Project CARS: Head of Studios Reveals Tons of Information About the Game’s Upcoming Patch

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    Not really, a couple of weeks for patch certification is not unheard of and is standard in certain situations.
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  2. EmArA


    Same here. Noticed some bugs when the car in the pit lane that's it.
  3. swg


    Ditto. I've seen patches take over 2 weeks from the time they were submitted to MS. Speculating that it failed their testing is just rediculous. All they are testing for is to be sure it doesnt effect the console in any detrimental way. They couldnt care less what the changes are to the game or if it fixes anything they say it does.
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  4. Pillo-san


    Oh, they better fix all the bugs el pronto :p

    out of 7 times of 10 when I want to play an online game(it is the only thing i do) I get bugs that make me unable to play..

    Like not be able to click on the "Drive" button even though it is 40min left of the practice. even after rejoining the lobby it usally does not allow me to get out on track..

    Epic stuttering, the whole game pauses for like a sec or even more, even bungy jumping forward when playing online.
    I guess its cause of when a player connects to the game.

    The start are totally insane, often some cars just drop on/into other cars before people even get to drive them selves when it gets green, totally unacceptable...

    The game randomly crashes quite often.

    The ffb quirks up sometimes when going out from the pit lane after clicking in go to pitbox. the wheel pulls to a side but after a short while it loosens up and work as intended.

    Al in all the game is fun, and I really do like it, but all these bugs make and how often they appear is just ridiculous. Did ya people not help the developers help develop and evaluate this game? How could ya not raise your voices about all this... I mean I spend more time try to get to mp game than to acutally play online... wth.....

    they must fix it pronto :p
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    When it comes to software, nothing is random. There is something happening in the game that makes it crash, it might just be really difficult to recreate.

    Anyway, yeah, patches soon please. :p
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    Oh come on guys...
    To be fair all the good things about the game, and it has plenty of them, but they do not warrant a defence for the bad.

    Excellence and quality should be expected from a leading studio. Particularly one with so much history in racing games development never mind one bragging it is passionate and made by racing game fans, for racing game fans.

    How can so many obvious and multiple failures of quality control be easily excused, or should so many be?
    I think they (SMS) deserve the rants and whining just as they do the credit for the good things.

    For instance, having a list of compatible wheels announced months before the release gives the impression they were putting in a great deal of effort with the various manufactures (during development). So why such a disaster with even the fundamental aspect of listed compatible controllers working with the game and not properly implemented?

    Slightly Mad's Ian Bell said in an official statement 18/02/2015.

    "Moving a release date was not an easy decision to make, as we know our fans are eager to get their hands on Project CARS"

    "But we know that these extra days will allow us to provide the best game experience that our fans deserve. We assure you the wait will be worth it when the game does arrive early April".

    Anyone feel they want to assure Ian Bell that he was talking out his ....
    We should trust any further announcements because?

    I would not be surprised if proper fixes take too long to appear people will move onto other games. If this is so they only have themselves to blame for the blind truths that were hidden as once again PR TALK is often not the true story.

    3 Years of waiting Ian, you know this ain't good enough...
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    I must be the luckiest son of a bitch to get this game: ZERO glitches or crashes.

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    I don't believe you. Or you have not put the disc in yet ;-)
  9. bremics


    Digital edition :-P

    Seriously though, I've had no glitches so far.
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    Ok then I will share some of mine with you because I have enough for both of us ;-)
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    Dunno if you're using a controller but if so you must have the super secret version which uses 100% of the left stick that no-one else on the planet seems to have (including the devs if they can reproduce this fault on their own setups). Congratulations and I'd strongly suggest doing the lottery this month as your luck stats must be throught the roof.
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