First In-Game Footage of FIA European Truck Racing Championship Released

Gaming 97 May 27, 2019 by

Kylotonn has shown off the first in-game footage of its new FIA European Truck Racing Championship. In it, racers can check out the big rigs as they rumble through Italy’s Misano circuit.

The video puts viewers in the driver’s seat of Jochen Hahn, the five-time (including 2018) FIA ETRC champion. It’s a timely choice, as the 2019 season just kicked off at Misano this past weekend.

The 1200hp Iveco makes for a very far-flung third-person camera perspective, and that’s only the first of a few key differences sim racers will find with FIA ETRC.

You probably noticed the second dial in this view. As part of the initial announcement last month, Kylotonn detailed how drivers will have to manage their brake temperatures over the course of a lap. Slowing down a hard-charging 11,000lb truck requires a lot of energy, and ETRC drivers have to spray water on them. Players will also have to do this manually, which will add another layer of strategy to the short sprint races.

Details are still scarce on exactly what sort of content the game will contain. However, as it will be the official title of the actual series, we’re banking on seeing, at the very least, the entire 2019 season lineup of drivers, teams, and tracks. That includes Misano, Nürburgring, Le Mans (Bugatti, not the 24H layout), and lesser-known circuits like Slovakia Ring and Most (which popped up in RaceRoom recently).

FIA European Truck Racing Championship arrives on all major platforms, including Switch, this July.

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