First Gameplay Video of Car Rollover in Gran Turismo 5

As many people have noticed through the years, the physics of previous games in the GT series prevented cars from completely rolling over in an accident. We’ve known for quite some time that would no longer be the case with GT5, but we haven’t been able to actually see it – until now. Thanks to GTPlanet user Shirakawa Akira, who dug up a rather obscure clip from a Japanese television show, we now have our first look at not one but two rollover crashes in a classic little Fiat 500 F. Look for it at 1:27 and 2:31 in the clip above.

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Comments (215)

  1. SavageEvil

    Funny video, even funnier is that she was driving with both feet. People posting about roll over looking unrealistic, when was the last time you rolled your car over? Since we can see by nature the Fiat 500 is a narrow but tall car, sits high on those small wheels and most likely is riding on stock suspension. Physics dictate that because the center of gravity is high is such an unbalanced car, cornering hard will induce roll overs. Not the ridiculous kind you see in FM3, almost any car can roll over due different contributing factors. The telling tale will be can you control your vehicle when you get it up onto two wheels before the roll over, i.e. purposely drive on two wheels. Assuming the physics are detailed that far.

  2. ad

    I knew Asians couldn’t drive :D – Oh I kid. Someone had to say it though. Honestly I don’t know how the car flipped, very unrealistic physics…disappointing :/

    1. ad

      She’s not even going that fast though. It’s an Enzo not a ford excursion. I don’t know how anyone could watch that rollover and feel like it’s realistic at all.

  3. Dr.Strangelove

    How about some license tests?
    1. Take the Fiat 500, accelerate up to 60 mph and then go through the slalom obstacles as fast as you can. Should give you a good feeling of load transfer…
    2. Take the same car and then have some circular driving fun at speeds of approx. 50-60 mph. Lets see if you can keep it on all four wheels.

  4. su

    I have no idea why or how these people can be respected in interviews, they do that sort of stuff in everything. Best motoring (car magazine, the chicks dress stupid) this, and many other shows do it as well. Its so annoying. why don’t they take it off they are good looking, if they are bulimic and pale (like Japanese models used to be 2 years ago) I’d understand wearing something to cover the drawn out pastey faces. But this is just stupid.

    On a very positive note, Not 1 person playing the games at TGS posted or uploaded on you tube a car rolling over. So I would have to say without this stupid interview taking place we would have never got to see how realistic the roll over is. a panda or whatever Fiat it is they do roll over that easily. I wonder if a old mini will do the same?? as they were unroll-able in real life.

    Another note I am very upset at the lack of real definitive info regarding cars and tracks still hasn’t been released.

    1. Digolgrin

      Yes, it WILL roll you over. I have had that happen in GTA IV, only those were police cars, not tiny little baby cars. (TF2 Heavy FTW)

  5. - Ice of SZRT -

    Can’t wait to get to the end of “Trial Mt.”, cut across the grass, hit the tip of the grass cliff, & bust out a triple-airborne-barrel-roll and land it into a 360° drift!!! Oh yeah! Replay time!!! Anyone know if they removed that invisible barrier when u try to jump over another car?
    i.e. Seattle Circuit?

  6. Bolg

    These mad Japanesse shows are so funny they are completley nuts and I love it when you can make out the few words we can understand like when he says GRAN TURRISMO FIVE EB, haha brilliant.

    1. Obli

      That Fiat rolled over incredibly easy. I would expect a 90’s Cinquecento to fair better than the 60’s Fiat 500, too.

    2. - Ice of SZRT -

      All the people above, bitching about how “un-real” the GT5 vid is needs to see this. This guy turned less sharp, was moving slower, & it was wet out… Still rolled it… Hopefully this will shut up a few mouths.

  7. Sigmaviper11

    80km/h rollover? What is that? about 50mph? Wonder what tires she was on? Would a real ’68 Fiat 500 roll that easy? For that matter, wouldn’t racing slicks be heavier? Lowering the center of gravity?

    1. Obli

      50mph and turning hard might do it… she does seem to yank the wheel a bit more when she realises she’s not gonna make the corner. Still, it seemed a little easy to roll, even if it is a ’68 car. Might be best to reserve judgement until we see how other cars behave in the final version.

    2. DarthTurismo

      yeah i believe it would be easy to roll a fiat 500 at that speed… and i have seen someone do it in australia with this fiat 500 clone (can’t remember the make of the car it was back in the 80’s) it was slower than a wet week… and he was going too fast around this inner city bend…. admittedly there was an off camber crest but man it rolled easily…

      A few things i take out of this replay… it does look rather easy to roll but she pretty much just let’s go of the steering wheel.. there is probably a way to save/catch it or balance it like catching a tail out slide???

      Let’s hope that other more stable cars are less likely to roll (but will if the conditions or collision warrants it)

      either way it’s going to be interesting that’s for sure.

    3. Sigmaviper11

      True. What it seems and what it is are two totally different things. Still. . .I would’ve expected a little more “I wanna stick to the ground” from that Fiat should it have really been on slicks. But oh well. Just have to be more careful now.

    1. bucketseat

      Technically the Robin Reliant was licensed as a motorcycle…per that Top Gear episode so I’d don’t think it’ll be in there. What a design marvel it was though.
      I wonder if the little Fiat would’ve rolled on it’s home course of Rome?
      Can you imagine the carnage of a flock of these racing on the Piazza del Campo?
      What about rolling a go-kart? I’d like to see how PD modeled the damage to the helmet and neck of the driver…
      BTW the young lady lacks driving skills but is very lovely. More video like this one :).

    2. Sigmaviper11

      The reliant Robin would be hilarious. An online race of of nothing but robins would consist of nothing but rollover ballet.

    3. Steph290

      I’m laughing while imagining the chaos that would ensue from that. Jeremy Clarkson was enough, but then Ken Block took it for a tumble as well, lol.

  8. GTracerRens

    This is what I missed in the prologue when driving the Suzuki Cervo. This is gonna be a lot of fun!!!:D

    1. King Goeres

      Lol, I didn’t even think of that, didnt even cross my mind!

      But yea, that is probably one of the best parts with rolling :)

  9. Stune

    That rolled rather easily. I was expecting a steep curb or something. Imagine driving one of those around nurburgring.

  10. Tim

    whats with the stupid house hats with little red lights on , oh well i suppose we will never know , the japanese are crazie.

  11. TakeshiSkunk

    This is amazing! Much better than I’d hoped. I didn’t expect the game to let you straight up roll a car cornering flat. It’s a very real concern in reality, but I can’t really think of any other driving game where you’ve had to worry about it, usually you have to almost force a car to roll in some awful crash.

    I’ve had some scary rollovers in LFS…some REALLY scary ones in the shifter kart :P

    But yeah this is the coolest GT5 news we’ve had in a while!

    1. Pie 'n' Peas

      How is this amazing?! I have driven my mum’s Fiat 500 at speed around varying corners, and like I said earlier, it handles like it is on rails. Not quite as tight as the mini, but a close second.

      The car in that video rolled over far too easily.

    2. Damian

      Just read your first comment, it’s new, so your opinion has no bearing on this discussion… it’s a totally different car.

    3. alfajamesromeo

      it is a totally different car to be fair, and it will be easier to roll than the new one because it is old. However, despite all this and whatever you think the new one feels like to drive, it does seem to roll a little easy. I have no doubt the boys at polyphony will get it right though.

    4. Pie 'n' Peas

      Yes it’s the new one, but to say it has no bearing is a bit naive. The car in that video, at that speed, around a corner like that would bot roll over without any other external influence.

    5. TakeshiSkunk

      I’ve seen a Ford Focus flip itself over autocrossing without hitting anything. Heck my friend had his on two wheels cornering flat on the street and wasn’t even pushing as hard as possible.

      I don’t think you understand cars as well as you think you do. Older cars had much softer suspensions and longer strokes, so a lot more inertia could build up in the body via weight transfer. The old 500 is a bit tall for its stance.

      Furthermore, a video game, especially on a single screen, has a much harder time conveying a sense of speed. I’ll admit it didn’t look like she was going very fast, but if you’d been going that fast in a real car you’d probably feel a bit differently. If you’re willing to go out and try full lock steering at 70mph, come back and let us know how that went for you. It’s also easy to overestimate your speed cornering in real life if you grew up playing racing games (this isn’t a “I’m better than you/You’re a kid that can’t drive” thing, I’ve been guilty of it myself as well) simply due to all the sensory input you get driving in real life.

    6. Pie 'n' Peas

      You saw a Ford Focus flip itself while autocrossing…hardly reflective of typical road driving is it?!

      I’ve been playing video games over 25 years and driving about 18 years, doing about 30,000 miles each year. I think I have a reasonable idea of how cars handle under typical road conditions and speeds like shown in that video. I also have no problem with overestimating speed in real life.

      I’m not saying that it’s impossible for that car to flip, but I still stand by my statement that the physics seem way off in that particular video example.

    7. Sum1s2pid

      In real life–and in some sim games that model it–it can be surprisingly easy to roll a car if a corner is taken too aggressively. An older car with skinny tires and a relatively high center of gravity, like that Fiat, should be trickier to drive at the limit in GT5 than in GT4, for fear of putting it on its side or roof.

    8. bucketseat

      Another consideration…this is a left hand drive car making a too quick right turn…
      It might be interesting if in GT5 we had to input our weight; handling could be influenced due to that variable…I’m afraid we might be tempted to understate the value in order to improve performance ;(

    9. TakeshiSkunk

      Are you suggesting that full lock steering near full speed in a Fiat 500 is typical road driving? Now you’re just ignoring things at your convenience to try and make me look bad for disagreeing with you.

    10. Pie 'n' Peas

      Don’t let your personal complexions get in the way of how you are interpreting what I am saying.

      That car, at those speeds, on those tyres around that corner would not have flipped like that with no other external influence. As for being at full lock, I suggest you watch the video again. Her initial turn in was very gentle, followed by a slightly more rapid turn of the wheel as she underestimated how much steering she needed. From TDC, she doesn’t even turn the wheel anywhere close to 360 degrees, let alone full lock.

      Funny how we both disagree with each other, yet you are the only one crying about how you think I’m trying to make you look bad. Interesting, especially when it was you who implied that I know very little about cars and cannot drive properly as a result of playing video games…

    11. TakeshiSkunk

      Well it appears the car was learning very hard between 180 and 270 from TDC, and from there she pulled it all the way to lock. Easing back a bit would have likely set the wheels down. Also we have no way of knowing what tires are being used on this vehicle, I’d assume that for the sake of the demo everything is on S2s? For a car this old I would guess the appropriate tire would be N1 or N2, this is all speculation of course since the demo may well have different tires on each vehicle.

      At any rate, regardless of this particular example, I’m primarily excited about the fact that you can roll a car due to cornering alone. It’s a real concern that hasn’t really been translated to sim racing until now.

      I’m hardly crying about anything, it just seemed to me you were disregarding the fact that this car is being driven at its limit (low as it may be) in order to back up your own views.

      I am a person that likes to argue, and can get a bit caught up in it. I don’t mean to come off as angry or condescending, as far as I’m concerned this is a calm discussion, No disrespect intended. Initially I was simply rather taken aback that the basis of your argument was the fact that a brand new 500 would not roll under these conditions. (And all argument aside I’m pretty jealous that you have access to one. I was seeing a ton of them with M plates and diagnostic gear up in the windshields cruising around near Detroit, looks like a really fun machine.)

    12. Damian

      “Yes it’s the new one, but to say it has no bearing is a bit naive.”

      Naive, can you please explain what you mean?

      At 1:25 she is clearly steering about 85deg left.

      The vid cuts to the screen view where her hands are still at 45deg left at 79kph 100% throttle

      She notices turn 1 and lets off to 75% throttle as she starts to turn right

      She pauses slightly at 20deg, still 75%

      Then quickly turns right 270deg.

      As the car flips she lets off all the way.

      All This without touching the middle pedal. A textbook example of how to flip a car.

  12. Paulo

    Santori time!!! I love the Japanese, crazy bunch. Rollover looked cool, never knew it was that easy to flip a 500.

  13. nintandrew

    This demo was shown about a month and a half before the game is released and it’s the first time we’ve seen it outside of a trailer. I’m thinking that if it bothers PD enough, they can still tweak the rollover physics in a month.

  14. alfajamesromeo

    just seemed a little too easy to roll it. I dont know though i suppose the 500 is quite tall compared to it’s width.

  15. Driver46

    Nice lady.
    Rollovers with her would be fun. ;)
    But yeah, the car rolls over very very easy and it looks strange.

  16. Pie 'n' Peas

    No coincidence that it’s a female driver! ;o)

    I didn’t watch the second rollover, the first one put me off as nothing appeared to induce the rollover, and the speed was nowhere near fast enough to cause that.

    1. occasionalracer

      Oh man, I can’t believe all these degrading comments about female drivers. I was just at the Toronto Playstation Event with GT5 and watched tons of guys drive, and their skills were mostly no better than that girls. Also only a peabrain would make such a bold statement of fact. I’m pretty sure PD knows exactly what they’re doing and this is infact the result of what will happen when a car from that era is forced that hard(especially if it was on R’s).

  17. Christhedude

    Well first of all, amazing! seconds, with these physics we should be on FF cars in corner entry lifting their rear inner wheels!

    1. Bernd

      I thought the same. You can’t roll-over your car and continue to win the race. I hope there’s a possibility to set different difficulties for that

  18. Tarek

    No need to auto reset the rollover. With the Sony camera installed you just need to move your body quickly from side to side several times to put the wheels back on track : )

  19. dearlybeloved

    Forget the rollover, i can’t believe such a pretty asian girl showed us how its done! Nevermind the car rolling over, I just wish I could rollover with her. this is just awesome to watch. Talk about eye candy eh?!

  20. Steph290

    If anyone took a look at the steering wheel, she was rocking the Fiat quite a bit before the second flip.

  21. Maxitsu

    stupid roof camara, there are no real bonnet views at all :(

    and how can you drive whit that type of shoes!?

    1. TakeshiSkunk

      Not at all.

      We need a new group of challenges now, The Italian Job challenges complete with Michael Caine :P

  22. OneEyedPimp20

    In theory, Fiat 500s do rollover when pit manuevering and cornering above the rumble strips. But this? I sense a fail here or what not.

  23. Yaywalter

    Cool video. On the plus side, I like how realistically easy it is to roll the vehicle over. On the negative side, I’d prefer no auto-reset. Hopefully it’s just an option for casual players and that we’ll be able to set rollovers to end the race.

  24. twinspark24

    When I first saw the enzo at the starting grid and a japanese girl with…something on her head I thought:

    On now, she’ll roll over the Enzo :D

  25. Spaghettimonster

    am i the only one thinking this looks kind of fake. she isnt driving, when the car rolls over and it is too smooth somehow… O.o

  26. Keyz13

    how will flipping my 91 Celica over in the Sunday Club Championship at high speed ring result in me getting a key fob…. Just curious how that will play out. Do I just start over? We’ve never had mechanical failures in GT. I guess we will find out in 4 weeks!!!

    1. grog

      Kaz has already stated that most of the car companys dont want their cars damaged to the point that they break down/ quit running, so we will at worst have to limp to the finish line.

    2. viejaloca

      @ grog: Kaz did say that but i think it had to do mostly with body damage, not mechanical.
      even if we had to “limp”, it’d still be cool considering no game (that i have played) has done that to that extent yet. But total engine failure would be sick!

  27. Spaghettimonster

    its so funny, how it seems to me that she is thinking rolling the car over is the whole point of the game. :D

    1. CCJ

      In the wet? certainly not slicks

      Even then racing tyres in the wet has less grip than crap tyres in the dry :)

    2. Mr_Hansen

      @ CCJ
      It isn’t wet in that video, so racing tyres would stop it from sliding, and make it flipping instead.

    3. Sigmaviper11

      I think I just left a reply ^ up there somewhere wondering if it had slicks allowing the grip limit to far exceed the body roll limit.

  28. G

    Whats with the Monopoly house hats? GO DIRECTLY TO MY BEDROOM, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT £200… no no, leave the hat on! HAHA

    sorry went back to being 14 again there for some reason! haha

  29. MANU56BZH

    Haha, thank you for this video, japanese language miss me my ears.
    Funny crazy japanesse tv wears too. I love all in japan exept Japanese TV…

    For the roll over it great, but i think it’s a particular to much sensible for this car.
    I hope see Citroen 2CV in GT5 for compare it. LOOL.

    1. G

      I thought the same… shes cute and has a nice set of pins… but then I thought right after the leg shot, Those are terrible driving shoes! haha

  30. Vulcao

    My father is Japanese. He said the girl said that she doesn’t have a driver’s license. That’s why she selected the slowest car there. She said the game is very realistic and makes us want to get a driver’s license.

    1. IVKillerVI

      I’m not saying it’s unrealistic, but maybe someone who hasn’t driven a car before isn’t the best person to trust on advice about how realistic this game is.
      Just putting that out there.

  31. Hernan

    That looked pretty bad, how can the car roll over 2 times at just 80, she wasnt even forcing the car that much, she just turn and the thing roll over like nothing :S

    1. G

      Well would you like to smash that Fiat 500 in to a tight bend at 80mph? It would take a whole box of brave pills.

    2. Sigmaviper11

      Maybe it was on slicks? The cars grip limit exceeded its body roll limit? So instead of just sliding, it kept full grip into a roll over??? Idk.

    3. Gejost

      It looks like something suddenly pushes the car over, the rollover is to abrupt. The car isn’t even that far in the corner… perhaps it gets hit by another car, I don’t know.

  32. John Marine

    Gotta love those lovely Japanese folks! Anyhow, I think this will be the most extreme Gran Turismo ever. We’ve seen some vicious crashes in this game. Heck, I can remember a demo replay of Gran Turismo 1 (the one with the Kunimitsu NSX around Special Stage Route 11) where one car in the background was on two wheels heading out the turn, borderline rolling over. I even whacked a few cars so hard that they were on two wheels and didn’t roll over. While the action may not be as fierce as in the Forza Motorsport series, this is surely the most extreme action GT fans will experience.

    And one last note… I have too much class, so I’m not going to make fun of the fact that a girl was driving the cars in this game. Some people make it sound like female drivers are pathetic when there are male drivers that are just as bad, if not worse. But again, I have too much class and respect to lower myself to making fun of the lady driving the car.

    1. - Ice of SZRT -

      New York female drivers drive better than many men from any other area in the country. City women can drive. Not all, but more than anywhere else I see.

    2. Steph290

      I live in NY and I agree with you on that, but yet last month, September 5th a 22 year old girl in a Toyota Camry sideswiped my M35x. It’s still in the shop getting a much needed overhaul, but you can imagine how I felt toward inexperienced drivers of the opposite sex at the time. “All they have to do is slow down!” DX

  33. StogyBear

    the only reason this is the first ever roll over video is because all the other times it was a male driving haha

  34. kjacobs03

    Anyone else find it strange that one of the first videos we see with a woman driver is the first with rollover(s)?

  35. occasionalracer

    First of all, what a little cutie.. second this is just insane to see something like this after all that we have seen as far as damage goes. When exactly was this aired on Japanese TV?

  36. Chris

    AWESOME! This is going to go great with damage :]

    Kind of ironic/stereotypical that a woman was driving for the first GT5 rollover video.

    1. G

      I know, damn women drivers… damn sexy, timid, sparkley eyed, Japanese women drivers… Excuse me, I must go…somewhere

  37. opelgt1969

    Anybody think this will hamper drifting. I can’t drift very well anyway but if the car does go sideways it should roll over easier than drift In GT5P the car wouldn’t roll over;Will the fact that the cars will now rollover make it harder to drift or will rollover be “locked out in drift”.

    1. occasionalracer

      Dude.. this is vehicle from the 70’s, nobody would have dared to chuck the car through a corner like that, because these cars were meant to transport people and not engineered for hard cornering. There are still vehicles today that will roll over especially SUVs but with most production cars it is impossible to roll unless you go over a curb or bump to lift one side.

    2. Circuit*star

      What are you trying to say??? are you saying we are going to drift in a different engine physics because cars may roll over….?? Haven’t you watch a car roll over in D1 GP real life..What does drifting a Car has to do with crashing,flipping or perhaps rolling over a car…? It is all engine physics and how you drive the car…making a car drift is making a car drift making a mistake and crashing while drifting and flipping over it is that making the mistake and making the car flipping over….capiche

    3. Erik

      Even if the rollover was disabled, the car would still go on two wheels through those corners, so the Fiat 500 wouldn’t be a drifter anyway. And honestly it doesn’t really have the power for it either…


      omg what has drifting to do with rolling over ?
      if you drift with a sport car you will not roll over
      and don’t try to drift with a fiat 500 , i will not work

      and what are you talking about different engine physics ?? there is one engine physic in GT 5 and th reason why a fiat 500 rolls over or a race car not is that the engine physic is VERY close to the real …(race cars will roll over too if they hit something , in one video we saw a race car is rolling over but the (video) roll over was cuted , we couldn’t saw the whole roll over)

    5. George

      It’s suspension isn’t tuned to drift… any city car and suv can roll over that easily. Only things like esp can help this…

    6. Sigmaviper11

      It shouldn’t make too much difference. I try to drift just about anything. Even assdraggin FF cars. The Fiat 500 is most likely severely underpowered to drift but I wouldn’t be surprised if people use it as a fun car. Sure it might flip over as will some o the other cars that are light weight with a high center of gravity. But in terms of actual proper drifting, it shouldn’t be an issue. Only if you’re trying to go sideways at a ridiculously high speed, like say 200mph drift in a TVR Speed 12. Then it might be an issue. Should the car completely spin, air should get under it and it should take flight. Eg. . . don’t worry about it. If you find a car that flips, then. . . well either don’t drive that car sideways, or adjust it so it doesn’t flip. I think.

    7. viejaloca

      Don’t worry Opelgt1969, I know what you mean unlike ICEMAN and Circut.
      The Fiat is easy to roll over because it has a high center of gravity (the car is tall and thin making it unbalanced on turns) so, drift cars are wide and low so they are stable.

    8. - Ice of SZRT -

      @ viejaloca: I agree, also… In drifting, loss of traction is KEY. Her tires were too grippy, she didn’t have enough power to “power over” through the turn, & she didn’t lock the e-brake. Suspension, ride height, toe-in, and camber all add to different aspects in getting a car to drift. A skilled tuner will make a drift video with this car in no time!!!

  38. ralph89

    I was like “wow” after I saw this video. I though it was some kind of aprile fool joke, =) Thanx for digging this out. Now I can’t wait to do some roll overs and do some payback for my sister, by rolling her Honda civic over…in GT5 ofcourse, just to relieve some anger. :) (she haven’t payed me yet with my money!)

  39. iamgt5

    nice vid … but that girl looks like she never drove a car in real life. she’d probably also roll it over if it was real life :)

    1. G

      I noticed that, she looked terrified to be behind the wheel on the game… I pray to god she’s not driving on the streets of Japan for real haha!

    1. DarthTurismo

      she’s going over 80kph with her foot to the floor when she attempts a 45degree turn with no brakes?? 80kph is practically the cars top speed…. hahaha yep i think it would roll…. especially considering it is taller than it is wide ;-)

    2. Geo_212

      I guess I never took the “taller than it is wide” into consideration… So I guess it is true :O

  40. Vulcao

    I want to buy the new Fiat 500 very much. However, I must confess that watching that video worries me a bit! :D

    1. George

      Wait until GT 5 comes out, and take for a ride cars you would like to buy… But in real life, you will never turn the wheel so hard (if you do, you know what will happen).

    1. Bernd

      auto-reset is OK, but within 5secs and no damage whatsoever?
      for me that’s to arcade-like, restarting in the pitlane + 15secs penalty would be better

    2. Spaghettimonster

      i cant wait to see how cars roll over with damage turned on. must be a lot more interesting than this smooth rotation. i guess a real car with tires that actually have grip on the road surface would have simply stood right up against the wall after the first roll, no?

    1. R35-Vspec

      +1 :D

      This Fiat is the Reliant Robin of GT5. Then I’m gonna choose a wet track and roll over this poor Fiat, that’d be hella fun!

    1. NoonenF1

      I can’t wait to see make some awesome videos of bicycling these Fiat 500 around different tracks. Remember kids, the fastest way around a corner in a car on on two wheels. But, if you get it wrong, it certainly isn’t.

    2. Super_Colossal

      @ George
      Jeremy Clarkson can’t help himself but drift everything around corners. If you want to see him drive the ZR1 properly, look when they went to America. Besides, I think certain Nurburgring records disprove your statement that American cars can’t corner. The ZR1 has a V8, the Viper has a V10. The Gallardo and the Audi R8 have V8’s and V10s as well. There’s Aston Martin and Mercedes with their V12’s. European cars have big engines, too. I’ll go as far as to mention the Veyron. 16 cylinders. 4 turbos. 12 radiators. and it only makes 1000hp. You only need 10 cylinders and 2 turbos in a Viper to get as much as 1800hp. And you’re going to talk about assists? You don’t drive the GT-R, the thing has so many electronic assists, it drives itself. You need zero skill to pilot the thing.

    3. Super_Colossal

      Oh…those comments were removed…
      I raised some good points, too…

      Anyway, leave it to a woman to be the first one to flip a car im GT5. Twice!

  41. Ryan

    That looks really fun to do! I can see a whole load of cars piling into the first corner and all flipping over!

    1. HugoStiglitz_420

      exactly. the stupid little fiat is a premium car too. I don’t what kind of drugs PD is on but it makes them make as many bad creative ideas if not more than good creative ideas

    2. kyleh613

      What? Having a little Fiat as a premium car is an awesome idea. Not all of the premiums should be real fast cars. Gotta have something for the beginning parts of career mode too.

    3. HugoStiglitz_420

      in case you didn’t play Prologue, there’s already too many little cars as it is!!!! don’t forget, all cars from prologue are premiums. We’re only getting 130 new cars, therefore, there’s no need for another stupid little car most of us will hate driving. I agree that we do need beginner cars and premiums from each class so I don’t ever get forced to drive standard cars BUT, we have more than enough with the list from prologue. prologue has way too many tiny cars already so I don’t want any more midget cars. GT has always fallen short in the supercar realm compared to even the worst racing games and I wish they would realize how stupid that is

    4. Spaghettimonster

      say that a little louder and we might be getting a whole license test series with the fiat 500. ;-)

    5. JTninja

      Its a driving simulator, not a supercar simulator. Its supposed to be a bit of everything. Everything from supercars to wagons to racecars to trucks. If you dont like it, dont drive it. Stupid to you is awesome to a Fiat fan. Everyone has different taste, thats why theres different cars. Odds are, over 150 of those premiums you’ll enjoy very much.

    6. Erik

      And btw, the world of racing is much muuuch bigger than just supercars. Anyone with a genuine interest in automotive history can see that this game will be awesome just because the diversity of the cars included. And speaking of supercars, we get the X1 – what more can you wish for ;)

    7. neem'

      Hugo, GT has not always fallen short in the supercar category, you just have to readjust what you consider to be a supercar. Being a Japanese game, GT has always featured more Japanese cars than any other. A Japanese supercar is defined by the following cars: Honda NSX, Toyota Supra and Nissan Skyline (and now the LF-A and GT-R), broadly speaking. In Europe, a Supercar is considered to be a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche, and in America you have the GT and ZR1, again, without going into too much detail. It goes without saying that GT5 will feature more ‘traditional’ (read: Western) supercars than ever before, but you can bet that all the old Japanese supercars will still be included.

      I put to you the following: GT has always featured supercars, perhaps not V10 or V12 engined ones, but supercars nonetheless. GT clearly isn’t the game for you, you’re getting over one thousand cars yet you’ll probably only use the Enzo, Veyron and LP670-4 SV, completely ignorant to a summary of a good chunk of global automotive history.

      I don’t understand how making a small, not particularly well-known car from the 60’s and drawing millions of peoples’ attention to it by making it a Premium car in what will be the best selling driving sim on a console (well, maybe) is a ‘bad creative idea’, maybe when you grow up you’ll realise that you don’t have to be doing 200mph to have fun in a car.

    8. blademask


      I have no problem with the fiat, and very much look forward to it & most cars. Its not just about supercars/exotics/sports cars. Its a driving simulator.. all in all, the premium models cover a wide scope of cars.

      Little cars are apparently a smarter choice in the world than huge v8’s that bankrupt countries.. watch some of the old british grand touring races to see how much fun little cars can be. You don’t have to pick it, and im sure all your cars you want are premium. Which do you want premium that arent?

      As a car fan, I enjoy all vehicles. Gran Turismo definitely covers all of them. I mean watch a show like fifth gear/top gear.. they often just have fun in little cars..

    9. Traviizter

      +1 blademask.

      I would love to drive the 500, it’s awesome ;)

      And Hugo, if GT5P didn’t exist you wouldn’t be complaining. GT4 had small cars, very good one at that. The cars in the GT series are always put in the game for a reason, so you may not like them, but others do. You’re not the one PD are making the game for.

    10. HugoStiglitz_420

      yet again, none of you payed attention to what I said. GT4 had plenty of variety of all car types. it’s a great automotive museum.Prologue added to that. Both of those car selections will be present. I’ll agree that it’s a great addition to Fiat fans which I have no problem with. The issue is important cars historically such as the jaguar xj220 and many others are going to be left as standard. What engineering goal or feat was accomplished with this fiat? it’s just a compact car. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it or enjoying driving it but if GT is all about the history of all cars like you people say, then why wouldn’t cars that have been viewed and respected by many get left in the dark while this thing becomes one of the first new cars we see from GT5? Group B rally cars also are going to be standard & there was so many important developements made in that era that crossed into many other racing sports and they are going to get ignored. I never said that GT should be a supercar simulator so whoever said that is a moron because like I mentioned, I’m very happy there are all types of different cars. Most of you have good points and arguments but some of you are bandwagon losers that didn’t even take the time to read what I said. at Neem: in a video game, going 20 miles an hour is not fun, I don’t care what you say because if you call that fun, I must thank god I don’t live a life as boring as you do. and whoever said GT may not be the game for me, gimme a break, why the hell would I be on this site checking for news everyday then? even if GT made a spin off that nothing but supercars, I would not prefer it to GT5. If I ever drive this fiat, it’ll be to flip it over. otherwise there are better handling choices already in prologue. @tvensky and traviizter Are you guys in middle school? seriously +1?

    11. HugoStiglitz_420

      @Cachaito so I’m ignorant because he calls a supra a supercar? gimme a break lol even toyota themselves say the LFA’s their 1st supercar. I don’t smoke pot at all so make whatever jokes about that you want because that’s all your feeble mind can come up with

    12. Cachaito

      Hugo, apologies to you for the comment and the previous one as well about ignorance. I don’t usually comment but I get aggravated by people complaining about PD. They don’t owe any one of us a thing. We don’t have a right to bad mouth them or say how stupid their choices are. It irritates me when I see this mentality that young people have demanding what they want in Gran Turismo as if it is their entitlement , as if the world owes them a —-thing! Try to be grateful on line , I imagine you are more grateful and less demanding in reality. You chose the name 420, not me remember! Peace bro!

    13. HugoStiglitz_420

      I agree to an extent but PD does respond to criticism from the fans to a degree. A lot of what will make GT5 great like better physics, weather, night driving, damage, etc. came partly from their hope to please fans as well as Kaz himself and they have admitted that. We should be grateful, after all, I would be stuck with just Grid and NFS Shift right now, but there is a time for everything. Not to mention, I’m not the one who started this. I agreed with oscartron, then someone had to butt in to our conversation with an opinion that I’m sure me or oscartron did not want to hear, it’s people like that that are causing arguments and it’s rediculous. Voice your opinions with people who agree instead of causing fights. It makes alot more sense and it avoids hostility. as for 420, it’s my PSN name so that’s why I use it here. If you think there’s something wrong with me being a supporter of marijuana being legal than your blind to the real world. i don’t know where you’re from, but pot is doing great things for many people who have all sorts of problems, so insulting someone for attaching a meaningful number to more than one person like a birthday to a display name isn’t really necessary in my opinion

  42. Marco G.

    it was definitely a rather obscure and bizarre program with the monopoly headed girls……nice vid anyway!

    1. nintandrew

      THIS. IS. Pretty awesome, actually. I can’t wait for youtube vids of people making some spectacular roll overs, hopefully in 16 car races.

    2. tvensky

      no hes right “this is madness…” first rollover by a japanise driver woman with green big sharp hats that look like a home with siren of tehnical transport on the roof, madness!

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