Gran Turismo - Open World Freeroam? (Read OP)

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Would you like an added free-roam mode in the Gran Turismo series?

  1. Yes

    1,107 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. DeolTheBeast


    I've dreamed of such a thing for years.
    If the physics were spot on, and perhaps the roads within the game had destinations at the end. e.g You have to drive to get to a race track , as well as all cars premium, I would accept it.
    Until the technology is good enough for a driving simulator like GT5 to be merged into a highly detailed virtual world, then I'm not to sure about it.
    TDU probably did this whole idea best, just with rubbish physics.
  2. Ch0zander



    If you want GT to stay the same, have the same issues generation after generation, post comments like this. Case closed.

    Think of somebody suggesting to enhance Nissan Sunny's audio system and you commenting:
    If you want to listen to music, grab a boom-blaster with you.
  3. hardvibes


  4. Big Ron

    Big Ron

    But he is right. GT is a racing game and not Grand Theft Auto.
  5. Stradivis


    There's more people voting for free roam than people voting against it.

    Then in GT6 or 7 for PS4 we'll get lots of cars from GT5, the same AI, same dmg model, same tracks, and people will come here complaining. But oh, wait, we have a nice free roam mode with speed limits! Look! Great! hey, watch my replay cruising at 30 Km/h going to the car dealer!

    Kaz needs someone to counter-balance his ideas. Or else, no console on earth will ever have "enough power, memory, etc", and PD will take 10 years to do the game.
  6. Ch0zander


    Don't know about that, but you are wrong. GT5 - The Real Driving Simulator

    You don't have to be racing in a driving simulator. Nobody has asked for guns or gang wars, what is the main thing in GTA.
  7. Big Ron

    Big Ron

    You are right. But GTA has also a working traffic system. But did you ever see somebody driving a car with 45 mph through Liberty City?

    Not me, because its boring.
  8. daspianist


    It may be a nice thing to have (the idea certainly has an East-Asian flair to it) - but I would not want to walk to see the tree-walls in autumn ring or any of the not so well modeled environments.

    Why not spend the time transforming some of the standards (the Furai, for one) to premiums? This would even more extra revenue from the DLCs.
  9. Ch0zander


    Yes. Countless times. I've played through GTA driving properly. Actually I have a mod in it that the police try to stop me if I run through red lights or I'm otherwise not obeying the traffic rules.
  10. strik3out


    I don't get it. What is this free roam thing with this game? And what was Kaz on about when he said he wanted people to be able to drive and obey traffic laws etc? And walk about and stuff?

    This is Gran Turismo. It's a racing game. It's a track based racing game. How on earth would this fit in? I mean, what, he'd make an seperate entire city just for this? You people would want this? I just really do not see the point of Free Roam here.
  11. Devedander


    OH DEFINITELY YES!!! I mean after they fix more important stuff with GT5, but someday, oh please yes... then it really WOULD be a driving simulator instead of a racing game....

    Imagine a tie in with Google earth or something and driving through famous cities or even YOUR city but in GT world... seeing your house or stores and places you know... how awesome would that be.

    Getting out is not such a big deal for me but being able to drive through real world locals like a virtual vacation or tour... how awesome would that be?

  12. Jujamun


    To be honest shouldn't there be improvements on the game and the racing aspects in this game before there is things like this I mean why do this on a racing game

    Make all cars premium first and put more cars on before this

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  13. PaTrond


    Well, yes, would be awesome! ..But..! Sure GT5 has got some nice graphics on the cars, but the scenery isn't that nice, something that bothers me when I take photos. Sure it would be very nice to have a town to cruise around in, but how much work is that when you're going to make that nice scenery? ..Not that much actually when I think again*.. We'll probably see it in GT6 if it Kazanōri-san decides to implement it.

    *Houses aren't that hard to make, especially if you're making your own houses instead of measuring a real one into every exact detail. Most software allow some short of shortcuts under the process of making too, like just make a line and make a shape follow it.. like laying road.. just stretching the asphalt instead. Parts of-, or whole models, are often used again too.
  14. xraven13


    Seriously -> NO ! Right now there is lot of other stuff to fix and improve.
  15. slicecom


    This would be really cool, but there's so many other things we need before this, like qualifying.
  16. guv_160


    It would be a good distraction as i have always seen the world of Gran Turismo being a sort of racing community like a town or city. The older games menus were laid out like a city map. GT1 and GT2 had this layout; it did look like everything you did in GT happened in a town of sorts apart from racing. You could do a lot of the things in the game by physically going there like driving to the GT auto to get your car serviced or the dealer to browse the cars available etc. it would only really be a novelty thing it wouldn’t really be necessary to have I would rather see issues currently be solved first
  17. jeff-fa-fa6661


    I think it would be a nice option to add sometime in the future, but not necessarily right now. I think it is clear that there are more pressing issues to be tackled first. But it would be nice to see eventually, because while there is NFS and TDU, and soon to be TDU2 (which looks good, btw) it would be cool to have a racing game with free roam that wasn't so arcade-like, as is the case with TDU and NFS.
  18. JackC8


    United States
    Free Roam should be around item #250 on his priority list.
  19. UnionStrike

    UnionStrike (Banned)

    Hong Kong
    yeah.. why not.
  20. Sselecta


    Care to explain in what way Mr. Yamauchi's idea is progressive and benefits the game?
  21. sumbrownkid


    United States
    Free roam would be awesome, but I think it's too complicated of an idea to pull off at the moment.
  22. evansblue787


    Hell yeah it would be amazing. Gran Turismo I look at as more of a love for cars than it is a racing game. Yes its a racing game but I spend half the time playing it in photo mode or just browsing the dealership. Free roam would just be too cool.
  23. YellowG1


    :tup: More tracks, better cars, more events, in that order, I say.
  24. Paolosev91


    there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS to do to improve racing!
    When racing becomes perfect... THEN we can think about free roam :)
  25. StarEye


    I'm not sure it's fair to compare GT5 to Final Fantasy 13. GT5 wasn't a step backwards overall. Besides the obvious upgrades (graphics, sound, etc), there are more features than ever in a GT game, we have Nascar, WRC, Go Kart, damage, weather, time of day, optional licenses as opposed to obligatory, and so on. There are very few things in GT4 or earlier that are missing in GT5. VERY few.

    In some ways, the new features might not be such as big a step up as you'd like, but there's no way in hell GT5 is a step BACKWARDS for the series. That's just a silly statement. The reason Final Fantasy 13 can be considered a step backwards, is because it's seriously toned down the elements of the earlier Final Fantasys, completely dumbing it down and being the most linear JRPG to date, if you can even call it a JRPG anymore (feels more like a turn-based action game to me). That's what a step backwards look like. Gran Turismo 5 is a step forward and in the right direction. The presentation of it all may be a bit stuck in the past, but overall the game is a step forward.
  26. Zychon


    “which is useless as once again it’s not important for the majority”?!
    “we fans”?!

    What are you guys, the friggen political commissars of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Gran Turismo?

    Both of you make this bold assumption that your opinion is the voice of “the players”. Do some reading in various forums (start with the post you’re in now) and you'll quickly realize that there are a wide range of people that like the GT line for a variety of reasons. Claiming to know what “the people” really want isn’t a real effective way to give your argument more weight, particularly on discussion boards. Your desires are as valid as everyone else’s. Many people may agree with you. They aren’t being prevented from speaking though, so speak for yourselves and don’t misrepresent. –Thanks.

    “we fans”

    And while you’re making out your personal wish list of things that must be in the game for it to be worthy of you and your crummy sixty dollars, you might want to take a moment or two to consider what it takes to get the little ones and zeroes to line up and “make purdy car go fast”. Sorry to be so blunt – I have my critique of GT5 as well- but every gamer who ever walked the planet thinks he’s got “the genre changer” in his head, if only someone would listen. It’s funny how few of them you speak to actually bothered to even attempt to learn how to code or model. Of course that doesn’t stop them from dumping on the people who actually make games, because “people who make games are incompetent fools who lack true vision, and are just corporate robots and yes men who are out of touch with us real gamers. They couldn’t make my game …oh nooo”.

    You know how much PD or Valve is going to pay you for that “brilliant design” you have or that photoshopped concept art? -Jack squat. Know what they do with all the submissions? They shred them -Because any fool can wish-think. Making it work is what takes talent, money, and effort. It’s a big boy’s game now and many millions are spent over many years for one title. You think they don’t care? You think they just fart around all day and make games for themselves?

    Here’s a little snapshot of some of the “major issues” and “deal breakers” I’ve seen so far about GT5 and my opinions:

    “There is no damage model, or it doesn’t do anything really effective.”
    L2p FAIL …Next!

    “I have Forza 3, and it has ____”
    Indeed it does. …and you already own it! Congratulations, your wish has been pre-granted. See how good I am? …Next!

    In all seriousness, they did a job with Forza. Forza’s goals seem to be customization and action and GT’s goals seem to be realism, detail, and to make a sort of magnum opus of car games. They’ve both accomplished what they set out to do very well. Most of the opinions about Forza vs. GT are more a byproduct of the fact that they are both console exclusive titles, and it draws people into the whole Xbox vs. PS thing. You may have a preference for one or the other, but be glad you have the variety and choice instead of raging because a single title cannot encompass the wishes and desires of an entire gaming population.

    With all the coverage of this game leading up to launch, I can’t see why it would happen, but if you are mad because you paid “sixty friggin bucks” (!!! optional) for something with expectations that weren’t fulfilled, maybe you should:

    -not pre-order.
    -rent first.
    -get a job, so paying sixty dollars for something you deem less than perfect doesn’t make you act like someone took a dump on your dining room table.

    “There aren’t enough premium cars. All the cars should be premium cars. They don’t have the car I want, but they have a bunch of cars I don’t want”

    They have made it clear from the outset that the game that comes in the box is only the beginning. The expected list of cars in GT5 is supposed to reach several thousand… not one thousand. not a few thousand. Several thousand. Do you really need your ‘74 Volvo Wagon to look hyper-real? Do you have to have absolutely every car in the game be a premium car? Fine. …Set aside a few grand and convince a few hundred thousand people to do the same thing. I’m sure if you are willing to wait a decade or two, someone will make “your game” for you.

    “There is no test track (dyno …blah blah)”
    In the meat world, things have mass and occupy three dimensional space. Things take time to do and also cost money. That is why you need a test track. You, however, can instantly transport your car to every possible place it is capable of occupying in its little GT universe with the push of a button. That is why you don’t need a test track. The world is your test track. Go forth and test!

    Want a top speed track? Special Stage: Route 7 has more straight than you will ever need. Before you hit any curve on it, you start to hit the brick wall of diminishing returns due to aerodynamic drag. Any testing beyond this point is just so you can watch the pretty numbers go up, and not because of some false sense of concern about performance or racing. But that’s not the best part. You know what the best thing about SS:R7 is? If you want, you can actually race on it. That’s because it’s not just some dumb ass test track that they put in so they could say “we put in a separate track and hung a sign out front that says “test track”, because without that, Bob from Nebraska just wouldn’t feel like he was one with the universe.”

    Spending time and money creating a self-redundant track …so a single car can go on it and do something that doesn’t even need to be done. And you complain about wasting time on superfluous features?

    The dyno complaint is just a joke wrapped inside a joke. As soon as you equip a part, you get an instant torque and horsepower curve. If that’s not enough for you, you can again instantly transport your car to the actual track you will race on, where you can check the datalogger and get more information than you will ever hope to use. Even the best real dyno does a crap job at predicting exactly what your car will do on a track, they exist because putting a car on a track involves risk, money, and time; and you have limited time to tune and qualify before a race. Those are problems you don’t face. You don’t want features, you want a Dynojet logo up there to give you the illusion of features. While we’re on the subject….

    “There should be different brands of aftermarket parts”
    Everyone likes variety, but do you want variety or the illusion of it? Apart from a reason to smear logo feces all over the screen, what would it really do? You have a turbo for three areas of the rpm spectrum and you can combine various parts however you like to shape the curve. If you are talking about characteristics like spin up time and lag, this is again the illusion of choice. One part will simply be better, and you’ll be left with a pile of economy parts as you put more and more money into your car. The only real justifiable reason to have this type of feature in the game is if you were going to depict how each individual part would affect each engine uniquely, and that would involve a whole separate physics engine (at least in the development of the game) to address things like combustion and fluid dynamics, resonance, etc. This type of modeling is mega bucks in the real world, and still doesn’t depict real world results. Again, what you seem to want is the superficial appearance that you are tweaking something, and not the ability to tweak it.

    “No aftermarket brakes”
    This is just more of the same: The illusion of choice. There are brakes on your moms car at one end and there are super performance brakes at the other. You already get the best brakes each set of tires can handle. If you have racing slicks on and can’t seem to stop in time, you are either melting the tires off or you have the abs settings jacked. Learn how and when to break. Yes, there are other differences in performance brakes, but nothing that will produce a measureable result in a video game.

    “You can’t change wheel sizes”
    You can change the gearing of your transmission, and that’s all that any game that has different sized wheels really does anyhow, regardless of what they claim. Aside from changing the contact patch (see tires), It would also change braking characteristics (see tires) and ride height (already available to you).

    “My Hemi sounds like a Japanese engine.”

    a)You modified the hell out of it. That whirring sound you hear is the supercharger.

    b) Your sound system isn’t great, and you aren’t picking up the full range. (Don’t feel bad. I’m using the craptastic built in speakers on my TV too).

    c) You broke your ears, grow new ones.

    “The trees and spectators look terrible. They cheaped out on it”
    It’s not a question of putting time and money into it, it’s a question of what the hardware can handle. Ask yourself what you would rather see; a beautifully done car, or a fully detailed fan that you fly past so quickly he becomes a blur anyway.

    “You can’t see the smoke in the mirror.”
    …Sounds like a song lyric. Here’s another one:
    You can’t see the rain in photo mode. Cry me a river.

    “B-Spec was a waste of time and resources better spent elsewhere. No one likes it except a small minority.”

    Sorry Comrade Commissar, but B-Spec probably took next to no effort to put in. All of the needed elements are already there in A-Spec. They probably thought “hey, it won’t take any resources to do this. Let’s put in a management layer and give them another way to play the game.” Of course, they didn’t bother consulting the great Commissar, who rages on because the mere existence of this option on the screen ruins “his game”.

    “Photo-mode is a useless waste of time and resources. The actual game graphics don’t look good and it’s just there to fool you into thinking the game looks good.”
    Same deal as B-Spec. It’s just a higher setting for the renderer with a different interface. It probably took a tiny pinch of the overall resources to put together. And another thing: Those are the actual game graphics. It’s the same 3D model, and very probably the same renderer, only with very high settings for lighting, depth of field, and such. They put it in because they thought you might like to see what no hardware -be it console, PC, or otherwise- is capable of showing you in real time with today’s tech. Don’t spit on people for offering you something different that they think you might enjoy.

    “There aren’t enough events. The game is too short”
    An event is a set of tracks with a number of laps and a set of restrictions, that’s it. After so many iterations, you start to get to the “random set of tracks with blue cars which have names that begin with the letter B championship”. If you need more credits or XP, then race another championship. If you have that and just want variety, cook up your own race in arcade mode. Every race is a unique experience, if you selectively ignore that, then you are basically saying that every race on a given track is the same race, regardless of the cars or laps or other settings.

    There are FORTY levels of A-Spec, plus special events, plus online racing, plus progressive realistic damage, plus arcade mode for custom races, plus a custom track editor, plus more downloaded content to come, possibly including more than a TEN FOLD increase in available cars. The game has been out for a week. You haven’t even scratched the surface, and you take time out from the game to come in here and complain about how there’s nothing to do?

    “____ Feature doesn’t belong in a racing game”
    Seems to me GT has always tried to be more about a love of the automobile than just pure racing. They have the ability to do that now, and I think it shows. Oh I’m sorry. I forgot that you have been appointed by “we fans” to act as our representative in these matters. Carry on.

    GT5 is out. It is what it is, and nothing posted here will change that. But love it or hate it, people are already talking about GT6. What in the hell?!

    You know what? Go enjoy the game. …or don’t. Forums for games are always places to talk about what could be done, or what could have been done better, or what have you. All of that is healthy and necessary. Of course there are higher priorities than free roam. That’s why they didn’t put it in. That doesn’t mean you need to act like some massive shapeless fatty mass of consumer outrage, screaming bloody murder and demanding content be shoved down your gaping maw because some “false fan” mentions content that you don’t agree with …that didn’t even make it into the game to begin with.
    Sorry, did I miss something? …oh …You thought you were saying something profound!
    …Aw, you’re so adorable. Bless your heart. :D
  27. oskierox


    I think so! And I also think the top gear test track should have 0 boundaries so we could have fun like Jeremy, Richard and May! :|
  28. Legendary


    You....just won the internet. Good work Sir :tup:!
  29. oskierox


    ^ Agreed. lol
  30. Pierced Lead

    Pierced Lead

    That post was a joy to read. I'm glad I spent 5 minutes on it.