Let the hype train begin.

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If they fix the Mercedes F1 glitch, I find it a little bit risky to fix it the day of the race. What if a new bug happens?
In the event that a new glitch arises from this update, if it doesn't affect the W08 hopefully won't be an issue at least on the FIA front.
Interesting. no "Update is coming next week" preview tweet from Kaz's Twitter account. I'm just hoping for more cars to play around with, and possibly a new Tokyo Expressway layout.
A Sainte-Croix Circuit Experience maybe? not my favorite, but another circuit experience should be a fast additional Cr. gaining and an additional shot for a 20 million Cr. car for me :cheers:
I'm expecting the unexpected. ;)

"Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition !!" :D:D:D

[ Polyphony Digital Announce that Title of Game will be changed from "Gran Turismo Sport" to "Rage Rammer Destruction Derby Racer" !! :grumpy:]
I hope they put some bricks on the back of the new meta car.
Sadly I cannot ask them to undestroy the corvette.
Hopefully change the BOP (again!) on the Ford GT Gr3 as its clearly overpowered but this time not to every other Gr3 car along with it! In the history of pointless excercises that has to rank as the dumbest.
the textures around the circuit are really low quality and polygon and still we don't have night for this track and we don't know if they are going to fix this

Ok, now I remember some mediocre textures, "2D-ish" trees in some sections and the lack of night time.

What makes La Sarthe special is that a temporary street circuit, but the game does not properly display the buildings and shops around the track, there are no street signs, there's a lack of banners and billboards, some have low textures quality or are generics, trees that float on the floor, the lack of night time and etc. A pity since the version of Iracing is far superior in this case..

You are right. I don't know the surroundings of this track, so I didn't notice this + the lack of street signs. Agree with the rest.

Lewis post this on his Instagram. Can be something with upcoming update?
Ofcourse not :) While Spa is great to drive, it has a disaster first turn and lots of other metalgtinding ones. So when/if it finally comes out, it will exactly the same as it was with Monza - everyone that was whining for it to be added swore they won't drive it again because of the carnage.

True, but haven't we all learned by now that there are always going to be an army of whiners no matter what PD does? Penalty system, content, etc. Some people will find reason to complain no matter what. The incessant toxic whining online is unfortunately just part of the experience, sadly. As for Spa, it is a legendary track. One of the very best IMO. It should absolutely be in the game. We shouldn't be excluding any tracks just because some idiots can't use brakes in turn 1! Ditto for Monza.