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Cool. So for future reference, if someone tries to pass you around the outside, just run them off the road into the nearest wall at a high rate of speed. It’s confirmed a legal move. 😃👍

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The 10 put itself in an extremely vulnerable position at one of the most dangerous corners on the track. Definition of a racing incident.

That said, best wishes to Albuquerque and hoping he's ok.
Sadly these types of moves are largely deemed ok these days, which never sets a good precedent. Forcing another car off the track should never go unpunished.
An absolute Joke. The message sent here today is that you can put a guy in the hospital and still win a championship. And of course, he employs the Ty Gibbs strat of thanking god after a good day of senseless driving.

Edit: And now no more IMSA Radio so NBC gets to shove their awful commentary here too. Yep, I'm done with this damn series. Didn't think I'd being saying this after watching this for so long since the ALMS days, but I'm beyond fed up with IMSA.
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Just saw the #31-#10 incident and wow ... you see clearly from the rear lights that he opens up the steering at the end of the turn to send him off...
I guess WTR Andretti had no room for him over there.
When asked about MSR, Alpine’s Vice President of Motorsports Bruno Famin confirmed to reporters at Alpine’s multi-day test at the Circuito de Jerez that the manufacturer has been in contact with the Mike Shank-led operation.

“I talked to them, yeah,” said Famin.

“Quite a long time ago, even before they separated, they decided to [go] separate ways with Acura. Of course, it could be an option, but we could have some other options.”

I wonder when that conversation happened.