German Cars Featured in GT5’s Latest Time & Drift Trials

April 5th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

New Time and Drift Trials are now available in Gran Turismo 5‘s Seasonal Events, which feature German cars. Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

Time Trial No. 33

  • 560PP German Cars: Deep Forest Raceway Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/04/04 23:00 – 2012/04/18 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • 500PP London City Course Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/04/04 23:00 – 2012/04/18 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

Drift Trial No. 33

  • German Car Drift Trial at Tsukuba Circuit
    Period of Availability: 2012/04/04 23:00 – 2012/04/18 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • Grand Valley Speedway Reverse Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/04/04 23:00 – 2012/04/18 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

Note the game’s Online Car Dealership has not been updated this week. As always, head on over to GTPlanet’s GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion.

GT5 Photomode image by Ariesps.

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  1. Apr. 9, 7:42am

    I dont see forza fans complaining where is this month DLC!!!

    • Apr. 9, 10:37am

      I´m complaining, a 300 SEL 6.3 sounding like it had Chevy engine and exhaust, that was disapointing. I love both games, well one I like the other I in fact love. But none is perfect thats for sure

  2. Apr. 9, 12:27am

    Please PD, would love to see the new 2012 ZL1 Camaro and 2012 BMW M5 in the next dlc!

    • Apr. 9, 1:19am

      It might aswell be an easter-egg, oh wait we already have that, its called vw beetle and you can paint it!

      no seriously, they are going to come up with something soon, no matter what it is, I´ll keep supporting to get the very best GT6 possible.

  3. Apr. 8, 10:04pm

    @ Quakebass I’ll bet your right.. It kinda does look like the high speed ring.. IKD still a great pic as usual

  4. Apr. 8, 4:25pm
    RB26 2jz

    I think they should make more themed packs like how they made a touring car pack, maybe add Baja, D1, Trophy Trucks, Rally, NASCAR Trucks, FIA GT3, Le Mans, Super Touring, JDM Classics, Super Car Concepts, GP…

    This is just a dream obviously but if I owned PD these are the DLC’s I’d put in GT5 and even GT6

    • Apr. 8, 5:44pm

      Baja? Save that for Dirt

    • Apr. 8, 6:00pm

      The Only thing i want in Gran Turismo right now would be the 2013 SRT Viper. And if possible, the SRT Viper GTS-R

    • Apr. 8, 6:49pm

      2013 viper is ugly.

    • Apr. 8, 6:56pm

      I agree with frogg. It is ugly. If we get a new premium Viper I hope it is the ’92 RT/10.

    • Apr. 8, 8:18pm
      RB26 2jz

      Or SRT 10 Dodge Ram or Dodge Tomahawk

      Theyre vipers

    • Apr. 8, 9:23pm

      +1 great Idea

    • Apr. 8, 9:29pm

      I love it when I can’t tell what track the pics were taken on. I must admit this one has me stomped.

    • Apr. 8, 9:34pm

      It looks like High Speed Ring to me; in the non-banked S-curve section.

    • Apr. 8, 10:47pm
      RB26 2jz

      Deep forest raceway right after the tunnel

    • Apr. 9, 5:29am

      It’s either high speed ring or grand valley speedway.

    • Apr. 11, 3:46pm

      High Speed Ring.

  5. Apr. 8, 2:37pm

    im wondering what u all doin here? i come here day by day because i like Gran Turismo i dont go to XYZ game site everyday to tell how bad is it

    u people got that much free time? or u paid for tell sht?

    u bored…u dont like it…blablabla whatever move on

    • Apr. 8, 3:45pm

      I think the adductive behaviour from people to games is out of hands. I think you have to take a look in the BF3 battlelog forums and most of the latest games. Mass Effect 3 fans talking rubbish about the ending and stuff like that. How bad CoD is and still buying it…(that game is bad but they buy it…i think it is bad and i don´t buy it but don´t even talk about it for example)

      People complaining everyday here about how PD is making or made bad decisions (and i can agree with that in some points because GT5 has its flaws and some missing features or incomplete as far as i can see).

      I think the game industry now, just because of this new addictive behaviour, needs to adapt (for example pCARS is making the entire development process of the game using the feedback fro the people, Outerra engine which is a new game engine in development i asked in the forum for a feature and at the other day i had it with an update but of course because it was something needed for everybody not just me) or not pay attention at all (if they do this, instead of giving us incomplete games or half games and then tons of DLC´s they should take more time and give people finished and tested games)

      There are still companies who develop good games in 2 to 3 years; take a look in how good are almost every PS3 exclusive (Killzone 2, Killzone 3, God Of War 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 1, 2 ,3, Infamous 1 and 2, Little big planet 1 and 2, Mod Nation Racers, Journey, Flower, Flow…i didn´t see people complaining on any of those games and why? because those were Complete and finished games and maybe with 1 unique update just to fix little issues post release but nothing more)

      But with GT5 we saw something that we should not want to see in the future. Sony fault, PD fault…doesn´t matter this game wasn´t finished at all but still is a great game.

      People now are over exaggerating and want tons of features that are impossible to add to the game because by now is finished.
      I think they/we want more features to keep playing the game because it is great but also some people at the same time maybe want to play other games or forgot what GT series is all about.
      Of course if GT adds those things it could be better and one of the best racing games but people have to forget about that for GT5 and start to think in GT6. Hopefully PD is going to develop the game using feedback from their costumers (us) but keeping the features that GT series always have.
      If not it will be a huge mistake.

      Haters two options for you…:
      1- stop playing the game and move on and don´t come here to bitch about how bad is the game after 1 and a half year playing with it…(tell me those games that last more than one month…)
      2- keep playing and wait for GT6 and use the features that we have already in the game and start to think in some new ways to make it enjoyable or fun for you. By now i am trying Rally (one of the things that GT5 lacks…talking about tracks) and i am testing all the Rally cars making laps in the same circuit just to see the little differences and hat kind of stuff…and yes it takes time. Using bad cars to race against AI in practice mode (normal start grid as it should be on every mode in GT5).
      Stop tuning cars and race with it with the standard configurations and with the standard wheels (always using racing softs tyres, really?) and you can have entertaining races against AI in Nurburgring taking care from not loose your car instead of avoiding the bad AI.

      I want tons of things in GT but that´s why i have tons of other games to fill that hole.

    • Apr. 8, 3:54pm

      “I want tons of things in GT but that´s why i have tons of other games to fill that hole” Couldn’t have said it better myself bro.

    • Apr. 8, 6:23pm

      Foxiol, I have to agree with everything you’ve just said, but I want to touch on one point; I’ve said that PD has a small workforce compared to other companies several times now; many people seem to have taken that the wrong way; I only say that as the reason for the small amount of content in DLC’s and long development times. I’ve never stated it wasn’t PD’s fault for NOT hiring more people. If PD had hired more people earlier, we might’ve had a complete GT5, or a significantly better one than we have now. I hope PD hires more workers, and starts talking about the future of GT5, (like when DLC’s and updates will stop) news on DLC 4, and what sort of progress has been made on GT6; where they could see a proper release with 100% of the game complete, or just what stage of development they’re in.

    • Apr. 8, 7:16pm

      “I want tons of things in GT but that´s why i have tons of other games to fill that hole.”

      So other people need 2,000 individual games to have all the features and content that GT5 should have? Wow, I knew GT5 was incomplete but come on, really?

      There would be no way in hell that I would buy 2,000 other games just to have features and content that should be available in just one convenient package. Not really user friendly much, eh?

    • Apr. 8, 8:18pm
      RB26 2jz

      Nice book Foxiol

    • Apr. 8, 9:42pm

      Stopped reading after you called people who complain about the game “haters”. Please…

    • Apr. 9, 1:27am

      @ Foxiol, eso hermano!!!

    • Apr. 9, 5:35am
      BM Racing

      “I want tons of things in GT but that´s why i have tons of other games to fill that hole.”
      I think that point about just buying other games to fill the gap is silly, for example i really want a sticker/ livery editor, so that i can create my own racing teams and make the game just look better. That feature has been available on every Need for Speed game made since i can remember. By that theory i should be very happy with NforS, however because of the handling characteristics designed to put a smile on a 12 year old’s face. Cornering is done at roughly the speed of sound. So that’s a characteristic I’m not happy with so i should find another game to fill that gap, GT5 has got good handling, but wait… no livery editor the very reason i player Need for Speed in the first place…. So what I’m saying is that there is not a perfect game, but the reason people get so frustrated and become what where referred to as “Haters” is because GT 5 could be perfect with the right amount of work. Also people that complain are told they’re not very grateful I am grateful because Kaz swallowed his pride and gave us DLC even when he said the game was “Complete” however for me it hasn’t been enough yet.
      Insert irritating self righteous comment below.

    • Apr. 9, 11:01am

      I´m sorry I must disapoint you BM but all I can say is I totaly agree. You know what, I think Gran Turismo should be a 16+ or 18+ Game or at the counter buying the game you must provide a valid drivers license…

      This thing here called Gran Turismo is and has always been a Simulation rather then just another racing game.

      And yeah it is not perfect but I´m sure the staff of PD will do what they can to improve every aspect of Gran Turismo if you say they are concentrating on GT Academy, thats rubbish, Kaz Yamauchi is the only one to have his hands on that, what would he need an IT-Specialist, a Track/Car modeller for??? The Academy is a company of its own!

    • Apr. 9, 7:09pm

      @BM Racing:

      the NFS series only added real customization to the franchise with NFS: Underground, which was released in 2003. there were 6 games that came before it; The Need For Speed, Need For Speed II, Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit, Need For Speed: High Stakes, Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed, and then Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.

      I agree, you may get some features you want with NFS, but you don’t get any sort of appealing physics to support it. I really miss the driving physics of the NFS: UG2 and al of its precursors, which is the main reason I don’t really like any of the newer NFS games. But back to GT5. If we get a livery editor, it won’t ruin the driving physics in any way. It will really just add a greater replay value and more variety to the game.

  6. Apr. 8, 1:56pm

    I’m guessing GT5 is pretty much dead. There’s no way the will change things up with this dinosaur. It was broke from the beginning, let’s all be honest. I only played it all because I thought something good might happen. All those races to get 40 40, all the attempts to get all gold license, ugh and the endurance races before the save function. All for a car I already had.

    • Apr. 9, 1:13am


  7. Apr. 8, 1:14pm

    Come on PD!!!

  8. Apr. 8, 8:51am

    Is PD alive? These guys are so quite that its scary.

    • Apr. 8, 9:33am

      It is QUIET.

    • Apr. 8, 1:15pm

      Shhh, don’t yell

  9. Apr. 8, 3:22am

    If it is going to take this long, PD must be doing something big to go along with the photo stream update. If photo stream is the only thing new in three months, I will be very disappointed. I am excited and anxious to see what PD has in store for the next update.

  10. Apr. 8, 3:17am

    Hello, I’m new to GTPlanet, but I’ve been a Gran Turismo fan since the beginning. I understand that many of you are bored with the game. I’m getting pretty bored myself with the content but I do find new ways to entertain myself. I find the best way to be challenged in the game is to play most of the A-spec events with the cars that are meant to be played in those events. Start out with a car that you know is weak compared to the cars that you are racing, go about 40 to 60 performance points below the performance points of your competitors, leave the car stock and take it for a run. If you get smoked by the computer, modify the car, but only modify the car little by little. Don’t modify the car so much that you smoke the computer. Take it for a run and keep track of the time differential every time you lose. Eventually you will get to a point where you know you can win by changing your line and perfecting your line rather than adding more mods. I also make a point not to drive dirty and bum rush the AI, if I do and there’s any form of contact I start over. It makes it much more competitive. I find that the A-spec supercar challenge is the best place to do this because there’s a wide range of performance cars that are considered supercars. Start out with the XKR. You’ll notice that the car is considerably weaker than most of the supercars and it also has a lot of oversteer which slows the time down. If you take this approach with most of the challenges, you’ll find that they actually become enjoyable and makes the game worthwhile.

    • Apr. 8, 1:48pm

      This is pretty normal.

  11. Apr. 8, 3:04am

    instead of making new tracks , upgrading the A-spec career , more cars….. we get a photo stream :(((((

    • Apr. 9, 1:23am

      PM me dude…tell me the lottery codes for next wednesday…;)

  12. Apr. 8, 2:42am

    I think that kaz and his crew are really tired of making that photo stream and that’s why we have no news about dlc hhhh………

    • Apr. 9, 1:25am

      or maybe they just be on easter holidays with their family, everybody needs some rest man

  13. Apr. 8, 2:01am

    I heard the new 2013 Dodge Viper as awesome new shape and led brake light, a lighter new 8.4 V10. So I check here as nothing new and I check Forza site, I am not too happy they are getting 2013 Viper soon!!! Why why why we still waiting and nothing and nothing. Come on………one week and half to go for THREE month no dlc for GT5 and Forza happy getting EVERY month…no delays!!!!!!!!!

    • Apr. 8, 8:40am

      Its not Dodge, it’s SRT now. Im still trying to get used to calling it SRT lol

    • Apr. 8, 1:00pm

      Turn 10 has more employees, and the DLC is still on schedule. Answers both questions.

    • Apr. 8, 5:34pm

      About 300 employees on T10, only 120 in PD, just like Quakebass said. Also, T10 only makes car DLCs, and you know, tracks take a lot longer time to make. Also, I am expecting quite a lot from the upcoming DLC, if it ever comes.

    • Apr. 8, 7:28pm

      “Its not Dodge, it’s SRT now. Im still trying to get used to calling it SRT”

      I’ll still call it a Dodge. It is more or less, a re-branded Dodge.

    • Apr. 8, 8:01pm

      @HarVee yeah I guess. its always gonna be a Dodge at heart.

  14. Apr. 8, 1:55am

    Where is the 2013 Dodge Viper? Forza is getting it, how about GT5? We lost out on Porsche, F10 M5, and so many more to be listed here.

    • Apr. 9, 3:03am

      You should know by now that EA has the exclusive license on Porsche, and has had it for several years. I’m unsure how Turn 10 got access to Porsche now, but they had previously gotten them through sub-licensing deals; they probably did that again. The GT franchise has never had Porsche in the game… but PD should at least try to get some RUF’s and 9ff’s. I’m betting we’re going to see the 2013 NSX in this upcoming DLC, the 2013 SRT Viper would be great, but I think PD should add in some cars that Forza doesn’t have and that could BRAG about; like the BMW i8, Nissan DeltaWing, and the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

  15. Apr. 7, 11:32pm

    maybe this game “gt5” shouldn’t be called “gt5” but….”gt6 prologue”…too bad PD will release another “gt6 prologue” for money..instead of releasing the main “gt6”.

    • Apr. 8, 12:27am
      tube chaser

      Unofficially it probably is GT6 Prologue we’re now playing. The amount of data constantly streaming to their servers seems like keystroke tracking to me. Some of the covert menu-interface improvements would suggest so too. Long story short, I wouldn’t be surprised if GT6 is closer than we think – and that it’ll be a return to the slick standards we have come to expect. How could it not be, we’ve been beta-testing it since 2010!

    • Apr. 8, 1:07pm

      @tube chaser:

      I’m starting to think its coming sooner than expected, too; Sony is trying to get PSOrbis out by holiday 2013… Because for some reason they ditched the “10 year life span of the PS3”, and all of sudden wanted to release the new system before Microsoft’s new Xbox… I don’t know if GT6 will be a release title or not, but if it is, then we’ll be seeing a new game in about 1 and a half years…

    • Apr. 8, 5:44pm

      Gt6 suppose to come out as they announced 2 or 3 years

    • Apr. 9, 12:02am
      tube chaser

      Quake, I sincerely hope GT6 isn’t a PSOrbis release. I’m not particularly enamoured with a shiny new machine that doesn’t like PS3 games or pre-owned titles, and makes my new HD TV redundant. What’s wrong with these corporations – don’t they see we’re struggling because of the GFC? I’ve personally got my hopes on it being the final GT to be released on PS3 – a next gen rebirth of the amazing GT4 we all loved.

    • Apr. 9, 3:35am

      Well, I hope GT6 is on PSOrbis, regardless of the price of the Orbis. I think it would have so much more capabilities; as stated by many people, GT5 is at the PS3’s limits. GT5 was a bit disappointment, but if its on PS3, I think it would disappoint even more if it came out directly before the Orbis came out… all sorts of new technology that wasn’t used, and more waiting until it gets used. I really hope the Orbis will still use standard handheld controllers, no motion control crap like the Wii… I’m more worried about the cancelation of used games and no backwards compatibility; I’ll have to hang on to my dying PS3 in order to keep playing my PS3, PS2, and PS1 games. If GT6 is on PSOrbis, It truly WILL be next-gen.

  16. Apr. 7, 11:31pm
    Dominic Toretto

    i just want new A-Spec races to try the new cars & add better & USABLE cars not stupid hybrids, miatas, RX-7’s, theirs so many cars that are MISSING on this game that gamers want instead of making us wait months for dissapointments, paying for a “car pack” that has 5 or 6 cars that only has 1 or 2 good cars & the rest are useless (Mini, Vw Bug etc.)… & then we finally hear about new tracks & guess what?? they were for GT6!!!!… its getting annoying

    • Apr. 9, 1:06am

      Whats the usefull cars you want? Ariel Atom? Koeniggseg? Linhoss? Porsche?
      …hold on…you might not know what a Linhoss is, guessing your age I´d say about 15

  17. Apr. 7, 9:35pm

    Haters gonna hate! Trollers going to Troll

    • Apr. 9, 4:08am


  18. Apr. 7, 9:23pm

    i also bough my ps3 for gran turismo and also for god of war + MGS4 but GT5 was a big big dissapointment to me if this game had a career as big as GT4 i would play this game for 5 years ahead , the previews title ( GT4 ) had a big career why downgrade in GT5 ? !!! >_<

    • Apr. 9, 1:34am

      What do you need a career for? They probably downgraded it because of Online, B-Spec and Seasonals, but whats the big deal?

      The previous title had qualifing sessions wich I miss, but should I stop playing now just because of that?

    • Apr. 9, 5:30am

      “What do you need a career for?”

      Excuse me? The career mode is sole aspect of even playing the game in the majority of the players eyes. Without the career mode there would be nothing to finish, and no thought of self-accomplishment.

      Leaving many players to feel empty, and feeling that this game offers nothing of a challenge for them.

    • Apr. 9, 10:47am

      Is that all you need? self-acomplishment? Ok I understand where your comin from but you can get the same acomplishment if you win online, or in a challenging Arcade Race if you win, no. Sure I´d love to see more A-Spec Career mode aswell, but finishing the game as fast as possible won´t lead to a long time motivation don´t you think?

      And that shouldn´t be what Gran Turismo is all about, I understand there´s lack of entertainment right now but if you search occasionaly you might find something interesting you haven´t expierienced before, like those Arcade games set up on highest lvl it is so much fun.

      Like I posted before it took me till lap 6 to pass the last of the 15 drivers ahead of me, on a 10 lap race at Spa… ok I wish seasonals where equally challenging or they would patch us an event creator, but you can find entertainment in this game if you look for it, imo

    • Apr. 9, 10:49am

      no sorry I didnt start on P16 it was P6 or 7, but anyways

  19. Apr. 7, 8:25pm

    for a start am not sucking any one and why should i be banned am just sick of seeing people write the same comments over and over we all know what we would like from the game but we can’t expect it all on gt5 i bought my ps3 just for gt5 and was really dissapointed with the launch and the standard cars but people seem to think they will do everything that is requested if they do that how can they make gt6 everything people say in here will be taken into account for gt6 and you say test track you forget spa and the aventador,shiroco ……….. dont get me wrong i agree with you saying that people need to complain so they can fix it but there is a limit of things they will do before gt6 (sorry for the punctuation am really tired

    • Apr. 7, 9:09pm

      I bought my PS3 just for GT5 too… Nice!!! I love this game.

    • Apr. 7, 11:17pm

      I bought my PS3 for GT5 and GTAIV. Unfortunately, both were disappointments.

    • Apr. 8, 4:46am

      HarVee how can you say GTAIV was pathetic? Lol. WTF Niko Bellic will slay our Bob any day!

    • Apr. 8, 5:56am

      sanesh21, I didn’t say that, now did I?

      Learn to read before you make a statement like that. And as for Niko, he was one of the things that made IV such a disappointment.

    • Apr. 8, 7:14am

      HarVee if they both was was such disappointments to you. You shouldn’t be on the GTP. You want PD to refund you the money you paid for your console too?

    • Apr. 8, 7:37pm

      I shouldn’t be on GTP? Why? Because the game didn’t meet the expectations that the GT series has purely made for itself over the years?

      So I shouldn’t able to come onto GTP and voice my discerns towards this incomplete product, a product which took 6 years to develop and still feels like 1/3 of a complete game?

      A game series that I spent so much time and money on over the course of the last 13 years, and I shouldn’t be allowed voice my concerns about the newest title?

      What are you smoking dude?

    • Apr. 9, 3:54am

      HarVee, stop trolling please. Create a thread for that, and voice those opinions there. Tweet Kaz and tell him too. Thanks

    • Apr. 9, 5:18am

      I’m a troll because you disagree with me, and I try to make a point which you disagree upon?

      The only thing I can do is laugh.

    • Apr. 9, 7:13am

      The thread says “German cars featured in GT5’s latest time and drift trials”
      It does not say , “haters, vent your frustrations here”
      So you can carry on laughing .Read and comprehend first.
      Like I said , stop trolling, PM me if u want, this is not fiar to the other GTP members.

  20. Apr. 7, 8:17pm

    @DaScouser101 …. looool at you my friend a 1000 car ??? did you notice that 800 of them are ps2 quality cars ?

    seaonals ? :

    A-spec seasonal : 10 robots following each other and 1 rabbit you have to catch

    B-spec : <– haha not even going to talk about it

    DLC : you are paying for a test track , standard car made into premium and racing helmets + paint chips

    the only ones should be band are people like you sucking kaz **** if there is no complains PD will never fix things yes this game is a prologue 2 in terms of its career A-spec events / and no i dont like online if you are about to tell me go online and i cant even play online , were im from is farm away from US and europe and people in my area dont play GT and there is no rooms to enter with decent connection

    and were are the rally events ? have tons of rally cars in game but what should i do with them ? i've been playing rally since gt2 creat gt5 have lots of rally cars but hey… we wont make A-spec events for rally just take the cars and go take a photo with them

    • Apr. 8, 1:04am
      tube chaser

      Bru chill-out, nobody needs to be sucking stars. I do however feel your pain about the offline aspect of the game. If it wasn’t for online play I’d just be messing about in arcade mode after finishing the limited A-spec career. But man you’re in Kuwait right? You should have a decent internet connection. I’m in Europe with a reasonably good NAT2 connection and I regularly play in lobbies from the Far-East to the Americas with great people and very few disconnects. C’mon dude, sort it out and join us. Otherwise help petition for that Event Creator we all want.

      And +1 about the lack of rally events. Pike’s, where are yooo..

  21. Apr. 7, 8:14pm

    was that directed to me ?

  22. Apr. 7, 8:10pm

    We won WW2

    • Apr. 8, 2:55am

      define “we’ ..

    • Apr. 8, 3:49am
      tube chaser

      Ah dont worry, its just Basil Fawlty. He’s a GTP member too doncha know.

  23. Apr. 7, 8:02pm

    by the way jordon i think uses who continuously right crap about the number 1 driving racing simulator in the wolrd they should be banned as they clearly lean more towards forza and should only post on forzaplanet

  24. Apr. 7, 8:00pm

    SmellyWallrus the game will be better with out people like you anyway, so am glad you have give up as for the last post about gt5 prologue 2 get real 1100 plus cars all the seasonal events plus the dlc ??? you people all think pd and kaz owes you the world hes done more than enough for this game and anything else is a bonus and if you don’t want to wait go play the inferior game on the inferior console FORZA

  25. Apr. 7, 1:58pm

    this game is : gt5 prologue 2 , im still waiting for the full version

    • Apr. 7, 11:25pm

      This made my day.

  26. Apr. 7, 6:23am

    it doesnt matter what dlc or seasonal, they will still make it the most boring race ever. gt6, gt7,doesnt matter. boring crap.pdee z retarted. backin my real car out of the drive way is still 10 the exictment. sorry kids

    • Apr. 7, 8:48am

      It doesn’t matter what you say, you just gives yourself bordom and not GT5. Sure I’m complain as well but geez take it easy dumbo. No, seriously…

    • Apr. 7, 11:25pm
      Nissan Lover

      Toko does have a point.And so does jamesst99.
      Only time it’s boring is when you’re playing by yourself,A-Spec and B-Spec.That’s what james have his point.
      But Toko is right.Only time that you are bored is because you make yourself bored.That’s what Online Play and GTPlanet is for.

      And Toko,be nice to others….

    • Apr. 7, 11:28pm

      Okay Nissan Lover. :) That’ll be my last post.

    • Apr. 8, 12:12am
      tube chaser

      Cheers BWX & Toko for a geniune LOL. Waiting for the next update ain’t fun so your comments sure lighten the mood. Dont lose heart though fellas, I’m sure PD will deliver something to get excited about. Eventually.

    • Apr. 8, 9:33am

      ^ +1 Agreed, tube chaser. :D

  27. Apr. 7, 5:41am
    Escort mk1 yum

    I’m hoping gt6 with have a escort mk1/2 in the game, as there legends, and there being over looked in this game, o and a Capri 3.0i would be nice

    • Apr. 7, 3:25pm

      DRM REVIVAL 2.0 mod for rFactor…those cars with that sound and physics. I was playing this now. 325km/h in a BMW M1 TURBO…no words. F1 1994 with Ayrton Senna car…etc.
      GT5 needs real car legends not only one time winner Le Mans or something like that and with a realistic engine sound. All cars premium.
      Give the development of GT6 to me and you all have an amazing game that last for ever.

    • Apr. 8, 11:21am

      Now its very normal that all suddenly discover 2005 pc sims lol

  28. Apr. 7, 4:27am

    New SRT viper please! Oh and the CTS V caddies.

  29. Apr. 7, 1:25am

    There are a couple of cars that i would like to see in gt5: chevy nova 69′, malan gt, ariel atom v8, bertone pickster, rinspeed e-go rocket, 50′ dodge, chevy and dodge cars, the 1967 dodge viper concept, L88 corvette and the gumpert apallo, but those are just my suggestions

  30. Apr. 7, 12:34am

    Where’s the DLC … aaaand A spec seasonals… /yawn

  31. Apr. 6, 11:21pm
    Jean christophe

    I got the Gold in the 4 events with my M3 GTR. the car had sloppy handling but the mobility and maniability were both awesome! a nice 4 million in 15 minutes!! ^^ (yeah i had a few retries done on the drift events,but no problems.)

    IDC the ranking i get here,getting the gold matters for me tho. (PS i got the GT5 XL edition!! ^^)

  32. Apr. 6, 4:50pm

    For Deep forest i used for the very first time my Audi R8 V10 5.2 TFSI Chrome Line edition and standard as it is and i ‘gold’ it in the 2nd lap and also for London i use the GRAN TURISMO 350Z RS for the very first time…and i got those cars since first day…lol

    I started to use every car in the game a couple of days ago just to see differences and also i am using all Rally cars and having a lot of fun. (of course we need more rally tracks and point to point courses/roads)

    At least i found a way to play more GT5.And seasonal´s give me money to buy all cars…that day will come…(622 by now)

    By the way i was thinking one thing the other day…i have more than 1980 colours…why we need such an amount of colours in the game? I mean without any use almost because we collect it and use some but the rest are occupying space there. The point of collectible colours is weird in my opinion. Should be free and the entire palette should be available for every car too.(not for Chrome colours and mate´s for example)

    • Apr. 7, 9:13am

      ah Foxiol, I’ve been searching for you all over the internet hahaha!

      I a lot of the colors are repeats, I have 1610 colours but a lot of the are the same. Like if you search by name, you’ll probably see “Black” or “Red” multiple times. I think a patch is needed to combine the repeats.

    • Apr. 7, 1:30pm

      Haha, IGN too…but don´t tell anyone haha.

      Yeah i know about that but still there are too many repeated or not. It would be great if those colors will be available in the dealership when you are going to buy a car. Having colours in other sections of the game is not that bad but you forget that you have tons of them.

    • Apr. 8, 1:19pm

      Thats why I’d like a “Paint Shop” feature, where you can purchase any paint chips you’ve unlocked, and sell any that you own… 100 cr. – 1000 cr. depending on paint type. (solids would be MUCH cheaper than chromes). Maybe even have/add some “special” paints that only unlock at certain levels. This would let you clear out your inventory, and let you find the exact paint that you want. If you’ve got more than 1000 useless paints, you’ll soon become rich, too.

  33. Apr. 6, 3:54pm

    How do Japanese users get into the 500pp London time trial using karts?

    • Apr. 7, 5:07am

      This is exactly what I was wondering! It won’t let me use a kart (European user)

    • Apr. 7, 11:20pm

      Maybe there is a glitch with the Japanese version that allows it to be like so?

  34. Apr. 6, 3:17pm

    Given up with this GT now, B spec, TT, Drift etc…. wast of time, A spec racing is what is needed. a couple of races every 3 weeks is no where near enough. Goodbye GT5.

    • Apr. 6, 3:37pm

      Can’t blame you.

    • Apr. 6, 11:41pm

      I was thinking the same as you but I gave GT5 a shot after a 3 month hiatus and I realized its not so bad :) If you have a lot of money you could buy cars from the used dealership, tune them up and test them out at Spa or the Nurburgring (thats what I do). It sounds boring but trust me its pretty cool. Yeah still I do wish PD was more like Turn10 and spoil us with 10 cars every month but GT5 is still cool. I respect both GT and Forza…they’re really the only 2 good console racers out right now (and Dirt 3).

    • Apr. 6, 11:45pm

      ^ Agreed

    • Apr. 7, 11:52am

      ”It sounds boring but trust me its pretty cool.”

      No, it is boring.

    • Apr. 7, 6:37pm

      ^ You sound angry BWX. Oh and btw. That’s your opinion. GT5’s only boring because you make it boring. Use your imagination.

  35. Apr. 6, 3:08pm
    Pompey Paul

    But on u tube it takes a couple off seconds, mine has 899 bhp so what’s wrong pls replay

    • Apr. 8, 1:22pm

      What are you talking about? If you’re car’s toping out, just tune the transmission to a higher top speed… And next time, ask this question in the forums, please.

  36. Apr. 6, 2:26pm
    Pompey Paul

    Well it takes a million years, 260mph

  37. Apr. 6, 2:10pm
    Pompey Paul

    My 908 does not accelerate to 260, what’s wrong

  38. Apr. 6, 1:20pm

    Not interested in stupid seasonals
    Want new content so for now GT is something I play when I am bored
    Not prepared to invest any more money in lame DLC’s which if everyone was honest with themselves was really disappointing.

    I love my ps3 but i got myself an xbox and forza which is great not as dynamically technical as GT but good fun and some of the environmental effects are much better.

    The car sounds beat GT hands down

    So for now happy to play other games and wait for GT 6
    PD has had enough time get things right…they haven’t so hopefully next time

    • Apr. 6, 2:12pm
      mister dog

      Actually just read the Forza 4 review on IGN, Include weather effects, european tracks and night racing and for the next generation of consoles and games i’m switching over to xbox and Forza 5.

      So far Gran Turismo was what kept my a playstation fan, but the refusal of PD to fix the flaws we mention time and time again (and that have been mentioned for years now like the lack of damage, the uncompetitive AI, and the bias towards the jap cars) + them not being transparant, and not being able to hold any deadline, is gonna make me turn my back on them.

      Time will tell but GT6 better be the creme the la creme if they wanna keep me as a fan.

    • Apr. 7, 2:52am

      Hey thanks PD for all your hard work over the years. Don’t worry about me, I will always be a fan. PD has been the innovator from the beginning with everyone copying and sometimes leading from behind just to best GT in only a few areas. Nothing would be as polished as it is when it comes to driving/racing simulators if it wasn’t for PD’s strive for perfection. You can thank them for the great experience you get from most every good racing game because they set the bar. They have present waaay too many firsts to be dissed. Thanks PD and I know you are working hard for us too especially considering what happened in Japan last year. And yes, I want some more quality DLC like yesterday but I will wait patiently.

  39. Apr. 6, 1:11pm

    Yawn, losing interest.

  40. Apr. 6, 12:42pm
    Escort mk1 yum

    My problem is, there so much going on on this game with photos, so there should be body kits, 22 ins rims, and vinyl, if this game had a bit of pimping like need for speed games, it would be complete, I can spend hours making a stunning car, on the Topgear test track it’s like a car show, so it would be sweet if you could pimp up a m3 or a fiat panda, am I wrong?

    • Apr. 6, 9:03pm

      God. NO. Sure, SOME customization may be wanted. BUT NOTHING LIKE NFSU CUSTOMIZATION.

    • Apr. 8, 1:25pm

      Yeah, I don’t want the “pimping” aspect going into the game… but I would lie more aero kits and race mods for more variety, plus a livery editor. I really don’t understand the point of getting a “body kit” that does nothing to improve the car.

  41. Apr. 6, 9:04am

    Nice image

  42. Apr. 6, 8:56am

    All I want is a SPA (24h) time/change.

    • Apr. 6, 5:19pm

      I’d agree with the time change function. I’d love to drive SPA and midnight during the rain.

    • Apr. 8, 9:46pm

      If its added, we better not have to pay for it if we’ve already purchased the DLC…

  43. Apr. 6, 8:26am

    Okay I Golded these about my second try. I just about made them with a second to spare! It says my rankings were around the 30,000 mark! There about 8,000,000 copies of this game floating about! Is it really that small a minority that still participate in the events in this game now! Oh on a side note you want a tricky challenge for the average driver! Try Golding these puppies with an un-modded 04 CL600. Over Two tonnes of roll around the corners without traction control makes German time trials a tricky boy!

  44. Apr. 6, 8:03am

    Team THRT drift you are pathetic

  45. Apr. 6, 3:09am
    Team THRT Drift

    I know i saw that.. i got a pathetic 1:26:345 with my audi nuvolari

  46. Apr. 6, 2:43am

    Okay, anybody know the dude who put up the 1:17 on Deep Forest Raceway? My shot gun is ready. Insane , really

    • Apr. 6, 7:50am

      I think you can get close to that if you sat on it doing lap after lap with a car tuned and geared to the track tomorrow I am getting the g27 cockpit out and having ago I know I can get 1.20 give or take

  47. Apr. 6, 2:26am

    How about we all sleep and wake up when gt6 comes out?

    • Apr. 6, 6:13am

      or you could wait till it comes out. Why the rush. let pd do there thing and get n with life. when gt6 comes out then start talking about it more.

    • Apr. 6, 1:12pm


  48. Apr. 5, 11:32pm

    who cares about drifting, so boring , waste of my time! Just want to RACE, jeez!

    • Apr. 6, 1:46am


    • Apr. 6, 6:14am

      Some people dont like racing, some like drifting. its not all up to 1 person opinion to stop the drift trials. as you can see from the leaderboards, many people like drifting.

    • Apr. 6, 10:29am

      ^ Agreed. Drifting is very fun, I only began drifting a few months back and it adds so much more value to GT5. The drift community is pretty big and I think PD is doing a good thing supporting us, although …… I think they should introduce some online drift modes, not necessarily for drift points, but and event that caters for drifting or something that lets us drift wrong-way on track without the cars becoming transparent for the sake of awesome replays.

      Also free camera control for replays…can’t someone say “montage” ?

    • Apr. 8, 1:29pm


      I’ve got an idea in the feedback section for a short clip creator, if you’re interested in voting for it.

  49. Apr. 5, 11:03pm

    Really missing the e30 m3 evo and e36 m3 LTW right about now.

    • Apr. 5, 11:06pm

      tell me about it they need the e30 and e36 m3 then gt5 would be perfect

  50. Apr. 5, 10:30pm

    PD is so busy doing more photo options, photo things, photo competitions, photo whatever, update on gt academy, update on more drift and time trials a-spec and b-spec…we’re so rich in this game and we almost buy the thousand cars including hundreds of skylines and fd’s.

    people here keeps on complaining with the same complains everytime…DLC, more modifications, more tracks, more cars, etc. reason is most people here still don’t get what they want.

    I think one of the things in gt5 that people did not complain is the simulator, we all know that gt5 is almost a perfect driving simulator. just my opinion, you don’t have to agree with me. =)

    • Apr. 5, 11:00pm

      Someone already said this and I agree 100%. As a simulator GT5 is almost perfect (thats why GT will always be the most succesfull racing franchise) but as a game it lacks in many ares.

  51. Apr. 5, 9:07pm

    Top 5 most common words on GTPlanet:

    It’s sad, but true.

    • Apr. 5, 9:16pm

      Gran Turismo has THE funniest fanbase ever! I love you guys..all of you! From the devoted, PD slaves that have absolutely nothing bad to say about the game to the miserable ones who slit their wrists because they didn’t get any DLC for 3 months…you guys are epic! This is like a reality show!

    • Apr. 5, 9:32pm

      Either love ’em or hate ’em, but we all know it just wouldn’t be the same without them.

    • Apr. 5, 11:58pm

      lol Try the Sonic fanbase out for size :0 …You guys are all saints in comparison!

    • Apr. 6, 2:04am

      WOW that guy’s a psycho… And no one ever says the game is perfect.

    • Apr. 6, 5:41pm

      Try the Guilty Gear Fan base! now those are same psychos.

    • Apr. 6, 6:42pm

      Only read the news with movie popcorn close at hand. You should try it HKSbro92, it makes the experience better! :) :) :) :)

  52. Apr. 5, 8:48pm
    i have a flat

    For the people using words like bling bling and pump my ride and just having that thought process in mind.I for one don’t complain but I wouldn’t mind more rims for the thousand or so cars in the game there’s not even 30 rims to at least try to compliment them.this game has quite a few American cars and only about 5 american type far as body kits go for some cars they have quite a few.but just cause somebody says I want more rims or kits don’t be the idiot to scream(GO PLAY NFS ext ext).MINES uses different kits and rims REamemiya uses different rims and kits SPOON HKS ext ext use different kits and rims they are far from ricers.I hardly post here just come to get early news without having to turn on my PS3 (i use my phone).I love GT5 could they have fixed a few things yes nobody is perfect is this the topic section to vent no I understand those who point that out.I don’t live my life playing VGs but I do like quite a few titles this one being one.I also like tuner cars REAL TUNER CARS not butterfly doors on a Integra not neon lights under a RX-7.I notices in the new car dealerships SPOON has one car REamemiya has two cars MINES has one car and I think they put more in the game than that from those respected tuner franchises.I’m not counting the ones they put in the standard cars list.but I am looking forward to the new DLC as far as forza goes the core of racing games is the RACING and forza will never come close to GT5 in that area.

    • Apr. 5, 10:42pm

      Actually, I think Forza 4 has more fun racing than GT5 for reasons I won’t get into. Just my opinion.

    • Apr. 6, 2:50am

      If you prefer lack of challenge, pick up and play racing games with a touch of realism, then yea forza 4 could be more fun for you. If you love a sense of accomplishment, being able to easily tell between each car like you’re test driving each one, physics that force you to learn real racing techniques, and a huge and very competitive racing community, you would prefer GT5 like most people do

    • Apr. 6, 6:24am

      @Tom: A lot of that is purely subjective, especially the “challenge” and “accomplishment” bit, and depends on what your priorties in each game are.

      I don’t care for racing with the online community. And while physics are pretty important to me, it doesn’t mean much if the single player isn’t fun.
      Honestly, if all I cared about was physics and online play I wouldn’t even waste my time with neither Forza OR GT and I would invest my money into PC sims instead.

      For me, Forza 4 blows GT5 out of the water regarding offline play. GT5 is very stingy with its rewards and the career mode is pathetically short. Even older GTs do a better job. I get no “sense of accomplishment” out of GT5 because the career mode leaves me very little to strive for. And challenge is possible to get out of Forza 4 if you turn the AI to it’s highest difficulty, turn off all aids, turn on full damage (something GT5 doesn’t even implement in the offline portion of the game) which can hinder the performach of the car if you crash too much. So don’t tell me which game has “challenge” or “accomplishment”. I’ll decide that for myself.

    • Apr. 6, 8:17am

      eum… @ Muo… Try to lower the PP.level 50 PPs les or a 100 PP les , and sports Tyres and it wil be a “challenge for sure

    • Apr. 6, 11:01am

      Amen, where are the gold wires featured in GT4 that made all my cars look like G-Rides?

    • Apr. 6, 7:06pm

      Haven’t played Forza 4, but Forza 3 had really challenging AI. There was “Easy” in which you blow away your opponent by turn one, then “Medium” in which you were in 1st place by about lap 2….but then there was “Hard”….and my I say, that is exactly what they mean, “Hard”. I don’t understand the huge gap in difficulty. what we do to the AI in GT5 is what they “Hard” AI in Forza 3 did to me. They needed a Semi-Hard difficulty.

      I honestly don’t know that much about physics. I drive a 2005 Eclipse , took it to the track once for a few hrs with some friends… don’t think GT5 or Forza properly simulates what I experienced that day,…but GT5 does for more “authentic?” …. meh,…idk, . I do know I spent a lot more time on Forza’s single player than GT5’s, doesn’t really say one thing or the other, but Definitely made the wait for GT5 a lot easier.

  53. Apr. 5, 7:30pm

    Those Forza fans are spying on this site and us guys, even Turn 10 are too laughing. GO AWAY!!! Kaz and PD has got to do something, HELP US! D:

    • Apr. 5, 7:39pm

      Seriously. This is just sad… :(

    • Apr. 5, 9:10pm

      Uhhh… What are you talking about? I haven’t seen anything like that… Anyways, Turn 10 has about 2-3 times as many workers working on Forza 4; that’s why Forza’s got DLC every month with 5-30 cars each…

    • Apr. 5, 9:27pm

      That’s the thing I don’t quite understand. I would believe that PD would have enough income to hire more workers. Of course, it may not be true. But alas, if it was true, they should focus on hiring more workers.

    • Apr. 7, 9:08am

      Sorry Quakebass. I just wanted to say that to get it out of me. ;)

  54. Apr. 5, 7:20pm
    Nissan Lover

    HarVee……Why are the most complaining individual on this forum?
    Anything someone suggests,like Actual Online Racing,you disagree and complain about that idea.
    And leave people alone.When someone suggest something,just leave them alone instead of going,”How do you know this and that?GT5 is complete and such and whatever u go on about.”

    Gran Turismo 5 was made to be a SIMULATOR,not a bling bling customize this and that game.Sure some of the sounds suck(some,not all),and not as many customizable features to some cars you would hoped for,but who cares?

    Just do this,GO TO FORZA THEN.NOBODY CARES.Only the people who supports GT5 or PD will continue to play.
    And don’t worry.Remember the 2 months for DLC?It should be time

    • Apr. 5, 9:17pm

      I’m voicing my thoughts, just like the majority of others here? If you disagree, that’s fine. But there is no need to make a scene about it.

    • Apr. 5, 9:22pm

      Also, you’re last sentence states “Only the people who supports GT5 or PD will continue to play”

      Well, you see, I don’t have to Support PD’s decisions that they make when it comes to GT, to be able to play the game. Get that straight.

  55. Apr. 5, 7:05pm

    For those of you who merely complete the Time/Drift trials in 30 mins just to get the money (and a new outfit) are missing the point. One of the main focuses of the Time/Drift trial is to compete your time/score. I know this can be impossible for a lot of us when looking at the International boards, but can be much more realistic when comparing your times to that of your friends list. If you have a single competitive bone in your body, you would realize this immediately. If not; why are you “racing” in the first place?

    Time trials are probably my favorite seasonal. It gives you a good amount of time to tune a particular car for a particular track. And me, I’m very competitive.

    • Apr. 5, 7:19pm

      + 1000

  56. Apr. 5, 6:53pm

    @Fox. Idendito

    • Apr. 5, 8:00pm


  57. Apr. 5, 6:45pm

    The problem with you whiners is that instead of keeping in the forums or at least to the news it was related too it wouldn’t be so bad but if you look at the previous news articles the complaining starts early in the comments about what people want and not about the actual news.

    So take your complaints to the forum where people can read what you don’t like if they want too and not have to miss out on reading the comments because they are sick of whiners.

    • Apr. 5, 7:15pm

      You know what’s funny? This website has ALOT of whining BUT Forza’s website is nothing but “AWESOME” or “I CAN”T WAIT” or “THANK YOU TURN10″…..I wonder why…..

    • Apr. 5, 7:27pm

      I also wonder,if it’s so awesome then stop playing GT and coming here to complain,just play Forza.

    • Apr. 5, 7:28pm

      Hey man, I’m just wondering, that’s all….

    • Apr. 5, 9:15pm

      And yet you’re whining about the whiners. Stop being such a hypocrite.

    • Apr. 6, 3:40am

      As I said take your sh1t and move it too the forums,I stopped going to the forums because of just about every thread being a complaint,now I can’t even read the news comments without seeing you guys here.
      It gets boring after a while when it’s the same thing over and over.

      If you think that the people that aren’t complaining about the game think its perfect then you are so wrong,we just don’t have to say anything because the same 10 or so people will ruin the news section for everyone.

      Last rant,probably will be banned after this.

  58. Apr. 5, 6:29pm

    Ironbull you hit the nail on the head!

  59. Apr. 5, 6:08pm

    560PP, eh? Don’t really see that very often. Usually it is 550PP or 500PP.

  60. Apr. 5, 5:09pm

    I actually Googled SS GT CYBER HYPER BUGATTI TEYGON and am now very disappointed.

    Also, there is apparently no such thing as HP-gaining see-through paint.

    Please stop playing with my feelings Jdm-Integra-R

  61. Apr. 5, 4:36pm

    I think some people here are playing the wrong game.
    This game is called:

    Gran Turismo
    The real “DRIVING” simulator


    Gran Turismo
    The real “PIMP MY RIDE” simulator

    Those of you who are looking for new wheels, “BODY KITS”(lol), the next super SS GT CYBER HYPER BUGATTI TEYGON, or awesome HP gaining see through paint, (i can go on and on), sorry to say but you’ve missed the point of this series.

    Better luck on NFS or FORZA

    Have a good day.

    • Apr. 5, 4:57pm

      Last time I checked, the point of this series can be whatever you want it to be. Some people are more into photmode than driving. I guess they’re missing the point too.

      Bottom line, GT has very poor customization and I’m with people who want to see it improved. Something like a livery editor in GT6, or added in GT5 possibly, would be excellent.

    • Apr. 5, 5:34pm

      It may be titled the real driving simulator, but how real is it honestly? And you can’t actually say that painting your car, washing your car, and generally caring for your car isn’t apart of the automobile culture which Gran Turismo reflects upon?

      What next are you going to say? That changing the cars oil and tuning the engine for optimal performance isn’t apart of it either?

      You’ve got a rude awakening dude.

      And don’t use “The Real Driving Simulator” as a way to compensate your lack of intelligence on the matter. We all know that thee “Real Driving Simulator” title is just a marketing scheme created by PD in conjunction with Sony.

    • Apr. 5, 5:39pm

      Yeah,a livery editor would be so awesome,then i can look just like those idiots on the road with HKS,Nismo stickers on their cars even though its a standard Sunny with an exhaust.

      Kaz has said that he made a game he enjoyed and people liked it,now most people want him to be like Turn 10 and EA and i’m sorry but if GT becomes anything like NFS i will never play it again.

    • Apr. 5, 5:42pm

      Which will be said that a game was ruined because people wanted a more polished version of NFS.

    • Apr. 5, 5:48pm

      I’d rather drive 1,000 cars that drive like the real thing than 500 and put a bunch of dumb stickers on them. Thank you PD for putting body kits that actually do something for a car rather than just “looking good”. Thank you PD for not putting paint customization that doesn’t do a thing for handling purposes, though we could do with out the horns in GT6 and more racing wheel options. And for the love of the car gods please no DUB wheels. >.<

    • Apr. 5, 5:50pm

      Why do you associate a livery editor with ricing and NFS? It’s a standard feature in racing games these days. Most people who are asking for it want to make their cars look like race cars, you know, like in real life.

      And believe it or not, you can already make some hideous cars in GT with the right colors on the body/rims. GT is already like NFS in that sense.

    • Apr. 5, 6:02pm

      Like the people that drive normal 2 litre subaru’s with the rally colours and stickers,i probably enjoy this game more than others because i would rather have what is considered a sleeper car than some over the top black and chrome gold R8.

    • Apr. 5, 6:40pm

      About the livery editor: It could be used for a simple purpose not only to “pimp my ride”. A lot of people play online every day and have their own championships and that kind of stuff with the same car. With the livery editor you are making that the same car not only looks different, at the same time it looks more personal and that would be great for having different teams of your own creation and not as we have now just using or the RM cars as we have now but with a different colour or the standard cars tuned in a low level and again with a simple colour.

      The best example for this is Race Driver Grid who has an amazing and simple livery editor for create your own and unique team and at the same time the idea of having partners (yes if you have an ‘Sparco’ sticker you earn money) and earn extra money/credits for a victory could be a great addition to in the career level or online too. Just think about it. I am playing GT5 at 23:00 to 12:05 more or less just to keep my 200% in credits increase…PD wants that we stay in the game for ever playing with that kind of stuff and to me this is not good.

      They must use a different system and if they implement something like Grid has with the simple livery editor and partner (that you need to earn by winning races) that will keep me playing more than a simple 200% IF you play every day. Some days i don´t want to play and just turn on my PS3 with GT5 to update and keep my 200%…stupid isn´t it?

      So to my eyes this could be a solution for a couple of things not only a simple “pimp my ride option”.

      I think that GT5 is one of the most complete racing games in the market and they should pay attention to the competitors and add features to please upcoming customers and make the game better than it is now.
      That is something good not bad at all.

    • Apr. 5, 7:10pm

      This comment is total bullcrap. So putting body kits and wheels are only for Forza and NFS? I question you loyal PD slaves sometimes.

    • Apr. 5, 9:32pm

      @HKSBro It’s a purer experience. You can either have less customization and more focus on the driving aspect – which is the core of the game – or more emphasis on customization and less on driving. By calling for more customization, you’re entirely missing the point. It’s like adding traction control to a McLaren F1: it can be done, but it detracts from the core experience. Yes, I would like the ability to add roll cages, racing seats/interiors and more extreme body kits to my cars, but purely for practical purposes – roll cages stiffen the car to make it more stable around corners and less resistant to damage; racing seats and interiors lighten the car and remove distractions from the inside of the vehicle to help me focus more on the road; and more extreme body kits provide a wider range of downforce adjustment than the current kits available in the game now, lighten the car further, and make it more aerodynamic. If it doesn’t serve a specific purpose which makes the car lap faster, I don’t want it.

    • Apr. 5, 10:09pm

      *MORE resistant to damage

    • Apr. 6, 4:40am

      Have you ever seen a race car before? There are liveries, body kits, roll cages, and oodles more you mentioned as being booby and pointless. How can you say that making your own race car detracts to a game, customization of a car brings a simulator to the next level, you’re no longer driving “a car” you’re driving “your car.” to say this is booby or unrealistic is quite frankly ridiculous, a game can have these features without becoming unbalanced, and with Gt5’s physics engine in it’s current state it is now a good opportunity for them to do such.

    • Apr. 6, 7:31pm

      @Harvee – Hit the nail right on the head…

      @TeamCZ – “It’s a purer experience” Oh really? How does something you can completely ignore ruing your “pure” experience? I despise B-SPEC, so…..I avoid it, simple. “You can either have less customization and more focus on the driving aspect”, Did not realize that such were the limitations of the hardware and said compromise had to be made.

      People like you guys were angry when they introduced Drifting into the GT series. I don’t care either way, and I realize that GT will never be all things to all people, but there are a few things that would make a lot of GT fans very very happy.

      @BMFan – “i’m sorry but if GT becomes anything like NFS i will never play it again.” how is GT gonna become like NFS by introducing liveries and rim options? Would PD have to remove their suburb physics engine and mm accurate real world tracks in place of spoilers and side-skirts?….moronic.

    • Apr. 7, 6:42pm


      That statement: “You can either have less customization and more focus on the driving aspect” really pissed me off, too. So therefore if a livery editor is added, the brilliant physics in this game will magically go away? No, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t see what the issue is with “personalizing” your car; it’s another way to show your artistic side, aside from Photo Mode. I don’t see why BMfan here is saying that if a livery editor is added, everyone’s going to just cover their cars in fake sponsor stickers; some may for drift teams, but I’m willing to bet that 99% of people will try to re-create real-world liveries for cars, and just make custom racing liveries. (with stripes, flags, racing numbers, etc.) It really would add more diverse communities; not just a tuners club, but American Muscle clubs, japanese import clubs, some “custom paint/car” clubs, and the list goes on. GT5 is not 100% better than Forza or NFS Shift in EVERY way; Forza has a MUCH better car list, NFS has a very good lighting and a “driver-simulator”, and BOTH have a decent livery editor. (I don’t like NFS’s livery editor very much, but even if that was in GT5, it would add so much more diversity and replay-ability to the game) GT really does need a livery editor, along with a quite few additions to the course generator, and maybe more camera views, slow-motion, filters, and an ability to create short clips from replays, (and then be able to export them and edit them together) and then the wait for DLC’s and GT6 will be MUCH easier, and GT5’s lifespan would increase by several years.

  62. Apr. 5, 4:09pm

    Most of these kids(people) remind of that stupid show,my sweet sixteen or it was super sweet sixteen.
    Spoilt kids that want everything their way and if they don’t get it they moan like babies.

  63. Apr. 5, 3:31pm

    The amount of complaining about DLC has now reached ridiculous levels and there is no joy in participating with this forum any longer….I would very much prefer to see people talk about how they tackle time trials and drifts where appropriate and not use the news feed to slag PD off (yet again).

    Supply and Demand – if you think that the developers are there just to make money and don’t enjoy their product – DON’T PURCHASE IT!!! ENOUGH SAID!

    • Apr. 5, 3:39pm

      Yeah, we need a section in the forums just for DLC conversations and speculation…

    • Apr. 5, 3:39pm

      Alright, i wont buy GT6 in the future. Im joining forza! GT5 is the last Gran Turismo i ever played. No more. Who the hell took more than half a decade to come up with a incomplete game?

    • Apr. 5, 3:39pm

      I must admit it got out of CONTROL THE COMPLAINING Just as BF3 Patch Came out it was TERRIBLE DONT BUY THE GAME if you wont be stasfyed.

    • Apr. 5, 4:47pm

      Or just maybe many of you complacent GT butt-kissers can stop complaining about the rest of us complaining about the lack of DLC, server maintenance, and monitoring support for an outdated game that took 6years to produce with minimum results.

      Great simulator with great graphics, always. Everything else about GT5 subpar, including the fact that 2/3rds of the vehicles are still standard/Japanese vehicles.

      I will continue to complain like alot of others because any piece of software that took this much time to create, should be ahead of the curve when it comes to updates, monitoring, and DLC.

      It’s an online car simulator it should have “consistent” variety. And anyone who paid 60bucks for it shouldn’t expect anything less.

    • Apr. 5, 5:39pm

      I’d agree that the game did take an awfully long amount to time to develop. 6 years in the making, and the game still feels incomplete somehow.

      You’d think that if they invested this much time and effort into the game, than GT5 would’ve been the best GT to date. Unfortunately, it is the worst GT product to date.

    • Apr. 5, 7:00pm

      IRONBULL you are now complaining about people complaining about people complaining – this is so funny its’ not true!!!
      I don’t mind people having an opinion…I’ve now heard that opinion a few too many times now and would like to read something more entertaining or enlightening or just something else. Please, I’m sure there’s more to life than when the next DLC is or isn’t coming out/how long it took for GT5 to come out and how much GT5 cost. I think we all have the message now!

  64. Apr. 5, 3:04pm
    young car joc

    I have no idea why there are so many complaints about the wait for dlc. you guys never got the hint? all of there workers are working double hours because the next dlc is supposed to have one of the best racing dlcs in history. we still have no idea of what it is or what it could be, but still stop complaining! another reason why its taking so long is because theyre currently in full devolpment of gt6!

    • Apr. 5, 3:40pm

      Also, AS I’VE STATED MANY TIMES, the DLC WILL BE ON TIME if it comes out in April. Remember, the January DLC was a month early…

    • Apr. 5, 6:00pm

      How do you know the workers are working double shifts? How do you know that the next DLC is going to be one of the best racing DLCs in history? How do you know they’re currently working on GT6?

      The truth is, you don’t know.

      @Quakebass, would you just stop repeating yourself over & over again? It’s really starting to look like spam messages honestly.

    • Apr. 7, 6:13pm


      I feel like I’m spamming, too. I’m just not going to reply to the “WHY ISN’T THE DLC HERE YET???” comments anymore… It’s too tiring… I’m really sorry I caused you an annoyance.

  65. Apr. 5, 11:18am

    Anyone else going to use the dlc VWs that were kinda pointless? lol

    • Apr. 5, 5:56pm

      I would, but I don’t like the wheel on the right of the car. The steering wheel should be on the left of the car, like the original (Real) German models.

  66. Apr. 5, 10:56am

    Great choice for once PD!! These time trials are a nice change of pace. Sure I would prefer more a spec events than time trials, but at least this time they made good car/track choices. Can’t wait to smoke that joke of a gold medal time

  67. Apr. 5, 10:46am

    I’ve taken as much as I can take now. I’m going to email PD, because I want to see some more DLC. It’s my bloody brithday today! XD

    • Apr. 5, 10:58am

      Really? HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :D Hope PD gave you a good car for your birthday.

  68. Apr. 5, 10:05am

    K.YAMAUCHI dont you thing now is the time for a complete DLC ?? 100 new cars , new spoilers , bumpers etc….. GT6 is not in my plans because you will do the same mistake you did with GT5…… you will make it 50% that is the mistake….. FORZA 4 , 5 etc…. its now a good idea. if you expect the gt5 funs to folow you in gt6 you are wrong, you only want $$$$ not your funs to be happy…. 1 month to do something for gt5 after that ps3 is going off and x-box is going IN. and wen i say ” something ” i dont meen cars they are allready in garage like the ” TC ” but cars NEW ( fiat bravo , citroen saxo , koeniggseg ccx……… )

    • Apr. 5, 10:11am


      Unlike you, if GT6 was up for preorder today, years from even a trailer probably, because I have faith in PD. Sure, GT5 is a bit of a disaster in some ways, but I have a lot of fun, and GT6 will be fun too. All I can ask for is good damage, less GT-R, and no standard cars.

    • Apr. 5, 1:30pm
      Nissan Lover

      If PD was only for the $$$$$ how come they made DLCs,the one the people asked them?And how come if they’re only in the money,why did they make so many updates unlike certain other game?

      Also,you misspelled fans* you spoiled indivdual

    • Apr. 5, 1:41pm

      Mad libs time!

      Dear Kazunori Yamauchi, it’s (insert day)! I THINK IT’S TIME YOU RELEASE A DLC PACK WITH (outrageous number of premium cars that even the Forza team would choke on) and (insert obscure race track(s)). Why didn’t you include (name of car that really should have been included) or even (ridiculous car that nobody wants to drive). OH EM GEE! I WILL FOREVER BUY (current xBox) and STICK TO (current iteration of Forza Motorsport)!

    • Apr. 5, 2:23pm

      @Nissan: Unlike that certain “other game”, GT5 was incredibly incomplete at release so it needed all these updates.

    • Apr. 5, 3:09pm
      Pit Crew

      PLEASE spell check my friend. Never post when angry. April is just starting so anything possible.

    • Apr. 5, 5:44pm

      BubbleBelly542 – were* up for pre-order*….

      Pit Crew – you ought to try a grammar check.

  69. Apr. 5, 9:58am

    Come on PD! I love you but will soon be forced to say mean things in your name if something new doesn’t happen soon.

    • Apr. 5, 10:05am

      I’m looking at GT Academy Kaz, watch yourself. >_> That’ll be my main target.

    • Apr. 5, 10:07am


    • Apr. 5, 10:10am

      Don’t worry. Not you. ;)

  70. Apr. 5, 9:38am

    Time Trials again….. pathetic!
    got gold on the first lap…. what the $@#*%


  71. Apr. 5, 9:35am

    It’s all a joke to be honest. Why not set up the Online Special Events as Actual Online Events where real people race against other real people as it was in GT5P. Set a PP Limit and Prizes for 1st 2nd & 3rd place finishers. It’s like waiting for Santa Clause to come on Christmas Day when you he does not exist !!

    • Apr. 5, 9:47am


    • Apr. 5, 10:42am

      +2! That’s an awesome idea.

    • Apr. 5, 10:57am

      I love that idea. I miss the matchmaking in GT5p. I dont miss the standard physics but I do miss matchmaking and I especially miss when tires affected PP. No racing softs for me

    • Apr. 5, 11:01am

      Hope this is in the feedback section. I’ll vote 3 for this idea.

    • Apr. 5, 5:43pm

      Why? So you can get a bunch of 12 year old kids that would rather ram you off of the track, than race cleanly? No thanks, not my cup of tea.

      Despite the seasonal events being boring, at least I can race against the AI, rather than a bunch of kids that can’t even drive correctly and only want to cheat to win the damn race.

    • Apr. 7, 6:20pm

      If it’s added, there should be and option to enter “lobbies” with penalties activated, and ones without. It would allow you to better avoid the violent, cheating. “12 year old kids”, HarVee, and would convince most of them to enter in the races without penalties. Probably have larger slightly larger rewards for the penalty races.

  72. Apr. 5, 9:26am

    Geez, take a break from GT5 and try new games. I think everyone is burnt out on GT. Gotta have variety.

    • Apr. 5, 10:36am

      Agreed! I haven’t played gt in 3 months man. I’ve been playing dirt 3 and midnight club LA. Unless if you’re an online person (which I’m not) gt5 gets boring pretty quickly. GT3 will always be my favorite.

    • Apr. 5, 12:03pm

      Diablo 3, May 15th, goodbye world, for some time.

    • Apr. 5, 12:45pm

      I am not in the online part of GT5 because i like to play against AI or make times for my personal record. I want PD to improve AI more than anything and car engine sounds.(and all the rest that we all want)

      These seasonals are the ones who still makes me play GT5. But it is good to play other games too mostly on PC (Forza never!!) as rFactor, rFactor 2 (best physics ever) + mods (i have every car that i wanted thanks to modders) and Race07 (i bought all DLC´s and are great), GTR2 and pCARS.

      As usually the wishlist goes on and i think PD should bring back the special events as in GT4 with all those Rally stages that were great in my opinion and could be great for GT5.
      I started to play with all standard rally car legends that we have in the game and the game feels alive again for me. I started to make some comparisons between cars and that kind of stuff.

      I think that standard cars not being premium is the main reason for us to think about DLC cars because the amount on cars in GT5 (despite the Nissans and Miatas ,etc) is more than enough but we don´t pay enough attention to those cars because they look bad. If all cars were premium + more variety, non so repetitive models, bringing back some dealers and add a couple more as Porsche and Koenigsegg the game will be perfect. (of course old tracks and more real tracks + hillclimb courses…)

      The list is big for a GT game but we forgot that GT put tons of things that a lot of games don´t.

    • Apr. 5, 5:47pm

      I play many games consistently, that doesn’t mean I’m burnt out on GT.

    • Apr. 6, 7:42pm

      Try GTR-2, its a fun game…..some people expect to much out of a single game. I’m currently playing F1 2011, the cars drive similar to the Ferrari F1s in GT5 and the track models are “different, but it has very competitive AI and a solid career mode. will keep you busy in between Seasonals and DLC

  73. Apr. 5, 9:22am

    Notice the pattern PD’s making? A-Spec – TT & DT. B-Spec – TT & DT. And so on. :\ Seasonal events are cool and all, but theres one thing I want to ask everybody. Are you tired of the seasonal events? Cause I am, and not lying about it. It’s good to tell the true sometimes isn’t it? :) Bring Event Creator. ^_^

    • Apr. 5, 9:27am

      Yea, I liked the old seasonals where they were all different types of races.

    • Apr. 5, 10:03am

      Me too. Kaz still hasn’t said the reason why PD removed the old seasonal events. Prick move if you ask me. :/

  74. Apr. 5, 9:20am

    the problem is that this game have no competitor thats why this game sucks now all they do is lazy *** job for boring and same events every week with boring AI with 800 cars of a ps2 graphics PD dont listen to there fans and what the fans need they sold 8+ milion copys of the game the only rival to it is forza 4 that barely did 2 milion thats the problem **** this gen and its online gaming

  75. Apr. 5, 9:20am

    Guys, if you want some interesting racing, get some of your cars on your favorites and go to arcade mode and set the difficulty to the hardest one then try a 1 or 2 lap battle. I like to get my 787B and making la sarthe night, race clean, and try to pass everybody in 1 lap. Sure, you don’t get cash, but its still fun.

    • Apr. 5, 12:15pm

      do you mean “try to blow past them as they brake early, and then brake again on turn-exit” ??

      Even in “Class A” arcade with the a.i. set to “10” difficulty- they still don’t drive like racing drivers. Not even close.

    • Apr. 5, 12:39pm

      Well when I use the 787B, they put up a good challenge all the way to the last turns.

  76. Apr. 5, 9:06am

    ahhhhhhhh Gran Turismo..

    The Real Time-Trial Simulator.

    • Apr. 5, 9:12am

      Lol I’m happy it didn’t update til I got all the cars I wanted online.

  77. Apr. 5, 8:23am

    sorry MR YAMAUCHI but we ‘re the 5th of April and what about the famous “New Gran Turismo 5 DLC Approximately “Every Two Months” ??????????

    • Apr. 5, 3:32pm

      The DLC isn’t even late? The January DLC was A month early, should have been February. I swear, most of you people are extremely impatient….

  78. Apr. 5, 8:01am
    mister dog

    There; 40 minutes later and got gold on all 4 events. That’s it for this week won’t bother with them now as there is no gain anymore.

    The waiting game begins again until next thursday… how exciting.

    • Apr. 5, 6:56pm

      Half of the fun of the Time/Drift trials are to compete either on the boards or with those on your friends lists.

      I’m highly competitive and can spend quite a bit of time trying to best those on my friends list every other week. As far as the International leader board….I’m not that good, I’ll get into the top 1000 sometimes. lol

  79. Apr. 5, 7:57am
    Mac K

    *Places low on leaderboard, complains that time trials suck*

    • Apr. 5, 9:05pm

      Ha, I’ve actually never seen someone complain like that… XD

  80. Apr. 5, 7:35am
    Jean christophe

    cool,Zduph. here’s hoping i’ll get a new GT5 cd ’cause just nuked mine by cutting it in 4 parts since i was…beyond enraged by the license tests i did with all the “bumping” and “uncareful A.I. …i kept failing the S-license tests because that.

    • Apr. 5, 7:56am

      Anger management?

    • Apr. 5, 8:16am
      Jean christophe

      i felt real bad after that. trust me. i got asperger and turrets syndrome.

    • Apr. 5, 3:34pm

      “Turrets” syndrome? That sounds dangerous o:!

  81. Apr. 5, 7:26am

    Still hoping to see some new NASCAR Cup cars DLC.

    • Apr. 5, 7:59am

      Really? They just put new cup cars in the game…

      How about any dlc is good…except Nascar

    • Apr. 5, 10:23am

      anything but NASCAR and Nissans.

    • Apr. 5, 9:04pm

      There’s a few Nissans I’d like to see; The DeltaWing LMP car, for one thing – it looks like the Batmobile, but it’s actually entering the LeMans 24HR this year. Also, theres many Nissans that we don’t have that the GT Academy uses (GT4 class 370Z, for one). Theres only one NASCAR livery I’d like to see; the #31 CAT car; I’ve actually sat in an older model of it (when it was #22), and that’s the only reason why… It’s not a NECESSARY car in my books. If more NASCARs are added, then I’d want some classic ones. (like a pre 90’s or 80’s lineup.)

  82. Apr. 5, 6:29am
    Jean christophe

    Is this update for real? they said 04/04 for update in-game but they didn’t do anything!!

    • Apr. 5, 6:31am

      That was merely server maintenance, not a game update. However, usually when they do maintenance, an update usually follows within a week or two, followed by DLC!

    • Apr. 5, 8:57pm

      Usually the Update/DLC comes out on the 18th day of the month… it could be sooner, could be later… I just hope it comes out soon. (Duh)

  83. Apr. 5, 6:26am

    First of all. Beautiful picture, car, and color Ariesps. :)

    Second. Even though these are TT’s and DT’s, I’m actually loving this. I’m not going to complain, it’ll just be stupid too anyways. Some love A-Spec, some love B-Spec, and some love TT and DT. Since I don’t like B-Spec much. Why should I come on here and tell the whole world about me not liking B-Spec. Just choose not to, don’t force yourself or come on GTP and tell everyone about it. It’s just pure stupidness.

    And for A-Spec, I and some people should deal with the PP’s now, GT6 is already at the works and it’ll be better in that game. How about we get off our lazy a$$es and tune our cars to the PP’s stats like someone said before. That, IMO, is a great idea, and perfect for B-Spec and TT and DT as well.

    Anyway. I’m happy to have wrote what needed to be said. And I thank PD for continuing to support this game. ;)

    • Apr. 5, 8:55pm

      You have a right not to like B-Spec and request for less seasonals with it, but whining about it and using course language doesn’t change anything… So, if people have a problem, I want them to express exactly what it is, and put out ideas that PD can use to fix/replace the problem. (like ideas for new seasonal events that will appeal to a wider range of players – I’d like 2-3 championships per week in stead of the usual 1 we get each time; it’ll appeal to a bigger audience, and give us all more to do). Many people complain about people “complaining” (so now I’m complaining about people complaining about people complaining… COMPLAIN-CEPTION!!!), who are just trying to give constructive feedback… I’m giving constructive feedback to complainers of complainers, to look more closely at the “complaints”, and see if it’s legit feedback they’re trying to give, not just whiny responses to requests. I know we have a feedback section, but some things just don’t fit there, like seasonal requests.

  84. Apr. 5, 6:11am

    Oh damn! When I looked at the topic I thought that new german cars coming to GT5 -.-

    • Apr. 5, 8:01am

      Buzz kill huh?

  85. Apr. 5, 5:59am

    Nice Scirroco! That yellow and black looks good on it.

  86. Apr. 5, 5:37am

    As ocd last week told us, it’s time for german cars timetrials. I think i got to push hard against my skilled friends to be in top of the list this time when bmw’s step to picture hehe. Thanks PD, these are cool tt’s.

  87. Apr. 5, 4:11am

    What’s the point you get like random suits and helmets I prefer winning car tickets or paint tickets.

  88. Apr. 5, 3:01am

    time to drift with my M5!!!

    • Apr. 5, 7:58am

      Yellowbird here, although I painted it black… does that make it a blackbird?

    • Apr. 6, 11:27am

      No its a PHOEEEbird

  89. Apr. 5, 2:26am

    So does anybody know what the maintenance was?

  90. Apr. 5, 2:19am

    GT needs something different something new forget the cars at least a track pack with say 5 to 7 new tracks real world tracks at that please
    This crap is becoming predictable

    • Apr. 5, 6:00am

      Next seasonal drift/time trials will be with French cars….

    • Apr. 5, 7:57am

      I’m going for British cars next!

    • Apr. 5, 8:42pm

      Tracks take a while no matter how you put it; usually 1-3 per DLC would be possible… 5-7 is a bit much to ask for, unless you give PD a good 6 months to do it. They need licensing for tracks too, and permission to use camera cars… It would be more likely for PD to make some new tracks from scratch (like Route X) and re-build the classic GT tracks.

      We do need some more diversity in the seasonals, (and less B-Spec) but I don’t really think the Trials need a change.

  91. Apr. 5, 2:14am

    Great! 560pp for a change.

    Now do 460pp, 560pp and 660pp A Specs :)

    • Apr. 5, 7:59am

      I couldn’t agree more with your suggestion for PP increase. I hate having to “castrate” sports cars I like to drive in 500PP class…what do I mean by “castrate” you may ask, well adding 200 kilos or cutting performance (sometimes both) to make a large segment of great cars fit into 500PP class events, what a waste…I know, I know, someone will whine about my whining…

  92. Apr. 5, 1:46am

    560 PP, nice.

  93. Apr. 5, 1:44am

    Well they were fun… I was thinking should I save them for tomorrow… but gave them a go, golded them all and now I feel I’ve ruined it for myself by being too keen

  94. Apr. 5, 1:43am

    Nice,my 330i(with 335i power) is waiting.
    Thanx PD.

  95. Apr. 5, 1:16am

    As ive said befor, lacking. but still im happy we got new events.

  96. Apr. 5, 1:08am

    Another time trial? gay. I want A-Spec exp..

    • Apr. 5, 7:35am

      This is the week for a Time Trial. Your complaint would technically only be valid one week removed, as that’s when the other events update.

    • Apr. 5, 8:34pm

      I’d like to see some XP rewards with the Drift and Time Trials… but don’t complain about the trials, there’s been a schedule going on for a while now, you know what to expect.

  97. Apr. 5, 1:05am

    560PP is new. 500PP is usual, but I like the fact it’s German cars. Maybe Kaz is hinting at something- he did take part in a Nurburgring race over the weekend.

    • Apr. 5, 2:06am

      Everyone speculated that they were ‘hinting’ or previewing the next dlc when we had the Rally seasonal events a few weeks ago. Still 560PP is new and maybe they are acctually respondig to the us, the fans wishes. I hope so. Good work and keep the seasonals and DLC coming Kaz and PD!!

    • Apr. 5, 8:32pm

      Yeah, I don’t think the Seasonals will hint any at any DLC content, now or ever; it hasn’t so far.

  98. Apr. 5, 12:55am

    sWEEeeeett! My M3 is already set up for drifting!, best drift car ever!!! Top of the leaderboards,… here I come!!

    • Apr. 5, 2:58am

      With a pad, ooh, way to push buttons man, good skills.

    • Apr. 5, 4:34am

      The Merc C63 is the most slippery of the slippy for drift action surely? Try it out from the Merc dealer. If you like ass-out action it’s insane.

    • Apr. 5, 4:45am

      Ya, C63 is insane! Like what Jeremy Clarkson said, POWEERRRR!!!

    • Apr. 5, 8:31pm

      The Aston DB9 isn’t that bad either… My set-up allows it to drift well and perform on the circuit, too.

  99. Apr. 5, 12:50am

    The pattern is predictable…

    • Apr. 5, 1:01am

      nice, no one is forcing you to play nor come all the way in here to comment…the nerve of some people makes you wonder why people cry to have options then when it’s not to their liking they want to complain as if the world is going to set things up to make everyone happy…keep waiting for that and a green faced donkey you asked santa for.

      Trials are for those who like to do them and those who are busy bodies and like having things to do. I just enjoy driving around buying and tuning every interesting car i can find to fit into 500pp races on SH tires.

    • Apr. 5, 1:27am

      @SavageEvil Yes, I know I’ve been whining about it, seasonal event is good. But I just wish the Seasonal Events have more variety once in a while. I miss those Ferrari F1 seasonal or Lamborghini seasonal.

    • Apr. 5, 8:25pm

      I’d have to agree with both of you… Although, SavageEvil, you over reacted… he LIGHTLY stated that he wanted some more variety in the seasonals (as an undertone)… I’d like some too, maybe not just sector mode in the drift trials, and an option to do a time trial “tournament” that combines all of your times through multiple races; you’d still have a Bronze/Silver/Gold time with cash rewards, (we need XP rewards too) but you’d win extra cash for getting a Bronze/Silver/Gold total time. We also need longer A-Spec events; somewhere between endurance and the regular length. (endurance wouldn’t be that bad, now that I mention it; maybe something like the Spa 24hr or something) We don’t really HAVE many races like that; the only races (not including the endurances) where you actually have to pit are the FGT Championship, and the German Touring car Championship. I’d like a race that takes a half hour to an hour to complete; I KNOW, we can already do this in Arcade mode, but I want to do one that gets you some cash and XP rewards. B-Spec needs to be toned down a little bit; its good now and then, but its getting too excessive now. Also, more events in every seasonal update; it will reach out to more people. I’m not whining, I’m giving constructive feedback. I’m trying to give PD some information that can help them improve the game, and make it more fun for more players. You’ll see that there’s many people that want the same type of seasonals as me AND OTHERS, so having multiple championships per week/seasonal update wil make many more people happy. Many people “complain” to get a point across that they’d like to see something changed, in order to make the game better/more fun. Although, some of it IS whining.

  100. Apr. 5, 12:49am

    yabba dabba doo

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