What's the best European Touring Car?

Discussion in 'GT5 General Questions' started by Dave1127, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Dave1127

    England England

    Looking for the best European Touring Car in the game.

    Need it to use at the Autumn Ring and can have any upgrade and any set of tyres.

    Any suggestions?

  2. stormbringer


    Clk touring..or clk gtr.

    Any of the supertourings are cool too. 4wd!
  3. hetaireros


    Abt Audi tt IMO
    I had no chance to try the clk to be honest.
    I don't think the clk-gtr qualifies as touring car.
  4. chalky


    The alfa 155 is awesome, 4wd and super quick!
  5. WalkerInTN


    The BMW GTR, followed by the MB CLK Touring car.
  6. magburner

    Wales The Empire State
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    The ONLY European Touring car is the CLK GTR Touring Car. I'm personally not a fan, and I have tried to find another European Touring car to beat it, but there are none.

    Put simply, the CLK GTR Touring Car is in a league of it's own in terms of performance and handling, and as far as I am aware, ti is the only one tonne V8 in the game. Turst me on this though, if you find yourself lin a race with CLK GTR Touring cars, you better be in one yourself, or you'll have to get used to that losing feeling. Personally, I think the car needs to be nerfed. :tup:
  7. nosoks

    Scotland Ciamis, West Java

    Seconded on Abt tt touring, loved it in GT4 and here too, very managable. The CLK is also a great choice, it's just too ugly IMHO
  8. defaultoasis


    CLK Touring Car is CLK Touring Car, it's not got a GTR followed behind...this one's gonna cause some confusion so I've gotta point out.

    Yeah, CLK felt really good. And those 4WD golden age DTM machines to me are not on their best form when on stock tuning, they need some extra tuning. And 190E Evo, though lacks power, is so confidence-giving around corners. Didn't like Audis & Opels & Vauxhalls.

    Also, M3 GTR Race Car albeit is able to qualify for the European Touring Car event, it is not a touring car.
  9. Raygt5


    The BMW has the most power, the CLk seems to be the most balanced / easiest to drive. The Audi A4 is also very nice. Although not a typical touring style car the r8 LMS can be entered in the DTM championship and is also a nice ride.
  10. Dave1127

    England England

    OK, well I'm trying to win this CLK on one of the specials challenges now. Even though it says race car it is definitely classed as a European Touring Car isn't it??

  11. Poppins


    That is the CLK GTR Le Mans Race car.

    They are talking about the CLK Touring Car.
  12. Dave1127

    England England

  13. I have all the DTM touring cars and the clk is in a league of its own. Honesty its too good. With power at 625 I can do a 6.01 on Nur, disguistingly god car.

    I would rate the 2 Audi's and Astra next, not much between them.
  14. this...

    The CLK touring is probably the smoothest driving car in GT5.
  15. Dave1127

    England England

    Problem now is getting hold of this CLK. Now it's untradable it will be tricky to get hold of by Wednesday!
  16. alex1369

    Croatia Croatia

    for me M3 GTR and A4 DTM
  17. Felix

    England Oxford

    I have the 190 Evo II Cosworth DTM , the M3 GTR Race Car and the Alfa 155 DTM. All 3 are very good but the Alfa for me suited any type of race. In previous GT's the Calibra Super Touring was brilliant and on par with the Alfa.
  18. Mike0105


    I used the astra super touring car. Picked it up as it was the only one available in the ucd at the time I wanted to do the DTM series. Seems to be faster than the others as far as I can tell (bob beat the AI fairly easily using it stock), although I haven't got the Merc CLK yet.
  19. The CLK Touring car has more max downforce available and is also quite a bit lighter than the BMW GTR. However, the BMW seems to have much better corner entry so I'll go with the BMW since the specs would match in a PP race anyway.

    The Alfa 155 is good too, but it seems to have less grip due its narrow track width.
  20. I love all the touring cars.
    I get my best lap times with the CLK.
    My favorite to drive is the BMW GTR.
  21. Bobby-Vegas

    United States Las Vegas, USA

    I have all the DTM and older Euro tourers. Every time we start a DTM race online I am most comfortable in the Opel Astra... My honest opinion.

    BTW- CLK GTR is a LM car, not a DTM/Tourer.
  22. ///Mikucki


    m3 and 190e are both really good cars imo the m3 gtr race car is the best.