Gran Turismo PSP Cockpit View: Gameplay Footage

Well, this is a pleasant surprise!  Who knew that Gran Turismo PSP would contain a “cockpit cam” view?  That’s just been confirmed by the following video from Gamekyo, fresh off the show floor at GamesCom.

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  1. CaptCalvin

    The graphics for these codemasters games were A LOT less beautiful, DOESN’T have full dashboard view, no working side mirrors or rear view mirrors, and is FAAARRR from 60 fps.

  2. Spec R

    :P I’m gonna buy a psp3000, hook up my ps3 controller, and plug it into my 25inch monitor :D

    Online play ooh yeah!

  3. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    well look at that shit it look like a ps2 game now on the psp nice work must be hard to drive and controller on psp

  4. N155AN

    hmm i dont know wether to get the GTpsp, because i would rather spend my time starting from scratch on GT5 with a g25, should be an awsome experience….

  5. Lenny Smalls

    And I LIKE JAGGIES!!! Long live old school graphics! I might have played the hell out of PSP by the time GT5 comes out, it might be a change of pace but GT PSP is perfect now.

  6. Lenny Smalls

    OH! OH! OCTOBER 1st!!! I don’t have to put up with GT5’s crap any more!!!! This was the ONLY thing holding back GT PSP!! HEAVEN!

  7. NGrignon

    “Amazing for PSP.” not that amazing, codemasters did it for each of its game on PSP (colin Mcrea 2005 and the TOCA 2 and 3): less beautiful graphics but 20 AI during a race, full dashboard view, full damage systems, very good sounds.

  8. Paulo

    It must mean that GT5 will have all interiors.. Fingers crossed. Bummer about Porsche, I really don’t get why they would do that.

  9. NGrignon

    “Lets hope that Gran Turismo 5 has cockpit view for all of it’s cars too. ;)”

    viewing this video (if a old GT4 Mustang can have it), answer is easy: yes
    but unfortunately it’s not the same for damages… (170 only? only Sport cars?)

  10. cobraagent90

    @Tomaz THERE WILL BE Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bugattis in both GT mobile and GT5 version And by the way can a Porsche be compared to a Gallardo?

  11. Tomaz

    I couldn’t care less. Without Porsches … it’s just pointless. If there is none of Ferrari, Lambo or Porsche … disappointing.

  12. addict3d

    Cockpit camera, now that’s something unexpected. And the car does lift a lot a :51, maybe the physics for this could come based on the new one from gt5, where we also saw the car in 2 wheels

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