Forza Motorsport 7 June Update Now Available: All About Forza Race Regulations

The latest update for Forza Motorsport 7 is now available to all players. This month’s update is a smaller affair, focusing on the Forza Race Regulations System.

Since its introduction in April, Turn 10 continues to improve and tweak the feature. While the likes of collision-based penalties remain on the to-do list, let’s have a look at what’s new in the FRR.

Podium/Grid Seeding

As of the update, players position on the podium will be based on the total time, including any penalties earned during the race. This will make things more interesting on race day. Moreover, players’ starting grid position for the next race will also take this into account.

A welcome addition for many, and one that’s going to keep everyone on the edge of their seat.

Track Cutting Enumeration

This addition is rather to the point and is sure to make a lot of racers happy. The FRR will now keep track of and display the number of incidents when a player cuts several corners in a row before returning to the track.

The system will then resolve any and all necessary time penalties, lending itself to the previous feature above. The more penalties a player picks up, the higher the multiplier that will be shown.

FRR HUD Settings, Spectate and Exploit Fixes

Players can enable or disable penalty notifications in the game’s HUD settings. Although we don’t know why you’d want to hide them…

Spectating is also now available for all rooms running FRR.

The team has also fixed exploits in the FRR System. This focuses on two specific examples: one is penalties picked up just before the finish (which before today’s update wouldn’t apply post-race), and the other is when players could DNF an entire lobby thanks to excessive corner cutting during a race.

Rule Set Changes

As Turn 10 has been insistent on, FRR is a continually-evolving system. Besides working on new additions to it, the team is looking at further improvements for down the line — which may help the upcoming ForzaRC season.

This is where the community comes into play. The team welcomes your feedback in the dedicated June FRR thread on the official forum. Comments are one way to go, but providing video will help the team in understanding the issue better.

Photomode image by codenayme.

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