Make drifting its own set of missions

One idea would be to give every discipline it's own set if missions instead of mixing them. Another Idea would be doing them matrix-like. So the missions stay as they are but you also get something for finishing ever drift mission or every "pass" mission and so on.

Plus, as i always say, a price for silver would be good. So many casuals play this game. Many of them will never get gold. Silver would get them into coming back and trying some more and maybe get them to appreciate the licences and missions more.
I'm probably in the minority on this one - I have a second account which is just focussed on drifting!! I find the drift challenges amongst the easiest to gold (except the one at Daytona!) and every now and then I'll take out one of my purpose-built drift weapons for a slide around Suzuka or Tsukuba, just for the lols.
Any cars or builds you particularly enjoy?
I've golded all the missions except the drifting, so I agree please put drifting missions somewhere else, preferably in the darkest and most isolated corner of the game 🤣 :grumpy:
Endurance drifting missions in an electric VGT.

That well depends on the car in this game.
You have to pick the car. Enter, strategy. Find the car that has the right power to weight ratio. Too much power, too heavy or even too light, it'll nuke the tires.