Do you still have respect for Kazunori Yamauchi? (poll)

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Do you have any respect for Kazunori Yamauchi?

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  1. Yes I do.

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  2. No I don't.

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    Notice how you compared PS4 game update sizes to PS3?
    I also said "most updated" not "biggest file size".
    GT6 is running 21 updates, and you're comparing it to ACs 6? (idk how many it has but less than 21)

    Your main point seems to be to tell me that everything's irrelevant.

    So I can respect Kaz for what he's accomplished in his favor, but I cant lose respect for his failures and seeming oblivion?
    Alrighty then.
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  2. Imari


    You think so? Seems pretty rational to me. One gains respect for great achievements and loses it for poor ones. Why should it be otherwise?

    If by "very few" you mean "literally thousands". Gran Turismo is at this point a medium size fish in a fairly small pond. There are thousands of individuals who have steered their companies and/or products to international significance.

    Why not?

    Racing games, certainly. Although again there are a handful of people who have been far more influential on the genre but get far less publicity than Kaz. I reserve my respect for them, without whom the racing genre would be a very different place.

    Certainly. And when he does it, he can have my respect again. For now, I have little respect for him as a developer. He had one very good idea and milked it, but didn't know where to go when times moved beyond that and didn't have the foresight to bring in alternative visions.

    GTS is interesting but it's about 10 years too late to be anything special. And the time from PS4 release renders it basically obsolete even before it's available. You cannot release a AAA game that small and focused four years after PS4 release. Not with Polyphony's team and budget.

    Two different words, with different meanings. If you mean admiration, then say admiration. Don't try and conflate it with respect when other people are using that word with it's distinct meanings.

    On the other hand, one could certainly critique it for not sticking to it's own design brief, being late, and not actually delivering on what it promised even two years later. It's few features that you find that you actually also have to buy the next game to fully experience.

    I like the idea of the VGTs, but the implementation was somewhere between horrible and abusive.
  3. Tornado


    outlet for the various participating companies' marketing departments.
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  4. Tassie_tiger


    While it's fair to say I'm not overly animated in this particular topic, it is polite to respond to those that quoted me, so here goes.

    A rather extreme example, but I get what you're driving at.
    Point taken. :tup:

    Interesting image.
    I don't know the ins-and-outs of how the console organises it files, but I got the numbers from gtplanet news posts.
    Over 3Gb, over 4Gb, and 5.6Gb, is close enough to 13Gb to me. :tup:
    Perhaps I've misread something somewhere.
    But does the number of patches or the size of patches really have any significance to the topic at hand?
    Perhaps to some it does, but to me, the answer is No.

    Remembering that you quoted me, I simply responded to your list of bullet points.
    And considering the context of my post, I'm sorry to say that Yes, I did find most of the points you posted inconsequential to the topic, and therefore irrelevant.
    But hey, each to their own. :tup:

    I do like reading your posts. :)
    Once again you have put forward some great counter points. :tup:
    And while there are a couple small things from your post I would like to counter myself, I'm happy to leave it at that.

    That sounds like a fair statement to me. :tup:
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  5. Scaff

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    Each PS4 update also contains all of the data from the previous one, so in this case the first is 3GB, the next is only 1 GB bigger, the next 1.6GB bigger again, etc.

    So in the three examples above the total size of the updates is 5.6GB, not 13GB.

    If I recall the total updates for PC was around 9 to 10GB (across 10 updates).

    The PS4 does this so if you buy a title that has had numerous patches/updates you don't need to download a huge number of separate files and have them install (which was the case on the PS3 and didn't work that well)

    Um, you mentioned PCars and the total size of its updates.
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  6. Tassie_tiger


    I didn't realise that.
    And yet using that example I don't understand why v7.0 was 2Gb.

    I was responding to a post that quoted me.
    I put forward an alternative example.
    Perhaps the poster had a better point.
    I'm not fussed.

    I still feel it's a moot point regarding respect to Kaz.
    It's your prerogative to hold a different view.
  7. Scaff

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    Sometimes the difference in size (from the last update) gets mentioned rather than the total size, however the way in which the PS4 manages updates is the same across all titles.

    I've not stated a view on it, my only input in this case was in regard to a comparison of patch/update sizes across two console generation is not a like for like one, and that the total patch size you mentioned for PCars wasn't accurate.
  8. Tassie_tiger


    I've noticed.

    Suggestion for consideration.
    Perhaps gtplanet could report on patch sizes in a uniform manner to avoid future confusion. :tup:

    And for me it's getting late, so that signals the end of my participation in this off-topic conversation. :tup:
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  9. Wools


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    He made one of the biggest racing games ever and each entry in the series has resulted in me having hundreds of joyous hours with them.

    Yes, I still respect him.