Celebrate GT Sport’s Latest Update With a Sale on the Fanatec CSL Elite

Amongst the many goodies included in the latest GT Sport update, one was especially welcome for sim enthusiasts. Fanatec’s fantastic CSL Elite wheel is now officially supported by the title. It’s a big deal for those who own the wheel and now potential buyers have an even stronger case to pick one up. Fanatec is going one step further too, with a special Easter deal this week for the peripheral.

The official Fanatec website is reducing the CSL Elite Starter Pack to €499.95 until April 8. The bundle includes the CSL Elite steering wheel and pedals, the perfect starter kit for those looking to take their sim racing experience further. This means a potential buyer can pick up a full setup for the price that the CSL Elite wheel alone usually costs. If you’ve been waiting for a good moment to jump in, now is better than ever.

When we reviewed the CSL Elite, we described it as the best wheel at its price point. Although it is more expensive than many would even consider for their gaming setup, you get one of the best racing sim peripherals for your cash. This temporary discount just sweetens the deal.

This lower price is only available whilst stocks last, so don’t hesitate too much if you fancy picking up a shiny new CSL Elite starter kit. In addition to the deal, one lucky sim racer can also win the kit, by liking and retweeting the following:

You’ve still got today to enter the draw — and that’s no joke — so be quick!

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