Gran Turismo-Head Count (Poll)

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Gran Turismo-What's Your Go To Now ? (Maximum Of Two Selections)

  1. Mostly GTS Only

  2. Mostly GT6 Only

  3. Mostly GT5 Only

  4. Mostly GT4 Only

  5. Mostly GT3 Only

  6. Mostly GT2 Only

  7. Mostly GT1 Only

  8. I Am A GTS Fan Boy

  9. I'm Leaving GTS For Older Versions

  10. I Vary From GT1 To GT6

  11. GT5 And GT6 Rule

  12. GT4 And GT5 Rule

  13. I Prefer Other Racing Games

  14. I'm Rich And Play Them All

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  1. 2_FAST_4_U


    United States
    With 2019 just around the corner, I wonder how many now are actually active on the GT5 forum, both thread posters and non posters alike ?
  2. Parnelli Bone

    Parnelli Bone Premium

    United States
    I mostly play GT5, and just started getting into 6 a few months ago. Because I like going fast, but like taking these games slowwwww. In fact, I spent about a year with the first game, three years with GT2, not too long with GT3, maybe four years with GT4, but GT5 holds the record at 8 years and counting.

    No interest in Sport.

    GT7? We'll see. I'm mostly waiting to see if it'll be on PS4 or whatever the next console is. I don't want to get a PS4 then be stuck with not enough justification for spending that money.

    How do I determine whether I"m a GT5 fan boy? :lol:
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