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I decided to revisit Valencia Street Circuit, as I haven't driven it in a while, but I remembered that it's one I enjoyed.

There's a few different versions around, but I think I used this as the base:

I then added @Delta7Fox 's update:

There is also an ACU version out there.

-The ai fast lane I had was by @F_B, which was pretty good, but I tweaked the sidelines and removed the boosted ai hints for less crashing. The hints were probably good for some cars, but it could cause issues for others, imo. The ai seems fast enough without them, so I created a blank placeholder instead. Some cars may graze an inside wall on tight turns, but nothing race breaking so far in testing. F_B's original ai can be found here:

-I made detailed Rain FX, and added it to the lighting config found on Shader's Patch Discord. I believe it was uploaded by CreamyCornCob (?). Not sure if he is the author. It was originally for the ACU version, but I altered it and it works fine.

-I also included an alternate groove.ini sourced from the acu version, as the one in the Delta7Fox update may have been botched by a newer version of CSP. YMMV.

-Two DRS zones added by kenkenco, uploaded at RD:

(Side note, kenkenco had also added ai for the track, also available at RD. It's pretty good as well, maybe just a hair slower, but the pit lane is messed up, and no ideal line added to data folder.)

-Lastly, I made some background images for the loading screen as well.

View attachment 1068939

As usual, back up your track before installing. If you have them, delete those darn .bin files etc., from ai folder when updating ai.

AI sidelines and pits, Track Lighting plus Rain FX, DRS, Backgrounds for Valencia (Street Circuit):

I really enjoyed your changes to the track, thanks! Is there a way to lower the volume between tyre and track?I find it`s a bit louder than others. Thanks
I'm working on the opel astra but a big problem on this car, the driver has not all the hand synchronized with the steering wheel, I looked for a lot of solution to animate the driver on blender, I found this post from Stereo here:
but still a lot of problem, driver completely out of place in the car and impossible to move it with CM (error message), i finally found the solution by modifying the stereo driver, i made a sitting version that works in CM to move it, the opel should be ready soon

I tore my hair out for 3 days to find the solution, not in bed before 3 am. 🥴
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Germany, Saxony
all mirror work for me
The left mirror looks like this:
Needs transparent flag turning on the glass. Should be possible using CSP extension rather than editing the mod.
Sorry for hijack the post... but I have the same exact problem with a Toyota Celica St205 GrA8 WRC. I tried to find where to change it, using anything available from CM and CSP with no luck. Actually I found where it says that the obejct is not transparent, but couldn't edit it/change it.
So, could you please say what CSP extension should be used? I mean, I think that is something not depending on any extra 3D software, it only depends on CM and its extension, right!?
Thanks in advance!
Cheers. :cheers:
Assettoland recently posted the "re-worked" Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (2021) by replaio. One of the main issues was the left driver mirror which should have been fixed with this update but it is still not usable. Maybe @__EASY__ you could have a look onto it?

Thank you
Downloaded from your link. Mirror is OK here (latest CSP)

I really don't fancy the glass interiors though... :irked:
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They are all far off their real specs and performance though, sadly the only 2000-2003 DTM mods I found as well.
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It's almost real looking.

this ULTRA GRAPHICS RESHADE (holy moly) channel was also in my recomendations these days...
and there is a lot of effect overkilling there...

so you say much distortion, lens, bloom and overbrightening effects, on top with oversharpening is "almost real looking" ?

i also loved to use this "raytracing", better: screen space GI, 2 years ago, it looked good on AC.
but i do not use it now, because CSP has built in effects now which give a better overall image.
also reshade kills my FPS in AC.
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