Forza Horizon 4 Could Get a Halo Crossover Showcase Event With the Returning Warthog

Forza Horizon 4 5 August 17, 2018 by

Halo is one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time. Now it might join up with another hugely successful franchise — Forza Horizon.

The leaks for Forza Horizon 4 are coming fast and furious. So far we know of a potential full car list that contains some of James Bond’s cars and the Volvo “Iron Knight” race truck. But yet another leak suggests some sort of FH4 Halo crossover.

While the M12 Warthog is no stranger to Horizon games, it’s more of a showpiece than anything else. Now with a batch of images uncovered by Reddit user “DunsberryPie”, it looks like it’s getting a Showcase Event.

The image shows the Warthog sliding along the beach, which is probably the one outside Edinburgh. In the distance we see a Covenant ship breaking through the clouds on its way down to Earth. Also, we see the massive Halo Array in the background as well.

The whole scene looks rather reminiscent of the map from the Silent Cartographer mission in the original game.

Also, a few eagle-eyed viewers caught another piece of info that leads us to believe this is legit. During one of the weekly streams from Playground Games, someone spotted a showcase icon with a spaceship on it. It’s sort of hard to see, but it does look like a USNC Pelican dropship.

It’s hard to tell what role any of this will play in the game. But as both franchises are cornerstones for Microsoft, it’s cool to see the crossover.

We doubt you’ll fight off any Covenant aliens looking to take over Edinburgh though. However, Horizon does often get crazier with each release. This is especially true when it comes to the showcase events too.

Chances are you’ll end up racing a spaceship or something along those lines.

Unfortunately, we still have a couple months to see what the challenge is. Forza Horizon 4 launches on October 2.

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