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Its basically says sound application is now very crowded. Take your time while PD is sorting out applicants. Thanks for your support! As usual, email PD if you're interested in improving the sounds.

Also any SPAM are frowned upon.

UPDATE 2 and 3:From Part 3 article:
Regarding Engine Sounds of Gran Turismo   Part.3  – PIT STOP.png

PD is actually hiring! If you are a professional at this, contact their staff at

From the PITSTOP article:
We are currently recruiting Sound Engineers and
Recording Engineers. Please
email . The choice of
content, style and format of any resume’s are left to the
Please note that applications can only be accepted in
Japanese or English, and those who have passed the
preliminary evaluation by email will be contacted by our

GO GO :gtpflag: Send your application! Make a news! Embrace our communities name!!!

UPDATE 1: Thank you all :gtplanet: for voting this question until this become No.1. Kaz already post a blog addressing this issue, which means this is the first question to be answered.

You can see the first part here:

Original question:
PD promised us to gradually update the sound before the launch date. To be fair some does sound realistic from the GT5 although lacking some "effects". But for the update to GT6, all I see is just a very few numbers of it. Where's the rest?

I mean for the example, most of the new cars in GT6 sounds just like PD left the "placeholder" (CopyPaste) sound present from the Demo.
PD said it just a "placeholder" to be replaced in the update.
More noticeable at cars like M3 GT, Huayra, Quattro Rally Car, and more.

That's what I'm worried about. Where is it? When we finally get an update for the sound? If PD can't update a small group of cars, how can PD provide for the rest?

(Lotus 97T is the best example of upgraded sound recording. Im sure PD can apply it to other cars 👍)
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One of the biggest problems with the game and I would love to see a detailed answer/explanation. Where is the team currently ? Perhaps we could hear some new samples ? What is your aim with the new system ? Realism first and foremost or some fake "spicing up" ?

Is the new sound system already worked out and everything is in production phase or it's still in the workings ?


And what about brake noise, up-shifts/down-shifts and exhaust "pop" (video) - are those being worked on for current/next game ?
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The question should go like this: WHY DO THE CARS SOUND LIKE VACUUM CLEANERS?

EDIT: I don't mean to come off as an idiot, I just thought it was the most sarcastic way to ask them since they've been giving vague answers to the 'sound question'. Of course don't ask them like that.
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While the question at the top of this thread has much support. Hopefully it could be phrased better.

Included in the question should be can we have volume sliders so we can set up the sound how we choose.

e.g. volume %
Road noise
Wind noise
Engine noise
Tyre Scrub
Track annoucers
Other sounds (gravel/collisions etc)

Also if the update won't happen in GT6 can't some of the best car sounds in GT6 be used as appropriate replacements for other cars with bad sound.


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Did he promise though? I think it was a 'maybe'

If it was quoted, its a promise.. seems like everyone is wanting this post to explode with " likes " keep it coming GT fans! WOOOOOO!

Kaz will be surprised.
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All i want is a proper vtec sound and in turbo cars external wastegate sound..i have played all the Gt series and the sound is the same..please make it better..

I picked up a good set of headphones the other day and I've actually noticed boost and blowoff valves on cars that I'd never heard before. They're there, PD's sound balancing just keeps them muted compared to exhaust and tire sounds.
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I somehow knew this thread was gonna chime in somewhere.

So I'll just leave this here....

It's ironic that that video is so difficult to understand due to annoying music in the background limiting what you can understand of what the speaker is saying. I support what he is saying (I think)
I really want sound update more than anything in This Game, but if that is not coming Better use of current samples would fix a oot Things. For example why the Sauber C9 has same sample as Toyota TS020 when some racecar v8 sample such as in Ford GT LM Race car would be much more realistic and pleasant. And same With BMW Z4 GT3, just give it one of those older Nascar samples instead of What it now got. Then I could really enjoy my two favourite cars, now I havent even bought them in GT6


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''Has there been a breakthrough yet regarding the new system for generating sounds, on which you've been working on for the past few years?''

A simple and straighforward question. I believe an answer to the above should give us a hint or two what to expect in the future.
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Dear Kaz
I love your games
I've literally played all of them, including prologues, concepts, hell, even tourist trophy!
Your games are amazing, and this is why it breaks our hearts that one thing that has been poor for a while is not being addressed;

The sounds.

I love your passion for cars, I too treat them as truly beautiful items feather than mere machines. And a lot of other people will think the same way. This is why I cannot understand why you are not paying any attention to one of the most important features of a car, one of the biggest things that makes them so good; their voice

Please, me and basically the rest of gtplanet are LITERALLY BEGGING YOU TO PLEASE UPDATE THE SOUNDS.

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I can understand why people say "vacuum cleaners" but I think PD needs some more specific feedback.

1. Fix cars like the Diablos, the old Viper GTS, Veyron, Jay Leno's Oldsmobile Toronado and almost every single race car that don't even have a sound matching their engine type. This I think it's their highest priority.

2. Then they can add a more realistic feel to the sounds, like crackles, pops, delays between shifting, more exhaust-less intake and other stuff that other games have been doing better than GT ever since the PS2 generation. (hardware is not an excuse, PD!!)

As long as they do this right and not exaggerate like for example, the NFS Shift series (where the ridiculous sounds are so loud and distorted that they become absolutely unbearable), and stick closer to what Forza does, then they will be alright.

PD can do it. Because when you have a company that is so knowledgeable about cars making V12's sound like V8's, then you assume it's because they don't give a damn about it. Right? .... Right?
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