Polyphony Digital to Release “Emergency Update” for GT Sport This Week

Gran Turismo Sport 282 December 5, 2017 by

Gran Turismo Sport users are waking up this morning to an unusual in-game notice. It advises that Polyphony Digital will patch the game with an “emergency update”.

It seems likely that this update will coincide with the weekly Wednesday maintenance period. That occurs from 0500-0700 UTC each week, and the patch will probably follow on from this.

The full update notice is below:

We will be performing an emergency update for Gran Turismo Sport to fix an issue that has been identified.

Please note this update is NOT the update for additional vehicles as notified in the “Notice regarding upcoming updates to Gran Turismo Sport”

The items that will be fixed by this update are as follows:

1. Physics Simulation Model — The TCS controls will be adjusted to increase stability at throttle ON in corner exits.

Other issues have been corrected to increase stability.

Please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport.

The notice reminds players that this is not the scheduled content update we’re expecting in December. As always, you won’t be able to connect to the game’s servers during the maintenance period or while running a pre-patch game version, so ensure you save your data well before 0500 UTC on Wednesday 6th December.

Featured image courtesy of MeanElf.

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