GT5 Prologue Running in ‘3D’ at CES


Sony is using Gran Turismo 5 Prologue to power a ‘3D’ tech demo at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Apparently, it’s a pretty impressive new display technology, but don’t get too excited – a Sony representative made it clear this television will not be headed for production any time soon.  Regardless, it’s a pretty cool look at what we could see by the time Gran Turismo 6 comes around…  ArsTechnica has first impressions of the display:

I couldn’t pry details about how the 3D affect was achieved, or if the display could turn any source into 3D, but what’s clear is that, glasses or no, the 3D affect is amazing. Sony showed off Wipeout HD running in true 3D, and I was ready to whip out my credit card right there. Frank and I both agreed, this was one of the best demos of 3D technology we have ever seen.  […]  Sony claims that they have Gran Turismo Prologue playable on the display, but I just wanted to take one home. The company is hedging its bets about how long it will take to get this level of 3D into your home, but if this tiny taste was any indication, there is a ton of promise.

It’s great to hear the game is ‘playable’ – yours truly will be attending CES this year, so expect full impressions from GTPlanet very soon!

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  1. PreyTheWeak

    3D gaming is nothing new. It has been on the PC for Years now. For like $200 bones you can get a converter to play any video source to a CRT TV in 3D. Plus my Samsung DLP has had 3D built in to it for a a Year now. All I had to do is buy the add-on peice that comes with the glasses. Im playing Forza2 right now in 3D.

  2. Jordan

    @No46_TheDoctor: Yeah, it was great to hear the game was playable in 3D. Nobody has been able to play that before. However, ArsTechnica may be incorrect, as the game was not available to play when I saw this in person yesterday. Perhaps it was playable earlier in the week, but it’s not now.

  3. No46_TheDoctor

    Great to hear the game is playable? I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been playing it for almost a year now !!!!!

  4. GTP_Gadbury

    I thought the special TV was a prototype and that production models were a few months away.

    I think this will go full steam ahead!

  5. Brad

    Why PJ? I got the 52 inch LCD in the living room, so i could hook up there..and my parents are always watching TV in their room…so the one down stairs is always in use by me :D

  6. PJ

    All i have to play my ps3 on is an old CRT TV which is really dark. My mom wont let me near her flatscreen. :(

  7. Aaron

    This is why I’m waiting to upgrade my 1080i-only rear-projection CRT TV. Already several companies are selling TVs with 3D capabilities built-in (Mitsubishi is the first one that comes to mind). Those TVs require LCD shutter glasses, which can be large an bulky. Those glasses, albeit nerdy, look lightweight and pretty low profile.

  8. Brad

    Haha for a moment I thought that was you Jordan.

    Otherwise, the news seems rly promising for a much better experience in the future, and I’m looking forward to it.

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