Update 1.10 (and 1.11) Undocumented Changes Thread

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Update 1.10 Undocumented Changes Thread
As some of you may know by now, PD usually include some little changes and/or features when releasing updates that aren't mentioned in the official update log. So it's up to the community to find them. Any undocumented changes that you find, post them here!

Also, be sure you have some proof or confirmation of what you're saying. Have another person or 2 see if you are 100% sure. Try to be as specific as possible when posting any changes.

This is NOT a discussion thread talking about the update itself. There's a different thread for that. Any bugs or glitches that you find should go in this thread.


Update 1.11 EDIT: Update 1.11 undocumented changes are allowed to be posted here. The reason is that I'm not expecting many changes in a 30 MB update. It wouldn't be worth creating a new thread.

Undocumented Changes
(?)-Pending Confirmation
- Full screen option (press triangle!) in GT Auto when making physical car changes.
[Pic by @sagaper][Confirmation+Pic by @Cobaiye]
- All hybrid cars (for ex: Toyota TS030 and Honda CR-Z) now have an electric power meter in the HUD underneath the fuel indicator.
[Claim by @TexasTyme214] [Confirmation+Pic by @Cobaiye][Confirmation+Pic by @RACECAR][More info post by @hognhominy][Confirmation by @FrzGT]
- Red Bull Ring skybox has been changed.
[Claim+Confirmation+Pic by @Cobaiye]
- Bugatti Veyron HP gauge now working.
[Claim by @HuskyGT][Confirmed by @AJHG1000]
- The base of the number backgound on the Touring/Rally (GT5 called them Race Modification) cars can be changed.
[Claim by @McZachenF1138][Confirmed by @iainoflo85]
- The update 1.09 bug where the car view changes to the cockpit view every time you start an event has been fixed. It now keep the view you were previously using. (?)
[Claim by @steevee]
- There is a slight change in the Vision GT dealership point of view camera. It's lower than before. Also, VGT cars now have their lights on.
[Claim by @FrzGT][Confirmation by @LeGeNd-1]
- Circuito de la Sierra (AKA Zahara) has been found in the update's coding and has been added to track database. (Track is not available for in-game use yet.)
[Claim+confirmation confirmation #2 by @Whistle Snap]
- Alfa Romeo Vision GT coding information has been added. (The car is not available yet.)
[Claim+confirmation by @Whistle Snap]
- The Nissan 2020 has a really basic interior that can be seen in photomode.
[Claim+Confirmation+Pic by @emula]
- All FIA and WEC references (logos, text, etc.) on the Toyota TS030 have been replaced with barcodes.
[Claim by @tankuroded][Confirmation+Pic by @RACECAR][Before|After Pics by @CkarCkar]

- The Nissan 2020 Vision GT has a working KERS system. To use it, press the button you have assigned to nitro.
[Claim+More info by @xZAMGMarmite][Confirmed by @GT5photomatic]
- The Aston Martin One-77 now has a working digital speedometer. It reads in KPH and blacks out when reaching or exceeding 500 KPH.
[Claim by @kukenjitsu][Confirmation+Pic by @kukenjitsu]
- A few classic cars appear to have "old-school" steel rally wheels now instead of the previous OZ wheels.
[Claim+Confirmation+Pic by @SCER][Confirmation+Pic by @Tarkata]

- The Aston Martin VGT has a really simple interior.
[Claim+Confirmation by @JohnScoonsBeard]

- The login bonus message now says "PSN" instead of PlayStation®Network.
[Claim+Confirmation+Pics by @Pophead]​
False Claims
- Normal cars can now be driven on Kart Space in Arcade Single Race.
[Claim by @bscar27][Proven wrong by @FrzGT][Proven wrong by @Thematic]
- "Audi: Le Mans, home of quattro" and "Porsche" signage at Circuit de la Sarthe 2013 have been replaced with the Gran Turismo logo.
[Claim by @tankuroded][Mistake by @tankuroded]
- Credit amount at the top is now in a golden hue instead of white.
[Claim by @jagenigma][Proven wrong by @Ameer67]
- The N20 icon flashing in the HUD has now been fixed.
[Claim by @FrzGT][Proven wrong by @KartRacer63]
Documented Changes
Vision Gran Turismo
The "Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo" and the "NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision Gran Turismo" have been released.​

After the update has been installed, the cars can be purchased from the [Vision GT] option within the [CARS] section in "My Home". Alternatively, it is also possible to obtain the cars by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Events, available only for a limited time.

Brake Caliper Paint
It is now possible to repaint the brake calipers on cars equipped with [Racing Brakes] purchased within the [Suspension] menu of [Tuning Parts]. Please note there are certain cars that cannot be repainted using this feature.
Customization of car numbers
More cars have been made compatible with the [Driver Number] feature in the [Garage]. There is also an increased selection of [Base] sheet designs on which the numbers can be displayed.



Engine brake reduction control on formula cars disabled
We have disabled the engine brake reduction control that was active on certain formula cars. (This is a feature that helps you avoid spinning out from excessive braking forces generated by the engine while the throttle is in the off position. This was accomplished by slightly opening the throttle while cornering even with no input to the accelerator.)​
[Documented Changes source]
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Can any more cars be painted now? I was seriously bummed when I saw that my drift truck (Silverado SST) couldn't be painted.
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I don't know if this was patched a while back, but the Veyron's HP gauge is now working! :D
It must've been on this update!

I played with the Veyron a few days ago and the power gauge was not working, that's awesome!
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Aston Martin VGT - Fully Custom Suspension and Fully Custom Transmission can be bought and tuned comes with Racing Hard tyres stock
657PP with oil change, 649 PP without (839bhp 1375kg)

Nissan VGT - No tuning whatsoever comes with Sports Soft tyres stock
616 PP with oil change, 615 without (hp/weight --)

Both can be painted - body only. Painting the AM will lose stripes.


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- Toyota TS030 and Honda CR-Z TC now have an electric power meter in the HUD underneath the fuel indicator. (All hybrid cars could possibly have this.(?)) [Claim by @TexasTyme214] [Confirmation+Pic by @Cobaiye]​

I can confirm this works on the following Honda Hybrids:

Insight (Older model)​

Insight (Newer Model)


As well as the Spoon CR-Z

And thanks to a replay I had from the laps I did in the Acura NSX Concept, I can confirm it also works:

By default that means the Honda one works as well, which means all the Honda Hybrids do have this working.​


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Der Drachen
There was some question about the hybrid function on the Nissan VGT.

It is automatic, no push to pass. This is incorrect, while it does drain during normal driving, using the N2O button puts more power to the ground

Charge & drain functions are indicated by an addition to the fuel gauge.

Red arrow pointed left during drain
View attachment 191944

Green arrow pointed right during charge.

View attachment 191945

It does drain even when fuel/tire wear is turned off.

I tested at Daytona tri-oval, stock no oil change.

Ran 4 full laps with hybrid boost
Hit the limiter @214mph in the front straight before turn 1, best lap 43.197
Empty on lap 5
Lap 6, 44.935, 205mph in the same spot.

Seems to be working fine but regeneration is pretty quick under braking/coast.
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