Photomode Competitions

GTP Photomode Competitions: Tournament Semi-Final!

Our weekly Photomode competitions are going strong, and the Tournament needs your votes to determine the final face-off for both divisions!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Tournament Round 1!

The Tournament’s first round is nearly closed, while our usual weekly competitions are all open! Read on for more details!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Tournament Qualifier Complete!

The Tournament Qualifier sees 32 people from each division progress, while our weekly comps continue going strong!

GTP Photomode Competitions: The Tournament Returns!

The popular knock-out style Tournament returns for its third season, loaded to the gills with prizes. You’ve still got a few days to enter… in addition to our usual weekly competitions!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Post-2.03 Update Round-up!

New DLC is upon us, and that means new possibilities in the Photomode competitions! Join in this week’s new themes for glory!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Pre-2.03 Update Round-up!

We’ve got a new competition format up, folks – and all the same old favourites too! Read on for all the details!

GTP Photomode Competitions: 1st Week Of 2012 Round-up!

And here we are, a new year! The competitions are the same as ever, so enter for the chance to win in-game prizes!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 57 Round-up!

Have some free time before the champagne and party favours Saturday? Enter in our last competitions this year, or vote for your favourites from 2011!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Happy Ho-Ho Edition!

Christmas came early for GT fans, but the festivities never stop in our Photomode forum! Read on for all of this week’s details!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 54 Round-up!

A diverse new set of competitions for this week, and as always, prizes for the winners! Read on for more details!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 53 Round-up!

December’s here, but you wouldn’t know it by the PMC theme this week. Read on for more info on it, and the remaining weekly contests!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Year Anniversary!

That’s right, today was GT5’s year anniversary! Come join in the celebrations for a chance to win in-game prizes!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 51 Round-up!

PMC goes on a classic film kick, 2.0 despises grip, CCCL goes for records, Photoshop looks for dragsters, and SS is all about speed! Read on for more!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 50 Round-up!

They’ve never left, but they’re back on the front page! Come take part in some exciting new weekly themes for the big five-oh!

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 47 Round-up!

The Tournament has ended… just in time for (almost) all of us to enjoy new DLC! GT5 updates are a focus this week…

GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 46 Round-up!

It’s Finals week for the Photomode Tournament. Get those votes in!