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Amazing work you are doing. Even being a convertion. Which sometimes is harder to do.

For your first big task in track modding, it is so damn good!
Loving the ambient - I love Africa, was in Tunisia 3 times in vacation and a few more in Morocco - I'm testing at 09:00 with some haze and very few clouds with SOL. Wonderfull eyesight.

Some improvements will be made for sure and then I will be drolling like a stupid dumb. :lol:

Loving the changes of scenary through the layout. Very well done.

After all what I've said, don't be too hard on me for posting these pictures. ;)





set SOL to sand. its AWESOME!


Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Just because I not sure if that is skill / tuning problem at first and then I watch how AI drive, realize that in fact AI car tyre is always perfect condition ( even in Kunos car I tried ). Not sure if that is setting issue of it's by design like that.

same for me, was thinking i was the only one lol
Update 2.5.0

- #53 Updated

- 2001 #63 Goodwrench Updated

- 2001 #64 Goodwrench Updated

- New Skins:
1999 #1
1999 #2
1999 #3
1999 #4
1999 #4 V2
1999 #4 V2 Gold Wheels
2000 Road America #3
2000 Road America #4
2000 SEMA Test Car A.K.A "The Tennis Shoe" #73
2002 Road America #27
Dale Earnhardt Jr. #8

First all thanks a lots for your hard work! Please sorry for my dumb, noob, stupid question (I'm new in this forum) where I can find latest Corvette CR5 Mod to apply your buties?
Thanks in advance for your kind answer.
more often than not, a bad handling mod will not be fixed by "tire swap"
its usally something more intrinsic such as suspension springs/dampers, suspension geometry, center of gravity, drop heights, etc

If unsure...check [x] Align using data
(unless the modder has "adjusted" his car with bad physics using this option)

Honestly, I have never "fixed" a mod with a tire swap, only to update to a v10 tire, and most often I edit the original mod tire to fit a real tire spec (which is often wrong). The Jaguar Project 8 was sent to me with 330mm tires front and back... adjusting these to the real car tire/wheel spec DID help ALOT.

Hello people! I am Maicon Gean, known in the community as Master.

This is a GREAT idea.
From now on I want to be known in the community as Hero Dongmaster Supreme Champion JR III

I did the MOD Horizon Shades and these last few days I am working on a own Weather Script, the Horizon Shades Wheather, I thought it was better to expand something beyond PPF, so from now on beyond SOL, we will have Horizon Shades Wheather. Here's a preview of what I've been working on, I hope you like it!

So is this a direct competitor to Sol, or does it work in tandem with Sol, and what does it do that Sol does not?
Does it need CSP to work?

Isn't Sol getting directly integrated into CSP soon?
Here is a sports car that is not very common in real life, I mean the Subaru Alcyone SVX.
Authors: Izzu + Tombs, huge thanks for this beauty.
Be aware:

Subaru designed this car with a four speed automatic gearbox (really? hey folks, it's a sports car!), but it's not very funny in Assetto Corsa. However, while browsing the dedicated forums I discovered that many owners prefer to use a five-speed transmission from the Legacy RS or the Imprezza WRX with 6 speeds. This is why this SVX is equipped with 5 gear shift mode.

Be aware 2:
The red line is at 6500, but the maximum RPM tolerated by the manufacturer is at 7000, I have not found the reason but the torque curve decreases very quickly beyond 6500 and the gain of an additional 500 rpm is probably useless , maybe that's why.




Have fun,
Thanks Mike,
The steering wheel/hands synch is way off (the driver barely moves his hands while steering) and shifting is performed via paddles but the shifting animation is for a gated shifter. Which one should it be?

Both easily fixed, but probably better done at source before release so that everybody gets them.
I'm not going to touch that... but I did want to say thanks for your work on Curvelo. I'm enjoying the atmosphere there with the hot dry look it now has with your updates. It's a good change of scenery from the oversatured green and overgrown grassfx grass that's common to so many AC tracks.
skip in a bit, its a contrasting track IRL, some gorgeous green and a whole lot of arid brown/red sand.



Thanks for this. The colour change is great, though I did bring 'Groundskeeper Willie' in to trim the grass height a bit.

It's really good to have a proper version of Assen TT in the library now. (Thanks to ACTK for that too.)
Thanks mate. Indeed I did let Willie do the grass height a bit. Found it too much ‘jungle’ like height. :lol: Big shoutout to ACTK for the track, was waiting for a good version for ages.
Hello and Good Morning!
Can someone help me with this issue I have for some time with CM track Geo tags "Find it" button that doesn't work (1)?
Now I have to search and input manually the coordinates (2).
Thank you in advance for any advice.

Have you noticed one weird thing about these lovely little Civics? The cockpits don't take sunlight or cast shadows. Cockpit lighting remains the same whether in direct sun or in overcast weather. I know a lot of the shader values are a little weird so maybe it's purely down to the ksDiffuse settings, but I think it might be something else. The glass maybe? I don't know.
Be good to fix it though.
Aw FFS. After spending hours pissing about with shader values, changing glass, enabling/disabling CPU/GPU optimisation etc etc trying to work out why no shadows get cast in the cockpit, I reverted back to an earlier CSP build and shadows are now cast. Seems like it's a bug that affects this car on 0.1.60, which is the latest 'recommended' build.
What a monumental waste of friggin' time all of THAT was.
ok, so had enough practice with Blender to attempt this one, a litte Aussie nugget that sadly passed away, have been around this on my bike (when the cops are not around of course. Its simple enough to be my first scratch track from DEM.


there is one inthe wild, but, it looks like its RTB or BTB generated and the terrain is quite off (as is the want of google based terrrain) and elevations are not great.
the actual track has a nice sweep up and down, great on a bike

I thought Id try fix up the built one, but, rather than lookup the maker, and try reverse engineer, I think better to go outright new for this. good learning experience probably to get me ready to tackle the Nasho.

(no idea who author is, but the original one I could find is here )
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Hey guys! Small update from me for the Audi S7 Sportback found on AssettoLand
Original author unknown update by me:
  • New shaders
  • Tweaked some data
  • added plates
  • Fixed the Audi S style rim texture, was previously all chrome now you have the option for black/grey
  • Added daytime running lights
  • Tweaked some textures
  • Added ext config for some materials

  • Some see through bits like above rear plate
  • Physics not great (hoping someone can help like the great Mike, Jakub or uhmmmm morning_wood wait what?!)
  • I tried tweaking the power.lut to real values but couldn't work out how to do that with turbos.
  • Also needs new tyres, found out it was V7 when I was done :( Better to share it so the community can help


Btw Project 8 wiper update coming soon
Here's something to bear in mind when switching between the last two recommended CSP builds: mirrors that are fine in 0.1.60 might all be flipped in 0.1.46, and vice versa.
That might save someone a lot of head scratching.
United States
United States
First all thanks a lots for your hard work! Please sorry for my dumb, noob, stupid question (I'm new in this forum) where I can find latest Corvette CR5 Mod to apply your buties?
Thanks in advance for your kind answer.

Download the skin pack, open the skin pack, go to the "READ ME PLZ" text file, open the text file, theirs a link that you half to copy and paste into google, paste it and it should take you to legions corvette.
Here is a camera set for Ted Clark International Speedway according to my taste. I prefer cameras a bit further away from the action to show off the track a bit more, especially when they are this well done. Thank you Teddie! I hope you like them. Remember to remove the ".txt" and place in the track's data folder.


Could you please help me figure it out why it's displaying just one camera on the Hockenheimring F1 GP 2018? I'm attaching the cam file. Thanks :)


  • cameras.ini.txt
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Very cool. I move A7 on my own every day, so I was supposed to take this model, physics is not so bad, it just needs a little adjustment to feel the weight of the car.

Sounds like you could maybe work some magic on this thing, would be awesome!
OK, here's what I've tried to improve on the Honda Civic RS Pandem '74. I asked the original modder about updating the car but didn't get a reply, so this will install as a new car to preserve the original and to let you compare/contrast.
Note: cockpit shadows may or may not work depending what CSP version you are running. No idea why, I guess it's just a bug.
Shader values all round are VERY weird indeed, but I've brought a lot of detail back in the cockpit and toned down the brightness of exteral paint, chrome etc.
KsDiffuse settings seem to have little effect on some materials in the cockpit so if you are getting shadows/sun inside the car some shaders might get a little blown out, a little beige. If anyone can tweak these then please do so. It obviously needs more than just ksDiffuse tweaks.
I also swapped the audio out for the more era-appropriate KS Mk I Escort as that weird two-stage engine note that seems to get slapped into every V-tech Honda mod is just downright odd.
Full changelog below.


- Extensive interior shader tweaks to reveal cockpit detail
- All bright chrome changed to gunmetal satin finish
- Wheels darkened/dechromed, tyres darkened
- Driver position altered so he grips the steering wheel
- Driver suits added
- Shifting animation added, timing tweaked
- Exterior shader tweaks, dirt layer added to glass
- Existing paints tweaked, many new paint options added
- Brake balance adjusted for better stability under heavy braking
- Audio swapped with Kunos Mk I Ford Escort
- UI detail added

Thanks very much to Jean Carlos/Raiden Gaming D&O Racing for bringing this beauty to Assetto Corsa.
Please shout with any issues.

Wipers and LoDs would be great if anyone wants to please add them.