Emergency Update Incoming NOT 1.07

EMERGENCY UPDATE NOW LIVE, PD call it 1.07 but it is NOT the GT League

While waiting for the Mileage Exchange to update I happened to see this pop up, Thought it best to share here.

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What's up with the traction control? Seems to work perfectly well when set at 2 to me.

A grp4 FWD BOP adjustment would be a good thing to chuck in though :)

I don't think they mean the TCS, as this works fine. But if you activate TKS (I think thats how its called. the one that helps you not to spin) your corner exit speed was horrible after the patch. So this is a good change for people who drive with a controller.
Especially for me, as mine is broken and I have to use X and square right now. That makes exiting corners nearly impossible without TKS on :scared:
What's up with the traction control? Seems to work perfectly well when set at 2 to me.

A grp4 FWD BOP adjustment would be a good thing to chuck in though :)
Some GT3 in game right now with locked LSD are just undrivable, I tried Lexus last week its rear wheels keep spinning till 4th gear if you don’t use TC but if you use it after 1.06 you lose acceleration out of corners. I’m guessing it’s not the only car that is hard to drive right now.
Maybe this will even the playing field a bit, Going off the wording I take it to mean anything that isn't FF will be easier to drive without the TC being either too overpowered (Making you crawl along at a snails pace) or completely useless (Letting the car spin too easily) I hope this is the case.

Would have been nice if PD had put when the update is planned for so we aren't having to guess.
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United Kingdom
Does this mean that TCS will actually behave like TCS now? Controlling the power delivery in reaction to loss or traction and not the slip angle like it currently does? It currently applies only braking force, that's not how TCS is supposed to work.

Here's what I'm on about for those who don't know:

The TCS is still very buggy and potentially game-breaking with some cars, it's getting beyond annoying and it seems to have spread to some of the Gr.3 cars from the Gr.1 cars since v1.06.

Seriously? Did Polyphony outsource the TCS coding/engine to Peter Molyneux or Yogventures? The way the TCS kicks in and behaves it totally wrong.

Sometimes you will get a clean exit from a turn with satisfyingly perfect traction and the TCS will suddenly decide to kick in, violently borking the car sideways off towards the inside wall because it's application has caused the car to lose all the traction that the TCS supposed to be ensuring!

It does this on totally randomly occasions over apexes, bumps, on the exits of tight corners, on the exits of medium corners, in the middle of corners, on gearshifts, if you're unlucky it will start eating away at your speed during flatout turns and sometimes it just leaves you awkwardly having to coast the car around bends simply because you just don't trust it to not completely screw up your throttle application, it's ridiculous.

Another side effect of TCS I've noticed is that it sometimes will kick in when there's absolutely no wheelspin during a corner or on turn-in, causing the car to refuse to 'bite' and start to understeer wildly, do the following and you'll see what I mean:

Go to the Nordschliefe in the M6 GT3 car (it happens with quite a few cars but this is my given example) and take Hatzenbach as you normally would (usually with either a lift off the throttle or a dab of the break) five times, start of with TCS on 0 and go up a level each time, you'll notice how each time it will pick up hints of understeer that didn't exist before.

Why is this happening? Well the TCS appears to be coded to prevent the slip-angle of the car's tyres, which is essentially how tyres generate their grip through turns, for example; and F1 car would require a 4-6 degree slip angle to generate their grip. This is the only logical explanation I can think of as to why that understeer specifically occurs and ties on to what I suspect is wrong with the TCS in GT Sport:

It's not coded react to the wheelspin or loss of traction and to then apply the usual combination of measures to limit that loss of traction which are;
  • Subtle braking on one or more wheels.
  • Reducing ignition or fuel flow.
  • Reducing the throttle or boost pressure (if the car is turbocharged)
it's reacting to the car in general slipping in any way (including slip-angle) then simulating TCS by applying only a harsh braking force in the most stability jarring way possible, none of the other measures.

Also, because I know people will inevitably ask what's my background to speak on TCS: I've been a motorsport journalist and photographer since 2009, I've also raced occasionally in club races and got to dick about in GT4 and GT3 cars occasionally at tests / experience events, so I know how TCS is supposed to behave and in racecars it's usually never involving brakes, either that or it's very subtle to the point you do not notice. TCS in real-life works in a way which doesn't rob the car of it's slip-angle.

Unfortunately GT Sport's TCS seems to work in a way which does rob the car of it's slip-angle...
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Nothing wrong with the amount of grip on RWD cars... just FWD that have too much.

I will say that one of the corvettes was very tail happy on exit, even with TC at 3. I drove the vettes quite a bit prior to 1.06, I wasn't comfortable after tho.

The Gr. 4 BoP needs some pretty big changes
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An increase in stability... sigh...
@Zeitoss, yep, chooo chooo....chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga...

@Darwock, yep, the Mustangs act like they have 1000ft-lbs of tq at 1500rpm... they are totally unrealistic.
insted of fixing tcs they should fix penalties and sr in sport mode, last night i went fom a b /s to c/b all because other players in the room played like it was a world war 3, i keep geting hit all the time:banghead::banghead:, and no one was geting any penaites:mad::mad::mad:. pleas gt fix this
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