Gran Turismo - Open World Freeroam? (Read OP)

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Would you like an added free-roam mode in the Gran Turismo series?

  1. Yes

    1,107 vote(s)
  2. No

    268 vote(s)
  1. mani_23


    I think how GT mode always had a 'map' or world, that free roam could work best there. You could drive to dealerships, or Licenses etc. I think Its something we may not see till the PS4, regardless, I still think its a good idea if its used appropriately.
  2. sennarose88


    IMO It's better to put more effort making more tracks rather than making Los Santos. 100 unique tracks is better than 100 miles of open free roam.

    Unless Sony wants PD to make TDU's rival, just make sure there won't be any invisible walls™.
  3. SigmaViper11


    I think free roam is a great idea. Been hoping for it since. . . I can remember. I don't care if all cars are turned premium or not. I want it!
  4. Mz_HSV


    What is meant by free roam?? Like just a city for people to drive around randomly in?? I don't get it?
  5. Jyazz21


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  6. Organ-Donor


    United States
    They need to get the basics right first. There are way too many great tracks missing in GT5, as well as some other features. If they nail the basics and necessities first, why not do something like this. I just don't want precious development time spent doing stuff like this when other top priorities take a back seat, so I answered no.
  7. Ch0zander



    This is just rubbish! Don't waste your time reading it, like I did.

    I just comment on the sound thing you said. I'm playing GT5 with 5 Genelec speakers, that are used by recording studios, because they are the most accurate speakers on the market.

    You really need to admit yourself that the sounds aren't great on overall. The turbo's sound like broken superchargers and so on. V8's are just horrible just like the boxers, which sound awesome in every video I watch with the same speakers.

    Really the stuff people "we fans" complain are good and help to evolve the game. Not that everyone want's to just complain because of complainimg.
    Perfection will never be reached, but proper feedback helps so much.

    I don't know about you, but here we have a saying:
    1 hour of planning (in this case listening to feedback) equals 1 day of work.
  8. Xouved


    Zychon: You win! I bow down to thee. :tup:
  9. Mike712


    No, focus on other stuff that needs fixing before adding more features that detract from what the actual game is about.
  10. GoldenGate


    How dare you come here with your valid and well presented arguments. You disgust me!

    By the way, are you me? :D

    I voted yes, but only as a precursor to fixing some of the other things in the game, like getting the premium car count up and refining the weather effects. GT6 maybe.
  11. Goes


    You make some valid points however..

    "It’s funny how few of them you speak to actually bothered to even attempt to learn how to code or model."

    I suppose you did ?

    “No aftermarket brakes”

    That's actually a bad thing. If you don't know why its your loss.. Not to mention no brake pad compound choices either. Then again the bitching would be insane if you'd have to upgrade the brakes in order to stop them from overheating after a few laps.

    “You can’t change wheel sizes”

    Atm its not that big of a problem as one of the reasons to get bigger wheels is to fit bigger brakes. To bad you cant fit wider tyres. Yes its in a way not relevant, but if you aim at perfection its odd you neglect the details that make it feel sim like. Some insanely overpriced and grippy tyres that can only be cast from the tears of daemons are a bit of a let down.

    ““Photo-mode ...
    They put it in because they thought you might like to see what no hardware -be it console, PC, or otherwise- is capable of showing you in real time with today’s tech. ”

    Do you even know what "real time" means? If I'm not mistaken they only really use the highest poly model when the screen goes black and background renders the shot..

    "Those are the actual game graphics"

    Are you kidding me ? Actual game graphics = the graphics you get while playing the actual game. Not when the only thing it does is only render the graphics while everything is frozen. And they hinted at those graphics to be the in race graphics on multiple occasions..

    "It’s the same 3D model"

    Whats the point in making a model that detailed to then only render parts of it in a race.. where it counts..

    come to think of it didn't you say

    "“The trees and spectators look terrible. They cheaped out on it”
    It’s not a question of putting time and money into it, it’s a question of what the hardware can handle. Ask yourself what you would rather see; a beautifully done car, or a fully detailed fan that you fly past so quickly he becomes a blur anyway."

    So not putting useless details in the tracks is a good thing ( I agree ) but then why is putting useless details in a car is a good thing??? To the point that you no longer have the resources to render shadows and reflections properly? They should have balanced it out a bit more.. were long passed the point that higher poly-count makes a huge impact on graphics.

    And while i'm ranting away, grind != fun.
    In its current state the game seems to be targeted at single, unemployed social outcasts who prefer cars over swords or guns for virtual bragging rights (aka the hardcore mmorpg/jrpg crowd). Or perhaps its just their way of preparing the youth for repetitive jobs.

    And forget about free roam .. however driving from place to place might just take up less time then navigating the menu's. (race again button anyone ?)

    All in all its a great game tho but it can't live up to the hype it created for itself. It sorta falls short at things you'd come to expect as standard in games these days. Especially from one claiming to be king of the hill.

    I still love its balance between sim and arcade tho. And I'm sure after a few more patches most of it will be sorted out. The current flaws and annoyances don't keep me from playing it. And I do think that holds up for the majority of people either praising or bashing the game.
  12. cobra-069


    free roam in generally - i say yes!

    but we all know even though gt5 plain and simple a brillant game, it has some major issues. so why not get problems fixed first before adding new features to the game?
  13. bigguy000


    It wouldn't be a Racing Sim anymore.
  14. bigguy000


    think about what you guy are saying. This isn't the game we grew to love
  15. Zychon


    Oh, absolutely! By all means critique the game. I have quite a few myself. ...There's a difference, and you know it. And again, -i know it has become parlance to talk this way- but unless you chaired a summit with the millions who have played Gran Turismo and I missed it, don't be so arrogant or pretentious as to assume you (not you, but the previous poster) speak for me. -Thanks.

    Your comment about the sound is a perfect example. I don't think the sound is bad (I did notice the standard cars are a little crap sometimes). Anyway, you put forth a reasonable thought out argument, cited some examples... I've got no retort. Good show! But honestly, have you read the torrent of crap here and on PSN? You can't call that constructive with a straight face. It's inane melodrama.

    How 'bout "proper preparation prevents piss poor performance"? ...sure. The key word there is "feedback", though.

    Remember the whole "web 2.0" fiasco a few years back? All this talk about fingers on the pulse of the community and a direct link between the customer and the product or service? ...And some CEO would walk into a meeting with a stack of emails printed out and a panicked look and declare martial law until "things got fixed"? Companies tanked, and people learned really quick that you might want to be more careful with stuff like that.

    Sony Online Entertainment "listened to the community" once.

    With this thing that know one plays anymore.

    ...someone did it again here.


    The problem came to be known as "squeaky wheel gets the lightsaber". And it happens when a motivated but small group of people get very demanding and boisterous on the forums, making a lot of noise about speaking for "we fans", "the majority", and such. "The majority" is too busy playing the game to say much, or at least they aren't screaming bloody murder about it. Then the dev team scrambles to "fix" stuff instead of "developing" it, and when they're done making a mess of things, "we fans" pack up and leave.

    Thankfully, companies are a little more discerning now when it comes to that sort of thing, but it still does happen. ...So:

    I don't want a test track. I don't want seventeen brands/types of carburetor for my '67 fastback, so like a hamster on a wheel, in choosing one I can have the illusion that I am actually doing something. I don't want intuitive pricing for upgrades, because though it may be realistic it changes or adds nothing. Credits practically fall from the sky in this game. Lying to your insurance company because you totaled your car on track day is realistic too, it doesn't mean it needs to be added to the game.

    I want them to concentrate on what they intended on doing, which is releasing DLC.

    I could be wrong, but it's okay because that's just my opinion and I don't claim to speak for everyone else.

    I have issues with some of the things in the game, yes. But I'm not going to spew childish crap about how the game is garbage and rage quitting if I don't get my way.
  16. Ch0zander


    I'm sorry, but your main point is that PD shouldn't listen our critique, because of the bad history in few games, when fulfilling fans wishes. Ironically you wish they would not implement free roam, but in the first place it was the idea of Kazunori Yamauchi.
  17. Zychon


    Sure am glad I have you around to let me know what my main point is. I wish I had you around before, because apparently my main point had nothing at all to do with my main point. Fans wishes?! Did you read those posts I tacked up in my first post? ...Seriously?

    ...Love the concept of free roam. Where did you get that from? You make a point for me when you mention it was Kaz's idea. Thousands of ideas get fired around, they don't all get implemented, and it's not because they don't want to, or because they hate the fans. Every feature or line of code they exclude or include suddenly becomes someone's personal crisis, and I'm sick of it.
  18. Zychon



    I suppose you did ?

    Yes, on a very base level though. It was a dream of mine once. I still play around with 3dsMax, blender, etc. And do a little scripting and modding. The key word there was "attempt". ;) My point was that wanting something as a feature in a game and being able to make it work without a Pentagon budget are two different things, and people overlook that.

    Brakes, parts, wheels etc...

    That was kinda my point. All of the choices for wheel, tire, break and pad are all very interdependent. Like the turbo argument -unless you really plan to tackle rotational inertia and whatnot, all of the choices will boil down to a single good choice over many bad ones. It's a nice concept, but you could put a hell of a lot of work into this and get it wrong. And you make the point yourself that many people will attempt to use it and go nuts when the response goes numb. I'll give you the day, though ...just for saying "tyres that can only be cast from the tears of daemons". That made my day. :) Keep in mind, though: the pricing is supposed to reflect many sets and the brakes and other hardware to boot.


    "Whats the point in making a model that detailed to then only render parts of it in a race.. where it counts.. "

    "Polys" don't do that. It's the depth of field, mapping, NURBS. Look closely at certain parts in photo-mode, and you can sometimes see the original underlying polys. It's the same model. If I imported that into a budget 3D program, it would probably look like something from a PS2 game. It's the processing and rendering that counts, and though it's dependent on the poly count, it can produce drastically different looks. Don't tell me they bothered to go through the trouble of doing that and decided not to put it in the race if they could have. Once you have the mesh down pretty good, you can make it look either photo-realistic or raw. That's not a matter of sinking time into modeling as much as it is what the hardware can handle.

    "And they hinted at those graphics to be the in race graphics on multiple occasions.."

    I always assumed they weren't using the same level of rendering that you will see in the game, because it looks too good. You've got a point though, it was misleading.

    "So not putting useless details in the tracks is a good thing ( I agree ) but then why is putting useless details in a car is a good thing??? To the point that you no longer have the resources to render shadows and reflections properly? They should have balanced it out a bit more..."

    Excellent point!

    "And while i'm ranting away, grind != fun."

    I don't like level based stuff either if it's done just for the sake of itself. But to me, grinding is collecting orc skulls when you want to be killing dragons or whatever. This is racing when you want to be racing. I feel you somewhat, because I'd have liked for the full damage to be in it from the get go, even if it was optional (like the assistance). But on the whole, if there is a grind here, I think it is self-imposed. I don't care about my level that much and just enjoy it.

    .."however driving from place to place might just take up less time then navigating the menu's. (race again button anyone ?)"

    No argument here... how about making the options menu accessible from somewhere else besides the main screen while you're at it?

    It's still not worthy of setting your hair on fire and running down the street in protest. Which was my main point.

    ...I though Goes was in Zeeland. :)
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  19. brainfade

    brainfade (Banned)

    United Kingdom
    NO! This is a RACING GAME not Grand Theft Tourismo!!! This just defeats the whole point of the actual game... what next? Listen to the trolls again and have the option to get out and machine gun the field as they go past?
  20. digitalic


    It's a driving simulator, not a racing sim.
  21. JohnBM01

    JohnBM01 Premium

    United States
    Free roam was something I have somewhat viciously debated. As I said before- PD DOES listen and read our comments. So I'm sure people up at PD thought of including free roam. I still think it's out of place to have a free roam environment. However, it is interesting the way PD wants to go about doing this. It's like my ideas with a Course Maker- out of place for a GT title, but if implemented right, I'm okay with it because I have no choice but to accept it.

    I am such a GT veteran/purist that I would be somewht disappointed to have a free roam deal. And if there was a free roam, how do you implement this? How would you set up (for hypothetical purposes) Newriver City? Do you have a GT2 environment where you travel to different cities to find certain cities to shop for cars and race at tracks? Do you have a GT4 environment where everything is set up to visit different nationalities of car? Do you have a Test Drive Unlimited deal where you get pursued by the cops for going too fast? Also, how are you going to find a bunch of generic and beat-up cars?

    There are still a lot of gray areas for this. Because I'm on the fence, I am not voting either way, though my inclination is to vote no.
  22. Zychon


    ...we call it "South Houston" :lol:

    I don't think I'd enjoy free roam if it was compulsory. I would rather GT mode be menu based.
  23. daspianist


    Wow this thread is becoming more contentious by the post -

    Anyways, I could very much understand Kazunori-san's East Asian mentality when it comes to free-roam. Just as so much effort was dedicated to allowing the player to become an actual "photographer" in photomode and walk around, Kazunori imagines the same thing here. GT5 would indeed come alive as a racing MMO(RPG), where the players would actually embody the racers.

    Unfortunately, PS3 lacks the graphic capabilities to really make this come alive (imagine if all environments and gameplay were rendered in the stunning 1080p that we only see in photomode...) I sincerely believe that when GT5 was initially conceived inside PD labs, the graphics did look that good. However, recalibrating with the PS3 took a lot of charm out of the game, and made things look the way they do now.

    Free roam would be lovely to have, but I simply do not see it as feasible on the current system. I remember how excited I was to hear about Gen 7 models back as a freshman in college - but that was 6 years ago. How time flies!
  24. speedthrill


    I love you!!! :tup:
  25. speedthrill


    he had a point though, and now i definatley know you're a modeler, or use atleast MAYA... :)

    Now who are you exactly... Originally Xbox and bought PS3 just for this? I understand the disappointment then... Alot of euros...

    @ Zychon, yes Goes is there :p, for an american, you know your map. But i bet he just loves to go there for his reasons. :)
  26. Ch0zander



    Why do you care about other peoples personal problems?
    And form an opinion. What was your answer to the poll?

    Last but not least, stay on topic. This thread is about free roam. Is that clear enough?

    P.S. Do NOT answer to the first question atleast not in this thread. You should know the reason why.
  27. BKViper


    Free Roam will be out in February.
    It's called Test Drive Unlimited 2.
  28. Goes


    Ive honestly mistaken you for one of the fans that cant hear anything bad about there beloved series in that post .. But it seems we've basically got the same opinion on the game.

    And yes Goes is a city (although by your standards a small town) in the Netherlands.. Yet for some reason the dutch wont acknowledge me as there rightful leader :p

    @speedthrill to bad the dutch police have a hard on for foreign license plates these days..
  29. UK-Gamer


    But what about a DIFFERENT game, like what PD did with Tourist Trophy.... but make it good.
  30. speedthrill


    Yeah i know, Terneuzen was so much easier...

    I guess it's time for a tent and a 400W hps? :D

    Keep it up!