GTPlanet Celebrates 20 Years Online!


I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
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the bottom of my heart.
I hadn't put my glasses on yet and was wondering why the Merry Christmas/Happy New Year was back under the logo :confused:.....

Further inspection lead me here. Wow. Congratulations. And thanks! :gtpflag:

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You know, I'd buy the website a drink but you still got a year. Guess I'll just need to have a drink for you. :cheers:

Also, the idea that we have members who weren't even born when this site went online is a testament to its resilience. I am happy to have been apart of the site's history and even contributing to it for a few years as a writer. The site also allowed me to have one of my top five coolest experiences of all time by going to SEMA and getting a front-row seat at such a massive eSports competition. That will be something I remember forever and will tell my grandkids about...who will probably just roll their eyes and tell grandma that grandpa is rambling on about video games again.


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Congrats to @Jordan and the rest of the GTPlanet staff for maintaining the best run online community i've ever signed up for. It's a real sign of dedication that this place just gets better and better when so many other online communities seem to quickly implode. It's a real achievement. The fact that so many of us that no longer have the interest in Gran Turismo that we used to have stuck around for so long is testament to that :bowdown: :gtplanet:

Came for the 'tunes, stuck around for the comradeship. 👍
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Happy Birthday, GTPlanet! I love this place and always will. The community here is fantastic, along with the editors and moderators. And, y’know, being a forum, you do sometimes get a few pages of juicy drama to read through now and again :P

I first joined back in 2015, when Midfield returned to GT with an update to GT6. I believe I’d been reading the website a couple of months before that, on and off, but I’m really glad I found this. It’s provided me with not only loads of information, but just interesting things and threads to read, super cool people to talk to, and since it’s been going for so long, you can always find something to read if you’re bored.

Thank you, Jordan for creating GTP and thank you to everyone involved on the team for doing a great job with the articles and moderation in general. Here’s to another 20 years! :gtpflag:


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Thanks for all the kind words, guys. This thread makes me smile. :D

Holy cow, how time flies! Congratulations, Jordan. While I'm not in the scene anymore, it's amazing to be reminded about this incredible community. Good luck for the future!
Wow, there's a name I haven't seen in a long time! Welcome back, @AltF8, and thanks for the well wishes — you're a big part of our history, too! I hope all is well. 👍

We are older than the Twitter and the book of faces.

We also have a non-crazy person running the site. Congrats @Jordan.
Yeah, GTPlanet was around long before YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Reddit, and Instagram. Wikipedia was only a few weeks old when we first appeared! They're all much larger than us now, but hey, quality over quantity, right? :D


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Wow. 20 years. What an awesome achievement! I remember coming here for GT3 tips and advice way back in the day! I wonder how all the early members I remember from my first few years here are all doing! I see some are still active and I see some that haven't logged in for years. I don't post here much myself these days but I still lurk a lot when I can! Cheers for another 20 years and many more GT titles to come!


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Big thank you to @Jordan and team for working so hard! You’ve accomplished much and your dedication doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for fostering an amazing community which has allowed us to make lifelong friends we would have never met any other way.

Wishing you all much continued success. Highly anticipating the future of :gtplanet:.

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It would be an understatement to say that GTPlanet played a huge part in my life growing up, not just in expanding my passion for Gran Turismo and cars in general, but also fostering my love for photography and design thanks to the amazing photography community here.

Congrats @Jordan and can't wait to see what the next 20 brings! :cheers:
I arrived here in April 2014, thinking that I finally found a great news source for my favorite game. Apparently, I got more than what I wanted and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Despite the rocky start that I had in my early days (10 warning points for ignorantly starting an AUP-breaching discussion just three months into my membership - sorry @daan! :lol:), ultimately it was the content that's being shared in and around the forum, and the member interactions in between that made me stay.

I remember opening the site every week, eagerly waiting for @Terronium-12's GTPlanet Weekly Rewinds to pop up on top of the home page. I also enjoyed @glassjaw, @Brend, and @SlipZtrEm's writeups about classic racing games, "Time Extend", and/or real-life car reviews, respectively.

@Cytoria's GT Photo Mode - and eventually Livery Editor - competitions are absolutely delightful to take part in. Gran Turismo was what inspired me to become a car photographer, and it's nice to essentially share my virtual photography works with the extremely talented Photo Mode forum regulars.

I have no idea if these guys are still active, but I wouldn't have been able to create amazing car renders in S-Tuner if I hadn't met @Mat123, @KazaMR2, and @TheNeos here.

The Car of the Week thread is one of my favorites here, and one that I've been meaning to contribute for a long while if it weren't for conflicting time zones on the online races. I do remember joining in @Nismonath5's Dirt Rally 2.0 lobby by chance, and I've never had so much fun totaling my car in Scotland. :lol:

As for conflicting time zones, I can't end this topic without mentioning @Famine's Racers Reunited - and the recent GTPlanet Career Mode Challenge - leagues. I've had some of the cleanest and most competitive races with them, despite constantly being at the mercy of the all-knowing Kerfuffle. I hope to be a regular again once I get my PS+ membership sorted and my DS4 fixed.

But then again, none of these would be possible if it wasn't for @Jordan himself. Whams and Careys aside, I think we all owe you - and all the staff both current and emeritus - everything for making this platform last this long and remain this populated, both quality and quantity-wise.

Looking forward to the next 20 years with you all.


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Here's to another 20 years for my favorite corner on the internet!

You know, it's pretty crazy everything I've went through because of this place. I've met Kazunori Yamauchi (A man, who, the only time you'll ever find him not smiling is when he's smoking a cigarette), I've seen Ken Block, saw Rush before it was officially released in theaters (one of the *best* movie experiences I've ever had because it was full of car/racing fans in every row that cheered at everything, including the Universal Pictures fanfare :lol: ).

And even more that I'll never forget (pour one out for ForzaPlanet :() and it's all because of this place. Congratulations! Also, put that beer down because you're not old enough.


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Happy 20th GTP. :cheers:

It's been a wild ride these last 10 years since I joined. Since then I've risen from new kid competing in a street racing league, to getting my first online league championship and now sitting as a contributing writer bringing the community my own style of news.

Here's to the next 20.