Porsche Is Confirmed For GT Sport - Extended Trailer Released

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I think it was Playstation ES on twitter , there's a picture of a GT3 RS
I found it.

It also says that beta is coming to Europe Saturday, April 15
Okay now that we get the top of the line current 911, soon the complaining will start for a GR. 3 version of it along with the GR. 1 919. *waits*

Hey I was right but also for even more than just that

Exactly, and considering that AC players have been playing with Porsches on consoles for months now, and PCARS 2 is in the pipe as well, this really just seems like PD joining the party late and quite flaccidly -- as usual. Watch, they'll only have the Cayman 718, 911 GT3 RS, and the 918 Spyder, tops.