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Rockingham Speedway.. North Carolina Speedway.. The Rock..

The Rock is finally here, too modded from the original to allow infield racing (Thanks Coby Hill). Also added old backstretch to make it different.

Oval, Roval and Infield layouts. Try to enjoy.

Gonna need some cameras please :P :P :P DaBaeda



sorry , link download?
Hey guys, i've fixed and improved the Pukekohe Park conversion by @neil shaw

The question is, should i upload here the full updated track (with relatives thanks to @DaBaeda for the cams & grid fix) and for the billboard fixed by i forgot who did it, or only the files i changed?

Because it required a lot of work, included the editing of 3 KN5.

It would be amazing if someone would be able to make a proper physical mesh for the track


- v1.0 Base track conversion by Neil Shaw

- v1.1 Update by CrisT86
- New scratchmade EXT_CONFIG which includes RainFX, GrassFX, LightsFX
- Fixed KN5 (some fences misses the double faces)
- Fixed KN5 (modified some materials and object names in order to work properly with the new EXT_CONFIG)
- New VAO Patches
- Backgrounds images
- New UI

View attachment 983745 View attachment 983746 View attachment 983747 View attachment 983748 View attachment 983749 View attachment 983750 View attachment 983751 View attachment 983752
sorry , link download?
By checking the web it seems that was used for a contest by Motul (or something like that) which was main sponsor for the track, but now is not anymore. I will put the link in the previous post, then if the author will have a problem with this update i will ask only to contat me here, or contact an admin and request to remove the link, i think is the only way to do it ;)

I would love to give him the proper credit, but i didn't have the idea on who did it. Maybe the ones presents in some banners (which i hide because no present in real life) but i don't really know, i don't want to credit random people :D

This is nothing more than my humble opinion.
With so many updates and updates of updates being almost daily, I don't see an issue by doing an improving & fixing update, being posted here.

If you give the deserved credits to the author, you have two options.
Place an addon files, or put on a new track folder with a different pre/sufix to not overwrite.
This way people can have both or chose one.

You are not doing something wrong or stupid, you are not adding a vulcan, vampire trees or blue grass with green sky nor orange tarmac.

A trully good and horonable modder will be proud of his mod being used for updates (I guess), it is proof that his mod is quite good!

Peace for all,
Here is the 8th track of the Northern Europe TrackPack I promised a few days ago:
- Jyllands-Ringen by Tiago Lima -> pits extended from 15 to 30

Most of the work with Jyllands has been done by @slider666 , @norms and @LiquidSkyMan , so they deserve all the praise for this fixes! :)

Here is the explanation from @slider666 on what has been changed:

"Thanks goes first to Tiago Lima on RD for his initial work on this track for AC, @Fanapryde , @leBluem and @norms for testing and giving feedback, @LiquidSkyMan for new improved track limits and outlines.
@norms for finding drive through holes in the infield (for whatever reason one should go there ;) ), giving @slider666 the missing 3D people texture and at the end even finding an weird wrong named road mesh.
Config and fixes by @slider666

  • fixed weird "flying" doubled curbs on certain corners
  • fixed flickering trees
  • removed huge billboards
  • added new grass fx
  • added "waving" flags
  • added a few lights at night
  • 3D people just not full grey anymore (thx @norms )
  • added missing shadows
  • fixed drive through holes in infield (thx @norms )
  • fixed grass named mesh on road (thx @norms )
  • changed a little part of the track to be "dirty" ;)
  • overall brightness and saturation
  • improved performance a little with new lod settings in config
  • new improved track limits and outlines (thx @LiquidSkyMan )
  • fixed some weird shaders and their alpha channels or blendings
  • extended pit boxes and start positions by @Foxeway
  • new preview for 30 pits layout by @Fanapryde "

NOTE: If you don't have the original track, there is a link to download Jyllands-Ringen by Tiago Lima in the Readme files.

IMPORTANT: This one will overwrite some of the original files in the track folder, but it's probably for the better, as all these fixes are very high quality.

Here are the links to the other pits extensions I made:
Northern Europe Trackpack:

Southern Europe Trackpack:

Once again, big thanks to all the great people tagged above, it's their release and not mine, so give them cheers :cheers:

Yes, this is a reply to a post from several months ago. I "discovered" this track this morning in my collection, saw that it needed improvement, then searched and found this update--which is great!

...except after installing this update, RSR Live Timing no longer works. When you cross the different pavement near the end of the lap, it "invalidates" the lap. Apparently that surface is named in such a way that RSR doesn't see it as part of the track.

If anyone's not familiar with the track, I recommend it. If you download the updated, be sure to look at the Important Readme file, as you have to download the original version from Race Department first, then install this over it.
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I keep in mind to rename the folder so no other car is overwritten. I´ve done it now with the 360 CS, but the Showroom doesn´t start (don´t know why)

@Masccot, the M3 E46 I represent is an SMG II. It has paddles, so SUPPORTS_SHIFTER=0. But if someone wants to drive it like the manual version, you can change 0 to 1 (the gear ratios are the same). I know there are some archives in the folders that are nor needed, but don´t have so many time to look for those things. Sorry :)

Here´s the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. As always, real data is implemented when is possible or existent: real dyno torque curve, gear ratios, steering ratio, spring rates, alignment settings (toe, caster, camber,...), aero downforce, etc...

Try it in a circuit like new retextured Macau, that has lots of "echo resonance" zones, and enjoy the sound ;)


I test drove all your cars .037,stratos,m3 e46.All drive really nice.The stratos at muracciole_vezzani is a blast!!!
Only the 360 cs has a strange feel.The rear just slides out.There is no option to adjust tire pressure.It really will not hold a line.Can you check it out?
Sound on all your cars is phenomenal.

And i really hope someone will enhance/update these tracks (muracciole_vezzani,porto_piana).

original track for rF2 by team tchacha


Hello nice conversion, you won me the shot as i started to convert this Gateway but never finished it. Do you want to merge versions ? I added many AC objects, even Paulinho from Tchacha will use some to update his rf2 track.
Can anyone confirm that CSP 1.72 preview1 has no rain spray coming from AI tyres?

EDIT: Sorry, me trying very slow mods. lol
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