Five Impressive New GT5 Replay Videos

Thanks to the mysterious mimaximax, we’ve got five new videos that you definitely do not want to miss. Fortunately, he’s focused on cars we haven’t seen very much, including the Petronas TOM’s SC430, ARTA NSX, and the Yellow Hat Supra. You’ll even recognize Sebastian Loeb’s face in an in-car replay. But enough with the text – start watching these videos!

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    Wow, Is it just me or do I see Loeb actually blinking his eyes and actually looking around? Thats good, infact its scary good.

  2. ItsHim


    Mine would dump me. But do not worry, chances for a European release next month are at the moment: Zero. They still don’t have a parental guidance rating, and they’ll need 3 to 6 weeks to get one.



    “I hope that isnt true. I’m on vacantion for 3 weeks. If they release gt5 on april 6th I’ll cancel my vacation and fly back to holland all the way from china. I bet my girlfriend would hate me for that…..


    Or you could find the game while on vacation :D That would be a perfect situation, Girlfriend would be happy on vacation and you would be happy having the game. Its a win-win made of win ;-)

  4. FlareKR

    Didn’t anybody else go to look outside their house window to see if there was some sort of crash when watching the 2nd vid @ 2:17. Hooray for better tire squeel!
    Lol a Loeb’s stone walled face. Doesn’t even flinch :D

  5. Turbo_3800

    @James, I have no problem with GT5 taking up space since I’ve swapped out my 20gig to a 320gig. I would would prefer less loading times. I think that GT5 is gonna have a long install time like Devil May Cry 4 lol that took something like an hour.

  6. hojo

    The sound is getting better! Please PD, make the Ferrari from a distance have the distinct “other worldly” sound that reverberates off of buildings, walls, etc. The rasp…


    The shine of the rims is better than GTPrologue, the phisics work better than before, smooth graphics…I see big and great changes.

  8. caasimun_18

    caasimun: am dying in 2 months…terminal cancer. Pd if u can hear me please give me Gran turismo on my death bed!!!
    thank you!

    PD: not in your lifetime!!!

    caasimun: [died due to hush response]

  9. icant55

    PD you and KAZ are some insane “MOFOS” that was insane! look @ video #3 the background depth never goes flat like other games! and to top it off the NSX has a rear veiw camera THATS SICK !!!!!! GREAT PD NOW SEND ME A COPY !!! I WANNA PLAY THIS !!!

  10. Ish

    So this is now a driver simulator? When are we ever going to see the driver while we race? C’mon PD. It’s stuff like this that make the wait frustrating because it’s proof that PD is wasting their time and ours putting useless stuff in the game.

    So frustrating.

  11. ZoiD

    I hope that isnt true. I’m on vacantion for 3 weeks. If they release gt5 on april 6th I’ll cancel my vacation and fly back to holland all the way from china. I bet my girlfriend would hate me for that…..


  12. Flagmo-T

    I Just did the same Thing. Pre-ordered GT5, and on My feedback is a little different
    Meybe because i live in Denmark.. But just so you know.. Please don’t get your hopes up guys.. LOL

    Thanks for your order, Flemming T

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    If you need to check the status of your order or make changes, please visit our home page at and click on Your Account at the top of any page.

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    Delivery estimate: We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time. 1 “Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)”
    Video Game; £40.14

    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

  13. Flagmo-T

    One of my friends pre-ordered GT5.

    I pre-ordered GT5 for the PS3 from Amazon. had the confirmation back:
    Delivery estimate: We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.
    1 “Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)”
    Video Game; £38.53

    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.
    Delivery estimate: 6 April 2010 – 12 April 2010

    That isn’t possible or ?.. WTF..

    The almost happy Donkey..

  14. Viktor Navorsky

    Yes, im playing Shift for a while now… and gotta say! The A.I is too stupid… i tought GT has a dumb A.I but now i see its hasn´t. And the career mode is too lame… i won all TIER 1 / TIER 2 / and some TIER 3 events using an AUDI S3 Fully Upgraded. Dont had to buy any other car… ( just for fun… i bough some of them ). Anyway, its a fun game to play… the sound is AWESOME .. its the BEST thing in the game.

  15. maxpontiac

    Videos look awesome.

    Been playing NFS Shift and Forza 3 lately. GT5 needs to get here soonest!

    I grow tired of playing these other games..

  16. James


    Lets hope it does take up a lot of HD space. I am fed up of CoD/GTA running from DVD and making constant irritating drive noises when playing late at night with low volume.

  17. iucidium

    PD – if you are reading these posts: take heed. Interior view (2nd?) Driver’s left hand:thumb going through wheel after gear change. C4 rally car:cuff of drivers suit (right arm) going through wheel. I hope this is what the extra time is for. Otherwise from that I am flabbergasted. Just remedy this and we have a practically perfect product

  18. dearlybeloved

    @cassimun_18… Heard the musci again and i am on the verge of slitting my wrist!!! it is just a bloody xylophone banging away. I don’t think that i like the tune anymore.

    Peace out.

  19. dearlybeloved

    I think the music can be classed as muzak! still i find it real amusing that such music can be used for racing games. The tune for video 5… I really quite like. I think that I will watch/listen to the video again.

    Peace out.

  20. Racer28


    But it should feel as if the “head” is not attached to the car, like a camera is…it should be smooth! But not as bumpy as nfs I agree with that, they overdid the bumps. Rfactor and gtr got it just about right

  21. Viktor Navorsky

    Everybody… we know GT has option for grid set up… probably its a 8 car race… there will be 16 cars on track. We´ve saw another videos featuring more than 8 cars… so, dont worry about this!

    I´ve noticed the in-car camera shakes a lot more. Thats good, i like the way it moves…not so smooth and not so bumpy like NFSShift… Thats a nice improvement.

  22. Racer28

    Why cant they make the cocpit camera “float” like in rFactor or gtr….to simulate head movemenst…it just adds so much….now its just like a camera sitting where the head is…

  23. Dude27

    What I notice is… 8 cars. Is 16 cars finally too much to handle for GT5? Prologue got some hicups and with all the new effects and content of GT5, will it regress to 8 cars?

  24. dearlybeloved

    @Paulo, absolutely agree with you on the point that “it better be after all of this waiting” I really do hope that GT5 lives upto this madass potential. I have had a go on the Microsoft wheel/forza2/nurbuggering and that wheel is fairly average. An example of this averageness was the back straight on the green hell, like for like the violent force feedback which was so prevalent on GT4 was almost non-existent when doing the same stretch in Forza2. This was one of the reason(s) as to why I am put off in getting the microsoft wheel.

    Oh yeah, the last video, the one with the ARTA NSX, is it the time which shows up i.e. 10.42? If it’s what i am thinking then I predict that the time will be different depending on what time zone you are in. If that is the case….. then bring it on!

    Peace out!

  25. Paulo

    GT5 will be a beast, it better be after all of this waiting. But from these little glimpses that we get now and again, we can all see where all this time and energy goes. I just cannot wait to put away that piece of shit Microsoft wheel and pull out my G25 for GT5.

  26. S3 Racer


    Just hoping for a quick release. or the demo.
    (hope dies last, Kratos says the same, so caution!!)

    O’Ryan Says:
    March 28th, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Man That looks like that big silver PD tv……..I think they are doing some gorilla marketing….

    =guerilla marketing, nothing to do with apes, even if sometimes it appears so…

  27. TheStalker

    In the video with Loeb, look at his seating position. It looks like he can’t see over the wheel. Otherwise, good work PD!

  28. dearlybeloved

    Not forgetting that GT5 will have the option to listen to your own choice of music. For myself, listening to ‘parallel universe’ by the Red hot chilli peppers will be absolutely brilliant. So people don’t worry too much.

    The other thing I want to bring up, the replays are superb all in all but will there be any innovation in the replays as I have mentioned in elsewhere, that Forza3 really pleased me in the way the replays were done. An example of this was the superb helicopter mode where I think there were 12 odd overhead angles in which you could watch the race replay so if there was a race between you and someone else and it was a ultra close finish on the line you could see that from the overhead views as much as the other views.

    So all in all, these replays are just superb and the level of interior detail has got to be the most mind-boggling attention to detail and the internal view looked to me to be very natural. I have said to friends before that I think that GT5 is going to be a monster and we are all going to be blown away in ways which we have not experienced.

    Anyways, thanks for bearing with me on the long post, and.. Peace out.

  29. Big Ron

    I found one bug. Look at the cockpit replays with sound. The animated driver shifts later than the car sound do :D But not very interesting, the nimations are stunning

  30. GTracer

    Wow great videos but song is crap lol.

    There is little gfx bug also in driver view 3rd video. But overall it looks fantastic even on cam videos. GT5 is going to be so epic !!!

  31. Stu

    Very impressed by these videos.

    In car views of the racing cars are that much better than Forza I’m actually looking forward to racing these GT cars.

    Also is this Indy track much sunnier than the academy demo we had? Could this be an indicator of weather?

  32. TokyoDrift

    Wow, people still bitchin’ about Forza like little babies?!

    Very nice videos indeed – but every little bit we see is ultimately not too far removed from what we have seen before. As already said, this is all getting rather annoying, but beggers can’t be choosers – just get the game our already PD!

  33. Aero-R

    Exactly, this is the same TV that PD use on their studio, and I won’t be surprised if this music is part of the music we’ll hear as “classical” and “old” selection on GT 5 (as we did in GT 4 with similar ones), which suits very well some menus and photo moments. So yes.. I think this is internal promo. or something related.

  34. YupThatJustHappened

    @ Evo

    And you have played GT5 to confirm that to us?

    ITT insane vids,better replay cams, noticeable better sounds… but the car count thing is starting to look fishy.

  35. Devedander

    “I think, some of you guys are expected a lot too much. It is fact, that GT5 is the best looking racing game yet…and it is still under production. Stop counting 2D trees or shadows nin the cockpit, you idiots.

    In its complete composition, it is great looking.”

    That logic didn’t work so well around here for Forza… just sayin…

  36. EVO!

    nice wind effects on the dandelions :) and this is just a really old demo. i wonder what the final product is going to look like after all the polishing are done. turn 10 just ramed an egg onto a rock this gen…..

  37. Ner0_sol03

    The sound is sk amazing trough my Bose head phones… On vid number 2 of course.. Sound qaulity has gone up since I last lisnted to one of these demos or w.e there called now… I wonder what the tunnin will be like and will we get a dyno??

  38. zepheadGT3

    Great vids, but the music is sooooooooooo annoying!!!! i had to mute it cause i cant hear the cars anyways… I still think the drivers move their heads too much, and it looks too mechanical… i still liked that loeb is driving his car, would have liked to see Sordo in another citroen and Hirvonen and Latvala in the Fords… that would be cooool!

    Cant wait to see more!!! oh and ppl, dont worry about the # of cars in these replays, its going to be the same if not more cars than in GT5p, so stop freaking…

  39. Jeffreypang911

    They need to speed up the drivers animations. I have never seen a racing driver have such slow shift movements in my life.

    For the amount of hype, I expected a bit more. I am still anticipating 1:1 steering, a PD rep has stated it will be in the final game…

  40. emotionap1

    wow crazzzzy… I honestly could care less abt the trees since I don’t pay attention to them while I’m racing. Everything looks fine to me. Just release the game and update it when you feel like it please…

  41. BWX

    Would u rather have 100 3D trees or 5000 2D trees? Since in most cases more trees are more realistic, I’ll take the 2D trees! They are background fill, stop complaining about 2D trees! They look great! The grass and whatnot moved as cars drove by in GT5P also, cool touch but nothing new…..

  42. Jason_B

    Is it just me, or did we go from 24 cars down to 16, and now all replays we’ve seen for the past 6 months only have 8 cars?

  43. Big Ron

    I think, some of you guys are expected a lot too much. It is fact, that GT5 is the best looking racing game yet…and it is still under production. Stop counting 2D trees or shadows nin the cockpit, you idiots.

    In its complete composition, it is great looking.

  44. Dan

    Yeah, I noticed that too. I hope that’s not the total car count. I would prefer sixteen cars to damage, any day.

  45. Squozen

    I’m impressed that there are dandelions at the side of the track that get blown down by the wind from the passing cars. Nice touch.

  46. John Marine

    Outstanding videos (though I can’t say the same for the choices of music for the audioswapped videos)! Amazing control and crazy realism. Gran Turismo has really matured since GT4. Win, lose, or draw, Gran Turismo 5 is going to be outstanding.

  47. Pedro_CZ

    + improved textures on Fuji, nice dandelions :)
    – shadows in the interior, still very awful:(
    – 2D low resolution trees aka GT on PSX&PS2:(

  48. Flagmo-T

    The Fun thing about Loeb blinking with the eyes, is that Gronholm Only blink 21 times on a very long stage in WRC, so the blinking should be different for each driver, for being realistic.. LOL Come on Guys, it’s cool with what PD has done with the Driver animations so far, we don’t need more then this, It’s already to much, this isn’t Flatout, where a crash can get the driver flying out of the windows and killed several times before he is back into the car..

    GT5 Looks amazing, and when we all have it, it’s not going to be any concern with driver animation, there is much more critical things to worry about, when it’s released and this will not be one of them, that’s for sure :P I’m not saying that GT5 will be Messy, but we could expect a few critical Updates, which is only normal with a Game like this..

  49. Flagmo-T

    Ohhh Shit I was confused. sorry My mistake, I lost it there. hehe I was transferred to Youtube, and I forgot that, while I wacthing.. SORRY!!

    The Dumbass Donkey!!

  50. Flagmo-T

    Thank you… Very very Nice… But The last video doesn’t look like GT5, it looks more like a Simbin production like GTR-evolution or similar ?

    totally different menu on the screen, flat tree’s, not very Highly detailed. well Hmmm It can’t be GT5 SOrry. I do hope I’m right.. The thing that really made me think this was the Menu and the the Red overalls servuce man on the side of the barrier..

    The confused Donkey!!

  51. DrTrouserPlank

    Oh it’ll be more than a year needed. I also noticed that the modeling of his fingernails was slightly inaccurate when pressed against his racing gloves. That really needs sorting out. If it takes PD 3 more years then so be it; I just can’t abide the thought of playing a racing game where the driver’s manicure isn’t correctly modeled.

  52. Mish

    I guess the animations of the driver’s face is waaaaaaay better than other games (at least to me).

    I know that there is no facial emotions, but come on, he’s is in a middle of a race not watching a stand up comedy.

  53. Dom

    Ok, great vids, but Loeb does look stoned and the physics for the driver are not that great. I mean he turns his head like he’s doing a parking maneuver for Walmart – and in that process he finds out that he wants to get some more chicken wings when he passes the local kfc later on. But obviously, his mission for now is to walk straight to walmarts pharamcy department to get himself some more diazepam.
    I think it will need PD more than one year to fix this issue, therefore I’ll expect GT5 to come out for Xmas 2013.

  54. Zuel

    Thank you the mysterious mimaximax for these latest videos. One thing I enjoyed the most was the detail of the cockpits and driver. The view to the drivers left showing the wheel, shaft, wire harness, bolting system exe was great though the driver detail could have been a little better. I can’t remember the drivers name for the life of me, the head and eye movement was good. I like seeing the drivers eyes blink as well move side to side. The sharp head movements I believe are mirror glances and the slight movement was during turning. The hand movement while shifting would come through the wheel, it’s very noticeable looking drivers right. By far the best driver and cockpit detail are in the ARTA NSX. I really got a kick at the rear view display lower left of the driver and the dash, nice very nice though I would like to seen all of the videos during night runs just to see how much of the detail carries over or more detail.

  55. TeamStig

    Loeb’s face looks awesome. Didn’t think they’d model the actual drivers themselves, but there we go. I’m speechless, Polyphony has left no stone unturned.

  56. DrTrouserPlank

    Lol, Loeb does look relaxed. Looks like he’s starting to feel the effects of the sedative they administered just before the race. Can’t blame him though, many GT fans have no doubt turned to substance abuse to stave-off the boredom of waiting for GT5’s release.

  57. Big Ron

    look at the eyes of Loeb, he is nliking and the eyes are following the track….so insane. But he looks a bit relaxed while driving, should be more aggressive.

    All five vids are nice to watch.

    Did you see at the last vid at Indy, that all AI cars are braking over the grass/ dirt strip? Very funny.

  58. JayCee

    Who is this person and why have we gotten more gameplay info from them in 2 days than we’ve gotten from PD & Sony combined in 8 months???

    Thanks for the videos!

  59. Browitt

    These videos are beautiful!!
    BTW does anyone know why on all GT games there are no reverse lights?? I mean they spend so much time making every car perfect in-side and out and they don’t do something simple like reverse lights????
    Don’t they have reverse lights in japan or something? lol

  60. Fredo

    Very, VERY nice but someone find this guy and tell him to quit it with the bizarre music and let the horses sing.

  61. James

    Why is that C4 WRC on tiny mud/dirt alloys with a sky-high ride height? Surely it should be on a tarmac set-up (big wheels, low profile tyres and reduced ride height) just like Loeb in Spain? Looks a bit silly. I thought KY was a fussy chap? If this game has WRC rights, get it correct!…..Oh, and 5 years to get it correct too!!!

    Regardsless, thanks for the vids.

  62. Dracwolley

    the questions remain:

    who was this released to, entirely?
    what do they have in common?
    why was it released to them and only them?
    and why was it released, period?

    in short, PD knows how to keep up the hype.

  63. DrTrouserPlank

    Off-Screen footage always looks slightly more photo-realistic than direct capture due to the lighting changes that occur, but still very good.

    Is this from the leaked demo, if not what build is it taken from?

  64. azzaj

    Did anyone else notice the flowers on the trackside getting blown around when a car went past? I hear everyone mocking the amount of detail going into the replays being better spent elsewhere, but remember that GT series has always been about watching the replay after the race and it was the first game to give you “is this on tv or a game?” concept. I’m sorry to you forza fanbois but stupid spinning overhead cameras do not a realistic replay make.

    Xmas or whenever, this game is worth the wait, remember that sony has been on the verge of bankruptcy for a numebr of years and this coupled with 3d could help pull them back out of the situation they find themselves in. Vapourware? I don’t think so, not with this much riding on it.

  65. Anominus

    why cant pd send out a vid of the race car damage, cos it will be so much better then normal car damage

  66. daniel

    we’re going to see if we can get this guy to plug his ps3 into the video capture card, record hd vids directly into the computer instead of his handy cam. but cool vids none the less, or always the more

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