DIRT 5 “Biggest Ever Update” to Add More Tracks, Cars, and Full DualSense Support

The next update to DIRT 5 is just around the corner, and the team at Codemasters is describing it as the game’s “biggest ever”. There’s certainly a slew of new content — some free to all users, some paid — arriving when the update lands on July 20.

Known as Update 5.00, the patch will add new circuits to the game for the first time, with two new courses and reverse versions, set in the Brazil location.

The tracks, called Sao Conrado and Rio Seafront, are both Land Rush courses which take in the mud of the rainforests and the sandy Atlantic beaches. They’ll be available for all players in arcade mode and online lobbies.

Also free to all players is the “Parts Unknown” Playgrounds Update. This brings a bundle of more than 20 new objects to use in your Playgrounds, inspired by the classic 1950s era of science fiction. There’s also a special “Area 51” location option that adds a sci-fi backdrop.

Finally, all players will be able to select more new real-world liveries for the BMW M2 Competition, Citroen C3 R5, Fiat Abarth 124 Rally, Porsche 911 RGT, and Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia.

In addition to the freebies there’s a new DLC pack, available as an add-on purchase, or included in the Amplified/Year One Editions. It’s called the Super Size Content Pack, and it brings four new vehicles, a Career mode expansion, and new sponsors.

The pack adds the Bentley Continental GT Ice Race Car to the Rally GT class, and the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Baja Concept to Cross Raid. There’s a second Rock Bouncer, in the shape of the Armada Rock Racer, and then there’s a Tank: the Rezvani Tank.

Super Size also adds 27 new events to the Career mode, with a new chapter. These will feature the new vehicles and the new tracks, and there’s new stickers, lanyards, and livery patterns too, as well as the unusual addition of famous triangular chocolate manufacturer Toblerone as a sponsor.

In addition, DIRT 5 will benefit from further technical changes, which haven’t yet been specified, along with new ways to earn rewards in Playgrounds for maps that are most played and most liked by the community.

There’s also a significant development in Update 5.00 for PlayStation 5 owners. The update will add full support for the console’s DualSense controller, bringing full haptics and adaptive triggers to enhance the driving experience. Codemasters also notes it has improved the 3D audio on the console too.

Update 5.00 and the associated packs will be available on July 20 across PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One/Series, with the Google Stadia version to follow at a later date. Codemasters hasn’t revealed pricing for the Super Size Content pack just yet, but it will be available at no additional cost for Amplified Edition and Year One Edition players.

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  1. QTheRacer_31

    Nice! DualSense support was already pretty good. I love the Path Finder events. They’d be crazy in VR.

  2. FKAustria1911

    Does anyone else have issues with the rumble in Dirt 5 on Xbox with a Wireless Elite 2 Controller?
    The triggers rumble when you hit the ground after a jump. On a regular Series X or One controller I think it’s ok but on the Wireless Elite 2 it sounds like the controller is broken when the trigger rumbles.
    I am not sure whether MS has some guidelines when to use which rumble functionality but having the left trigger vibrate in situations when you not necessarily have your finger on the trigger seems to be a bad practice. And it looks like Codemasters didn’t test it.
    I got two pieces of Wireless Elite 2 controllers here btw, and while overall the quality on these controllers is pretty bad, especially considering the high price, I don’t think both have the trigger vibration broken.

    In the end I played the game with the regular Series X controller as the trigger rumble was unbearable on the Elite 2. And generally I found the game to be extremely disappointing and in every aspect vastly inferior to Forza Horizon 4 (far worse car handling, far worse graphics, far worse tracks, far worse game modes).

    What I particularly don’t like about Codemasters racing games (Dirt 5 but also Dirt Rally 2.0) is that they either don’t care or even want to make a point in the player having a very hard time seeing the track. At least on my TV the contrast is absolutely horrible, above you have the super bright sky, and down you are driving in the shadow with the road and everything being in a near black with hardly any contrast. That is not only not fun, it is also unrealistic.
    I haven’t seen such bad contrast in any other racing game or any other game.
    If a racing game needs to build in the difficulty by giving the driver a hard time to see the road in most races, then it just sucks in my eyes.

    1. Cihan King

      I have a PS5 and the dual sense is fantastic. I always wondered how it would be on an elite controller with an Xbox. As far as contrast goes. I have an LGCX which is oled. So it gives you the best picture with organic lighting. The darks and brights are perfect. If you havent bought a new tv yet, I highly suggest you get an oled tv.

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