GTPlanet Celebrates 20 Years Online!


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A massive congratulations to @Jordan and the entire GTP team for this huge milestone! I Remember visiting regularly for months before finally deciding to join in early 2002, and it's been part of my daily routine ever since. By now it's just muscle memory in my fingers - Don't even need to consciously type-in the address anymore, it's automatic every morning.

The Copperbox event in London was still one of the best days I've experienced. Just unbelievably magic to meet the Kaz, Polyphony and share a pizza with some of the awesome people running this site - I'll forever be grateful.

To the future! :cheers: :gtpflag:
Happy aniversary GTPlanet!!! You are my daily information for our beloved GT and other racing games!!! So accurate and with many inside information!! Keep the next 20 years with so much devotion for our hobby!!! It would be nice to release a group of 20th anniversary stickers to buy and celebrate!!
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Amazing achievement reaching 20 years and I find myself checking my age to think I have been a reader of the site for those 20 years although only joining the forums 3 years ago back on Jan 11 2018.

There have been many interesting articles over the years and looking forward to them continuing over the next 20 and beyond and will continue to contribute to the discussions on the forums.
I´m a pretty recent member to this fine site, but I´ve been using it a lot. Few days ago it struck me OUT OF NOWHERE that I must have used the site ages ago.

Been trying to find myself, but couldnt.

Finally yesterday I remembered a username I used a lot when I was younger.

So here it is - my first GTPlanet post from 18 (WTF?) years ago:

Here´s to 18 (20) more. Congrats GTPlanet.


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Happy 20th birthday GTP, and congratulations @Jordan on a remarkable achievement. :cheers:

Thanks too to staff members and regular contributors both past and present... you've all helped make GTP a comprehensive resource on the best game(s) ever made, as well as a great community. In these difficult times, it has become more important than ever to have somewhere sane to hang out online!

I hope :gtplanet: and Gran Turismo itself continues to go from strength to strength :gtpflag:
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Yes Yes Yes!, Happy Birthday GTPlanet, I joined January 13th 2005 and always log in every week. Big Up GTPlanet and to everyone who positively contributes to the best Gran Turismo site in the world
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Only one big problem that I have with the 20th anniversary .........

......... it made me realize that I'm getting older, older, older and older and older and older and ..........


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United States
Only one big problem that I have with the 20th anniversary .........

......... it made me realize that I'm getting older, older, older and older and older and older and ..........

So true I was 23 when GTP debuted, had no idea I’d still be actively involved as an old man.

Even though I don’t care much for gran turismo, this site is my favorite sim racing source because of the community and diversity of information.
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Congratulations @Jordan and the rest of the team that keeps the site a great place to spend time on.

Kikie's post made me realize that I'm a member for about a decade and still visit the site almost every day, as so many others that have been around here even longer.
I think that it's a great testimony to the place you created and of course it helps to have a great community on here.

So keep up the good work and here's to another 20 years! :cheers:
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I came to GTPlanet in 2003 as a 20-year old from Houston, Texas, USA; wanting to get the latest news regarding Gran Turismo 4. Seventeen years and one month later, I'm still part of GTPlanet, and GTPlanet itself is still around. This is about the biggest community I've ever been associated with online. I've even been parts of rather toxic online message boards and been around most people who just shot down any kind of care I have about something. I would even get to follow certain individuals on other platforms in social media and other message boards. Even when Hurricane Ike hit here in Houston in 2008, I was reluctant to try to get back with my GTPlaneteers. I even never had thoughts about leaving GTPlanet or not posting as much on GTPlanet even when I've had some bad days or some possible grudges.

GTPlanet has pretty much been home to me online. More home than my Myspace (yes- mine still exists) or my Facebook. Part of 20 years is in us staying alive to do so and for the site to stay alive all this time. More important are all the Moderators who help to make sure discussions don't go down the tubes. Also, it helps the rest of the world loves the kind of awesomeness GTPlanet delivers over the years. Even if you don't like me or don't like me all that much, I love being a part of GTPlanet. Still do after being around for 17 of those 20 years here.

Long story short... happy 20 years to this fabulous GTPlanet and all of the people active and retired/banned whom made this site what it is! Perhaps this site can go 25 years. Maybe 30. Maybe 50 and beyond...

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Joined up in 2013 in the lead up to GT6, In early 2014 I’d join a club that I’m still with to this day.

COTW, Car Of The Week :cheers:

The people i’ve met here and in that thread and my Forza spin-offs of COTW, i’ve gotten to know over the years and consider them good friends, Hell, a second family even. :D

Still wonder how they put up with me running away with wins throughout the years.:lol:

But seriously, I’ve seen them firsthand make leaps and bounds in their pace and consistency since I first met those guys and I couldn’t be happier for them 👍

So to my fellow COTW regulars, The moderators and above all else, @Jordan and GTPlanet.

Thank you, for creating a place that’s still around and still very active after so long. :P:tup:

Here’s to the future of GT, but just as important, the future of GTPlanet :cheers::gtpflag:


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@Jordan, I remember speaking to you at the Copperbox, thanking you for all the hard work you put into this place, and you said "It's the community that makes it. I just keep the lights on." When I consider the scale of this site even then, let alone now, I feel you do yourself a disservice: you might "just keep the lights on", but this place is Times Square. Not only that but to have the drive and enthusiasm to not just keep the site going but also improve it, grow it, over 2 decades... it astonishes me what you've built here, and your humility in the face of what you've achieved is a great example to the whole site.

I've been here over half my life and I can't imagine not having GTP to check in to over a lunch break, or sat at home of an evening. Being on GTP took me to Le Mans. Without GTP I would never have met Kazunori. Without GTP I would never have been electrocuted in @Famine's garage. Without GTP I might still be playing with a controller, automatic gearbox, and copter cam; the UK meetups made me up my game, figuratively and literally. This is a truly remarkable place.

On the other hand without GTP I would never have had to put up with @Sureboss' snoring, so it's not all been rosy.

But in all seriousness, 20 years is a magnificent achievement. Thank you to you and the staff for keeping this the best site on the Internet!


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Congratulations to @Jordan & co for 20 years of GT Planet, & here's to the next 20. I experienced some of the best racing of my life via the organized events on here, in fact, that's why I originally signed up in 2009. So, thank you for the platform.

:gtpflag: :cheers: :gtpflag:


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@Roo you had to put up with my snoring, I had to put up with losing my kneecaps in your mini!

There's been some great moments for me, the UKGTP events were great, and here's hoping we can do some more again at some point.

There's a great atmosphere on these forums, I've drifted away from GT, Sport didn't really grab me, but that won't stop me coming here.


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United Kingdom
I started reading, and subsequently joined, GTPlanet when I played Gran Turismo regularly and found it was the perfect site to go alongside, and greatly enhance, the gaming experience. There's an incredible amount of useful information here and numerous enthusiasts to share ideas and race with. I still look at GTP every day and still think it's a great place even though I haven't played a video game for, I think, around 3 years. Aside from gaming and cars, it seems no topic is too big or small to be discussed at length.

Hats off and a massive thank you to all the staff and writers whose efforts keep the environment here as attractive as it is, the members for creating forum content, and to @Jordan for creating a masterpiece.

Also thanks to the people I've raced with and those I've met for a :cheers: or two.

:gtpflag:Happy 20th birthday. :gtpflag: