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Gran Turismo PSP Launch Day: How Far We’ve Come!

It’s been more than 5 years since Gran Turismo was officially announced for PSP system at E3 2004 – and today, you can walk into a store and buy it! Needless to say, a lot has happened to get us to this point – let’s take a quick look back at what a long and winding road it’s been:

Get a Free SLR McLaren in Gran Turismo PSP

Worried about missing out on the pre-order bonus cars offered with Gran Turismo PSP? Don’t fret – you can still play this fun little mini-game to claim a free Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren! It’s simple: work your way through 8 different GT-themed challenges, score enough points along the way to earn the car, enter your email address, and wait for a PSN voucher code to hit your Inbox. A few caveats and unknowns:

Gran Turismo PSP Pre-Order Bonus Roundup

We first learned about the Gran Turismo PSP pre-order promotions back in August, when it was revealed that automotive icons Bugatti and Lamborghini were coming to the series for the first time. Now that we’re closing in on the release date (October 1st), it’s crunch time if you want to get ‘instant access’ to one of the above cars. To help you decide, here’s a brief list of where you need to reserve your copy. Remember, promotions vary by country, and this is not comprehensive. If you find these cars offered by other retailers, please share them in the comments below and I’ll update the post accordingly. Keep reading for the complete list…

Mixed Reviews for Gran Turismo PSP

Today the review embargo has been lifted on media outlets with copies of Gran Turismo PSP, and thoughts and opinions are quickly popping up across the web. Unfortunately, however, not all are postive, with critics missing the “career mode” that made previous GT games so enjoyable. Indeed, Kazunori Yamauchi has been telling us this game would be structured differently than any of the others since June, focusing on “driving missions and tasks” as opposed to working your way up the ladder, tweaking your cars to win more money.  Yamauchi defended this decision with the assumption that players will only play the game for short periods of time, and may not be willing to dive as deep as they would have in the console games.

Gran Turismo PSP “Collector’s Edition”, European Bundle

Many people were quick to write off the Gran Turismo PSP “Collector’s Edition” boxart that popped up last month, but it’s looking quite legitimate after Sony announced it last week.  This version, available only in Europe, is going to include a black 2009 Bugatti Veyron 16.4, available right out of the box.  You’ll also get some Veyron “artcards”, and a special edition “rainbow silver foil effect” Collector’s Edition pack.

Jay Leno Provides Gran Turismo PSP Audio Commentary

In the latest edition of the the PlayStation Qore video magazine, it’s revealed that popular TV comedian and car-guy Jay Leno will be lending his voice for Gran Turismo PSP.  We don’t know the specifics just yet, but from what we see in the video (and the game menu screens), it looks like he’ll be offering hints and tips on how to ace the license tests and challenges.  Those of you outside of the United States may not be that familiar with Jay Leno (he’s had a weeknight television show here for 17 years), but he’s widely known in the automotive world for his impressive collection of rare and exotic cars.  He’s also responsible for inventing and building the notorious, unwieldy “Tank Car” found in Gran Turismo 4. Watch his interview with Qore right here.

Gran Turismo PSP “Limited Edition” Pack Announced

Gran Turismo PSP may be coming out on October 1st, but if you can hold out a few more days (and have some extra cash laying around), you can pick up this “Limited Edition Entertainment Pack” on October 20th.  Here’s what you get for $200 (via press release):

GT PSP Gameplay Shows Citroen GT, TVR Speed 12

Here’s one of the better-looking videos of Gran Turismo PSP gameplay footage via IGN, showing the Citroen GT competing against the infamous TVR Speed 12 at Suzuka.  Unsurprisingly, as with most journalists who demonstrate racing games, his skills leave much to be desired…

Gran Turismo PSP “Bullshot-Free” Image Blowout

Italian website has captured a massive collection of Gran Turismo PSP screenshots, taking particular care to show us all of the new menus and game options.  You’ll see everything from mode selection screens, car selection screens, track selection screens, car trading screens, ad-hoc multiplayer screens, car/track info screens, settings, and everything in between.

PSP-3000 “Gran Turismo Edition”

As if today hadn’t been dramatic enough for GT fans, Polyphony Digital has pulled the Gran Turismo 5 feature list from their website.  In its place, they’ve announced the PSP-3000 “Gran Turismo Edition” – which is quite curious, considering how strongly the game has been associated with the new PSP Go.  At this point, we don’t have any more details about the availability of this device, only that it’s going to be “released in limited quantity” on October 1st.