GTPlanet Celebrates 20 Years Online!

I said it many times in this article, but I'll say it again here: THANK YOU to each and every one of you who made today possible!

This video puts a huge smile on my face, and it includes just a small fraction of the friends that I've made around the world thanks to this community. I can't wait to show you guys what's next!

Hello all,

Been a long while since I've posted.

Happy Birthday :gtplanet:, here's to another 20. Keep up the amazing work, and thank you. :gtpflag:
20 whole entire actual years.

How many still-functioning websites even get to claim that one, never mind those that are still growing and still right at the top of their particular sphere?
I said it in the comments of the video, but is worth repeating here... Congrats to Jordan and all of the staff for creating and maintaining such a great website and community!

And now I also want details on the giant site update!
Thanks for all your hard work guys.
Seems like myself and Jordan discovered Gran Turismo in the same era, his dedication to the game and this website is especially admirable.

Here’s to many more years of GT Planet!
Happy Birthday to this fine website! In July will mark my 20 year anniversary here as well :)

Although I am just a lurker and a seldom poster, thanks to Jordan and the rest of the crew for this site and many years of enjoyable content. Here's to another 20 years!
Happy BDay to the Planet. My first and only internet subscription. No other video game attracts my attention like GT and no other website keeps me posted on what Sony, PD and Kaz are up to.

Too bad abbreviated GT is not what I thirst for... but keep up the good work, Guys. I am certain we will continue to enjoy your content for many years to come.

Best of wishes
Happy Birthday :gtpflag:!!!!

Thank you @Jordan and @Famine (and the many others I probably never interacted with) for your work on this site for the past 20 years and the many more to come.

I apparently found this site in January 2005 probably looking for info on GT4. I know I don't post much but have lurked forever. This site is an invaluable resource for all things Gran Turismo.

Thank you sooooo much for everything you all do!
I've never been in an online community for longer than 5 years, and while I'm just a minority for nearly 8 years here: I am REAL thankful for a lot this place has done for me, and all the good times I've been a part of, or have witnessed.

Have a good 20, and here's for the best of fortunes for the coming years!
Congrats on 20 years! I have been a member since 2010 but I used to come and go from 2004. This was always my stop to see what was happening with GT games.

Glad to have GTPlanet around, especially now. Thanks for making an awesome site.
Happy birthday GTP!

Did I shout hard enough?

:bowdown: :cheers: :gtpflag: :gtplanet:


I feel that I'm part of something special and it makes me feel good.
I strongly believe that the global success of GTP is thanks to your good personality.
Happy Birthday GTPlanet!

Such an amazing site like no other to me! I remember making my account in 2011 thinking: “Yeah, this site looks pretty handy” and to this date it’s one of my most frequently checked sites

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