First GT5 Photo Mode Samples, Camera Options Overview

Videos and images from Gran Turismo 5’s “Photo Mode” and “Photo Travel” modes are popping up everywhere, and I’ve gathered a collection of the beautiful images that have been released so far. According to early reports, images can be exported at resolutions of 640×480, 1280×720, or 1920×1080.

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Comments (102)

  1. Mango

    Those are some amazing pictures. Photo mode didn’t seem like one of the features I would be very interested in, but after seeing those photos I can bet I’ll be spending hours playing with it.

  2. Jack

    The Mach 1 looks nice. Too bad it’s the only classic Mustang in the entire game. Oh well, at least we get the world’s largest assortment of Subaru Imprezas, Honda Civics and Nissan Skylines. Maybe GT6 will have 2,000 cars and then we may even get a Trans Am or a Pantera.

    1. CarreraGT

      You’re right, what would the world be without the Trans Am or the Pantera…

      Seriously, people have to get over the fact that their particular favourite car is not in the game, just be thankful for all the cars that are in it and appreciate that it’s not possible to include every car ever built.

      If Kaz only want to include the cars he likes then let it be, as long as he produces work as beautiful as this then he can do what he wants

  3. LeoZR1

    These photos are beautiful!!!! Looking at the 458 Italia… the in game photo… realistic. Nurburg in the morring with the Mustang, it looks like its on location in real life. Six years is deffinitly worth the wait. The standard cars transitioned verry nicely fro GT4. Look closely and you will see a diver in the Nissan MMR and the Honda Accord Euro Type R. Its better than having blacked out windows on the standard cars. Regardless of Premium vs Standard, Gran Turismo 5 will the greatest game of all time. I don’t care if some of the cars are standard, I just want to drive.

  4. Geo_212

    I LOVE the photo mode! I know for sure that I’ll be using this a lot :) And I’m really glad it automatically adds anti-aliasing, because it would otherwise look kinda bad.

  5. Rios

    Oh man, theres been so much info coming out I almost forgot about Photo Mode, which was one of the reasons I really wanted the game. This is AWESOME! The 24th cant get here fast enough.

  6. infamousDee

    That first image is unbelievable. If it weren’t for the low-resolution gravel texture I’d have a hard time discerning that from reality.

  7. eMke3

    WOW just WOW looks so real some pictures I can barely tell if its real or not. If some one would have showed me these pictures and I didn’t know about GT I’m sure I would be tricked that those are real car photos. Beautiful I can’t wait to snap some pictures :)

  8. yomamma

    looks like the shutter is way too fast or something cause the wheels barely look like they are spinning. what’s up with that. same thing from GT4 also.

  9. dearlybeloved

    The skidmarks…. on the racetrack and on the grass!!! Oh how I have waited for these images. For me the replays showing where I/others spun off with the use of visual clues does make for the most realistic game. To put it this way, people won’t be able to tell if it the images on my bravia are real or not!

    Peace out!

  10. Jack Jarbas

    Does anyone know if the head tracking feature will work with a different view than the view from the cockpit?

    1. SavageEvil

      No “Head Tracking” is specifically geared to use in cockpit mode. It’s only a test feature for right now. As is the weather and day/night transitions. When ever PD implements something and it’s not on a grand scale then it’s being tested and will either be removed by the next game or fully integrated. I don’t have any issues with the quality of the standard cars, sure there are some low poly issues to be seen, but all in all they still don’t stick out like a sore thumb. PD seems to have balanced that resolution thing out right, heck they even stuck a driver inside those standard cars.

      Quit complaining about Photo Mode, it’s there for a reason. Kaz likes to take photos and drive lots of cars, this is his creation and he’s showing you how he likes to enjoy it. You don’t have to use it, but it’s there for those who like to, it’s better than nothing. It’s like a bunch of kindergarten kids, always complaining about everything when it’s not their way. You can rest assured that Photo Mode will be a regular part of GT game to come, live with it.

      Kaz stuck in standards because of the length of time it takes to accurately model one premium car into the game, trust me I would take the 800+ standards over a few more premiums. Believe you me FM3 has ~500 cars and I’m supremely bored with their cars, when I go into the dealership, I search and search for a car that looks interesting to drive and tune. The garage has about a little over 100 cars or so, but I don’t drive many of them, because some are just meh and I’ve already tuned and used the good ones. I’ve been spoiled by GT sheer amount of cars that always seems to grace the game. Sure many people complain of 100+ skylines but the car is an Icon in Japan and many companies have crafted special versions, Nissan has special versions…but GT always has a bunch of NSX’s, Lancers, GTO’s and Corvette’s yea go check the list that’s an awful lot of corvettes, that dwarfs FM list of vette’s in the entire series.

      I’m just wondering if PD will ever reintroduce the missing cars from GT2. Lister Storm road car, Vectors, Venturi, Unisia Jegs R33, Oreca Viper ’99(red white and blue) I love that thing so much I made the paint scheme for it in FM3.

      You complainers should try to stop complaining about what you don’t have and be thankful for what you are getting, the game could have always been canceled. Could have been scaled back to have only 200+ cars and 32 courses…learn to be content. Can you sit back and say that from every GT game you have played this one takes the greatest leap forward? Sure every game has it’s shortcomings, but the good bits far outweigh the bad. There is a course generator for crying out loud, what other simulation type race/driving game can boast that? Not only that but you can save and have other people try it out, I can only imagine how creative people will get once the game hits and they get time to tweak course to look like courses missing from the game. That generator alone is worth about a quarter of the asking price for the game. This is the most exciting part of GT5, because if the parameters can be dialed in, then all you would need is track information and we know that stuff is public news, so I am waiting to see what comes of this part of GT5. This should be included in all GT games from now on.

      rant over :)

    2. Jack Jarbas

      @SavageEvil: Totally agree with you. But note that I’m not complaining about anything. I’ll just buy the PlayStation Eye and I also wondered if it would work with the standard cars. If not working, no problem! I’m not worried. I’m more worried about the eternity that is 8 days .. lool .. ;)

      Oh, and I think the photo mode will be so great =)

  11. nevelo

    my only concerns about standard cars right now are :
    do they have the same driving physics as the premium ?
    what level of sound improvement compare to gt4 ?
    what about the clutch fonction with g25/27,is it working and like prologue?
    do we have to hit the button at every start to use the clutch(that was boring) ?
    i guess no one really knows the answers right know…

    1. IVKillerVI

      Of course they have the same physics, having 2 physics engines going at once would be nearly impossible with a $2000 gaming computer.
      And there would be absolutely no reason for the clutch not to work.
      As far as sounds go, since they only made standards to save disc space, changing the sounds wouldn’t be an issue, but we can’t be sure about that right now.

    2. nevelo

      if when driving ,let’s say in bumper view,you can’t tell if the car is a standard or premium,that’s just fine to me.

    1. GrandeP

      You’re right, look at the far left picture in the row second to the bottom, that Honda Accord Euro R is standard, but it’s detail even for standard car is mind blowing!

  12. DrTrouserPlank

    The standards only look ” bad” by comparison to the high quality of the premiums. When they are on track you won’t even notice the difference.

    I’m somewhat doubtful that even GT6 will deliver 1000 premium cars if they were only able to model 200 premiums during the 5 years that this game was in development. Don’t see how they will get the other 800 done in two years time.

    1. CaliBoy1990

      @DrTrouserPlank: The way I see it, the smart thing to do would be to find a compromise of sorts between the 2……and then keep everything{and even improve some things} from GT5, and add another 400-600 cars, and maybe even resurrect some of the old tracks, and it could probably be realistically done in about 3 to 3 and a half years from now, if Sony doesn’t have anymore monumental foul-ups{e.g. they decide to release another GT for the PSP or PSP2 if that ever comes out, etc.}.


      did you just call gt psp a monumental foul up? are you nuts? that game is genius and the PSP needed it. just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean it sucks. you can go to hell

  13. Tenacious D

    The only problem is that I don’t have the game yet!

    Then again, my writing will grind to a halt for months… oh jeepers.

    1. IVKillerVI

      Luckily for me all of my college work is planned for online by my teachers so I can do all the work for the rest of the semester within the next 9 days.

    1. MitsuStigi

      I thought standard cars have cockpit/dashboard view but no interior e.g. rear seats. Also, other stuff like gauges don’t work in standard. I dunno.

  14. Sprite

    Standard cars are ok, as long as the new physics is used on these the it matters not what they look like but what they drive like. I don’t drive on the outside view.

    I agree that modelling photo location’s was a waste of time, I never really used them in GT4 and probably won’t in GT5. I would rather have had some more tracks or a few more premium cars. I guess DL content is a must now for PD.

    1. Tenacious D

      Oh no no no. Photo Mode locations are awesome!

      Look, complainers, if you want to grouch about a big smoking crater in GT5, you need to grouch at SONY for making Kaz produce GT PSP before GT5.

  15. j8mie

    Nice to see they haven’t fixed the “problem” of road cars having to race against “race” cars. Why does that happen? I’d much rather race against either race cars, or road legal cars not a mixture.

  16. TheBigMan045

    will only really matter if playing on a HD tv… i the only one without one? Playing in the stonge age gotta love it

    1. Jakemania

      Haha most likely so! Do yourself a favor… At least buy an HD monitor! I bought myself a 23″ Acer monitor that’s 1080p capable for only $180. It’s easy to hook a PS3 up to it via HDMI and looks gorgeous! It can’t beat our 42″ TV, but nonetheless it’s definitely worth the buy.

    2. Benny44

      @TheBigMan: no, unfortunately you are not the only one. Wish I had an HDTV, but I can’t afford one. I had to put off bills just to get a PS3. Oh well, in a race they will be able to see my tail lights in HD.

    3. occasionalracer

      @Benny..and you will have a hard time telling if the car in front of you is breaking or is just red. j/k but seriously a 1080p monitor is almost essential to go along with a PS3. I’m still hoping that triple screen is supported, but there hasn’t been any info on that yet. That would complete a true sim cause I hate those side by side situations.

  17. OkeyD

    Looks like the standards won’t be much of an eyesore in the background but they don’t impress on close inspection.

    Photo mode seems to be a big step up. The production values are through the roof in this game. Never seen such a polished interface.

  18. unoc

    Want to know why we don’t have a Zonda F? or why the veyron isn’t a premium? or why some cars that should be there aren’t and why others aren’t premiums?

    Want to know why we don’t have more tracks in the game? Because PD decided that taking screenshots of cars in the red bull hanger is more important. Yes, some will likeit and the game sohuldn’t been made purely for anyone, but as a racing game, which I think we can all agree that it is, choosing to model half a dozen new areas to put cars and work all that out so that you can put a car there instead of on a track INSTEAD of giving us another 6 tracks or making 10 more cars premiums whihc they could have done in the time it took them to do this is rather stupid.


    1) Racing physics
    2) Racing cars
    3) Tracks
    4) Elements that make racing interesting i.e. weather, grass, gravel, etc…
    5) Damage.. like it or not weather it be Nascar, F1, or the guys at your local track on a weekend cars make contact and that effects racing hugely.
    6) GT Mode
    7) Online
    8) Arcade and TT/leaderboards
    9) Anything else that improves racing
    10) Extra car related features not improving racing

    Taking digital snap shots of areas modelled to me is rather a waste when we are currently lacking cars, premium-ized, and tracks.

    Don’t call me a hater, because I am making purely a logical point, argue but don’t hate.

    1. OkeyD

      Photo mode is great and adds significantly to the reply value. Can’t say the same for another damn Zonda. There’s already 4 of them in the game FFS.

    2. kerrak

      What do you prefer?
      A – 1081 cars + 32 tracks
      B – 1031 cars + 27 tracks + photomode + headtrack + 3d + powerful B-Spec + night/day + stunt arenas + voicechat + private lobbies + ingame message boards + spectator mode + youtube upload + split-screen + animated drivers + custom soundtracks + video store.

      I know i made my choice!

      Photomode is particularly high in the arguments. It connects you to your cars, it’s pure car porn.

    3. Big Boy


      I totally agree with you. Photo mode is a joke, waste of time and resources; it just shows how deluded Yamauchi and PD have become. Tracks and cars are what true enthusiasts want. Leave photos to the arty farty pratts.

    4. OkeyD

      You know what’s funny? You guys are complaining that this mode is there, but if it was taken out there’d be even more complaining. PD can never win with you lot.

    5. Benny44

      @OkeyD: I totally agree with you. Kaz must feel like a parent of 5 year olds. Looking back, he probably wishes that he never said a word about premium or standard, then he wouldn’t have to listen to the endless complaining of what is premium and what isn’t.

    6. unoc

      OkeyD, replay value? there is already plenty in GT, simply pick a new car in GT mode, an mx5 or maybe an FF car like a civic type R and uild your way up. Sicking a bunch of pixels somewhere inside another bunch of pixels and then taking ‘photos’ of them will add all of 5 minutes for me. Another 6 tracks though, one instead of each one location, would add heaps more.

      Kerrak, It’s not everything or nothing. it’s a racing game and I want whatever makes the racing experience better. More tracks more cars are at the top. Driver views, gear changes, day/night, weather ALL effect how your race in the eral world. Hence a racing game should feature them. They all make my experience better and increase the playability exponentially. AFter that being able to play with others aswell splitscreen and online. Only after the game is the best racing game they can make it should they move on to other bits that aren’t racing.
      3D – good except for the fact that almost no one has a 3D TV
      Headtrack – small improvement although less useful than a new track
      – stunt areans and bspec can be included since they increase the racing experience. B-spec is like being the team manager at Le Mans or something like that. That is racing and should be in it. Stunt areans I’m no 100% sure of what it is but I believe it is some kind of car racing challenge.
      – voice chat, ok, teams have it and not hard to implement
      – private lobbies, needed for online
      – message boards… useless, if you want to had message use an online forum. If you want one offical place use the offical GT5 forum
      – youtube uploads.. yay now we can all see ___’s awesome lap and ___ crashing.. uselsess… WE can alrady see other laps in leadboards
      – custom soundtracks isn’t hard to implement
      – video store, shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

      My problem is that the photo mode location each take a long while to put together in that detail. Each one is a track or atleast half a track. And while ach of the above either is easy to add or adds to the racing game, photomode doesn’t and isn’t easy to implement. If it was car on track I wouldn’t care so much, but because they wasted so much time coming up with 6 new locations that you can walk around and view in beautiful quality, its taking from the game that is sohuld be.

      Big Boy, thankyou.

      OkeyD, no, I wouldn’t be. It is a racing game and this isn’t racing. Don’t tell me waht I would have thought. Throw me any feature and unless it is easy to stick it it better improve the game as a racing experience.

      Benny44, well done you have just managed to steal someone elses argument, take it as your own, predict what I would have said and group me with other. Congrulations, want an idiocy award

    7. IVKillerVI

      That’s not logical since you’re saying that based on personal preference.
      Try to consider everyone and realize that there are people out there who will buy this because they simply love cars and want an amazing looking place just to take pictures of them. Besides, PD would probably have to scrap every single photo location to make enough disk space for a small track.

    8. unoc

      Not really this is a racing game not a general car game. it’s technically a driving simulator according to its tag or a racing game by genre not a car themed bits game. Why not add boosts and turtle shells to hit others infront and give the drivers guns to drive-by others. I’m sure more people would appreciate being able to do drive-bys in over 1000 cars than stick them in a hanger.

      And the areas looks quite large I’m sure they could easily mod up 5 or so cars in premiums or add a couple of tracks.

    9. Benny44

      Unoc, following your reasoning we should get rid of painting the cars a different color, since that doesn’t add to the driving aspect. I personally don’t use the photo mode because I don’t like it. But from reading the forums I see that most people want it. Kaz has a passion for cars, and that is why he made this game. By the way, it is actually called the DRIVING simulator, not a race simulator.

    10. Damo

      ‘unoc’, you really need to sort your priorities out mate! First of all, if you don’t like the feature then don’t used it; if you think that it ruins the game then don’t buy the game… it’s as simple as that! I’m sure that PD won’t mind losing one or two of their always whinging and never content customers… they’ll just find new ones, by tapping into new markets as they may well do with the new photomode… the options we are given for taking photos are insane; you should be glad that there’s such a feature, and that so much work has gone into it, rather than making a half-hearted attempt at it! And you keep mentioning racing experience… true, GT5 is a racing game, but are you in no way glad of the additional features it encompasses. OK it’s missing some tracks… but heck, there’s still enough content in the game to keep you occupied for ages! Who’s to say that PD won’t release some more tracks as DLC!? And even if some of the features hadn’t been implemented are you really sure it would’ve added to the racing experience? Yes we would’ve had a couple more tracks, and several more premium cars, which in all honesty wouldn’t really add much to this “racing experience” you speak of – “racing experience” is physics as well as the look and feel of the game!… not the amount of content it has related to racing. And, based on my definition, PD seems to have the “racing experience” also spot-on. You say that less extras would mean more in terms of cars and tracks… but there wouldn’t be a massive addition of either, at least not enough to justify removing the additional features that have been included in the game. A lot of the extras are, I agree, not strictly necessary, but they are still a great addition; for example you talk about the direct upload to YouTube feature being pointless… why? How many GT videos have you watched on YouTube… at least one and that justifies why this is a good feature… videos will no longer be of a poor quality as we won’t now have a gamer stuck in a dark room, borrowing his/her dad’s video camera, to record what’s happening on-screen, which results in awful audio glare! With the direct YouTube upload feature none of this will matter… the video will simply be a replay, so when it’s uploaded the video and audio will both be clear! But again if you like it then don’t use it! If you believe that not implementing these extras would result in there being loads more cars and tracks in the game then you’re deluded; both take a long time to model – certainly more time than it would have taken to implement some of the game’s features! And based on your silly little idea of what is and isn’t classed as “racing experience” over half the game would be gone… to which you will respond “well they could’ve filled that gap with cars and 6 tracks for racing experience!” NO! As of GT4, maybe even GT3, we have seen that GT is much more than a driving / racing game and simulator… it’s different, it’s unique… it has got what other games haven’t! And it is these additional features that make the game feel more polished, and it gives the indication that the developers have 1) really put a lot of thought and effot into making the game – everything’s not just a habdash, rather it’s well planned, 2) considered the desires of people like ourselves, the customers – and to meet the needs that we give them, by continuously whinging (very much as you have done ‘unoc’), they have to come to a compromise to satisfy as many of the requests as possible, so that they in turn may reach as big an audience as possible… and personally, I believe that they have done this very well! I’d also like to add that I agree with Benny44’s and IVKillerVI’s comments!
      Finally, sort your English out before having a rant like that… some of it doesn’t make much sense, and words have been missed, incorrectly typed or misused – just saying!
      ‘Big Boy’, what the enthusiasts want the enthusiasts have been given… cars and tracks, for racing! And, these “arty farty pratts” can do whatever they want, but they can do it in this game if they wish!


      i agree but i don’t think the photo mode is to blame. blame the many cars on the premium list that we have multiple models of seperate by only a year or 2 or the many cars that aren’t as deserving in the first place except in Kaz’s opinion. Kaz makes the game yes, but making the game for the audience instead of himslef would make the game much better & it’s rediculous that GT5 is another Kaz biased game after we already had past gt’s with 140 nissans


      @OkeyD not everyone are photo experts. I like the photo mode but to me, using it a lot is a waste of time, and anything that’s a waste of time for the users in large doses is a waste of time for the developers to make on a large scale. you act like we have a ton of zondas? we have scraps left from gt4, not a ton of zondas. In fact, we have the 3 worst examples of zondas: c12, c12 s, c12 s 7.3. To only add the zonda r instead of the zonda f roadster is really strange

    13. kerrak

      unoc. i honestly think you’re missing the point.
      GT is not a niche title to appeal a very specific market. It’s a multimilion seller game, that appeals to a wide spectrum of people.
      The point all those people share is that they like cars.
      Only and exclusively this: they like cars (or as PD says more commercially, they LOVE cars).
      Some are gamers, some others aren’t.
      Some play thousands of hours, some a dozen.
      Some love to watch replays, some never watch them.
      Some will be online, some others not.
      Respect for all of them, as buying they have made GT what it is today.
      I hope you get the point. You can’t be so egocentric to think that PD is there to satisfy your specific needs, as if those were the only and true ones.
      As for me,
      Would i like to be more european modern cars? yes
      Would i like more tracks? yes
      Are there some features i won’t use? probably
      Am i satisfied with the specs of the game, car and track list? YEEEES.

      Just tell me: what game are you getting if this one is so disappointing for you?

    14. The-Spitfeather

      Come on guys. We should be looking at what we have got not what we havent. Correct me if i am wrong but until GT5 Prolouge we did not have Ferrari. Now we have them, lambo and bugatti. We have damage and we can roll the cars. Maybe you find this useless but without it every one will disgard it after the first week as it will become boring. We have a fantastic game. If you dont like what PD have done then dont buy it.

    15. unoc

      A number of people would spend omre time driving on two extra tracks THAN using photo mode in these locations.

      Sure some may, but I can see almost 100% of people enjoying two or three extra tracks a much smaller number appreciate a photo mode. I love taking photos and I literally have thousands sitting on my HDD. But all my pictures are of something, moments or landscape, etc… Photos capture moments in time that you can’t replicate and haev some meaning. Cars that you move around in a place made for them has no meaning. They don’t hold anything. It’s just moving blocks around ad taking ‘photos’ of that. They aren’t even photos, they are screenshots.

    16. bachy

      @ unoc I have to agree with you mostly. I think adding Spa or Donington or even Brands Hatch to the game would have improved it immensely more than some niche, esoteric enjoyment like taking pictures of your car in a hangar.

      Also, I would like to add that being paying customers, we are all perfectly entitled to bitch and moan til our hearts content, about what we think is a stupid waste of valuable time and disc space as compared to what we think would make the game more enjoyable.

      Personally, I’m quite peeved that PD would actually think that its more important that the exclusive list of premium cars should include an obsolete WWII army jeep and a hippie bus — BUT NOT THE D@#M VEYRON!!!!

    17. unoc

      I believe the reason for the veyron beind standard was that bugatti (and hence vw) didn’t want people to be able to do to the veyron what people can do to premium’s.

      Remember Bugatti also decided that TopGear could drive the Veyron across europe, race it against a fight jet and hit its top speed, but they wouldn’t allow for a few years it to set a timed lap on the track. I believe its the same with this, VW spent heaps making it, each one creates a 4 million pound deficit for them, they don’t want it loose its glory by having 10 year olds smashnig it and rolling and seeing how they can roll it whilist sitting in the drivers seat. I think they want it to be a car you see not buy in a way, that you can’t drive but you can respect.

      If I was taking pictures of real cars then that would have some impact because they are real sitting infront of you supercars, these are just bunches of pixels. The mere fact that I can move an analoge stick, hit X a few times and get a bugatti veyron next to a Zonda and a Lamborghini just makes it so ho hum.

    18. - SZRT Ice -

      @ Unoc: I completely disagree. PD hires different people for different aspects of the game. The people responsible for photo mode are different from the people responsible for car modelling, as are the people for track design, motion capture, lighting, sound, special effects, menu interface, online, etc. PD in general just need more staff. If they model each car in 6 months, they should acquire the resources to do 50+ cars at a time. ($60+ billion in production) They need more staff to do this… I for one enjoy the photo mode, but it would be that much better with a livery editor. Anyways, though it’s sad to say, nothing compares…

    1. Tvensky

      WHATEVER.. this is first GT on PS3 so its ok to have ported cars from GT4 to GT5, in next GT6 I hope all those cars will be remodeled to Premium (and there will be no premium and standart just pure gorgeous cars) and this will be the best racing game and history museum with cars from all generations.. maybe 1500 or 2000+ cars.. EPIC! Hope GT is going this way.. and even the worst car dont deserve to be removed, thats what GT is about..

    2. occasionalracer

      Absolutely Tvensky, they should never remove any cars found in previous versions, that’s just a step backwards (even though several omissions have been spotted) but for the future when this game reaches 2000 it will be as much of a museum as a racing game(if all cars are modeled at premium detail)

  19. Mr_Rice

    I’m trying to think of a nice way to say this but…those standard cars look like total ass. (Look at the jaggies in th mmr’s no.38 decal)
    Never mind. They’ll probably look o.k when in motion.

    1. Tenacious D

      I think the Standard cars look like total fine. ;D

      I’m going to be collecting the heck out of them. You guys can ignore the heck out of them if you like, or collect them like me.

    1. Stevo

      i dont think your wrong, it would be sad if it is not an option, perhaps it was just a promotional thing in 18MP rather than a promise.

    2. Steve

      I doubt he wanted to post 18mp photos for a forum, they would be huge. He probably changed the size before posting them

    1. andrewyhy

      So that means the cars in last few pics which were taken at Suzuka were a mix of standard and premium cars? this is much better than what I expected! and I never thought of the ability to race standard models against premiums too! Incredible job done by PD!! =D

    2. shigllgetcha

      yeh they arent that bad, definately sub current gen, the only let down in that micra is the lights.

      the car models in the menus in gt4 always did look alot better than when you were racing


      they don’t look bad at all really. I’m glad you can actually see the seats and the driver pretty well instead of lame tinted windows

    1. IVKillerVI

      There have been a bunch of people saying they couldn’t be together.
      They never provided a reason but this should shut most of them up.

  20. James

    So from the looks of that Mercedes in the tunnel that cars equipped with HID headlights will actually have HID headlights,it’s the small details like that i appreciate and i can’t wait to get this game.

    1. Rotard12a

      Wonderful, no? Look at the second pic of the 12C drifting (on track) and you can see the brake lights casting a red glow on the armco behind it. Delicious.

      And the big details, like the global lighting. I mean, check out that Mustang. My GOD. The subtle blues of a summer afternoon shade, with warm, glowy spots where the sun’s light manages to poke through the trees. It’s so inviting that I want to be able to hop out of the car and just take a leisurely stroll around the track…

    1. Rotard12a

      For being ported from GT4/GTPSP I think they look pretty good. Compare them to GT4 photo mode pics. Definitely looks like they cleaned up the models and textures. Only dumb thing is they don’t seem to have bump-mapped the badges =\

      Anyway, you’re looking at photo-mode pics, which means you have time to sit and scrutinize every detail. During a race you’re probably gonna be too busy driving to count polygons on the bumper of the car in front of you haha

      And if you drive with the outside cam, well, it’s about time you switched and learned how to drive the proper way!

  21. Aryanenzo

    The Premium models cannot get better than this!But lol @ standards. I always thought of standard cars as extra bonus misc features…

    1. Rotard12a

      Eh. Even if the standard cars don’t *look* as good as the premiums, they will still *drive* just as well with the new, RADICALLY different physics engine. I think a lot of people are overlooking this fact. The standards really will be totally new driving experiences :)

  22. GTbyPlaystation

    OMG! I’ve been waiting ages for this! All this news is looking great! Thanks Jordan for the constant updates.

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