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  1. wowbaggerBR


    Le Mans, done. I finally did it, I finally won a race in my favorite track.

    Got a pole from a 3min28s time with the Porsche 919, which I'm sure I can drop quite a bit yet. By the end of the first lap, I was 5 seconds ahead, which gave me the chance of just micromanage fuel consumption so that I basically had fuel for going 100% in the last lap to get a fastest time of 3min24. Eventually, I ended the race 14 seconds ahead of the second placed guy. Pretty much everyone else had to stop :D.
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  2. Redsea666


    I had a great week at the RBR last week. It's such a fast lap- and so many opportunities to come in hot with some late braking. It'd be a great circuit for drifting.

    However, on to my favorite- Le Mans! Definitely want to try some different cars this week. Being a Toyota fan I've always used the TS050, which is stable and predictable. Maybe I'll try something hotter from Group C. Looking forward to it!
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  3. sturk0167


    United States
    I had time for 2 C races before work, today. Started from the back in both. First one was in the TS050. I started the final lap in 7th, and passed 2 guys who ran out of gas for a 5th place finish.

    2nd race was in the LM55. I got too aggressive at the start, and got knocked in the sand, winding up dead last. My fault. :banghead:

    Near the end of the 3rd lap, I made it up to 6th, then look what happened. Check out out the leaderboard on the top left of the screen. :lol:

    Finished 3rd. :tup:

    *For those who prefer automatic transmissions, and use fuel mapping for fuel saving, rather than short-shifting, the LM55 goes 5.1 laps with FM3. :)
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  4. NevilleNobody


    Killed it at the RBR, wish i had more time to race, got myself about 4,000 DR points in three nights and finished the week as an A-A driver. The track really suits me as it has big stops, a lack of long corners that kill me on the DS4, and if you're patent, guys will fall off the road, take each other out or will get a time penalty. penalties REALLY hurt at the RBR because even half a second on the back straight is a full 3 second loss of time.

    The key there is patience and to yield a bit when fighting, exits are absolutely critical so no point going in late on the inside as you will just be dead meat on the straight. Just wait, brake a touch early and exit hard, guys often screw up even in SR-S races.

    Will not race this week as I will be busy and all three races are terrible for me.
  5. theschledy


    What's the strategy for race C?
  6. wicken


    Started playing the game last night....and I'm happy with this result :)