Could Gran Turismo’s Future be in ‘3D’?


According to a report by, Gran Turismo 5* is at Berlin’s IFA trade show…in 3D. The news comes off Sony’s press conference at the show, focusing on their consumer electronics products. The theme of IFA seems to echo what all the big players first started promoting at CES last January: 3D movies and games.

gt5-prologue-3d-ces-largerAs you might remember from CES, they actually had a copy of GT5 Prologue running on a prototype 3D television. I got to experience the game firsthand, and I can tell you that it was remarkable – not in the “oh-wow-something-is-flying-out-of-the-screen” sense, but it gave the world of  Prologue surprising depth and scale. It didn’t feel like I was looking at a screen – it felt like I was looking out of a window, watching a Nissan GTR drive around Suzuka in a miniature world defined by Polyphony Digital’s texture palette.

VGZ expects Sony to push 3D display technology hard in 2010, and they just might use GT to do it. The question, then, is what does it mean for our favorite franchise beyond GT5’s release? Could Gran Turismo 6 be used to showcase the next generation of Sony televisions? Could you justify upgrading to a new 3D TV in a few year’s time, or do you even want to?

*We’ve heard no other reports that GT5 (not Prologue) is at the IFA show, and there’s a good chance the demo is the same thing we saw at E3 earlier this year. If it does turn out to be something new, we’ll be sure and bring that to you as the news breaks.

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  1. Driver

    If you play Gt5 on samsung Led 46” with local dimming cockpitvieuw and headtracking 7.1 suround , motion chair is more then a 3d tv

  2. me

    Why don’t they just have a Magic Eye effect that you have to “look past” and blur into focus? Would be cheaper, and would still cause the same headache.


    You’re missing the point, Joe. This is a great opportunity to complain and throw bizarre, unreasonable claims against Polyphony Digital. Just think, they’ve probably already started working on this 3D crap, and it’s delaying GT5! Such stupid, greedy cruelty could only be inflicted by someone as evil Kazunori Yamauchi.

  4. Joe Mama

    Why is everyone complaining about a 3D feature? You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

    Also, I don’t understand how 3D ruins your eyes. Is there any scientific proof? It’s like saying you’ll ruin your vision if you sit too close to the TV

    I know some people get headaches with stereoscopic 3D. Luckily, I don’t and it seems, by the popularity of 3D movies, not too many other people are having trouble either. But thats a discussion better suited for the AVS Forums.

    I would love for Polyphony Digital to incorporate stereoscopic 3D.

  5. Dan

    I cannot wait for 3D. By the way, it’s back because it’s viable. It WAS a gimmick, but these guys have had ten years of technological breakthroughs. We should be VERY excited. It’s just around the corner now and we can ALL afford it!

  6. Tenacious D

    I’ll have to see this for myself. I know 3D technology has come a long way now, but this still seems like a gimmick. This will only take off if the tech is really satisfying and affordable, and as said above, you can enjoy it for more than half an hour without inducing headaches or dizziness.

    And guys, chill on the fear factor. NO game will ever be 3D only, except for very few niche games.

  7. Sam__NY

    Guys, the next GT game to have 3-d will probably be GT6, and thats so far off who knows what sort of 3-d tech we’ll have then. So lets not worry about buying expensive TV’s or what have you.

  8. eric

    It CAN be done with out glasses. All the glasses do is make each eye see the same object that has two view separated by a few degrees or less depending on the distance you are from the object. The glasses make one eye so one rendering and the other eye see the other with oldschool color filters, or the newer ones use light polarizing filters. But there are other ways of doing it. The one I read about has a game playing at 120 Hz. Where even numbered frames are viewed from the left eye and odd from the right. Then you have a pair of glasses that have shutters. so only the correct eye sees the image at the right time.

  9. RADracing

    The cheapest way to do 3D in GT without buying an expensive 3D monitor would be for Sony to do it in an OLED screen. Now before you guys go of on me saying, “Do you know how much the Sony OLED 11″ inch is?” It’s only expensive if you make them big. But if you make them in small sizes like the size of a PDA scree it’s affordable. So sony just needs to build a headgear with an OLED screen in 3D, built in surround sound headphones and head tracking. OH! man, you are going to see those trees pop out and branches hitting you in the head when you miss your apex.

  10. Justin

    That is there point, that it would only be useful if you didn’t have to wear the glasses which is impossible.(meaning the whole thing is pointless)

  11. Sam__ NY48

    Like Nomino said, those glasses would kill your eyes. I probably wouldn’t be able to play more than an hour without having to stop due to the pain in my eyes.

  12. Nomino

    Yep, those glasses (coloured lenses or polarizing) are not good for your eyes at all. The only way 3D will take off is if the display does not require the viewer to wear vision-altering glasses to see it.

    I, like a large number of people, do not have perfect stereoscopic vision, so I can’t see fake 3D properly anyway. This isn’t a problem in the real world because you learn to compensate. The only way to make it viable for the majority of people who can see, is to make the display mimic the 3D, not your eyes fooling the brain.

  13. David

    Im sorry but 3D was such a gimmic in the 80’s and now its come back into fashion again. I think its a terrible road to go down creating 3D TV’s and they are even proposing 3D programmes! Its going to be expensive and rather pointless in my opinion.

    Do you guys know how badly those glasses mess up your eyesight if you use them for long periods of time. I could never imagine myself playing GT in 3D for hours without feeling sick or getting a headache. The whole world would go blind if everything they watched on screens needed those glasses.

    If you want to see 3D stuff look at the REAL world!

  14. Sannyasin

    Well the main objective of a game normally is to reach as many people as possible so if they take this kind of decision anytime between now and 2013 or 2014 I think it will be a horrible decision.

    I love graphics and all that stuff but come on…Games don’t need that kind of stuff( at least the good ones)

    So just cut the crap already and focus on what you are doing now

  15. cobraagent90

    Sony announced yesterday that is making a 3d tv to be released next year
    Look at “”
    for more info

  16. Brett

    you may find out the disc for 3d / 2d could potentially be the same.
    I have personally played COD 4 on a Philips 3d tv – running a normal version of the game on a normal ps3 – again it was the depth not things popping out at you. reason is that the games allready have 3d textures – the tv just makes it posible to display them :) im personally excited

  17. Nomino

    Fine, but as long as they make a 2D version to go alongside it, because if not, they will immediately alienate a HUGE portion of the population who do not have adequate stereo vision to see fake 3D on a 2D plane.

    Until they make it so that the screen itself is stereo (lenticular for example), and does not rely on the brain faking two offset images, flat 3D will always be lame.

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