“British Lightweights” GT5 Seasonal Event Now Available

November 21st, 2012 by Michael Leary

The latest round of Seasonal Events are now available in Gran Turismo 5, featuring lightweight vehicles . Cars are limited to a maximum of 500PP and Comfort/Soft tires or less. The challenges are as follows:

  • 500PP British Lightweights: Grand Valley East Section /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/22 03:00
    1st: Cr.206,500  2nd: Cr.113,575  3rd: Cr.82,600
  • 500PP British Lightweights: Trial Mountain Circuit Reverse /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/22 03:00
    1st: Cr.229,000  2nd: Cr.125,950  3rd: Cr.91,600
  • 500PP British Lightweights: Fuji Speedway F /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/22 03:00
    1st: Cr.242,200  2nd: Cr.133,210  3rd: Cr.96,880
  • 500PP British Lightweights: Côte d’Azur /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/22 03:00
    1st: Cr.277,900  2nd: Cr.152,845  3rd: Cr.111,160
  • 500PP British Lightweights: Toscana (Tarmac) 109A /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/22 03:00
    1st: Cr.283,400  2nd: Cr.155,870  3rd: Cr.113,360

Note the “Performance Difference Bonus” applies, so more credits will be awarded for using a slower car below the maximum allowed PP value.

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with new inventory. As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by jBhlpS.

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  1. Dec. 5, 12:16am

    U guys need to learn how to drive..go to online dealer buy the lotus espirt v8. 350! Everything stock dnt even do an oil change just go to chassi and take off the first weight just give u enough for 500pp..u cant go wrong and if u still cant win give up the game u sucl..

  2. Dec. 1, 9:07pm

    Even if you get behind the wheel of an Evora, the best possible finish is only third. The lead cars are long gone by the time you get to like fifth place or so. I think we have some bull crap in these events. Slower cars should start up front, with the faster cars bringing up the rear. Then the faster cars cannot create these huge and often unclosable gaps. Who agrees with me?

    • Dec. 1, 9:11pm

      Same goes for the London race in Japanese 80’s Festival. The lead car (usually a Skyline GT-S or Mazda Miata) can not be caught up to until the final seconds; not enough time to make a move. I tried everything there too. What car should I use for that race?

    • Dec. 2, 4:20am

      R111 lotus. Try out my tune below to see if it works for you, if you make one single mistake then start again cause you won’t make the time up again. Turn all driver aids off except for ABS

    • Dec. 4, 8:45am

      It’s strange you say that because I’ve been using the Evora so far and it’s been a superb drive thus far. Managed to do Grand valley, Trial Mountain and Fuji with 470pp.
      Cote’s done on 455pp. Havent done the toscana event yet. I fell in love with the evora after these events.

  3. Dec. 1, 7:49pm

    Best car for this series? I really want that Speed Eight!!

    • Dec. 1, 8:40pm

      Can someone please offer a hand??

  4. Dec. 1, 2:39pm

    I would be interested in how low did you manage to lower the pp and still win?
    For me it was
    (a) 450 pp – for Trial Mountain and Cote
    (b) 470 pp – for Grand Valley
    Still have to do the other two races.

    • Dec. 1, 2:41pm

      And also what aids were you using?

      I was not using anything but abs=1.

    • Dec. 2, 10:59am

      Finished the others –
      (a) Fuji – 470 pp
      (b) Tascosa – 430 pp

      Anybody else tried to lower the pp to see how welll they did?

    • Dec. 4, 9:45am

      What car were you using? Used an Evora
      470 pp for GV, Trial mountain and Fuji.
      450 on Cote.
      Gonna do TOscana soon on 450 for starters

  5. Nov. 27, 2:25pm

    Wow your well off, if your that far out it sounds like you need to go back to basics a little bit. I had this ages ago, to sort it I just did karting, this gets you running a bit smoother again and teaches you how to carry your speed through the corners better.

  6. Nov. 26, 6:12pm

    Another quick thing, leave all driver aids off if you can as these slow you right down, except for ABS set at 1.

    • Nov. 27, 5:49am

      Sorry sammo…..I couldn’t win anything….alousy 20 seconds behind leader.
      That makes 2 weeks in a row I failed…..time to give up on GT5 i think!

  7. Nov. 26, 6:08pm

    If it helps, this event was easy, bigape is right the Lotus 111R is the best car, fully tune the car, increase weight on settings to about 156kg and take it forward to balance out. Take all down force off, and have the bhp running at 301. That should make PP about 500. Run gearbox at about 156 MPH or close to. Suspension needs to be.fairly stiff with about 2.0 camer on the rear wheels. LSD should be set quite high,. I was overtaking the lead car on lap 3 to 4 out of 5. Hope this helps

    • Nov. 26, 6:19pm

      thanks, i will give this a go!

  8. Nov. 24, 4:04pm

    Having trouble winning anything!! I think as you get to 50 your reflexes slow down.I was grat on all the other GT games.
    I have only completed 94% of this game!! The F1’s are too fast for me….now.
    Anyway, enough whinging….what set up of the cars are you using to win…this might help me….thanks

    • Nov. 24, 7:59pm

      Same issue here but you can’t use age as a excuse. The difference is hardly significant – studies show a healthy 50 year old is around 20ms slower to react than a 20 year old and that is less than 10% increase in reaction time.

      I have been thinking about what to do and my plan is to accept being slow for a while ie. run lots of down force and maybe even hold back the engine a bit and then ease into going faster. I’m also considering trying to use a controller rather than the wheel as it’s faster to change direction that way (or at least I think it is).

  9. Nov. 23, 8:52pm

    This event was a struggle until I switched to the Elise 111R ’04 with a RKM tune. Then it was a breeze… well, winnable anyway.

    • Nov. 24, 2:30am

      Cab you use RM’ed cars?

    • Nov. 24, 8:31pm

      sorry mate, the wheel will give you a couple of seconds quicker per lap….I use to have one

    • Nov. 24, 9:08pm

      Nope, you can’t use RM cars. I’m using a controller too.

  10. Nov. 23, 5:46pm

    Nice events, but PD could take some ideas for upcoming seasonals from previous GT games like GT3, it had lots of events like the Evo Meeting, Tourist Trophy or The Legend of the Silver Arrow, GT4 also had alot of manufactor events, so it would be preety nice if PD made some seasonals based on these.

    • Nov. 24, 9:45am

      I was just thinking about that, myself. It seemed like each company had at least one race dedicated to them.

    • Nov. 25, 1:39pm

      I also liked the sport sedan, luxury sedan and sports wagon races from GT2

  11. Nov. 23, 2:38pm

    Used a Lotus Spirit V8. Confort tires really make you sick with FR cars. Must have some conectration and be carefull to not slip the car in high speeds. Loe the event. I think that PD could do some Car Truck Event.

  12. Nov. 23, 12:57pm

    would be nice if we can have the option to download the seasonals, as data to our PS3 harddrives, I say this to offer network relief for PD / Sony. Also, wishlist, to have a new car made available once per month, that comes with 3 tuning options, set by PD, as well as a detailed description stating why they chose these three settings, to give us more indication as to how to tune them ourselves with reduced guessing.

    Take our money , PD. I would be willing to pay $10 monthly for this game, since half the gaming world can give $15 monthly for a mindless MMO.

    • Nov. 23, 1:10pm

      I like your idea. But $10 is too much imho. let´s say we could buy each car for $1, so everyone could decide if he likes the new car and take it or not.

      i´d be very willing to buy several cars once in a while.

  13. Nov. 23, 11:14am

    The Seasonals over the last few months have been superb. I was getting really sick of the A/B Spec every other week. Way more challenging too…it’s not an automatic win every Seasonal update. It’s not a lot different from other parts of the game, but at least it’s not 100% predictable and boring. However the haters are still out there. It’s not perfect, but it has improved much from a little while ago.

  14. Nov. 23, 10:29am

    1. It might be fun to have a seasonal for Concept Cars only PD. 450, 500 and 550 PP

    2. How about Ferrari, Lamborghini and RUF shootout at 500/550/600PP

    Hey PD I know, how about the following seasonal for Racing Cars 550/600/680PP:

    GT500 at Motegi 5 Laps
    GT300 at Motegi 5 Laps
    Group “C” Cars at 24hr Ring 5 Laps
    LMP’s at Motegi 5 Laps
    NASCAR at Motegi Ovoid 5 Laps

    I mean let the players play….you know? And introduce any new DLC courses using the seasonal.
    That way it’s more of a challenge because we have to learn the course to beat the seasonal.

    a. Bring back the practice/qualifying mode for seasonal and A-Spec. Make it optional for on-line racing.
    b. Please let us reset our individual lap timers so we don’t have to run a warm up lap if we don’t want to when hot lapping.

    • Dec. 1, 8:57pm

      PD doesn’t read this; sadly… but I agree. They did it a few times before (kart space time trial, dream car championship seasonal race number three [takes place on spa]). Why they didn’t continue this is the big question.

  15. Nov. 23, 7:39am

    Why dont they just make a seasonal for the le mans type cars or somthing just over 600 pp or somthing and not just this cus when i first started gt 5 when it first camemout they had a fun seasonal where you had a realy slow car on trial mountain and you had to become first in 3 laps against other cars just as slow or slightly faster i realy liked that one

    • Dec. 1, 8:59pm

      the Fiat 500 spec race? I remember that. I won easily by cutting the final corner. That’s beside the point however. Where are the “spec” races now? Lost in time…

  16. Nov. 23, 5:28am

    WOW! The last race is on a Toscana track instead of an Eifel one, PD are getting really innovative now, their collective creative juices must be flowing like never before!


    • Nov. 23, 1:02pm

      if it’s on a typical narrow toscana track, with narrow poorly implemented blind curves that look like something out of a fisher price random generator calculator, then no thanks. Hate those tracks in this game with a passion. Except the Lamborghini special challenge, that was a good track that grew on you as you went for the gold.

    • Nov. 23, 3:47pm
      Both Barrels

      This might be the best Toscana track yet.

  17. Nov. 23, 1:15am
    Brunet Paquet

    This event is just perfect for me. when the leader AI driver has got a few PP below the max,it gives out they’re beatable even with the double-prize earning PP. every Lotuses in the OCD,except for the super old ones gave me more than their Cr. worth.

    British lightweight’s are the best to throw around cars IMO.

    The only con here,is that i think newer events will only be out in GT6,or much later,as in right now,the events are Expert spec. version of the already presented seasonal event.

    Once again,this event is perfect for me,but the upcoming seasonal event themes could use a little more “Seasoning”,as in slightly faster than usual PP limits,and new themes,instead of old ones,like many people say.

  18. Nov. 22, 6:43pm

    Explains the large amount of Lotus’s in the OCD

  19. Nov. 22, 6:13pm

    At first, I was intrigued by this seasonal. But after trying just Grand Valley, I experienced serious case of road rage toward the AI.

    Why have a close race, when the AI cannot drive in a straight line. The AI would swerve into me when passing, forcing me to either brake or take a hit.

    I ended up slamming the brakes on, turning around and began driving into the field just out of pure anger.

  20. Nov. 22, 2:07pm

    Well using my Evora that was a great seasonal, even with the comforts.

    • Nov. 22, 2:56pm

      another 2 standarts in OCD …Elise 111R, Esprit V8…omg why :D tell me why? :D

    • Nov. 22, 3:07pm
      SZRT Ice

      Happy Thanksgiving GTP! Happy racing!

  21. Nov. 22, 1:06pm

    Well at least 4 of the 6 “new standard” cars can be used and win.

  22. Nov. 22, 1:03pm

    This event has got the better of me – third in the first event, 5th in the second. Given up after that. I can’t even gain ground on first place! At least it says ‘expert’ in the text.

    On a side note I agree with the theme that seasonal events are boring and predictable. Why not something like 575-655PP 4WD, or Spanish cars only, or cars over 1750kg only, or non-turbo Japanese cars only, or cars less than 2 years old… something different!?!

    • Nov. 23, 3:49pm
      Both Barrels

      Jump in the Evora if you’re having trouble, it’s light years faster than anything else.

    • Dec. 1, 9:03pm

      There is a problem with “Spanish Cars Only”: there is only one spanish car in here. Sorry, but I like options.

  23. Nov. 22, 11:49am

    I’m enjoying this seasonal, never driven any car so well! Comfort tires really make you focus on maintaining momentum, not being a prat taking chances with grip to spare!

  24. Nov. 22, 11:32am

    Going to use my Ginetta G4!

  25. Nov. 22, 10:47am

    Cool event, I can dig eat. Little British cars are sporty, those Elise and Tuscan RM’s will get a work out!

    • Nov. 22, 1:47pm

      Lol, dig eat, meant dig it

  26. Nov. 22, 10:32am

    Lets go!

    • Nov. 23, 5:11am

      a mclaren suits well

  27. Nov. 22, 10:28am

    Good god that photo is sick!!!

    • Nov. 22, 11:59am

      The whole space universe idea of the Photo is great, but unfortunately it’s a little flat view on the Car side – The Car could look a little stronger in details with some small adjustment, but I’m being picky as always.. But if you take a Photomode image into Gimp or photoshop, then you should finish it, because you got all the tools in the world to make it looking superb :o)

      Great Seasonal :o)

  28. Nov. 22, 8:04am

    Epic seasonal! Lotus FTW! Comfort tires makes you a better driver.

  29. Nov. 22, 6:42am

    Get the Esprit V8 ’02 from the OCD and perform stage 3 weight reduction to bring weight under 1200kg then detune the engine to 500PP. Working well for me so far…

    • Nov. 22, 7:15am

      You mean the Esprit Sport 350 ? It is really good, the spoiler helps to produce more grip at the rear wheel. I tried many cars, but this one fits the best for me! ;)

    • Nov. 22, 8:52am

      I’d rather get my v8 esprit 02 from the NCD.

    • Nov. 22, 9:05am

      Yeah, I was a bit confused when it showed up in the OCD without the tick so bought it instantly anyway.

    • Nov. 22, 11:57am

      The Esprit V8 SE (standard not premium) bellows one if the best sounds in the game imo.
      Take it around the ‘ring – when you start the long climb up through the woods on the back of the circuit before carousel, and you slip it into top after ringing its nuts off in 4th – maaan that’s such a brilliant sensation!
      PD nailed it with that combo :)

    • Nov. 22, 12:15pm

      thx for the suggestive sound experience, Mr._pepps. is it stock exhaust, or anything modded?

    • Nov. 22, 7:38pm

      @lambob Stock everything engine and gearbox-wise. Fit fully adjustable suspench and tweak it a bit for balance, don’t stiffen it up too much – just take it to the food therapy shop and shed some weight.
      Apply sexy paint, change the rims and revel in V8 glory :)

    • Nov. 27, 1:32pm

      Sometimes I have trouble when I need to detune my car. When I finished the event, it changes to 401 PP when it should continue to be 400, for instance. Have you notice this?

  30. Nov. 22, 5:59am

    Lotus Esprit V8 ’02, a premium model, is in the OCD as a standard just like with the TVR’s and Camero.

    Apart from the odd trye choice i quite liked this event. I know there’s a similar A-spec event but it was actualy quite good, especialy Monaco where the lead car had a 30.5 second head start and i thought my TVR Cerbara Speed 6 would have no chance. I came across the line with a 5 second lead, good stuff!

    • Nov. 22, 6:05am

      Just to add, the Elise 111R ’04 is also available as a standard car now too. Shame they’re not doing it the other way around – good standard cars turned into great premiums!

  31. Nov. 22, 5:45am

    That photo is really, seriously amazing(!)

  32. Nov. 22, 4:38am

    NOT COMFORT SOFT TYRES AGAIN. Last weeks TT was 500pp NSX’s, this week it’s 500pp British cars like Lotus’. Both of these are SPORTS cars, so can’t we use SPORTS hard at least?! The actual event mite be alright, but I can do British lightweights as a standard event A or B spec so can’t we have some DIFFERENT SEASONALS??!! Every week people on here, GTP, Gran Turismo’s biggest fan site complain, but also suggest what events we would like. If they took time to look on here, they’d do events suggested by us and therefore liked by us.

    • Nov. 22, 11:51am

      I like the fact it’s on comfort tires, makes it more challenging

  33. Nov. 22, 2:53am

    I´m sick of beeing forced to drive cars i don´t want to use. I want my M3, M5 and SLS back in Action :(

    It´s the second british seasonal already. We had American ones, Twice an italian seasonal (Ferrari + Lambo)…

    Where is the “Schwarzwald Liga” seasonal?

  34. Nov. 22, 2:11am

    God how I hate these cars.

    Oh well, better than nothing…

    • Nov. 22, 5:14am

      So do I

    • Nov. 22, 5:53pm

      Of course, you aren’t “forced” to drive them. If you don’t want to drive the cars, don’t do the event. Easy :)

  35. Nov. 22, 12:42am

    I want sports soft tires, that way I can really lower the PP and take on some cash while having fun, should be a good challenge though

  36. Nov. 22, 12:09am

    Oh wow this is my first time being on GTplanet at this hour. i never knew the seasonal came this early lol .But anyways I always hated driving Lotus in GT5 ever since the 2nd top gear event where the Elise felt like I was driving on oil…guess I’ll give it another shot.

    • Nov. 22, 12:17am

      Try doing that Special Event over again. I remember having to turn on the SRF “cheat” to beat that with a DS3 when the game came out. I wish I could try it right now :(.

    • Nov. 22, 1:25am

      Yeah, Lotuses (especially the Elises) were difficult for me at the start, and still are a bit – The easiest way (for me, anyways) to get some more grip in them is to get an LSD and increase the acceleration sensitivity a bit.

  37. Nov. 22, 12:00am

    OMG, That Picture…

  38. Nov. 21, 11:35pm

    About time you published this. I’ve been waiting 34 minutes for this to be posted..

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