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Nissan Skyline R32 JTCC Update (Base 4)
I hope this is the last update because my hair is starting to turn grey

Another update for the Nissan Skyline R32 JTCC mod. This version is focused on various issues and making some improvements to enhance experience.

For more information and to download the car mod click down here:

Downloading Mod From GTPlanet
Downloading Mod From My Patreon


Hello, here is reworked version of CE 2006 McLaren MP4/21 (2nd car is Montoya's with different engine sound in early GPs) from CTDP(ACFL) conversion

ver 1.0
-fixed kn5 shaders
-real camera angles (all F1 & F6)
-realistic car performance
-helmets by IcebergXD from RD
-sound by kudos_kudos from RD

ver 1.04c
increased car reflection - new chrome, helmets updated, new texture on tyres and some colors correction in general

ver 1.96
reworked suspension and updated car's 3d by Deploy

ver 1.98
physics updated, visual improvment, more skins and renamed second car file to 'early mclaren'

extra updates !

current ver 1.98d
physics updated again (car feels less floaty now and more nimble), small details added, helmets aero fixed (driver model), getting it ready for the real final update

upcoming ver 2.0
driver to match the seat perfectly with correct head angle and overall steering wheel fix

View attachment 1288545View attachment 1288546View attachment 1288547View attachment 1288548

link :

check discord for more F1 mods made by Deploy & Senna :
Some news, i won't do any other car from 2006 beside mp4/21 without permission, so instead i continue work on mclaren with 2 extra updates. One is released now and second will be when the other modder finnish job with the steering wheel.
Current version is v1.98d, notes about that and upcoming (real final) update is on post.
Hi guys. I have a problem that I can't solve, I also made a request on the CSP Discord. AI-driven cars appear to have a speed boost. I carried out a test on the Daytona Tri-oval track, a circuit where you always have the throttle open and after just one lap the situation is the one in the image (look ah the disply map). I tried playing with the parameters of the "new Ai behavior" tab, but nothing changes. Help me please, I can't play this beautiful game anymore.


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"All directions"..?
Sounds like funky switches or joysticks, not rotaries? You can't hold a rotary switch down, you rotate it left or right and it sends one pulse with each 'click'.
I think something got lost in translation here.
ah yes, the rotary ones , sorry... got it now :)
(I indeed wrongly thought you were reffering to the POV hat switches.)
Has anyone ever had a problem where Assetto has crashed whilst loading and restarted their PC automatically for then Contnet Manager to be completely reset? Just had to do stuff like add steam ID player name, reverify Content Manager key then all my CSP settings, controls everything were reset to then be met with warnings like needing to deactivate standard motion blur for Extra FX to work? Currently unable to play AC as it just constantly ends the session once the car has loaded in the pitlane with no error message so can't figure out what's not working
VRC dropped an update to their TA2 cars today.

Do anyone already tested if the avaiable skins are still working?
Wasnt todays update just to the Dagger? the other got an update when the new one launched? ask since i don't see an email today about the older cars. The old skins work on v1.1 of the Mare and Chevrette
Ascari KZ1R Public Release BY Peter Crill & Gadu Boyz Colaboration
Car and Driver-
Driver Suits-
  • Base model from FH5, converted By Peter Crill, Improved by GADU with unique details (gear knob, 3d central button, and many small 3d fix , animations)
  • AO inside/out
  • PBR materials
  • Openable parts
  • Driver and shift animation
  • Seatbelt on/off
  • All gauges working
  • Air vents animation
  • Driver suits personalized
  • LODs
  • Initial camera by Daniel Nogal
  • Photos By Savvas Metalinious
  • Beta Testing Mascot and C13 automotive
  • Takum1 which applied some csp effects
  • MOD ENCRYPTED /// REQUIRE CSP 0.1.77 or above to work properly
  • EXTRA_A= Door left
  • EXTRA_B= Door right
  • EXTRA_C= Front hood
  • EXTRA_D= Rear hood
  • EXTRA_E= Engine hood
  • EXTRA_F= Fog lights
Other mods by Gadu Boyz:
Other mods by 101creative:

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What a beauty!!!
The level in detail is insane!!!
Animations for throttle, clutch, brake, turnlights, headlights, individual shifts.
Great job!!!
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"All directions"..?
Sounds like funky switches or joysticks, not rotaries? You can't hold a rotary switch down, you rotate it left or right and it sends one pulse with each 'click'.
I think something got lost in translation here.
That IGN / START isn't really necessary in sims (imo) but several are using them and I got used to it. Got it covered with designated switch/button on my button box:

That's right: they are the best! But unfortunately old cars, without halo.
Then find the FSR Formula 4 car and use this data to make it not crap:
Physics Rework Porsche Cayman GT4 RS


Full credit goes to Adrian Suy and MNBA for converting the car from CSR2 in the first place, this is just a physics edit with some different skins! I decided to make this install as a new car as I didn't want to over write the original with my efforts.

Majority of the changes made are listed in the attached change log, I am sure I have missed some things. The main reason for doing this was to give the car the correct rear suspension type, strut rather than double wish bone, but as always things got a little carried away!

The car still need some performance testing in terms of lap times, just remember you are probably not Jorg Bergmeister when it comes to the Nordschleife ;) :P Feedback is much appreciated.

Note: This car uses extended physics especially in the tyres and brakes and has been built / tested using shaders patch version 0.1.80-preview115


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"L.V.C" REPLICA SKIN + HELP (entire car available)

the only other car i could find had about 20k poly and was a horrid model, not bad skins but a terrible car, so i chose this one, also the one that used to be available from rallyworld or whatever there called have now put that car behind a paywall as far as i can tell.

my 2nd replica skin which is finished but there are a few things that i cannot work out, i am wondering if there is anyone who can. There are a few issues which i will list:

1- the headlights (see bottom pic) for some reason the black on the left hand side is opaque and the headlight on the right hand side is not it is tinted heavily but slightly transparent in CM showroom and is very very obvious when the headlights are on, it looks stupid but i am hoping someone will be able to fix this because i can't and in my opinion it kinda ruins it a bit especially if night driving. The window banner is also transparent from the inside i have no idea how to make it so its visible from the inside and also why the banner looks like its stuck on the inside of tinted glass it just looks a little dull, if i could sort that i would be able to finish the banner so it covers to the edges like in real life but again, i am stuck with what i have

2- the 3d model is not awful especially on the outside but there are some glaring issues with it, things like the roll cage need a rework and ideally a front and back towing eye ring, at the moment i have arrows pointing to towing eye covers which does look a little odd, the interior is also very plain with a hole above the top left windscreen frame from cockpit view. I have tried to use the textures that are in the folders so the interior is not as plain but i cannot get anything to work on it, also there is a gap above the top of the rear window (from the outside), i also can't do anything with the badge on the back as i would like to silver it out to the same colour as the car but i cannot do that as the front badge is mapped with it.

3- there are loads of files with this car and to be honest i am sure alot more can be done but i have absolutely no idea how, have a look in the unpacked-bem_bmw_z3 folder there is all sorts but i cannot get any of it working so i am hoping someone with more skill than me will be able to work out what its all for and do something with it

i will not be releasing this car in the download section yet as for me to release this and feel happy about it i can look over everything this car has wrong with it but i cannot look past the headlights and the plain interior so until that is sorted i will just post a link to the entire car here with my skin included. That way if you want to just use "as is" you can do so.

so to sum up, i am happy with the work i have done, there are differences between what we have in the game and what the real life car is, the wing mirrors and bootlid being the most obvious, but as we say around here you can only work with what you have available to you at the present time.

there are a few imperfections here and there with it, but to be honest i don't want to spend anymore time on it as is because like i said the headlights and the interior need work and if no one is able to do it then i will just leave this skin as is and enjoy it. but if anyone is able to help i will finish the minor touches/adjustments before a proper release

the skin that comes with the car is 6k by the way. i have a 2k and a 4k body/glass .dds if anyone wants it


Screenshot (155).png
Screenshot (153).png
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Some news from today:

updated fixes:

I gained permission for the Potrero de los Funes update! You can have a look for the WIP here, already downloadable for Patreons:
hi guys, hope someone can help with this :

When I try to open the Alpine A310 V6 Groupe V 3.0L by rnoir in Showroom it fails with error message
"Failed to create texture "Odometer font". Creation parameters aren't valid."

It loads fine in game, and in CM Showroom... only in Showroom does it give this error.
(I hope soon they will update CM Showroom to show the CSP effects as well.)

Had the same error before with another car ( here ,) but no hints were provided back then , hope this time someone can provide a clue :)

PS: in what app to open CSP crash reports? (are not readable in notepad)

PS2: he who wants it can download my this skin for this car here

has chameleon skin, lighter interior and special dashboard texture , and also matching purple stitching on the steering wheel! ;)
That IGN / START isn't really necessary in sims (imo) but several are using them and I got used to it. Got it covered with designated switch/button on my button box:

View attachment 1290404
Only game I've found it necessary to have both is ACC. You lose a ton of time in the pitstops if you have it on automatic, takes too long to restart after a pitstop otherwise.

more track fixes:

Is there any chance you can look at Silverstone Club? Its my favourite "quick bash racing" track but the AI is always too slow through Copse.
Checked the national layout with the MX-5 cup. Was not so slow at Copse. Do you use new ai or extended physics? That can make the cars slow.
No, not that I know of. Extended physics is off and as far as I know I'm still on the original Ai for it. I just find a can carry a lot more speed at the apex than they do, ranging from touring cars to single seaters. They tend to either lift or brake mid-apex.
Then find the FSR Formula 4 car and use this data to make it not crap:
If i put the modified data in the car folder, I get an error with model files are missing
@VheEth I don't know how tricky this might be but is there any chance the physics-defying banner cables on your South American tracks could be updated with straight tensioned ones?
I can't unsee the way these cables drape in a way that just isn't possible in the real world.
This is no doubt an issue with the source material, but it'd be great if they could be fixed.
Something like this?

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