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GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 45 Round-up!

Would you look at that – a mention of the year anniversary approaching last week, and the very next day, the bombshell hits: Spec 2.0 is coming! While we’re all wondering what Kaz & Co have in store for us, the Photomode sub-forum continues to bustle. So much so, in fact, that we’ve had to add a new Official competition. But first, some Tournament news:

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 44 Round-up!

Two months away from the big one-year anniversary of GT5’s official release, the Photomode sub-forum continues to draw new members each week, as more players begin to explore the in-game mode, and even more excitingly, share their works with the community. The competitions heated up too, seeing old veterans bumped by new members in the polls. The Tournament continues, so coverage of that comes first, followed by our usual weekly competitions. Let’s see here…

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 43 Round-up!

Another week, another batch of outstanding photos from various members, involving various cars flying through (or sitting in) various locations. It’s all about variety, in case you didn’t guess. Even more so this week, with our Official competitions touching on history, the golden era of rally cars, a shiny new McLaren in Monaco, and even… promotional material?! But first off, this month’s main event: the Photomode Tournament...

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 42 Round-up!

What do we have in store this week? Quite a lot, actually! The Tournament has stopped taking entries, PMC has a very colourful poll, 2.0’s theme is already bringing in quality entries for both sides, CCCL car/track combos being able to even double for 2.0 (more on that later), and the potential for hilarity in this week’s Photoshop theme. Onward!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 41 Round-up!

Back to school, back to school – the days are getting shorter and the mercury’s dropping, but things are heating up in the Photomode sub-forum this month, as the Photomode Tournament makes its return. That means every week for these little overviews, coverage of the Tournament will take the top spot, and then the usual weekly competitions will be found directly underneath it. Here we go…

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 40 Round-up!

Already finished nicking Jeff Gordon’s clothes? Why not join one of this week’s Photomode competitions? Or even just cast your vote to pick a winner in this week’s polls? To sweeten the deal, this week sees the return of the Photomode Tournament, a knockout-style series of head-to-head matches that saw two of our forum members win the gift of Premium membership last time it was around. Theme suggestions are now being taken before signups start in a few days, so head on over to the discussion thread to get involved! Past that, we’ve got our usual weekly competitions:

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 39 Round-up!

Some small down-time with the GT servers doesn’t stop Photomoders! On this, the last full week of August, we’ve got four new interesting themes, with our usual varying levels of editing allowed. Just like last week, there will be in-game prizes for both the PMC and 2.0, which will be announced later this evening in the Photomode Competitions sub-forum. What are the themes, though? Read on…

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 38 Round-up!

A long summer break for the Photomode Competition news entries – but we’re back! For those that don’t know, our forums have a very healthy Photomode sub-section, and within it, a Competitions area, where users enter their best work for the chance to pick themes… and win in-game prizes! Each week, a previous winner provides a theme, giving users 7 days to submit their single entry. Once that’s ended, said theme provider picks their top images, and a poll is then made for the entire registered community to vote on. The winner then picks a new theme, and so on and so on. So, let’s take a look at what’s up this week in the 4 official competitions, shall we?

PMC19: Win a year's Premium membership!

This week we see a return of the Photomode Tournament – a very popular format from our GT4 days, the Tournament starts this week with a qualification round – any interested entrants send their entry in through a Private Message to Nicknamealguem instead of in a thread, and all the entries are compiled into a poll next week. All forum members are then able to cast their votes on however many shots they think deserve to make it to the knockout portion of the tournament – the top 32 progress to said rounds, battling in head-to-head matches each week...

PMC18: Spring @ the 'Ring (and other fun things)

It’s been a few weeks (actually, nearly two months), but we’re back on the front page for the weekly coverage of GTP’s Photomode competitions. Using GT5’s mode, and varying levels of post-game work (ranging from none in “PMC”, all the way to the Photoshop free-for-all of the aptly-named Photomode/Photoshop comp), many of our users post amazing shots on a weekly basis, and every registered forum member has the chance to cast their vote to determine each week’s winner, as well as enter if they so desire. Let’s see what’s going on this week:

PMC Week 11: Flying Honda Limos?!

Woops! Borrowing a page from PD there, we didn’t have an update last week about the 10th week of the Photomode Competitions. We’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled program next week, but for now, here’s what’s going on this week in the Photomode sub-forum:

PMC Week 9: A New Challenger Appears!

A tiny delay this week, but here we are, Week 9 of the Photomode Competitions. Like always, I’m here to bring you a quick overview of what’s going on in this particular sub-forum of our community. Want to take part? This previous News article covered just about anything you could need, but the community is always available if you have more specific questions. So what’s in store this week? We’ve got a Head2Head theme involving two of the craziest British marques in PMC, a look back in time in 2.0, and… a new competition. Oh, and two prizes still to be won for those first two comps. Read on…

Photomode Competitions, Week 8: Corners, and Money!

Ahoy ahoy everyone! Approaching the two-month mark for the competitions, we’ve settled in as people are really starting to crack how to best get shots out of the game, and the rush to discover all GT5 has to offer means now we finally have more cars to shoot! This was all readily apparent last week as we had a record number of entries (and votes) in the competitions. Haven’t entered before? This previous News article should cover everything you need to know, and the knowledgeable community can answer any additional questions you have. We’ve got some interesting new themes this week that leave plenty of opportunity for creativity, and just like last week, I’ll be putting prizes up on offer for those who walk away with the most votes in the poll. So, what’s in store this week?

Photomode Competitions, Week 7: Win In-Game Prizes!

Hello everyone, Slip here again for this week’s coverage on our forum’s Photomode Competitions. If you missed last week’s entry, click here to catch up, and get the low-down on what exactly happens each week with the competitions. A quick refresher – post an image (no bigger than 500 pixels on the largest side on the forum, but linked to a bigger image for full-size viewing) following this week’s theme, in whichever competition you choose (or both!), and compete against others for in-game prizes! This week the prizes are in the shape of Peugeot’s torquey Le Mans prototypes, or for runners-up, those paint chips that take 30-car intervals in your garage to win, like Matte Light Green or the elusive Chrome. Now, let’s jump to this week’s open themes, and details on those prizes…