DIRT 5 Free to Play on PlayStation 4 Over Easter

If you’re after a fun diversion over this long Easter weekend, Codemasters has a nice little gift lined up for you. From now through to April 5, DIRT 5 is free for everyone on PlayStation 4.

The madcap rally game is not quite a sim title, but it’s plenty entertaining enough. It features an interesting car list which seems to delve through some of the finest and most famous rally machines across the last 50 years of off-road racing, spread across several different classes, from vehicles that are essentially a V8 in a roll cage up to a rally-spec Aston Martin Vantage.

Races, both circuit and point-to-point, take place at myriad locations around the world, from a marble mine in Italy to paddy fields in China, and the islands of the East River in New York City. In addition the game features a novel “Playgrounds” mode, which allows you to construct obstacle courses in three different environments, using all sorts of ramps, slopes, jumps, and hazards.

A recent update, called v4.00, expanded the livery options and Playgrounds features for all players once again. Crucially it also added private lobbies, so if you and up to seven friends all pick up the game for free, you can race against each other all over the holiday weekend in your own custom events.

PlayStation owners logging into the PS Store will find the regular, PS4 edition of DIRT 5 listed as free over the next four days, and will be able to play until the end of April 5 without paying a penny. If you want to try out the PlayStation 5 enhanced version, you’ll need to part with some money, but — in further good news — DIRT 5 is one of a couple hundred titles included in the PlayStation Spring Sale. Currently it sits at 60% off, as does the Year One version, which includes additional vehicles and the first year of DLC at no extra cost.

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