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GTP Photomode Competitions Celebrate 100 Weeks

One hundred. It’s a milestone, and just before we celebrate two years since GT5’s launch, GTPlanet’s own Photomode Competitions are breaking into the triple digits this week. Our two initial competitions, the aptly named “Photomode Competition” (PMC) and “2.0 Advanced Competition” (2.0) hit the ground running back in the same week Gran Turismo 5 made its way into gamers’ eager hands, and haven’t looked back. GT4’s initial inclusion of a Photomode was originally met with criticism back in the last decade, but in an age where sharing is central, it’s now basically a requirement of the racing genre. GT5’s Photomode might be the most in-depth, fully-featured implementation of its kind too; it’s certainly popular, as our GT5 Photomode forum sub-section boasts a massive +220,000 posts!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Tournament Semi-Final!

Thanks to some computer difficulties, the Photomode update just wasn’t possible last week, but we’re back… and just in time! The knockout-style Tournament is in it’s semi-final round, with only four users left for each division. And, of course, we’ve got our weekly competitions, five in total, that are open to any registered GTPlanet member. Want to take part? Read on!

GTP Photomode Competitions: The Tournament Returns!

It’s been a few weeks, but we’re back (again) on the front page, and you’ve heard right – the popular Photomode Tournament is upon us again, a seasonal favourite among the community. A knock-out style tournament, the Tournament has had the community put together quite a lot of prizes for this season, but as always, you’ve got to enter to be eligible. Details below:

GTP Photomode Competitions: Post-2.03 Update Round-up!

Have you got the newest DLC yet? Now available world-wide, the Car Pack 3 and Speed Test packs are going over well within our community, giving players a new track to test their cars’ abilities, and more of them to record numbers from! The Photomode section has naturally taken to the new content as well, and some of our themes this week even allow use of these new cars and location...

GTP Photomode Competitions: Pre-2.03 Update Round-up!

It’s the calm before the storm: after the surprise leak of 2.03’s updates, and more specifically, the details of the new DLC were confirmed, excitement in the community is running high. The Photomode competitions area is no exception – you can expect lots of images of the new cars next week, undoubtedly! But for now, what themes are there for you to take part in? Let’s take a look!

GTP Photomode Competitions: 1st Week Of 2012 Round-up!

Did you have a good year? Gran Turismo sure did, and it looks like that success is set to continue into 2012 for the franchise, both digitally and in real life. Our Photomode community is just as successful as well, so join us this week in any of the numerous current themes. As always, click the theme title for each competition to be transported to the respective thread, read it’s first post to get all the info on submitting, and then, well, submit!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 57 Round-up!

Ah, that last week of the year, the only time you get two big holidays so close together. Did the big guy in red treat you well? Did you over-do it on shortbreads? No matter – with the likely down time from work or school, now would be the chance to enter our last Photomode competitions of this year! Make sure to click on each competition’s title to be transported to the respective first posts in our forum for each set of rules. Make sure the image you’re submitting follows those rules (and the theme), and then sit tight until the deadline to see if you’ve made the poll! Now, onto the themes…

GTP Photomode Competitions: Happy Ho-Ho Edition!

We’re less than 100 hours away from Christmas, and while Santa Kaz has already dropped off a few presents (and yet more if you’ve got a few dollars for him), there’s even more fun to be had in our Photomode section this week. For our digital photogs, this update was welcome as it returned a few features that were mysteriously removed from Photomode during 2.01. Lens flare and bloom have returned, so before you’re stuffed to the gills with shortbreads and other festive treats, take a look at our competitions this week!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 54 Round-up!

Another week, another batch of competitions! This week’s themes are even more varied, and require some creativity to really get a competitive shot. Looking to enter? Click the links for each week’s theme and read the first post in the thread; make sure to follow the rules on submitting an image, and do so in that thread before the weekly deadline! Each competition has unique rules, so keep them in mind when submitting!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 50 Round-up!

After a short hiatus, we’re back on the front page, just in time for the big five-oh! Now that every region has access to the DLC, we’re all enjoying the intensity of Spa, and the incredible lighting Kart Space provides for photo shoots. Not to mention all those new paints! Why not join us and take part in some of the competitions this week? You can’t win if you don’t get involved…

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 47 Round-up!

It’s true, it’s true… the Tournament has come and gone. In its place, our community is taking advantage of the biggest overhaul to GT5 since its release, with the Spec 2.0 update adding some features, and the DLC packages this week (and next for North Americans) bringing even more content. What better way to show off your new rides?

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 46 Round-up!

It’s been a busy week for racing game fans – that’s by bad excuse as to why this week’s Round-up is late. But, here we are! In the midst of literally dozens of Schulze N24 GT-R’s running around online, our 2nd Photomode Tournament is just wrapping up. There’s only a few hours left to vote, so help decide the winner of the matches below…