Gran Turismo PSP’s Multiplayer Modes

In this fresh new interview, Kazunori Yamauchi explains the details of Gran Turismo PSP‘s new ad-hoc multiplayer features. There’s also some nice clips showing off two new cars coming to the GT series for the first time.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Multiplayer Modes:
    • Standard Race: Classic, head-to-head racing.
    • Party Race: One player gets a “head start” as a handicap.
    • Shuffle Race: You don’t know what kind of car you’re going to get for the race – it may be fast or slow for the event.
  • Cars earned in Gran Turismo PSP can later be transferred to Gran Turismo 5 (we’ve actually heard this before).
  • The Mazda Furai concept car is coming to the game.
  • A new Audi R8 “race car” is also going to be included.
  • Aerodynamic pieces of the cars will “move” (notice the rear wing on the Bugatti Veyron).

Don’t forget, Sony’s promised that Ad-Hoc Party is coming to the United States, allowing you to play ad-hoc mode with others via the Internet.  We’ll be organizing lots of pick-up races right here in our forums, so you’d better start brushing up on those D-pad skills now!

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  1. Krymzen

    You know in your little article you said that aerodynamic pieces on the cars will “move”. And you pointed that out on the bugatti veyron…

    ….. that’s it’s spolier doubling up as an air brake. When the bugatti brakes hard into a corner, the air brake is applied too, for more stopping power. The same sort of thing is on the Mercedes McLaren SLR, which we have already seen in Gran Turismo 4. This is nothing new, and was to be expected, don’t you think??

  2. driver

    yes we already know there’s gonna be wheather system but they expermenting to game its not yet confirmed that weather will in GT5 but hopefully they can do it realistic weater day and night with a good Fps 1080p

  3. CaptCalvin

    @Deko Wolf

    If you consider the context the phrase, Ad-hoc Party is what allows players to play with players around the world on games that don’t have infrastructure mode(Wi-fi). The phrase is also a link, which you can click on to see the article that explains this statement.

  4. Sam__ NY

    I’m blanking out


    those Veyrons, i’m pretty sure, are on the VW test track in Germany (called the High Speed Bowl).

    Google it.. correct me if i’m mistaken.

  5. Deko Wolf

    allowing you to play ad-hoc mode with others via the Internet

    I’m sorry, I may not be an expert on PSP, or Gran Turismo (even thought I own both…)
    But, doesn’t ad-hoc means; head-to-head? like, phisical?

    ad-hoc is played in lan, two or more PSP connected to each other playing the same game.
    Now, Wi-Fi is what makes games on PSP go online, against orther players around the world, games such as Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, Dissidia Final Fantasy, and the NFS.

    I honestly don’t mean to disrespect your hard and well committed work with such minor typing error.
    If the mistake then turns to my side, then I apologize.

  6. mouzy

    i doubt that veyron is from gtpsp, just look at the light efect.BTW what track is that? its look like speedway geting nit or midnit, i saw the bridge after the corner if it is maybe is a sign of day and nit races.

  7. Snaeper

    Anybody else see the HKS Drift S15? Or has that been confirmed or been in the GT series before?

    Can’t wait to race the Furai… ohhh that is sooooo going in my Garage if it’s on GT5. They haven’t really mentioned what cars WONT be able to transfer over to GT5, so there’s the possibility of all cars being transferable. Though… if I were them, I’d make numerous exclusive models that can only be unlocked in GTPSP (only to release them sometime down the road as DLC for GT5)

  8. ME_5150

    Anyone not looking forward to getting GT psp, should look into gettin it. (Data tranfer from GT psp to GT5) This is one way to get a leg up on the other online users that only play Gran Turismo on the big screen. And with the euro release date being later then the states, its even more of a head start. And plus GT on the go, think about it next time your ridin the bus or with your girlfriend family and friends, with this game in the palms of your hands you wont care where you are.
    I dont care if you guys are pissed about GT psp being release before GT5. Ive always wanted a true racing sim title on my psp, and now I will have it. So keep cryin about what ever it is you guys are cryin about. Ill meet you at the finish line. ;P

  9. Black Chamber

    @Wiseguy – yeah, I was just about to mention that. ;)

    Some of the footage looks almost as good as GT5 though.

  10. Petey

    It’s awesome the GT is coming to the psp. Just imagine taking a long trip somewhere with your family, this can really keep you busy. I can’t wait.

  11. Spiike

    Just a few things i have spotted, at around one minute when the cars are crossing the screen one of them is possibly a Caparo T1 but because of the quality im not certain, also at the same point at the bottom there is an orange Range Rover LRX concept but yet again not completly certain. Monaco can be seen at 2:41 with the red Nissan GTR V-spec.

    Game looks great still considering weather to get a PSP just for it.

  12. Wiseguy

    finally an explanation for why the bullshots looked so damn good. Did anyone else catch the disclaimer? “Actual game footage rendered for larger display” @ 0:20

    game still looks great.

  13. mike

    Alright, alright, I won’t be so negative, but there better be some major news concerning you all know what during TGS! Cheers!

  14. icant55

    Was it just me or that lil clip of the bronze and black veyron on the high speed ring a GT5 replay? if so all i can say is WOW!

  15. GTP_Heshmagray

    Gran Turismo has finally given me a reason to buy a PSP, looks pretty nice. Wonder how much the Gran Turismo PSP bundle will cost (Not the PSPGo)

  16. aleksandar SRB

    I hope that we will see mazda funai , audi r8 race car(not le mans) in GT5…. PD please give me Mclaren F1 LM + spa track!!!! :)

  17. Jackington

    I’d just like to point out that the R8 race car is a GT3 spec. race car, called the R8 LMS. It competed in this years Nürburgring 24 Hour.

  18. Daniel


    Kaz said he’s gonna give something big, later on this month at TGS, so quit whinging, and let them get on with their stuff. Shitloads of people are waiting for GT PSP and its close to release so no wonder he is releasing more information, most companies do that. As it comes closer to GT5 more and more things will be released, its how producers do things. so sit pretty for the next few weeks and im sure you’ll be rewarded at TGS.

  19. mike

    Why have you deleted my response? I just wanted to say, that most people want GT5, not the GT PSP. Polyphony is feeding us info about minor products instead of releasing some official statement about their main title. Their approach to the customer just sucks.

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