Fake “Gran Turismo” Android App Gets 100,000 Downloads [UPDATE]

July 19th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

A Chinese software company known as “Sailfish Games” has published a car-driving app on Google Play (formerly known as the Android Marketplace) titled “Gran Turismo”.

Although it should be obvious to GTPlanet’s readers that this is not an official title by Polyphony Digital or Sony Computer Entertainment, this fact may have been lost on the general public. Incredibly, within the first 24 hours of availability, the free app received over 100,000 downloads.

The app does not appear to contain advertisements, so the developer’s motivations for publishing such curiously titled software must be drawn into question. The developer’s website, which should be avoided, has also been flagged for distributing malware by WebOfTrust (thanks for the tip, cbabb).

It may even be a source of malware which has increasingly plagued the Android platform. Earlier this month, other apps with titles of popular video game franchises such as “Grand Theft Auto” and “Super Mario Bros.” were used to distribute a Trojan horse.

I strongly urge all readers to avoid the app, and will not be providing a direct link to see or install it. Surprisingly, as of writing, Google is still offering the app available to download, despite its obvious infringement on Sony Computer Entertainment’s trademark of the “Gran Turismo” name.

UPDATE: After eventually receiving over 500,000 downloads, Google appears to have finally removed this app from their Play marketplace.

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  1. Sep. 3, 3:10pm

    …China is the national equivalent of a kleptomaniac. Sad considering that for thousands of years they came up with the coolest **** the world had ever seen. Now it’s just a convenient place to rip off software and product designs without going to jail.

  2. Aug. 5, 12:55pm

    What the f..k.filthy copycats

  3. Jul. 30, 6:02am

    i still have it lol

    • Aug. 4, 10:21am

      Why? It’s obviously malware, and even if it’s not it’s illegal.

  4. Jul. 26, 3:55pm

    They removed it from the marketplace because they released one with the DLC included, It’s now found under “Gran Turismo Academy version”

  5. Jul. 24, 12:17pm


  6. Jul. 23, 12:56pm
    Felipe Jardim

    Seems legit.

    • Jul. 23, 6:54pm
      e30 freek


  7. Jul. 23, 12:47am

    You can’t trademark “Gran Turismo” can you?
    It’s like trademarking “Grand Tour”.

    If it was removed, it wasn’t on trademark grounds, I’m sure.

    • Jul. 23, 1:08pm

      Yes, almost any word or phrase can be trademarked if you’re using it in commerce.

  8. Jul. 23, 12:08am

    You’re a phony!

  9. Jul. 23, 12:02am

    Atleast those scamers could give a but if effort. The cover car should be a GT-R and you should be able to choose from about 12 different versions of it…. and one other car. Then I might believe it!

    • Jul. 23, 11:02pm

      LOLOLOL good call, in addition, if it was only released to select country’s and eveyone else left hanging, would also be more like the real Gran Turismo

  10. Jul. 22, 9:19pm

    They advertised a Bugatti on the splash screen? Wow. If they were trying harder it would have been either an R35 or an SLS AMG.

  11. Jul. 22, 6:07pm

    We all knew it wasn’t a polyphony title, it was released on time

    • Jul. 23, 8:36pm


  12. Jul. 22, 11:14am

    DLC out for app

  13. Jul. 22, 11:14am

    have a look at the feedback from google play apps…dispicable,and worse

  14. Jul. 21, 12:48pm

    So you downloaded an app that most probably contains a Trojan or Spybot after reading this?
    Then the “LOL” would be on you, mate.

  15. Jul. 21, 12:06pm

    Well I downloaded it and i must say… Its much better then polyphonys efforts LOL

  16. Jul. 21, 5:14am

    Does it have a livery editor?

    • Jul. 22, 9:20pm

      Yes, are you not satisfied with GT5’s?

    • Jul. 23, 12:51am

      gamerdog, GT5’s “livery editor” is nonexistant. I’m not sure if you recognize what a livery is.

      Mind you, I love GT, but its flaws do need pointing out.

    • Jul. 24, 4:28pm

      scarslasher, you sense of humor is nonexistant..

  17. Jul. 21, 3:23am


  18. Jul. 20, 9:10pm
    RB26 2jz

    JUST like the Geely GT, rip off Rolls Royce

    • Jul. 20, 9:11pm
      RB26 2jz

      Geeley GE not GT*

  19. Jul. 20, 3:59pm

    Chinese governent at work, maybe planning the first mobile DDOS attacks.. they’ve been busted for this in the past.. setting up phony companies to make free software that infects and takes control of your pc.

    • Jul. 20, 5:59pm

      I have something similar, its called speed car

    • Jul. 22, 4:59am

      Wouldn’t doubt it

  20. Jul. 20, 3:18pm

    I see that Google has learned one thing during its foray into the Chinese marketplace…Chinese ethics.

  21. Jul. 20, 2:42pm

    To the author of this article: All apps are Trojan Horses which sell your information to marketing companies, government agencies and multinational corporations.

    To the users of the authentic and contraband app: delete both of them and invest in some books, or go outside and enjoy the beautiful planet which we have the privilege to inhabit.


  22. Jul. 20, 11:28am

    Haha you have 3 lifes, how can that app be more chinese!?

    • Jul. 20, 2:39pm

      Yeah, because everyone knows Chinese people live 3 times.

    • Jul. 23, 11:03pm

      sooo, chinese are 1/3 feline??

  23. Jul. 20, 10:14am

    Avoid the app u say? no worries, we saw the screen shot ;)

  24. Jul. 20, 10:00am

    Google are such hypocrits xD they are trying to stop services for downloading videos from youtube without there being any infringement due to them not owning the videos posted, and then not stopping a blatant infringement of copyright regardless whether people are making money or not. Ugh

  25. Jul. 20, 9:44am

    (Insert racial slur here)

    • Jul. 20, 8:03pm

      I like egg rolls!!

      The previous was a fact and should not be taken out of context, I really do like egg rolls.

    • Jul. 23, 8:40pm

      As do I.

  26. Jul. 20, 7:43am

    Awesome :)

  27. Jul. 20, 4:08am

    Sailfish Games sounds like Selfish Games. If you know what I mean. :)

    • Jul. 21, 4:15am

      or Failfish Games XD

  28. Jul. 20, 1:46am

    what a bunch of losers.

  29. Jul. 20, 1:45am

    Typical Chinese; taking someone good and making a cheap (and frankly dreadful looking) copy.

    Who would actually go and download this? Well, apparently 100,000 people; who evidently left school a bit early…

  30. Jul. 20, 12:11am

    I seen this app and figured it was fake it dosen’t show GT’s logo so i looked at the info an notice PD had nothing to do with it so i didnt even bother to download it and now after reading this i’m glad i didn’t.

    On a different note i just got a PSVita and was wondering if PD will be releasing GT for it soon. The thing is weird getting used to with the touch sensors so i’m wondering how gt is going to work well with that feature should be interesting.

  31. Jul. 20, 12:04am

    These guys are in trouble.. When PD finds out..There wont even be a cease & desist. Not with all the money they have already collected. Its going to be a landslide lawsuit…

    • Jul. 20, 12:05am

      edit: They havent collected money.

    • Jul. 21, 10:43pm

      They are Chinese. China doesn’t play by the established rules. PD can’t touch them.

  32. Jul. 19, 11:23pm

    For once, I’m happy I went with an iPhone.

  33. Jul. 19, 9:40pm

    well then, let those stupids download this app, let them suck the virus, this game looks crap anyway so even it’s free if you’re not low life and stupid, don’t download this game.

    • Jul. 20, 6:14am

      A typical response from WT… You people are disgustingly ignorant …

  34. Jul. 19, 8:58pm

    Good one Google. You get what you pay for.

  35. Jul. 19, 7:50pm
    e30 freek

    Has anyone heard of the Gathers Driver Civic Racecar it was my first time seeing it in the ucd is it new or am I blind? (I’ve had gt5 the day it came out so im familiar with the cars)

    • Jul. 19, 8:13pm

      must be new DLC,u got it somehow,well done *claps

    • Jul. 19, 8:19pm

      yeah…. it has been there since day one….
      It is a fairly attractive civic race car with the white and red/orange livery if i am remembering correctly no?
      Anyways, you just missed it all this time, i have had one for ages.

      As per this article, boo, name stealing is terrible

    • Jul. 19, 8:57pm

      It’s been there since GT4 lol and it’s been in GT5 since day one.

    • Jul. 19, 10:16pm
      e30 freek

      Lol i knew it was in gt4 but had no idea it was in gt5 thanks for clearing that up guys

  36. Jul. 19, 6:40pm

    Honestly, it’s a shame and confusing that people do stuff like this. If you look at the logo, it does say Gran Turismo, however it’s not our beloved GT symbol that we have all become familiar with, love, and love to hate at times.

    • Jul. 19, 6:57pm

      At least Gran Turismo is original that revolutionized the racing video game genre…

  37. Jul. 19, 6:34pm

    Everybody’s got troll’d

  38. Jul. 19, 5:57pm

    I knew it just with the premium look of the veyron.

    Hopefully if i’m not mistaken, Apple is looking more closely at app before releasing them.

  39. Jul. 19, 5:34pm

    The Chinese government sensors the internet so it’s citizens can’t see the communists brutal abuse of it’s people, but let them infringe on the intellectual property rights of every other country on the planet. Great country. You reap what you sew though, and I bet the future of that country is anything but stable.

    • Jul. 20, 6:22am

      Too bad you are such uneducated white trash … Barf

    • Jul. 20, 10:34am

      He’s right. Calling him white trash makes no sense. You are clearly the one that is uneducated in this matter. The last time the Chinese really got to use the Internet was at the 2008 Olympics when china opened up the Internet. It’s being sensored again.

  40. Jul. 19, 5:15pm

    I’ve got an idea! Let’s rip of one of the world’s most famous entertainment IPs! There’s no way we could possibly get sued, especially given the fact that it’s published by one of the largest electronics and media corporations on the planet! Our plan is perfectly safe!

    (Seriously, though, [puts on AVGN shirt, khaki pants and glasses] What were they thinking?)

    • Jul. 19, 10:25pm

      Sad thing is this sort of thing happens alot with some Chinese companies and they never get punished for it. For instance, One car company blatently copied designs from one of BMW’s vehicles and despite being taken to court, they actually won the case and never got sued for it.

  41. Jul. 19, 3:59pm

    I wonder if the early GT series will make it to the PlayStation Classics store for Sony Ericsson Android phones. Then there is a GT for Android.

    • Jul. 19, 4:20pm

      I’d even like it if GT & GT2 were added to the Playstation store… Why hasn’t this happened already? :P

    • Jul. 19, 4:35pm

      Actually, if you have a CFW on your Andrioid phone you are able to play them, and most of PS1 games.

    • Jul. 19, 5:12pm

      I still have my GT1 :D Still plays like new….ah those were the days…

    • Jul. 19, 5:52pm

      Would love to be able to play GT1 & GT2 on my PSP.

  42. Jul. 19, 3:46pm

    That is the worst Photoshop job on the Veyron. The ruined the colour, added a cheesy lens flare, and went nuts with the smudge tool.

    “Google is still offering the app available to download, despite its obvious infringement on Sony Computer Entertainment’s trademark of the “Gran Turismo” name.”

    – My question is, Why didn’t Google do a little research like Apple does before publishing it, or better yet, deny publishing? With a name like “Gran Turismo” so widely known it’s not that hard to realize it’s a fake.

  43. Jul. 19, 3:26pm

    The Chinese rip off everything…not that shocking

    • Jul. 19, 3:48pm

      The Chinese have a hard time understanding ‘Copyright Infringement.’ Not surprised here.

    • Jul. 19, 5:00pm
      e30 freek

      True ^

  44. Jul. 19, 3:16pm

    That screenshot looks like a direct port of GT5 onto Android. I bet the cars sound the same, too.

    • Jul. 19, 5:41pm

      Then again it might be better lol

  45. Jul. 19, 3:13pm

    They’re going to get so sued they’ll have to pay double their earnings from this bullcrap.

    • Jul. 19, 3:30pm

      Free = No profit


  46. Jul. 19, 3:07pm

    this is the PS Vita GT….. SUCKERS!!!

    no, that would be very bad… if GT is to file a lawsuit against them, (i’ll have to do more research to see if there is enough copyright to the game and its logo’s) we could see either a long delay with GT6 or any other product that comes out of PD for a while, or, the game could get more attention and we could see possibly more DLC’s of the like to come out gaster..

    IDK… i just want the R18 e-tron quattro, the Audi Quattro Rally from 82′ or 83′??

  47. Jul. 19, 2:57pm

    Gran Turismo without my wheel and surround stereo? No. Just no.

  48. Jul. 19, 2:50pm

    Is this gt6??

    • Jul. 19, 2:56pm

      yes, it is.

  49. Jul. 19, 2:32pm

    This post reeks of fanboy jelousy rage. “A racing game without ads, surely thats bound to have malware if its named gran turismo”
    Get over yourself.

    • Jul. 19, 2:54pm


    • Jul. 19, 3:11pm

      See this link from the article above. Apps which exploit the name of a popular video game franchise have already been used to distribute malware several times before. Additionally, the developer’s own website has been marked as a host of malicious content.

    • Jul. 20, 12:22am

      Why u no pick on dev?

      Jordan b gud guy.


  50. Jul. 19, 2:31pm

    Your source for proof of malware on Android is suspicious. A malware software company saying a platform has lots of malware? Android is as safe as any other OS.

    • Jul. 19, 3:19pm

      The prevalence of malware in Android apps is widely documented and is the subject of both commercial and academic research, such as the Android Malware Genome Project.

    • Jul. 19, 8:23pm

      The Android Malware Genome Project, spearheaded by Xuxian Jiang

      he’s the cause

  51. Jul. 19, 2:30pm

    I saw the Veyron and though we were getting the premium conversion.

    Seriously, what a rip-off. They even copy the Blue and Red “GT” symbol.

  52. Jul. 19, 2:18pm

    PD should learn,It’s better than than the actual gt5 XD Jk ok

  53. Jul. 19, 2:07pm

    It looks like crap anyway :p

  54. Jul. 19, 2:06pm

    Polyphony Digital should sue them and maybe then they could afford the Porsche licences.

    • Jul. 19, 2:07pm


    • Jul. 19, 2:13pm

      well yes they should!!!!

    • Jul. 19, 3:42pm


  55. Jul. 19, 2:05pm

    It’s “Speed Car” or any of the other drive-fast-and-weave-through-traffic games… poorly titled and with poor graphics. That said, a lot of software comes out of China now, no avoiding it, just run antivirus and use common sense.

  56. Jul. 19, 2:04pm

    Pure GT-Fans
    Pure GT-Fans everywhere :D

  57. Jul. 19, 2:03pm

    Good shout Jordan, hopefully someone gets on this.

  58. Jul. 19, 2:00pm

    They will claim it is called Gran Tupismo

    • Jul. 19, 2:04pm

      Just like when Chinese car companies built and identical BMW the Chinese government said it looked nothing like it at all (Top Gear UK series 18)

    • Jul. 19, 3:02pm

      im pretty sure that where hobanator24 got that from as well

    • Jul. 19, 5:02pm
      e30 freek

      Lol @naru

  59. Jul. 19, 2:00pm

    People will continue to download it until the rating gets so low and stays low and many people call it fake. But even then people will continue to ignore those ratings. Google will not take it down because there is nothing that is “wrong” or “dangerous” about it known yet. I am sure that it will be taken down unless the Chinese government says it is nothing like our GT.

    • Jul. 19, 2:12pm

      It’s not that it looks like GT, it’s the use of the name that is trademark of Polyphony Digital and Sony Computer Entertainment that is the problem. But most likely the chinese developer will say otherwise; Much with the Chinese imitation of the BMW X5

  60. Jul. 19, 1:59pm

    I have an iPod, so… >_>

  61. Jul. 19, 1:58pm


  62. Jul. 19, 1:57pm

    GTA, not academy, android.

  63. Jul. 19, 1:57pm

    I would suggest any form of software coming out of China should be given a wide berth.

  64. Jul. 19, 1:57pm

    Whoever made that is in trouble. A lot of trouble.

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