What did you buy today?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by GT_Prologue5, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. GT_Prologue5


    Noticed there wasn't a thread like this, it's like the "Latest Purchase" thread in the Rumble Strip, redone in GT5 style! Tell us what you bought and maybe show it off if you want.
  2. a big mac :sly:
  3. Sum1s2pid

    United States CA, USA

    Nissan SKYLINE 1500Deluxe (S50D-1) ‘63, because it didn't have a check-mark by it, which meant I had to have it. Gotta catch em all.

    United States Gotham

    Been looking for that one. DAMN YOU! :mad:

    I did get me a Subaru LEGACY Touring Wagon GT-B ‘96, though. Haven't tried it out yet.
  5. GT_Prologue5


    I bought a Corvette Z06 '06, added RM to it and everything else as I already own a ZR1 RM, then spent the rest of my cash on the wonderful Mazda 787B.

    Trust me, if you ever get $5,000,000, buy this car. The engine note is AMAZING.
  6. Wiegert

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Salopia

    I bought an engine rebuild for my X2010 seeing as i've got money to burn. I also bought a BMW M3 '04 which is a pretty good car.
  7. XxOnLySBz4mExX

    United States New York, U.S.A

    I bought a Carbon Fiber hood for my Gold Chrome SLR. :sly:
  8. JackRyanWMU

    United States Gobles, MI

    Spotted the Shelby GT350R in the used car dealership and promptly scooped it up. I'm looking to collect all the classic muscle cars. :)
  9. BryCivicSi

    United States Lexington, KY

    Just picked up the VW W12 Nardo and the Impreza Super Touring Car. Woot!
  10. cohetedor


    Bought the i-Concept '03, leaves me with just 3 standard cars left to find, now if the game would just see fit to give me 1 silver chrome paint chip since I'm fast approaching 1000 cars it would be nice.
  11. e1beatsdotcom


    I bought and tuned a Volvo S60-R. It hauls for a sedan.

    EDIT: Volvo S60 T-5 Sport '03
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  12. Blitz24

    United States NJ/USA

    Bought the Axela 23S in order to make a faux Mazdaspeed 3 and found the 2009 Playstation Audi R8 LMS.
  13. Carl the Sloth

    United Kingdom Great Britain

    Bought my 52nd AE86.
  14. Calais02


    I fianally pick up the Corvette C5-R race car, haven'd had a chance to drive it yet though
  15. Boostaddict287


    I bought a 2010 impreza WRX STi and modified the crap out of it, and my 98 honda civic Type-R is still faster..
  16. PAWEL17


    About 50 cars or so, race the dream car champ with x1, get 750k, buy alot of cheap cars :) why you ask? Nothing else to do with the money.
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  17. GT_Prologue5


    Well your name in French does mean "I have AE86" so yeah...:sly:
  18. D_B_Coop


    I got the Spirra. Realized it's pretty tail happy pretty quick.
  19. MoLiEG

    Mexico Mexico City

    Well, I didn't buy it today but yesterday I got the NSX LM Proto Road Car... :)
    It's the only road version of the NSX that I really wanted to buy :D
  20. pescarolo judd peugeot race car. just need the 905 and my peugeot race car collection is complete.
  21. mazda787

    United States Virginia

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale '63
    Honda Element '03
    Ginetta G4 '64
    Alpine A310 1600VE '73
    BMW M5 '08
  22. 200MphFord


    More classic muscle haha and a new GT LM Race Car, pretty good haul.
  23. Same here!
    Made the mistake of painting the first one I got and lost the cool blue stripes.
    Also made the mistake of working the engine and shedding weight off it. It's just not the same.

    This time around it's stock or bolt ons only
  24. sumbrownkid

    United States Stockbridge, Georgia

    Dodge Challenger old school for that green paint.
  25. Tommy_861

    United States NY

    Audi R8 4.2 FSI

    Its the new popular car amongst my racing buddies modded to in the 580pp range. I like it so far, but I'm still faster in my 09 GT-R.
  26. bloodstriker

    Australia Sydney, Austral

    NSX RM
    Carbon R R34
    S200 LM prototype
  27. Manly


    I didnt buy anything today, but yesterday I bought 75% of the dealership. Resulting in me owning every P car in the dealership. :tup:
  28. HuygensHeroes


    I don't know what the "Rumble Strip" is but there already is (a pretty long running) thread that is exactly like this, the title even differs by only one word. Only mentioning cause I liked that thread but it hasn't been updated much recently...

  29. stoney71

    United States Kentucky

    I've been waiting for months for the Chaparral 2J and 2D to pop up in the UCD. The 2J finally came up and I quickly snatched it up. Then a couple of turnovers of the UCD and the 2D came up, but I couldn't buy it because I didn't have enough credits thanks to the 20,000,000 cr. cap. I'm getting very tired of grinding, and grinding only to wait, and wait for the cars I want to come up. Then not be able to afford them because of this STUPID cap. FIX THIS PD, or let us trade for cars unrestricted again.
  30. whatsgt5

    United States Chicago

    FGT, now only 300k left in the bank : (
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