Could Gran Turismo’s Future be in ‘3D’?

Gran Turismo 5Gran Turismo 5: Prologue 31 September 4, 2009 by


According to a report by, Gran Turismo 5* is at Berlin’s IFA trade show…in 3D. The news comes off Sony’s press conference at the show, focusing on their consumer electronics products. The theme of IFA seems to echo what all the big players first started promoting at CES last January: 3D movies and games.

gt5-prologue-3d-ces-largerAs you might remember from CES, they actually had a copy of GT5 Prologue running on a prototype 3D television. I got to experience the game firsthand, and I can tell you that it was remarkable – not in the “oh-wow-something-is-flying-out-of-the-screen” sense, but it gave the world of  Prologue surprising depth and scale. It didn’t feel like I was looking at a screen – it felt like I was looking out of a window, watching a Nissan GTR drive around Suzuka in a miniature world defined by Polyphony Digital’s texture palette.

VGZ expects Sony to push 3D display technology hard in 2010, and they just might use GT to do it. The question, then, is what does it mean for our favorite franchise beyond GT5‘s release? Could Gran Turismo 6 be used to showcase the next generation of Sony televisions? Could you justify upgrading to a new 3D TV in a few year’s time, or do you even want to?

*We’ve heard no other reports that GT5 (not Prologue) is at the IFA show, and there’s a good chance the demo is the same thing we saw at E3 earlier this year. If it does turn out to be something new, we’ll be sure and bring that to you as the news breaks.

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