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Lots of time here but happy to have it pretty easily.
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Much more enjoyable TT, this one! The Jag is a pleasure to drive. It handles better than I was expecting for a car that old. I definitely made some mistakes on my lap, otherwise a sub 34 would be in the books easily.

The usual sandwich. It's pretty much a given on day 1 nowadays. :lol:

One last thing. These stinkin' rewards over the past few days. I opened two 4 star tickets tonight - one was 10,000cr, which I suppose is at least better than the horrendous 5,000cr I got the other day. The other 4 star? A carbon propellor shaft for the Crown Athlete G Safety car. Just, why?? I hate parts! :rolleyes:

Oh boy, a Jaguar! Now that's what I'm talking about! I don't want to be negative about it in any way but you really need to wrestle this big cat around the track. Interlagos has some tight, tricky sections that require a decent amount of traction to attack smoothly, and this car doesn't always provide it. The lack of downforce is painfully obvious and the balance isn't exactly where I want it but that's all part of the fun. Why wouldn't I have fun in a JAAAAAG???? It's my whole shtick after all.
Holy smokes! After the first few laps being terrible and finally setting a time of 1:40 🤪 I steadily figured this car out and chasing a few friends laps (I love that it’s not only the top 10 anymore) I pulled this out the bag!


Thanks @Pigems as I was chasing your ghost and beat your lap time 😁.

Now the goal is to break into the top 1000.
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6-o'clock beep beep beep.....

It's hammertime

Hop in the Jaaaaaggg and shredding tires on one of my favo tracks, i love the flow and it's one of those track where if you are fast
have no time to look at splits :lol: :lol:

I binned some real good laps this morning but pushed out a descent one in the end!



Yesterday I just tried, but today was a first serous attempt at Interlagos.
I was going without assists, although TC may help, and did silver, near to gold lap...


At the time I did it, Calster was on top, but Jeddah responded immediately and overtook him...

Well Thursday evening is nokiasetup evening 😁🤣🤣, and what a joy this jaaaaag is
Handles like a charm, very predictable and very easy to catch if you overstep her boundries...

Key on this TT is trailbraking and brake RELEASE early for rotation.

Getting into the 33 shouldnt be that hard 😁

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Cat did did aprove behind me in its......yeah..don't know what state I must call this, but he watches a lot of my laps from behind me in this position 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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But enough for today, laptop closed, tomorrow morning I'll do the first big screen session, but this was a promising start ( then I'll prob don't hit a thing tomorrow ) 🤣🤣

Good luck on this new one fellow addicts

Happy lapping
Is that your cat?

Cute one, we only had 2 dogs and a cat in our entire lives. My dog's name was Buddy, he was a german shepherd. However he died in 2009. We were devestated about it. That was the only dog I ever owned.

I will return tomorrow morning, for the X-bow TT.