GT7 September Update Predictions

Why are they cheap? Can you give some more depth to your arguments or are just gonna go on with this nonsense?
Is it more expensive to make up a fake fantasy car than to license and model a real one?
And you really complain that these are cars used from a previous game
They're fake fantasy variants of car models that actually do exist. If PD insists on using these fake cars, they could at least update them to [CURRENT YEAR]. We're still stuck with the fantasy Gr3/4 C7 Vette when the C8R is already racing. The F type model PD used for the fake Gr3/4 is already out of production. The Gr3/4 Mustang is, what, two models behind?

These were made-up cars PD shoehorned into GT Sport to fill up manufacturer spots for eSports. Is a model refresh for GT7 too big of an ask?
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
After diving down the inside and punting the lead car off the road, you can escape penalties in these vehicles by loudly exclaiming "We're all trying to find the guy who did this".
Donalds car may look like a hot dog, but you're driving an actual hot dog car.
^mfw that 80's turd
Has louvers
Next track update

the exact reaction of your tires.
Especially with that Neo-Classical event. The least expensive LCD race car, is the Alpine A220. Anything else, it’ll take an average player(that doesn’t know about glitches) ages to acquire another car. As you mentioned, provided it’s even available in the LCD.
Exactly my issue, so frustrating been waiting time for a car to do those races
Setubal, Portugal
"Porsche VGT is actually one of the cars?"

Color me surprised...

The 1st car is quite clearly a VW ID.R, the rear wing and the front end with that splitter give it away.

The 3rd car is harder to tell, but given the wheel is on the right (japan) and the small round wing on the back, it makes it look like a S14 Silvia (the one without the big wing of course).


Still 5 days to go, but finally being able to sell cars would be nice.

EDIT: It's definitely the S14 Silvia.
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Only three cars! Again. And three useless cars, which are not fit to race in Sport Mode other than Time Trial. Three cars just to add numbers and perfume the game.

I hope this update pays off with a great circuit.
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