Complex GT5 Bug Causes Problems for Online Racers

January 15th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

Reports have been surfacing the past few weeks of a glitch that dramatically affects online play in Gran Turismo 5.

The glitch manifests as a marked increase in player lag, profound changes to the simulation physics and a significant change in lap times – even increasing the lap times with reference to an external stopwatch. Though some GT5 players have noticed a similar but less extensive effect before, the issue seems to have become more prevalent, perhaps even ubiquitous, since the most recent update and many online leagues including GTPlanet’s own Weekly Race Series (WRS) have been significantly affected by it.

Our forums have brimmed with members seeking to better understand this bug, and have provided evidence for situations that can prompt the glitch to occur. GTPlanet staff and WRS members have also been testing and gathering further evidence to help players avoid encountering it.

The bug itself affects only online racing, with free practice seemingly unaffected, and seems centred around simultaneous information loads – the more information is being processed by the console or network at once, the more marked the effect of the bug. This includes USB peripherals like headsets and driving wheels, the number of players in a lobby and whether the player is in traffic or running in clean air. GTPlanet’s own tests revealed the following results:

  • Free practice with 14 drivers using whatever peripherals they chose:
    Consistent lap times and physics; Game clock consistent with external stopwatch. (See Video)
  • Racing with 13 drivers using whatever peripherals they chose:
    Significant changes in driving physics and speeds; Significant player lag; Game clock up to 10% slower than external stopwatch; Traffic dependant. (See Video)
  • Racing with 13 drivers with headsets and mics turned off or disabled:
    Marked changes in driving physics and speeds; Marked player lag; Game clock up to 5% slower than external stopwatch; Traffic dependant. (See Video)
  • Racing with 13 drivers with headsets/mics off and wheels unplugged – gamepad only:
    Consistent lap times and physics; Game clock consistent with external stopwatch.
  • Racing with 12 drivers using whatever peripherals they chose:
    Consistent lap times and physics; Game clock consistent with external stopwatch.

The GTPlanet staff test involved a run at Daytona of multiple laps in identical cars to remove driver skill and performance as far as is possible from the equation.

Users in our forums have also collected some valuable data which indicates this issue has actually existed for quite some time. The following chart was compiled by “MGR” after reviewing replays from an online race held back in June of 2011, and clearly illustrates the correlation between the number of participants and the clock’s inaccuracy.

“Filip_Ovik” has also shared a video that demonstrates the issue, which begins at the exact start of a lap around the Nurburgring Nordschleife in an online race. If you compare the YouTube player’s time stamp with the lap timer shown in the game, you’ll quickly notice the discrepancy. By the end of the lap, there’s a difference of 33.489 seconds.

At this time, without a patch for the issue, GTPlanet recommends players wishing to race online limit lobbies to 12 participants or fewer – though more participants are possible if no players use headsets or force feedback wheels. Please note that this will not fix whatever normal lag issues you may experience (although minimising participants will always help this), only prevent instances of this glitch occurring.

It is unclear if Polyphony Digital are currently aware of this bug. Though many players will be looking for a fix in GT5 version 2.03, to be released this week, this is unlikely considering the length of time it has apparently affected the game. Hopefully, by increasing awareness and encouraging further study and discussion, our community can help resolve this issue that is affecting so many of GT5‘s most dedicated players.

For further discussion and analysis, see this topic in our forums. As always, your own contributions and test results are welcome and may be helpful to anyone tasked with resolving the problem.

Thanks to nealcropper and MGR for the initial tip and all GTP members who have subsequently provided evidence and assistance.

GT5 Photomode image by SMfan.

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  1. Jan. 23, 10:19am

    Yesterday my game crashed (frozen again) and after leaving the game with ps3 button the ps3 started up again with lots of bleeps .
    The game disc cannot be found anymore in xmb after trying everyting to restore sony told that my 15 month old ps3 slim had a broken disc lens .

    Out of warranty sony is not gonna do a thing so guys watch out with online gt5 playing .

    PD i want to thank you guys for NOT fixing the servers so that people loose there PS3 system .

    Sony i want to thank you guys for NOT doing anything and let a customer with a 15 month old PS3 put that PS3 out with the rest of his rubbish !!

  2. Jan. 20, 10:43am

    This happened to me last night when in a room with 12 friends. Only 11 of us were racing. I couldn’t understand why I was so slow when I had been fastest in the free run. We were at Nurburgring GP/F and my race laptimes were a full 5 or 6 seconds slower than I had managed in Free Run, with the same car, tyres and setup. I saved the replay and watched it back this morning and timed my laps with a stop watch. As I suspected my laptimes were 5 seconds quicker on the stopwatch than the game timer suggested.

    Another strange thing happened too, the leader was around 3 seconds ahead of the guy in 2nd, they both pitted on the same lap for tyres. The leader went into the pit first, then the screen kind of jumps and the guy in 2nd appeared ahead of him.(he did not go into the pit too quickly and get the penalty thing, in case you were wondering) After the tyre change the guy who was previously in 2nd left the pit in 1st and had a full 5 second lead on the previous leader going into the first corner.

    This is the kind of thing that will put people off racing online or even playing the game at all. It will definitely have an impact on any racing leagues too.

    PD please sort this out ASAP, it’s far more important than adding enormous oval tracks and Nissan Leaf as DLC

  3. Jan. 19, 2:45pm

    Yep this is a league killer. Hopefully PD fixes this thing.

  4. Jan. 18, 12:20pm

    My game crashed and lost everything.

  5. Jan. 17, 4:02pm
    Pit Crew

    Me,my race crew(UNTOUCHBLES RC), and a large number of racin cronies have been goin through this and another glitch(Rolling Start Blackscreen) at daytona for a yr now with no fix in sight. i dont understand y this hasnt been addressed b4 but if PD didnt know bout this b4 then plz fix it as soon as possible. Daytona Rolling Blackscreen glitch manifests more when room/lobby gets “hot” or bout 4 races, and when a driver leaves PIT area b4 race starts and stays on track aftr final 321 countdown to begin race. this usually reults in an extended black screen longer than usual and brings drivers in 1 at a time usually resulting in many drivers being a few laps down when they do finally spawn. The many of us that know this will stay in the PITS till race starts and usually have no problem, but rookie daytona racers who dont know or dont care will pick a car jump on track and start drivin despite warnins not to do so resulting in them being rejected from lobby. PLZ fix this as soon as possible, even if u gotta shutdown online server for a day just do something.

  6. Jan. 16, 11:03pm

    Test different race quality settings.

  7. Jan. 16, 10:30pm

    maintenence on now….hope update is soon

  8. Jan. 16, 6:22pm

    It started after update 2.02 and sometimes when the online race loads up, the track map is up there like my game went frozen. Hopefully the new update will fix the bugs and issues.

  9. Jan. 16, 6:11pm

    The most ridiculous thing for me about this game is the online lobby/menu system. If for any small reason you try to use any online functionality and the game doesn’t have the ideal circumstances it just craps out completely requiring a restart. You just try and quit the game and it gets the whole PS3 into a state so it itself has to restart.

    PD need to look at the functionality of the online menus that and make them much more fail safe. Its inevitable that people are going to have network problems, so when this happens there should always be a way for the game to stop trying to use network resource and just return to the menu. I am getting sick and tired of the game just sitting there with the cursor flashing on any of the online lobby menus once it has one little problem.

    I work in software development and to see this kind of poorly designed menu system just drives me insane, especially on a product like this. I don’t mind sacrificing a little DLC for a game that actually works. I can’t believe how far this game has come and there are still problems like this occurring…

    • Jan. 17, 4:06pm
      Pit Crew

      Right on the money seamus its to the point im afraid im gonna really damage my PS3. i never had to restart this much since my PS home days basically y i dont go back there.

  10. Jan. 16, 5:57pm

    To be honest, I never ever once had enconuterd any of these bugs or problems. Am I lucky? :)

  11. Jan. 16, 5:04pm

    THE SOLUTION,HOW ABOUT YOU TRY RACING WITH BOOST OFF, DUHHHHHH. I mean who races with boost on anyway? How come i have never encountered this problem? maybe because i race in rooms where everything is turned off.

    • Jan. 16, 6:01pm


      Boost was not on for our test. The table is a separate test from June last year by a member named “MGR”, as Jordan notes in the text before it.”

  12. Jan. 16, 4:31pm

    my problem is online lobby freeze, 50 % time I try to find a room I freeze and have to restart my ps3…

  13. Jan. 16, 3:18pm

    What about bug where players use handbrake, brake and throttle in turns to be faster on corners??? I met this kind of cheaters. They could delay brake much more than people who drove in normal way.

    • Jan. 16, 11:04pm

      That’s not a bug. A car will slow down significant faster if you can have it catch the gear in manual. That’s why heel-toe shifting exists if you’re using a stickshift.

      As for the handbrake part, I have no idea why that would/wouldn’t help unless they’re drifting around a corner.

    • Jan. 17, 4:11pm
      Pit Crew

      using the hanbrake to slow car and position it for a corner is a pretty good and tru technique if u use controller but wouldnt consider it a cheat. a quick tap of HB will set u up for a sharp corner pretty well but like i said dont think u need if using steering wheel peripheral.

  14. Jan. 16, 2:49pm

    I hope this is the begining of the end for GT5. I loved this game, but because of the huge number of bugs and glitches i decided to sell it asap. I understand GT fanatics, and i respect their faith in this game, but i really hope this time everybody will ask a question from himself: is ths the game they want to pay more and more for PD? After every update or dlc the game becomes worse and worse, and PD earns more and more money. The main online bugs are up from the first time i played, and i get sick when i read comments: “yeah, now i can change wheels on my standard car!” what a shame.. But PD hear them, and they know what the main mass of GT5 gamers need.. So don’t cry about the bugs till you give any cents to PD to make unusable feautres. Sorry if it sounds trolling, but i hope Gtplanet is not just about comments what are fanaticly positive about Kaz, PD, or Sony.

    • Jan. 16, 2:59pm

      I agree ..

    • Jan. 16, 4:34pm

      I dont know any game in this (or other) world with no Bugs… it is immposible.. lol even real world have bugs..

    • Jan. 16, 5:59pm

      @Tvensky I agree with you on that 100%

    • Jan. 16, 7:36pm

      You sold the game because it has bugs and glitches?? If that’s how feel then I think you should quit gaming and find a new hobby.

    • Jan. 16, 8:17pm

      I also agree with HKSBro92. I think gaming has gone waaaaay to much into your head all together Mohamu. Sorry buy, you should try to write a story or something that isn’t with games. Like me…

    • Jan. 17, 2:58am

      I knew you guys will totally not understand what I am talking about. Not a wonder.. I wish a great time with playing GT5 for all of you;) This is not my business what you’re spending your money, and with what kind of game are you playing with..

      ps: the number and the seriousness of the bugs/glitches are the main problem, and that PD will never patch them. But as I said, it is up to everybody what they are playin’ with.. I had enough of PSN’s connection stability problems, so I’ve tried xbox live what was not perfect, but miles more better than PSN. Also Forza was a joke, so now I’m playing again with PC sims, and since I do it, I have much more pleasure in racing and much less negative experiences. If you want to play on PSN with a PD game, don’t cry about bugs,or connection problems. Best wishes for all remaining GT5 fans!

    • Jan. 18, 2:24pm

      I agreed!!!

  15. Jan. 16, 1:58pm

    Great article and very much appreciated to all the guys that helped post, gather and analyse all the info’s… tyvm.

    It would be a great and welcome addition if for say, when you kick a race off and the countdown atarts – “the room is locked and no-one can enter not even to watch the race”.
    ‘Cos i notice a lot of track stuttering when ppl join room during races.

    I know this has been said before… Pls let us “Fix Host” in our lounges – this will let us take the load off other frien’s/folk with less bandwidth.

  16. Jan. 16, 1:45pm

    ‘because after 3sec countdown on start’

    Should said before countdown, sorry.

  17. Jan. 16, 1:42pm

    Very impressive investigation. Hopefully PD finds how to fix this and takes care of this soon! Don’t know could it be something to do with these founded bugs but since launch of gt5 it have been impossible to race with more than 8 people on Nurb24 with weather/time because after 3sec countdown on start there very often shows black screen which tilts whole game. Shame because it is my favourite track.

  18. Jan. 16, 12:20pm

    The solution … remove the 3D from online races …
    Now the hardware of the PS3 has to manage data that the 90% of the GT5 players don’t use ..
    IMHO !

    • Jan. 16, 1:08pm

      The solution? Don’t race online. If you do, don’t use an external stopwatch to time the race. I never saw that one in the GT manual.

  19. Jan. 16, 11:11am

    Wow, anyone else hoping GT6 will be a bug-free title? Now the GT2 % complete bug doesn’t seem so bad :p

    Sure hope PD is aware of the issue and remedies it.


    • Jan. 16, 1:16pm

      Honestly, bug-free games are becoming more and more a pipedream as games continue to evolve. There is so much data being processed at any given time, it’s practically impossible to account for all potential errors. Thankfully, internet access allows game devs to fix common issues, which was impossible in previous generations.

  20. Jan. 16, 9:50am

    Maybe GT5 can not skip frames correctly and slowdown in FPS due high computational load causes also real slowdown of laptimes?

  21. Jan. 16, 9:17am

    Just yesterday I tried hosting a 13 player room, (random choice, as it was Friday the 13th) and the server wouldn’t let me create.

    I am also very much convinced, that cars wear out, chassis and engine wise, when playing online, while coming back to the GT Auto service shop will NOT allow you to change oil, chassis maintain etc. major bug there too. I encourage people to buy a new car, tune to same setup, and race it online, you will be pleasantly surprised to see a smoother handling difference.

    • Jan. 16, 7:13pm

      Normally it will let you create a room if you try a few times. Also, online races without tyre wear and fuel usage on don’t affect a car at all. Hope this helps.

  22. Jan. 16, 8:45am

    Guys, this is not a bug, this is just Gran Turismo proving that a car can Time travel into the future, so time is passing by much faster it happens when you go over 88mph….

    • Jan. 16, 9:38am

      Does this only work with the DeLorean?

    • Jan. 16, 7:09pm

      If the Delorean actually DID 88 mph…

  23. Jan. 16, 7:34am

    Hello folks

    I guess this has been metioned somewhere within the forums, but the bug i’ve come across since the last update is the lack of grip online which causes unrealistic tyre wear and slower times, in cars that i have driven at 550pp on grand valley east and done 1.00 minute lap times ages ago (a few months back) and with the last update in the same cars with the same set ups i am getting 5 seconds added more or less onto the laptimes all because of the tyre wear and lack of grip.

    And it’s nothing to do with a full room or having the minimum of 12 people racing online, even with 4 people racing with good connections it’s happening, has anyone come across this??

    • Jan. 16, 8:37am

      Yeah they’re making us use Pirelli tyres now ;)

  24. Jan. 16, 6:53am

    Shuffle Races is buggy right now….PD talked about fixing this issue in the next update….hopefully, they will also patch the problems posted here…

    Thanks for the great post Famine…

  25. Jan. 16, 6:42am

    Still major bugs exist yet they still have the time to make and sell us DLC, I sometimes wonder if Mr Kaz has let the power go to his head, FIX THE PROBLEMS FIRST PD THEN DON’T TRY TO SELL US THINGS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE DISK OUT THE SHOP.

  26. Jan. 16, 4:17am

    Guys, I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this issue, but I’ve found a bug even during off-line gameplay. When in practice mode –or even in racing– I use the picture mode to take pictures, whatever settings I have chosen for the picture (i.e. COLD, WARM, SEPIA, PARTIAL COLOR, ETC), when I return to the replay of the game, the replay looks like the picture. The only way to stop it, I’ve noticed, is to exit and restart GT5. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Jan. 16, 4:30am

      That’s in fact another bug. Like the flare or ghost image that since 2.02 appears on fotos.

    • Jan. 16, 11:29am
      Lazy Liquid

      I got the same interesting bug.
      Some people says that if you go back to the photo mode, set everything to default, take a picture and leave the mode, youre safe from this issue in this gameplay session without need to restart your game.

  27. Jan. 16, 4:13am

    My head can’t really comprehend why the thing that happened in the video would really affect anything. If you can see and time the lap and see that it takes a certain time, does it affect anything if the game doesn’t time it the same?

    What i’m wondering is if this really is a problem that affects the performance or if it’s just another problem with the interface.

    I guess people have tested this many times and would have noticed if it was only a timing issue but wanted to lift the possibility at least.

    • Jan. 16, 6:10am

      The glitch affects vehicle physics as well as the game clock. Unaffected drivers can run their normal times in clean air, while affected drivers suffer from a dramatic increase in lap times within the same race – leading to colossal disparities in performance. In traffic at Daytona running full throttle for the whole lap and in slipstream, drivers in traffic were pulling 54s laps at best while an unaffected driver on his own was driving 49s laps…

  28. Jan. 16, 3:41am

    Great article!

  29. Jan. 16, 3:17am

    Has anyone tested this in standard model cars? I seem to recall PD saying there would be problems if more then 12 Premium model cars were used online when GT5 was first released.

    • Jan. 16, 3:59am

      In fact the game barely supports such a number of premium models running at the same time. For instance, try to set an arcade race on Nurb 24 h with rain and time simulation. As arcade races are for 16 cars, u will see how the game becomes unable to render many parts of the map, making the race totally unplayable.

      I think there are several aspects of the game that are really in need to be revisited.

  30. Jan. 16, 2:50am

    Thanks guys for focusing on this and bringing it to light.

    I think it is also remarkable the raising amount of blackscreens and game freezes, wich to me is part of the same problem, as well as compatibility issues between historic-compatible gamers. I spend lots of time adjusting the cars and setting my best laptimes for further online racing, but when going online, all the previous work on car adjustment becomes totally useless. Going online, mates has become a nightmare. Hope they fix that soon. And just a reflexion: if the problem is ocurring so long ago, why people al PD don’t focus on solving it rather that being releasing stupid (fo me) DLCs each month. And last, but not least, why PD has not make any statement regarding the problem.

  31. Jan. 16, 2:40am

    i suppose the lag caused the RUF to outbrake himself too

  32. Jan. 16, 2:28am

    i suffered from it for the last year in the FGTC,but its got worse because we have 16 drivers every week now.i think more people are being affected so there is more talk and complaint…..can i blame this for constantly being slower in races than qualifying for the last 2 seasons….yep

  33. Jan. 16, 1:21am
    GT Pro

    It still makes me lol that Polyphony doesn’t allow free driving/testing of cars while other players are in a race. Having to wait until the race ends is just inane.

    • Jan. 16, 1:19pm

      I’m glad they don’t. In games that allow this, the races are always wrecked by jerks getting in the way of the real race.

    • Jan. 16, 8:13pm
      GT Pro

      I mean as in the same track, but without the racers present (ie it would be like a different, vacant room while the others are racing.

  34. Jan. 16, 12:57am

    Myself and my GT5 friends have invested a hell of a lot of time into GT5, we have a league + web site dedicated to said GT5 league, at the moment we have suspended the league till this bug is fixed as its impossible to race fairly at the moment. I know im not alone in suspending our league, all the other guys i know running leagues have suspended play as well, so i cant see PD simply letting thier online community die away, it will be fixed, id bet my last £ on it.

    • Jan. 16, 1:46pm

      It seems to be more a problem when frame rates slow down(stutter) to say 30fps instead of the quoted “solid 60fps” and gets worse as the framerate slows down further.
      I firmly believe that the PS3 is beyond it’s limits when trying to run GT5, and that it does not have sufficient sytem resources; eg. ram.

      At 30fps you end up having half of, the (peripheral) input you would normally have @60fps.
      Meaning… you’re still doing say 180mph down tokyo straight but, when it comes to the braking zone; you have only half the input for the same amount of ground(speed) covered which, makes it seem as if you have lost grip and go straight on – where as really, you have just braked too late(because for every, one metre travelled you have actually travelled two – think “speed/distance” in the braking zone).

      With PC’s it’s a simple fix for track slowdown(fps stutter) – upgrade your system with better and more highend resources.
      Unfortunately this is not possible with the PS3 as it stands right now.

      As track stuttering goes on some circuits – mostly where a lot shadows are being used/generated – it is bye far and the most “cpu and graphics intensive”.
      It could help if we were given the option to at least, turn down the amount of trackside objects and or shadows and quality when racing in large(or even small) room environments.

  35. Jan. 16, 12:28am

    im afraid that the more content and DLC they add to gt5, the more bugs and glitches are going to cripple gt5 ala skyrim.

  36. Jan. 16, 12:14am

    Thanks for covering this guys! It has definitely been an issue.

    The peripheral tests are very interesting. I am almost wondering if some of these problems started developing as the new Fanatec wheels have been coming out. Is it possible that these peripherals are causing part of this bug?

    Hopefully the issue gets sorted out soon.

    Thank you for addressing the problem and performing tests.

  37. Jan. 16, 12:01am

    there goes all my qualifying times for my series :(

  38. Jan. 15, 11:39pm

    Has nothing to do with this but they need to put the new fiskers car in the game if you don’t know what it is look it up on google

  39. Jan. 15, 10:56pm
    Mac K

    The comment above I agree with 100 percent

  40. Jan. 15, 10:33pm

    I seriously hope this issue gets fixed because it’s no fun running long races with a small amount of people. The more, the merrier in my opinion. I’m just glad this issue made the news because hopefully PD realizes the extent of this problem. Hopefully the maintenance schedule for tomorrow helps or fixes our problem, but I doubt it will. My guess is things will get fixed in the next update after 2.03. It’s really aggravating not being able to race online scotch-free.

    If you are reading this Polyphony Digital, we all love Gran Turismo. Ignore the naysayers and keep up the good work. Yes, GT5 still needs kinks worked out, but I can say I’ll keep playing it until GT6 comes out. BUT can you guys please not give up on GT5 and make it’s online game play problem free? I sincerely appreciate it.

  41. Jan. 15, 10:20pm

    Good stuff Jordan. tup

  42. Jan. 15, 10:02pm

    The fact that it made it on the front page of GTP means it needs some attention..

  43. Jan. 15, 9:43pm

    PD should take notes from iRacing.

    • Jan. 15, 10:17pm

      Yes they do

  44. Jan. 15, 9:29pm

    This bug has definitly been a severe blow to the online racers and I’ve certainly been effected by this a whole bunch of times. Super noticeable grip losses that are almost in constant flux on cars that I know shouldn’t be loosing that badly to some others, while other times I find myself driving away from known cars with ease.

    Indeed a packed room has been the main culprit, but I feel there has also been questionable races with less than 10 players.

    I feel PD should really do the right thing and make a statement that they are looking into this at the very least. It’s just not something that can be ignored and if they could at least provide clear information about where the troubles stem from and what the chances are that this is fixable. I feel sorry for PD because they’re constantly busting their heads, trying to work arounfd the misely 256mb of RAM and this almost certainly where the instabilty is from.

  45. Jan. 15, 9:27pm

    Nice job everyone involved! Im glad to see more light being shed on it.

  46. Jan. 15, 9:24pm

    Very nice report. Someone put a lot of work in this.

    Offtopic: I’m seeing that pic and it seems that they fixed the M5’s front brake caliper possition which were wrong before.

  47. Jan. 15, 9:18pm

    I think this article is more important than the new upcoming DLC; I do hope this bug is corrected soon. It’s currently keeping me away from racing online…

  48. Jan. 15, 8:52pm

    I don’t race in large lobbies, and usually don’t mind about something like this, (Usually I’m in a slower car like a Prius or Karman Ghia against a bunch of high-class american muscle [everyone’s in the same car, making it boring] in order to make the lobby more fun; it always ends in laughter) but I race for fun and for laughs, though not aggressively/violently. Although, I understand that other people are EXTREMELY serious about the game, (One time I made someone rage quit our lobby over stating the tire grade didn’t really matter on a 1-lap Nurburgring GP race with 600 PP+) so I know that this is a pressing issue, and should be fixed as soon as possible. It doesn’t really affect me at all.

    • Jan. 15, 8:54pm

      Sorry for the double post…

      I really like the data tables; its almost like the GTP users are being game testers for PD. A very well-written article too.

  49. Jan. 15, 8:49pm

    I would have presumed the GT5 lap clock would be slower than real life. Turns out the GT5 clock speeds ahead. Weird!

  50. Jan. 15, 8:48pm
    Lazy Liquid

    There is not much info about how it works and witch condition it happens exactly. But this is not the first racing game online that i notice discussions about issues related to latency x car performance. Most of games call it “make up time” (MUT).

    MUT happens when a game automaticaly try to fix someone´s performance with a bad upload rate, giving him an artificial compensation. Unfortunaly instead this car becomes faster or with best performance, the MUT tends to prejudice all the other racers, making they lose speed and grip randomly.

    The most used pattern to understand this is: If your car is rocking on the track and the drifting partners who you are used to drift with are losing control like newbies, probably you are the problem. And if you are noticing weird and erratic physics, probably there is any rotten aple in the room affecting your game. And normaly, this rotten aple will be having his car behaving in a uncommon way (so its easy to notice who is affecting your gameplay).

    For a final conclusion, is necessary to know if GT5 servers work centraly or peer 2 peer. And i bet my coins that as more new updates with solid new content we have, also there will be more chances of new or worse glitches.

  51. Jan. 15, 8:44pm

    Good article

  52. Jan. 15, 8:20pm

    since iv got my ps3 fixed i have noticed alot of glitches. thanks for bringing this up as i thought it was ps3

  53. Jan. 15, 8:20pm

    I’ve noticed that theres a grip defect for when I’m drag racing….

    • Jan. 16, 5:13pm

      Take it from me POLIZEI if u think that from day 1 pad users have had an advantage, then from day 1 you should’ve sold your gt5 game,your wheel setup and bought something nice with the money, because ure just slow as hell, period. u have been spoiled, with no competition so thats why u would make this an issue when it is clearly not.

  54. Jan. 15, 8:11pm

    Great job !!
    So, pad users are having an advantage.. nice

    • Jan. 15, 11:26pm

      Since day one it’s felt like pad users had an advantage. Personally, i can’t do one clean lap with a pad. It’s so far from driving it makes no sense to me. Guess i’ve been spoiled with a wheel and a number of good PC games for too long?

  55. Jan. 15, 8:11pm

    Great article, Famine! I’m glad to have helped in the testing. Indeed very significant proof for such a bug and I hope that PD will shed some light on this. I hope it will be fixed soon, as I do most of my racing online ;-)

  56. Jan. 15, 7:59pm

    Boost was on the entire time

  57. Jan. 15, 7:57pm

    How are some people are running the track?

  58. Jan. 15, 7:41pm

    Sorry for the double post but I re-read the article and found it was famine who posted, so I would like to thank you and all the gtp moderators, because you obviously communicate. Thanks guys.

  59. Jan. 15, 7:41pm

    Thank you very much for this article. I hope soon it’ll get patched. :)

  60. Jan. 15, 7:38pm

    It will get fixed im sure

  61. Jan. 15, 7:37pm

    Jordan, I just want to thank you for this blog post. I really appreciate it, this problem needs to be corrected, I don’t care how, I would rather go back to spec 1 than have this problem. Thanks Jordan great post and great pic!

    • Jan. 15, 7:42pm

      It’s Famine ;D

      Luckily I never have any big races, I just race with my friends.

    • Jan. 16, 3:28am

      Just for clarity, I just started the article so it’s attributed to me. It’s a co-authored effort and without the contributions of everyone who has sent us data, the GTP staff who organised the test session and made the videos and the WRS/3D3 drivers who spent an evening testing the problem thoroughly, we’d not have much of an article. So credit all around for this one and certainly not on my shoulders.

  62. Jan. 15, 7:37pm

    Having Boost on affects power and grip. Have you tested it with Boost off?

    • Jan. 15, 9:12pm

      Boost was turned off during our tests. Not to mention the fact that they were run on an oval track, where it was possible to run with Wide Open Throttle for the entire lap.

    • Jan. 15, 10:13pm

      maybe you could change your table? As each one says boost was on high. slightly misleading

    • Jan. 16, 6:07am

      Boost was not on for our test. The table is a separate test from June last year by a member named “MGR”, as Jordan notes in the text before it.

  63. Jan. 15, 7:36pm

    Thanks for blogging this. Now let us hope that PD are already on the case.

  64. Jan. 15, 7:31pm

    this needs to be addressed ASAP.. the forums FGTChampionship has been affected greatly alond with other race series. man i hope this is addressed, online is all i have left for gt5 nowadays.

  65. Jan. 15, 7:27pm

    Thanks for high lighting this problem. Some times it’s so bad that I can’t even race and get’s disconnected after 2 min into the race.
    The most significant one is that I’m having cars jumping all over the track but they are still ahead of me.

  66. Jan. 15, 7:25pm

    That’s some nice picture.

  67. Jan. 15, 7:11pm

    i hope that PD already knew and will be fixed on 2.03, otherwise it will take longer until 2.04

    • Jan. 15, 7:30pm

      That is if they can fix it at all…

      Judging from the way the problems develop with more cars and peripherals, I’m thinking it might just be the game running out of usable memory.
      Unless they can severely optimise the memory usage, there’d be nothing they could do if this is the case, except limit amount of cars to 12.

    • Jan. 16, 8:17am

      @Morphisor True

  68. Jan. 15, 7:10pm

    +100, great article well done.

  69. Jan. 15, 7:07pm

    So PD really worked on GT5 for nearly 6 yrs?
    Real time -vs- PD time.

  70. Jan. 15, 7:04pm

    Great article Famine, thank you :)

    • Jan. 15, 7:30pm


  71. Jan. 15, 7:03pm

    Wish it could be fixed by the 20th, got an online Endurance. Granted I use Pad and no headset so I doubt I’d be affected but I’d hate to win because some others got all lagged up. Prefer an earnt 5th place to a 1st place robbed from better drivers.

    • Jan. 15, 9:31pm

      I personally do not play online, but I like your philosophy. Your integrity is much appreciated.

  72. Jan. 15, 7:00pm

    Yeah, felt this online to a degree. Nice amount of research done though guys. Thanks for your time and effort :)

  73. Jan. 15, 6:56pm

    I’m struggling even to join a room, let alone stay in one. Back to offline for me.

    • Jan. 15, 7:01pm

      Have a look at this link. I also had trouble with joining rooms and getting kicked before setting up a DMZ.

    • Jan. 15, 7:23pm

      this was happening to me last month but last week everything was fine again. this has happened I’d say 5 times in the 1 yeaR I have had this game. and like always it returns to normal and i can join pretty much every room

    • Jan. 15, 11:17pm

      yeah i can barely join rooms too, and if i do ill get disconected within 5 seconds.

    • Jan. 16, 1:22am

      The way to stop the DC issue is to make sure that you always clear your cache before you start racing. It is under options, untilities. In our online series, we normally limit the room to 12 and we always add a formation lap to the race. The formation lap normally clears the lag before we actually start racing

    • Jan. 17, 2:50am
      Maddens Raiders

      @zuat.. what is “adding a formation lap”? What is a formation lap? Thanks.

  74. Jan. 15, 6:55pm

    Well, this explains my pathetic attempts at winning online races. It’s not my lack of skill after all :)

  75. Jan. 15, 6:55pm

    You guys take this so seriously, Thanks

  76. Jan. 15, 6:54pm

    Uh oh…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  77. Jan. 15, 6:54pm

    Its something that pd needs to address as soon as possible. I have been affected by it and alot of others have too, it ruins races when you experience it.

  78. Jan. 15, 6:50pm
    Carlos Fandango

    Nicely summarised Famine

  79. Jan. 15, 6:48pm

    This is really a bad problem, hope it is patched in 2.03

    • Jan. 16, 2:36am
      Forza Mclaren

      I dont know if anyone has noticed the glitch at the Nurb.24hr where the track totally disappears , It as happened to me a couple of time on and offline, I hope it gets patched in the next update

    • Jan. 16, 5:17am

      @Forza Mclaren

      In GTExD championship the same problem …
      It happened, last week , to various memebers of my board during an Internal Contest on 24H Nur !
      We NEVER use the vocal chat of GT5/PSN (too much lag and other problems from the beginning of GT5) also!


    • Jan. 16, 5:57am
      Big Ron

      That´s why I think the GT5 multiplayer program code is a mess.

  80. Jan. 15, 6:45pm

    Great article thanks

    • Jan. 15, 10:04pm

      Thank you so much for bringing this to light.. It’s messed with me for MONTHS. Thank you GTPlanet.

    • Jan. 16, 4:20am

      Guys, I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this issue, but I’ve found a bug even during off-line gameplay. When in practice mode –or even in racing– I use the picture mode to take pictures, whatever settings I have chosen for the picture (i.e. COLD, WARM, SEPIA, PARTIAL COLOR, ETC), when I return to the replay of the game, the replay looks like the picture (as in it’ll look blue/COLD, if I had chosen that picture setting, etc). The only way to stop it, I’ve noticed, is to exit and restart GT5. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Jan. 16, 5:34am

      @2012GT325 Yes. Threads were already created because of this.

    • Jan. 16, 6:26am
      HKS racer

      Thanks for bringing this thing in homepage. I don’t expect they patch it in 2.03 but hopefully will speed up bug fixin process

    • Jan. 16, 1:05pm

      To say that there is something amiss with the online gaming, is highly amusing. While I’m sure everyone involved is trying to improve the system, this is certainly not new. I personally have observed all manner changes in time stamp vs game time, changes in handling characteristics and numerous other problems. These are at best comlicated transaction between computing systems that involve all sort of factors such as upload-download handoffs, ping times of grossly differernt intervals, and inconsistly differing routing on the internet. Individual routers at the end users that vary from boat anchors to rocketships that can’t cope with each other. How about the copper cable that services the customers on that “High Speed Connection” or Fiber Optic box 15 feet from my home that has been sitting dormant after installation for 16 months now. Sadly it is what it is, for now any way.

      When you are driving inches away from your mate at 180 MPH, his appearance in your visual sight picture is some 50 MS old at best. Not bad, but that is a best case senario, and usually I like to use better, fresher information so as not to kill him or myself. Fortunately no real consequenses from the exchange except he may be mad because you rammed him going for the same bit track.

      Hopefully they fix the glaring stuff and eventually make the rest better.

    • Jan. 16, 2:32pm

      Your whole test is flowed in that you used boost. The whole point of boost is to slow down the fast car so the slow car can catch up too it. Thus, the laps time would be slow by the game too do this.

    • Jan. 16, 2:38pm

      SnakeEyes – We didn’t use boost. That was an earlier test from June 2011 by MGR as noted in the text by Jordan. In either case it is irrelevant as boost does not cause the game clocks to read completely different times to an external stopwatch, which is what the chart shows as happening. The game clock can run up to 10% faster than an external, unaffected stopwatch, but only for affected individuals in the same race as unaffected ones.

    • Jan. 16, 2:48pm
      Eric W

      I’ve been limiting my rooms to 12 participants for quite a while now because it always seemed to lag the room if there were more than 12 people in the lobby. I really hope that PD can correct all these issues because it is ruining online racing. It seems like every patch that PD releases to fix one problem ends up creating more issues.

    • Jan. 16, 5:57pm

      jagjet- I have a feeling you are a PC gamer at heart, could be wrong…anyways, on the topic of Routing Differences, some people don’t even have a Router, and are connected directly to a modem and wired. To bypass a router lowers personal latency, but also leaves every port open. TCP and UDP are undirected in an orderly fashion and the modem overloads. In some of these cases, the modem pulls so much from the server that others that are on router, or even wireless suddenly lose sync with players without a router.
      I’ve noticed this on rooms that show a strong connection. Would be fine for a bit then suddenly lose sync and other players with seemingly good ping and latency become jumpy and insane.
      For me, I’ve noticed my internal time will actually slow down compared to others, with what seems to be trying to resync with the others’ faster clocks, I’ve also noticed my clock will sometimes jump ahead a few seconds, and resync again.

    • Jan. 17, 1:43pm

      @2012GT325 Just turn it off before u exit out and everything will be ok ;D

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