DIRT 5 Major Update to Bring Wheel Support, Tweaks, and Fixes

It’s just over a month since DIRT 5 launched, but Codemasters has been hard at work refining the title. In fact, the studio has rolled out so many changes that an entirely new game version — v2.00 — is just around the corner, and it brings one highly requested feature.

When the game update arrives, it will add full wheel support to DIRT 5. Codemasters has dug into some of its other racing titles, like GRID and F1 2020, to ensure the widest possible range of wheels for the rally game.

In fact DIRT 5 will take its compatibility data from GRID, so any wheel supported by that game will now also have full support in DIRT 5 too. That means that anything from Logitech or Thrustmaster will enjoy full support in DIRT 5, and while only some Fanatec wheels have the same support, Codemasters is working on adding further wheels.

As well as wheels, any other peripherals that connect directly to the wheel — handbrakes and shifters, for example — will also function as intended. There’ll be an in-game options menu to adjust input strengths, feedback and vibration, and wheel sensitivity too. We should see a full compatible wheel list in DIRT 5 ahead of the update’s roll-out.

While that’s the major change, there’s a few other tweaks coming too. Changes to online multiplayer will add new race events, including multi-class races, and help players find events more easily. The visual issues, particularly regarding V-Sync on PS4, also look to be addressed by the update.

There’ll be an enhancement for Playgrounds, allowing players to find specific courses more easily, along with a curated range of Playgrounds each week that the DIRT 5 team merit particular attention. The incredibly frustrating Sprint Cars also receive a bit of a kick to make the handling a little easier.

Codemasters promises more in the v2.00 update too, but for now it’s keeping a little quiet on what else might be included. There’s no specific date for the update just yet, but the official social media pages say it’s “right around the corner”…

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