Gran Turismo PSP “Bullshot-Free” Image Blowout

August 21st, 2009 by Jordan Greer


Italian website has captured a massive collection of Gran Turismo PSP screenshots, taking particular care to show us all of the new menus and game options.  You’ll see everything from mode selection screens, car selection screens, track selection screens, car trading screens, ad-hoc multiplayer screens, car/track info screens, settings, and everything in between.

Notice the black bar at the bottom of the game-play shots – it was solid black when we saw the game at E3 last month.  It’s now translucent…  Thanks to forum user Marky246 for the tip!  Check out the gallery of 40 new images after the jump.

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  1. Sep. 10, 8:35am

    You guys are idiots… everyone says the bullshots are bullsh*t, but there not.
    Watch any GT psp video on youtube and there just as good. Its like you only look at screenshots or something.
    Here take a look at this beast:

    Anyway, its a must buy either way. :D

  2. Aug. 22, 3:19pm

    @bolg: some fanboys really piss me off! stop these stupid games, GT and Forza are really good games with their advantages and theirs defects… so, to affirm that Forza 3 is not as good as GT PSP or GT5 is just really stupid and unproductive.

  3. Aug. 22, 12:18pm

    Bolg ok that’s not really accurate… I don’t see how you can say that of the racers on the 360, none are as good as this…

  4. Aug. 22, 10:49am

    Anyone else notice the Nurburgring fullcourse in the track selection screen (Pic 18)? Excitement!!!

  5. Aug. 22, 9:43am

    I bet Xbox kids wish they had a racing game as good as this, but they havn’t, not even nearly.

  6. Aug. 22, 2:40am
    Bank Alexander

    Looks sweeeet.

  7. Aug. 22, 12:54am

    froza3rules, where exactly did that come from?

  8. Aug. 22, 12:44am

    the jackpot race seems to be a race where you gamble some of your money to get more (just my guess) if it is, it would be a nice feature to have in gt5 as well!

  9. Aug. 22, 12:16am

    this mobile version is not better than forza you motherfuhrers

  10. Aug. 21, 11:08pm

    Can someone let P.D Make a Detect another psp mode for GT psp.
    I want to randomly challenge someone and steal there cars and money!! : )P
    game looks great!!

  11. Aug. 21, 9:44pm

    man i fort GranTurismo psp going to be a small game to finish i was wrong look at them picture it look like a big game to finish it will take some time to finish it.

  12. Aug. 21, 7:53pm

    Did I spy the Mclaren f1gtr ?

  13. Aug. 21, 5:51pm

    I really missed the information on the cars, and im glad to see them on GTM, which (hopefully) means, it’ll be in GT5.

  14. Aug. 21, 4:26pm
    L8 Apex

    ’63 Corvette Z06 race car (pic 27)? Nice!

  15. Aug. 21, 3:28pm

    WOW……SWEET!!! :D

  16. Aug. 21, 3:16pm
    Black Chamber

    The racer names in the top right corner [Merlot, PinotNoir, Syrah and Cabernet] are all different types of wine. ;)

  17. Aug. 21, 2:48pm
    Canadian STIG

    As good as this news may be, I’m still furious with the fact that GT5 won’t even have interior views for the other 830 other cars. Good time could’ve been spent producing a finished GT5 instead of a GTpsp, despite the fact that thdy had toblurt out the wrkings of a GT 4 psp so they had to at that point had to focus they’re efforts on a full version of GT that wasn’t 4 the PS3 but 4 the PSP. I still can’t get over this…

  18. Aug. 21, 1:33pm

    These screenshots look brilliant I wasn’t planning on getting this but seeing as it is up to GT standards I think I may be tempted. Especially as its portible.

  19. Aug. 21, 1:12pm

    why would we need a G27 to have a GT experience?

    The BIG point for GT Mobile is that it is, in fact, MOBILE. Never you could play GT whenever you want, where you want. People have already played the blaming game on GT M, the truth is that it will be the best PSP racing/sim so far, and probably ever, until GT Mobile 2 comes out in the future (if it does ever).

  20. Aug. 21, 12:55pm

    well ppl seemed to have done fine in GT without any analog input at all in the PS1 days. And i can say the same about GT5 delaying GT:M

  21. Aug. 21, 11:06am

    A few months earlier and i would have got this just because its GT. but with forza so close, and then gt5 around christmas this would get approx 20 days use then never touched again

  22. Aug. 21, 10:41am

    I hate the PSP GT Mobile thing. It’s the reason why GT5 is still not available and also why GT5 will not be at 100% – damn pressure by Sony.
    The PSP is not a system that can operate GT. It’s simple, it has only one analog stick and I doubt we will be able to connect the G27 with the PSP.
    So basically, this will not deliver a GT experience. What a waste of time :(

  23. Aug. 21, 10:16am

    the graphics are about the same a GT3

    pretty bad

  24. Aug. 21, 10:12am

    Looks real good to be on the psp!

  25. Aug. 21, 9:28am

    I still don’t see any picture about Car Settings. There must be that option in the game (suspension, tyres, turbos…), at least I hope so, every GT has it.

  26. Aug. 21, 8:52am

    Btw, @TimButDim, there is no F1 car, just that cars from GT4, Bentley Speed 7 (or some number), Audi R8 and Mercedes Benz Sauber Something. No old F1.

  27. Aug. 21, 8:43am

    I think I will buy PSP just for GT Mobile.

  28. Aug. 21, 8:29am

    Why players have wine names ? :)

  29. Aug. 21, 8:08am

    That’s a LeMans car.

  30. Aug. 21, 8:03am

    Is it me or does the 3rd picture show an old school F1 car, possibly late 70s-early 80s? If so there could be a lot more single seater action in GTPSP/GT5!

  31. Aug. 21, 7:36am

    @ Snaeper

    Look in the GT PSP forum and you’ll see there the explanation

  32. Aug. 21, 6:07am

    What is this Jackpot race?

  33. Aug. 21, 5:53am
    aleksandar SRB

    This look worse than GT4!!!! PS2 is stronger than PSP….

  34. Aug. 21, 5:27am

    Damn you are right. And actually on screen 20 layout selection is locked. Too bad. Though there was a hint in the teaser before with a car on gt pitlane.
    What is also interesting is a “drift type” selection on screen 20. It says sectional on this shot, but it looks like we’ll be able to drift all track through like a single non-stop section.

  35. Aug. 21, 5:20am

    Yeah, looks like a GT4 update lol. Now we wait for GT5.

  36. Aug. 21, 4:47am

    WOW this looks even better then GT4 and everything on just one disk too WOW!

    Thanks PD for yet another masterpiece in the legendery GT series, 1st day!!

  37. Aug. 21, 4:00am

    @JC: On the top left corner is the official Nurburgring logo, does not really mean we get the other layouts as well.

  38. Aug. 21, 3:09am

    My congrats to all gt fans. Looks like we’ve got confirmation of several nurburg track layouts on screen 18 including gt layout and “full” course with normal pitlane! Guess the same goes for gt5.

  39. Aug. 21, 2:55am

    You do buy cars in GTMobile, but some will not be purchasable, and will be awarded in events or gotten from trading i suppose

  40. Aug. 21, 2:51am

    “I wonder if any of our friends that are going can confirm the absence of color choice?”

    Well since you don’t buy but unlock cars in GT:Mobile i guess you will just get the car you win in a random color.

  41. Aug. 21, 2:32am

    Ok now after looking at these, at this size, on my high res computer screen… again I have to say… THERE WAS NO REASON TO RELEASE THE PREVIOUS BULLSHOTS!

    These look great for a PSP!

  42. Aug. 21, 2:11am

    Looks promising. The drift mode looks interesting though, personally not looking forward to drifting but should be fun for some guys.

  43. Aug. 21, 1:43am

    FUKKk missed i was gonnna be the first to comment lol DAMN

  44. Aug. 21, 1:37am

    I wonder if any of our friends that are going can confirm the absence of color choice?

  45. Aug. 21, 1:36am

    OOPS, my bad… 9th screen shows 6 possible colors for the Countach… which tell that GT have a colors selection for cars! good!

  46. Aug. 21, 1:34am

    Still no car color selection screens, I’m beginning to be worried…
    Some car models (Corvette) seems way better modelized than other cars.

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