What don't you like about GTS? From the beta

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by diesel97, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. diesel97

    United States vermont

    Now that you played/seen GTS what don't you like and would like to see changed?
  2. JC_Dude


    I'd like to see blind spot indicators come back. It's a huge reason why online races are so messy.
  3. diesel97

    United States vermont

    They have a radar system
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  4. The transmission noise too loud, chase view, the timer in the middle of the screen with a "subtle" product placement for a watchmaker.
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  5. Imari

    Australia Melbourne

    Bar some aspects of the HUD that I think are too intrusive, I don't think I've seen much that I don't like. What's there seems pretty well made.
  6. It s still there
    I dislike the respawn
  7. Philipp Albin

    Switzerland Zürich

    The steering wheel animations. And no real offline mode. In addition there is no dynamic weather.

    Wheel and no dynamic weather disturb me extremely. And the other is also disturbing, but can live with it. And I just want more old cars.
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  8. diesel97

    United States vermont

    I have questions about the ramming ghost riders in multiplayer and sportsman license / points system?
  9. Fat Tyre

    Australia Melbourne

    The game doesn't seem to penalize players much when going off track, collisions/ damage looks subpar still. Same old irritating "thud" like noise when cars bang each other.

    Looks very nice though! :tup:
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  10. hankolerd

    Online Now!
    United States Seattle, WA

    That is what this red bubble is. It starts small when the car is a few feet away and gets bigger as you get closer to a car.
    Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 9.51.53 PM.png

    Overall I am happy with what I have seen. It looks like a logical progression for Gran Turismo, and to me it will be the best one yet.

    To me one of the coolest new features to the franchise is the Multi-Function menu while racing, to adjust fuel map, brake balance, ABS, TCS, etc. They did this in a really elegant way, and it will be interesting to see if they add more adjustability in this menu over time. And hopefully they make it less obtrusive than it is now.

    I can't wait to see how well they pull of night with headlights and rain/snow (they list snow tires after all).

    I think they are doing really well with the sounds in general, but as others have mentioned the transmission whine in some cars almost entirely mutes the engine noise. Most noticeable to me is the 458. Outside the car the engine note is good, and in replays, so I think they just need to re-work the sound mixing on some cars.

    I would like to see the option to arrange/hide certain UI elements, it is certainly obtrusive right now.

    And lastly, I would really like to see the ability to move the driver seat camera position up/down/fwd/back. I like to be able to clearly see the rear view mirror and driver side mirror at all times, and being able to see the passenger mirror by quickly glancing the camera to the right.
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  11. bdj57

    Indonesia Jakarta

    No photomode.... Curious to see how it perform along with Scapes features
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  12. H1s6n


    I don't like

    i didnt see videos on YT , im waiting to play it
  13. Interior view looks too dim for my taste
  14. PorscheHD


    Chase cam bit more dynamic and i need skitmarks!
  15. Chameleon

    Online Now!
    Australia Brisbane, Australia

    The biggest thing I don't like is the fact that the game automatically teleports you back onto the track. Hate in other games, will probably hate it in this.
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  16. TS050

    United Kingdom Birmingham

    Sound balance is off in a few cars (i.e 650S GT3) - too much transmission whine, too little engine noise.

    Oh, and I'm not a huge fan of the teleporting to track.

    Other than that, I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far.
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  17. BrainsBush

    Netherlands Tilburg

    first off all, what has been shared with us via several streams looks great and I see more things that I like vs what I don't like. (my glass is half full :yuck:). And I will not ask the things we know that will not be present in the game

    The improvements I hope for in the final version and may be they are also available but have not seen them yet.

    - HUD edit. At least no Tag Heuer timer in the middle of the screen
    - more lively track/asphalt. It looks way too clean now.
    - damage model of the cars
    - also other in car view (only cockpit, no wheel)
    - indeed no teleports when off track
  18. Matvex

    Online Now!
    Australia Melbourne

    Tranny whine too loud. Even if is correct as per reality lets turn it down anyway.

    Timer thats in the middle of the screen. distracting

    Lighting is amazing dont get me wrong, but maybe tone down the sunset lighting effects a touch.

    Cockpit view in the shade is too dark in there sometimes. It almost blacks out the interior completely. Its possible the streams quality is the reason for this.
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  19. JC_Dude


    Regarding the blind spot indicator: that's not the right way to do it. It's way too obstructed and needs to be focused on to read it.

    Overall, I'm very impressed by the game so far and most of my complaints are minor things. A couple more are the following:

    -The way you move around the main menu. This is not a mouse and keyboard game. The cursor should snap onto each option, not move around freely.
    -Cameras are too stiff.

    The game looks very good though. Not just from the graphics, which are franly insane, but it also looks like a lot of fun to play.
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  20. DonZonda

    Germany Germany

    The horrible chase cam.
    Transmission whine too loud on some cars.
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  21. sems4arsenal

    Contributing Writer
    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    Need a Dash cam, and the AI could do with more speed and finally and finally I really hope visual damage and dust pickup is in the game. Cars look way too shiny.
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  22. Tired Tyres

    United Kingdom West Yorkshire

    Sound mix seems to be wrong.

    AI too slow again. It should be easy on beginner, not too much faster on intermediate but is doesn't seem to offer any sort of challenge whatsoever on professional. No way if you crash should you be able to catch up. That's dumb.

    Different GR spec's of the same cars means very pure actual different cars in the game.

    Lap time counter is in a very stupid place.

    Lights don't illuminate the track on darker versions of time.
  23. Matej

    Contributing Writer
    Croatia Zagreb

    Maybe that's because the race on Professional lasts for 3 laps, and the track itself isn't very long either. It is possible they wanted to make the race winnable, regardless of how skilful you are.

    I noticed it is generally easier for streamers to overtake AI cars on straights than on corners. That's a good sign because in previous GT games it was the opposite.
  24. yossigab

    PSN:YossiGab , GTP_YossiGab

    1. To have the option to remove the blinking "recommended" gear
    2. Make the AI smarted and faster comparable to your car - it's looks very strange when racing the AI with identical car and you are much faster on straights than the AI like it's using only 90% gas pedal, and even slower on turns.
    AI should act as close to human - it should race fast, but sometimes makes mistakes like early braking/late braking/too much gas out of turn etc.
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  25. Scaff

    United Kingdom Peacock Battlemode

    Not new. GT5 and GT6 had it.

    RA Function
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  26. Scuderia Paul

    Online Now!
    Ireland Dublin

    From what I have seen to date there is nothing I properly don't like and nothing serious that cannot be tweaked.

    1/ The HUD needs to have the current lap timer moved to be less obtrusive.
    2/ Sound needs to be rebalanced.
    3/ Interiors are bit too dark.
    4/ AI need to be significantly quicker. They are laughably slow in the beta.
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  27. AudiMan2011

    Online Now!
    Japan Idol Hell

    From what I've seen:

    1. HUD is unnecessarily cluttered. The simpler HUD of the old days was better.
    2. AI still way below par. There should be a difficulty slider from 0 to 100% (or 120%) like Project Cars rather than just have 3 distinct difficulties.
    3. Transmission whine is too loud.
  28. From what I've seen so far their netcode still suck. It's not impressive, the same issues from GT6 still persist. I seriously hope the beta tester report these issues to PD.
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  29. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    First opinion thread posted about the GTS beta and it's "What don't you like about it?" What are you like?

  30. Tired Tyres

    United Kingdom West Yorkshire

    But that is what beginner and intermediate are for. The lack of challenge in professional means no reason to buy this for anyone who is competent with race games.

    Passing on the straight! That is ridiculous in a race for one series cars that don't have DRS. Passing is done under braking unless the car you pass has been held up.
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