – a lot of which we have not seen yet than goodness!

    2. Sigmaviper11

      I wouldn’t say hating on it. It is an incredible track and probably the greatest in the world. But . . . It can become a task driving it, specially if you’re not really looking for the 13 miles of Green Hell challenge. Great track, but even ingame it takes the right state of mind.

  8. markblack

    It’s been a long wait. I’m hoping this demo makes it to the local best buy. If I hadn’t started I-racing I’d be chomping at the bit alot more. The damage I’ve seen looks decent but it’s not perfect. I do get the feeling it was rushed to please but I’m not going to complain about it. It’s not the most important feature to me. Mechanical damage is far more important to me because of how it affects immersion in the sim. Seriously considering a VR3 or GamePod to upgrade from my Playseat. Between I-racing and GT5 I’ll no free time left at all. Just the way I like it. I was quite suprised and happy by the announcement of a track creator. This is huge and the fact that custom tracks can be used online is even better. I’m not that creative when it comes to things like that but I know there’s alot of guys out there that will do tremendous things with it and I can’t wait to see what they come up with. One minor feature I’m hoping for is realistic shifting with the clutch. At the start the car should stall and die if you let off the clutch without hitting the gas. No sim that I know of has got this right yet. Not even I-racing.

  9. ukgtfan

    why does it have a sticker saying “DO NOT SCAN” on the bottom right of the tv? does that mean they dont want people taking videos??

    1. BWX

      I wondered about that too, I think it’s for the BestBuy employees – so they don’t scan the TV as a “for sale” item, as it’s a display model (with their handheld barcode scanners)…

  10. F.G.

    There can’t be another game series with more whinging, moaning fanboys as GT. The amount of complaining that goes on here is ridiculous. Sometimes I hope that GT5 is rubbish because you retards don’t deserve a good game. You don’t deserve the hard work that KY/PD have put into GT5. What a bunch of utter losers you are.

    1. King Goeres

      So true, people are crying like little kids.

      There’s no other racing game that offers what GT5 does.

      Racing, Nascar, GT, Gokart, meaty online mode, RPG element that lets you manage a racing team, best graphic to date on any console game, 100% detail on tracks (nürburgring springs to mind), track creator, great physics and from what we’ve heard from the latest build good sound aswell.

      On top of all that you got 16(!!!!!!) cars on the same track, 24 hour races, day and night transition, great particle effect on smoke and dust being catched by the wind, good deformation on cars, upload videos with HQ directly to youtube and ofcourse being able to put your own music into the game while driving..

      Probably missed alot, but this is what springs to my mind right now.

    2. BWX

      You got your wish. Whingers will never be happy, so they won’t enjoy GT5. People that appreciate GT5 for what it is will be happy with it.

    3. Mr Frappy

      The only retarded losers (to coin your terminology F.G.) are those who think discussion mediums like this only exist for people to sing praises and kiss the backside of the games designers regardless of the quality of their output. It’s even worse when you let such comments get to you so much that you feel the need to post in your manner.

      GT5 is going to be a fantastic game, but for all of the things it does well, it’s still not perfect. There are bugs in that demo, and there are things that could be done better. Saying so does not mean the game is crap, as you seem to think. Believe it or not, it is possible to look forward to the game and throw out some constructive criticism at the same time. Only fools like you misinterpret that and take it to the extreme, getting all upset about it.

    4. Gamer GT5

      Let the people give their opinions. Just because you comment about whiners doesn’t mean that they’re going to stop complaining. You don’t need to call them retards and losers. And anyways over half of the people complaining about GT5 is still going to buy this game. Chill out dude. Let people give their opinions and their discussions.

      @Mr Frappy You’re absolutely right

  11. viejaloca

    I don’t think the damage is great for only one reason, they don’t have it on every car. I think it makes the game look incomplete. But don’t get me wrong, the cars with damage look GOOD and like many have said before, “it’s better than nothing”

  12. jagenigma

    Damage is supposed to be the least wanted thing to hope for while racing, can’t someone please post up a GT5 video of some actual racing as opposed to treating the cars in the game as if they were in a destruction derby?
    As for my opinion on damage in the game, its as realistic as its gonna get for now, they deserve a pat on the back for making it look that great, and remember, this isn’t the first time that damage has been in the GT series. There was mechanical damage in GT2, It was done okay but without the visual damage, it felt too artificial to be in the game

  13. fam

    The damage is a gimmick, its a 1st generation “we threw it in so youd shut up give us more time” kind of thing. Personally im turning it off because I like the beautiful cars to stay that way. To incorporate all that calculations for true damage you need a new gaming console anyway…however I do believe that grids damage model and basic body structures are 100x better, but who cares, even if th damage did look more realstic to the kinds of materials that were breaking, rail bounching at 100 mph and your day is done, not a small bumper dent.

  14. Kart Racer 24

    I like how people complain about the damage or minor things about this game when for thing its not even out yet, and two why can’t you guys look at all of the geat things in this game. I think it looks awesome i have the collector’s edition pre-ordered

  15. Pleurii

    I’ve just got 2 little questions about these videos and the whole demo.. :

    Has anyone tried to smash the car backwards into a wall and then check the damage? Cause what I’ve seen so far are a bunch of beginners just wrecking the front side ( most of them not even on purpose, lol). And second, when the woman is driving the Audi @ Daytona, there are 4 “windows” on her bottom left corner of the HU : (blank?), G-forces, acc en brake-meter, and gear. Anyone knows what that first one is used for? Thanks

    1. BDawg

      Im pretty sure that shows you what driving aids are activated and when they are in use when you’re driving, like traction control, ABS etc

  16. jdejes

    Love the graphics but I have one concern in the rally tracks. I dont know if its me, but I see the rally tracks going too slow. Comparing it with Dirt 2, wich goes a lot faster, makes me wonder wich one is more accurate depicting the dirt tracks. Does GT5 goes too slow or does Dirt 2 exagerates the speed in its game? What do you guys think?

    1. FDM73

      The speed in Dirt 2 is to high, it’s built to create a adrenline rush. GT5’s toscane rally track is very wide so it looks like the cars are not fast.

      whats missing in general for rally in game’s is the lack of grip, it always feels like your flying over. In real life you have lots of grip when driving in mud or sand, try it on a mountainbike or on a quad, you always feel resistance from the surface.

      I hope GT5 feels good.

  17. lee

    who was driving in the 4th video? it was the bloke, He couldn’t drive for toffee and then crashed constantly to pretend it was on purpose and save face. tit! ah ha ha ha

  18. moonman79

    Ok all these new ids and photos are all very awesome,but from now on im not going to look at this site until the game is out because they are giving to much away.
    IMO nothing will be a surprise if a keep looking at all these new pics and ids.
    Fully appreciate everyones hard work getting the pics and ids,but buy the time the game comes out nothing will be a surprise.
    Moonman signing out until november 2nd.

    1. SZRT Ice

      If you know everything included beforehand, you will expect the best possible version of it your mind can fathom. The less you know, the more you’ll appreciate, the more you know, the greater the possibility for disappointment.

  19. DrTrouserPlank

    As you can see from Video 5, the damage is pretty minor given the severity of the impact.

    Hopefully after the train-wreck that racing online will be for the first month, we’ll be able to have some decent races once the idiots who just want to see their cars falling apart have moved on to Black flops.

  20. Mr Frappy

    I hope they fix the bug that causes the Nurb to just disappear in front of you – seen that a couple of times now. I also hope that they make the plume of dust on rally tracks persist a bit longer in the air, and also reduce the amount of dust kicked up when you drive over grass like on the Nurb.

    Other than that, looks OK. Shame nobody could drive (The controller was busted? Yeah yeah!)

  21. Mickeyd

    Looks pretty sweet, alot of people seem to be making a big deal out of a feature that you shouldn’t have to use that often haha.. I’m more worried about mechanical damage then physical, something that actually effects the game :)

  22. NBH

    I think the damage looks pretty good, maybe a bit too many small deformations instead of a hit with a big object which gives the cars a sort of wobbly look.

    I don’t get why PD aren’t more proud of their work. They make damage look like this and instead of releasing a video or posting pics they put it in a demo in American stores without any announcements.

  23. Alex

    also the cars shadow do not effect the light in the dust… its like the road is dark in the cars shadow but the dust is the same color as the light…

    1. Big Ron

      oh dear…that is really a big reason not to buy the game. Did you see, that the grass is greener than the real one? And the trees are more 2d than the real ones?

      It is like saying virtual butter does not melt like the real one.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Yeah, horrible! The clouds aren’t even moving! Look how unreal it is! That’s definitely a reason to not get this game!

  24. BDawg

    some serious graphical issues in the 4th vid with the SLS at the Ring, slams into the wall just after take off and while he’s sitting there the wall and track appear, very odd

  25. GTP_ProjectR

    LMFAO!!! She showed you up on how to drive haha! VID 5
    Its irritating to see people crashing over and over…i hope the best buy here has this, ill post us up a good one ;) thanks for the vids, and giving me an incentive to make my own video lol.

  26. hellseek

    I thought the point of the game was to win a race not crash in to every guard rail around…try simpler tracks ppl if u know you are not good…lol

    1. P37Mac

      On the bright side all the crashing has confirmed a new car for the game in the 2nd vid; The much rumoured and exclusive Lambo Lawnmower…

    1. jaketovey

      isnt the corvette stingray in the standard cars video???? the cockpit did look a tiny bit naff compared to the others/??? dont yell at me for still believing they have cockpits, its just an observation

  27. tameem

    i hope this isn’t the final damage. it looks too plasticy and the front end is stretched out as if its made of play doh

    1. Pete_k

      Tbh to create a decent damage model for every car (1000) and have the amount of content in the game would be too much info to put on a blueray disc! I think the progression from the first damage model on the Subaru to this is a nice improvement. Although i would prefer to see more dents and scrapes rather than the “play doh” effect as it doesnt work with parts such as the headlights. I also have concerns because we havent seen any weather effects yet…


      EVERYTHING is perfect
      only the emit/spark (sry for my english) in the audi r8 video (vs the bmw ) is not good
      because this is GT5 and not nfs/dirt/grid/forza/arcade game…


      and if you saw a real car crashing into the wall you should know that the damage in GT5 is very close to the reality
      I HOPE there will be no demo in the Store
      if you know GT5 then you will buy it at the first day

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